Tuesday, December 15, 2020

What I Learned...

A few thoughts about this 2nd anniversary (snowmobile accident) that I learned because of it:

I learned that I have to really remember to FOCUS on the good that has come out of it (sometimes it's hard to find) or I end up dwelling on the bad and no one needs that. I learned that life is loaded with trials and challenges and if we focus on the things those challenges bring that are not ideal, we tend to forget all the good that comes from them. So many good things have come from this trial. One thing...I got to rest for several months!  I think my body (and mind) really needed that!  

I learned so much from those who served me during it. I learned I need to do better when others are struggling and not fear to do more service than I do. 

I learned that I married well. Dave was a trooper and really took good care of me. He fed me three meals a day when I couldn't walk or even go downstairs without extreme effort and duress, helped me in and out of the shower, helped me get dressed, took me to every doctor's appointment, radiation treatment, test, etc. and made sure I took my meds. The list is endless of all he did. He kept the household running smoothly through it all. He is a master at cooking and laundry. He would be fine if something happened to me. 

I learned a lot about my friends and family and I was amazed at the kind hearts of so many who brought me treats, books, gifts, meals, and visits. 

I learned that I need to keep an eternal perspective on life and not get so caught up in being able to run and to not think my life is over if I can't. 

I learned that accidents happen and God allows them to happen so we can grow. 

I learned that I am an even stronger person than I thought. 

I learned that I don't complain nearly as much as I thought I did. I think in my younger years I did more than I do now. I learned to suck it up and just deal with it. 

I learned there is pain worse than childbirth. 

I learned that some things in life you have to wait for and that patience isn't as hard for me as it used to be. 

I learned that life is very fragile and needs to be appreciated on a daily basis because you never know when it will change and change can happen in a split second. But the most important thing I learned is that FAITH brings about MIRACLES and that when we submit our will fully to God, that is when the miracles occur. 

I learned that my mind has great power and when I visualize things in that mind it helps those things become reality. 

I learned so many things about prayer, faith, submission, visualization, the power of positive thoughts, believing with all my might for the things I want, and to not always believe what doctors tell you. 

I learned that a good physical therapist is worth more than whatever it costs to get well.
I learned that life is very short and there is not enough time while we are here to waste it on what ifs, why nots, how comes, and why me's.  We need to focus on gratitude and all the good things that are right before our eyes each and every single day. 

One of the best things I learned is that LIFE IS GOOD no matter what we are going through and we are extremely blessed to be breathing and alive and kicking!

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