Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Christmas Newsletter 2011

I know it's a little late to be posting Christmas stuff...but the truth is I haven't even begun to post all my Christmas stuff.
The REAL truth is, it may NEVER happen! Life just seems to keep getting busier and busier and I wonder how I ever found the time to blog like before.
But alas, maybe the timing is actually perfect since we didn't have any snow at Christmas and now we do.........n't still! We do have lots of ice though. That I know as a fact because I nearly biffed it and killed myself the other day.
Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS ... again!
Unless you have Superman eyes, you will have to click on it to read.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angel With Whiskers

On one of my last posts (yes I know it's been a while!), I introduced my new kitty named Kit Kat or Mr. Meowser, or King Julien, or Melo, or Traitor (he liked Dave more than me!). He had MANY names (none real official) because no one could agree. I called him Kit Kat or Traitor. Taylor called him Dawg or Mr. Meowser. Bryce called him King Julien and Melo.

Whatever we called him, he was a fun, amazing, and sweet furry friend. I say "was" because sadly he died three days after Christmas. We had him for just a little over a month, but we all became VERY attached to him in such a short time. He was such a mellow and loving little guy.

From the day I adopted him from Pet Smart, he had me a little concerned because he seemed to have a bit of labored breathing, and he would swallow real hard at times almost like he was trying to cough up a fur ball. He was extremely mellow and sweet and not the most playful kitten I had ever seen. That is one of the reason's Dave liked him so much because he was not a real annoying cat like some he's known. He didn't meow much or get into things. He was a delicate eater and it took him a long time to drink. He slept a lot. Pretty much a perfect cat. Little did we know at the time that there was a reason for that.

He didn't feel well.

On Christmas Eve we noticed he slept a lot more than usual, and his eyes started to look strange. By Christmas Day, he slept even more and his eyes were even worse. He could barely open them. My parents and Bryce who hadn't seem him for a while were really worried because they could see a major difference. The day after Christmas, I took him into the vet and he had a fever of 104. He also had some congestion and was dehydrated. The vet said he suspected Feline Leukemia and asked if I wanted him to do a blood test. I had also suspected it and so I said yes. The result came back negative. I was so relieved, but very surprised. So he gave him some subcutaneous fluids for the dehydration and some antibiotics. He said he should be feeling better in a couple of days.

Two days later, he was even worse. He slept all the time and could barely open his eyes. He would eat some, but wouldn't drink at all. We had to give him fluids through a syringe and he really hated that. I called the vet and told him and he asked me if I could bring him in for observation and to do a full blood workup. I agreed. It was amazing how when we arrived at the vet, he seemed very alert! Must be all the dogs barking in the back or the memory of the blood test.

Weston (my nephew) and Taylor with him at the vet. This is the last time we saw him alive.

We left him there for observation and the blood work. The vet called me about an hour later and told me that he was very worried about him and surprised how much worse he was after being on antibiotics. He said the blood work showed that he has some serious problems including anemia, low vitamin levels, out of whack protein levels, and some lung problems. He said once a cat gets in trouble with their lungs the success rate is only 30% for a full recovery. He also said that he collapsed when they did the blood work (breaks my heart!) and that they had him on oxygen because his Sats were so low. He said he needed an IV for fluids because he was severely dehydrated and he didn't know if he would survive the procedure. He said he did perk up for a bit and they removed the oxygen and he fell over so they put it back on. He was basically preparing me to make the decision to put him to sleep or not. I did not want him to suffer anymore, I knew that, but I also wanted to give him a chance at life if there was one. I prayed that I would know what to do. I called Dave and asked him to meet me there, but he was swamped at the clinic so I grabbed Taylor for moral support and hurried back down to the vet feeling very distressed and unsure of what to do.
As we arrived they took us in the back where I saw the vet and he immediately said to me that he was sorry but Kit Kat hadn't made it. He said he did an x-ray on him because he was curious as to what had happened and he saw that his throat had a perforation in it and was extremely swollen and infected and his lungs were filled with pneumonia. He thinks he must of eaten something metal or plastic and sharp when he was surviving on his own before he was rescued and over time it got worse. That explained the deep swallows (he was in pain), the time it took to drink water, and the breathing that seemed shallow at times...not to mention how mellow he was.

It was very sad.
He brought him into the room for us to be with him and say our goodbyes and then we took him home and buried him in our backyard.

The boys digging the hole.
We had a little service for him and everyone said a few words. Dave even got a little choked up. The boys said very few words as usual, but you could tell this little guy was well loved. McKay expressed his regret for harassing him so much. I told him the cat loved his attention and he was always gentle with him most of the time.

My nieces made this for me the day he died.

Most of my cute little nieces were here for the holidays and so a couple of days later we went ice skating. They begged me to take them with me to Pet Smart to see the other kitties because the Ogden Rescue said I could have another cat free if it was rescued by them because this one was sick when I adopted him. They wouldn't reimburse me the adoption fee or vet costs however.

So after ice skating I took six of my nieces to go look at another cat the Ogden Rescue recommended.


As soon as they saw this cat, they pleaded, begged, whined, cajoled, and tried to sweet talk me into adopting him. I have to admit I loved this guy. He was beautiful and had the bluest eyes I've ever seen, but he wasn't really a kitten and had super long hair. I told them I would have to talk to Dave first and that was the only free ticket to get me out of there without him. I put him on a pending adoption because I really wanted another cat. But I knew I needed to think about it too. I needed the right cat. I just wasn't feeling it with this one.

Talk about PRESSURE!!!! =)

After a lot of thought, I decided against this guy even though he was a lover. They said he purred when they bathed him! For some reason it just didn't feel right to me.

Here are some photos of Kit Kat. He was such a good kitty!♥

Bryce is holding him in the back.
He loved my Pa.

He also really loved Dave.

Just three days before he passed away.

Skyler even liked him. That is saying A LOT!

We only had him for a month, but he brought so much love into our hearts and home. He will be deeply missed by all.

A few days after we lost Kit Kat, Bryce's friend Stephanie put a photo of a kitty on Facebook that needed a good home. Bryce told me to go check out the photo. I did and I thought he was adorable, but just wasn't sure. He was a tabby and I have always been partial to part Siamese. But when I found out this friend actually lived in our city, I decided I would go and check him out. Besides, he had some good things going for him. I wanted a boy and he was a boy. I wanted a kitten and he was a kitten. I wanted it to be litter box trained and he was. I wanted him to have a lot of white coloring and he did. I wanted him to be super loving and cuddly and he was.

So off we went. This time I took only two nieces, one sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law.
When we arrived at the house, this little guy came zipping in the room a hundred miles and hour and tore around the room so fast and back out again and then repeated it over and over. At one point he ran in and jumped on the chair and did a little flip knocking a shelf off the wall. Immediately after that, Dave's mom said, "Time to go. This cat is way too wild." I have to admit I agreed! I knew Dave would NOT go for a wild and crazy cat. But, of course he then came over to me and sat in my lap and put his little face up to mine and started to purr LOUDLY! He was such a happy kitty. Then my niece held him and she was in love. I could hear him purring from across the room and was falling in love, but with reservation!

The girl (Stephanie) told us that her mom was driving on highway 89 in Willard or Perry (interestingly enough we think it was on the same day our kitty died) and saw his mom and sibling get run over. She saw him off to the side of the road and so stopped of course, and rescued him. She brought him home and could tell he had a cold or something and so took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics. Another strike against him. I REALLY did not want another sick cat. We sat there and talked to her for a while. She said he was such a lover that she named him Romeo and that he was such a good cat and she wished so bad she could keep him but they had a dog and couldn't do both. She also said he wasn't usually that hyper and wasn't sure what got into him. She said there was another lady coming in a couple of hours that was very interested in him as well, but she felt very strongly that we were perfect for him and was hoping we would consider taking him because she felt so good about us.

I was in love. There was no getting around it. But I was still hesitant. I was worried what Dave would do with a hyper cat! My niece begged her mom to let her have him if Dave said no. They were heading back to Arizona the next day on a 12 hour drive home. Sounded like a perfect solution to me. If Dave said no, then it could be theirs! I told Stephanie that if it didn't work out we would bring him back in time for the other lady to see him.

How could you NOT fall in LOVE with this face?

He is absolutely adorable!

And we kept him! And very glad we did.

What is his name you ask? Once again we are struggling at agreeing. I named him ZIPPY - short for ZIP-PURR, but the boys weren't super fond of it even though it totally describes his personality. We called him ZORRO for a while, but it didn't really stick. McKay insists his name is CAT. Just CAT. But, this week we have been going with CAPTAIN JACK because he has a little mustache and pirate eye. McKay is always saying, "He's Just A Cat!" So I figure JAC is perfect standing for Just A Cat! But in my mind it will stand for Just Adorably Cute! Either way, JAC works for me.

He's a lot of fun and not nearly as hyper as the day we first met. He loves to play and LOVES to eat! I named him PORKY for a while and STARVIN' MARVIN because he enjoys his food! It's kind of fun to not have one name set in stone. He can have a different one each week. He is very smart and very loving. I'm just soooooooooo happy I have a kitty!!!!

Purr........... (that's from me not him!)

He likes Facebook...

and Pinterest!

And sleeping! But only if someone is close by. He hates to be alone!

And Dave! That sealed the deal. If he likes Dave then Dave likes him!

He's a little camoflauged in his coat!

We took him to the cabin with us.

First cat to drive a snowmobile!


Taking it easy on the ride up!
As you can see, this little guy is loved as much as Kit Kat! I am so glad we got him. He is a fun one that's for sure. There is never a dull moment with him around!
He's sitting in my lap purring away right now as I write this. Doesn't get much better than this!

Life goes on...

Side Note:

I have to include in this post that my sister in law Julie, came up to me and told me that she knows why we were only able to have Kit Kat for such a short time. She said that since I felt Tyson led me to him that she is positive that Tyson needed a pal up there in heaven and figured the only way to get one that would be part of his forever family was to do it this way. I had to laugh, but truthfully, I wouldn't put it past him! Now let's just hope he doesn't decide that Kit Kat needs a playmate! =)


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