Monday, August 14, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear long run, today I had to get in my long run since I couldn't do it at the cabin.  Unfortunately, Robin was gone.  Fortunately it was only a 13 miler.  I had to get out really early because I had to be showered and dressed and at a breakfast by 9:30 a.m.  I can't really say I enjoyed it.  I was extremely happy once it was done and out of the way.  I keep thinking I have a 19 miler on Saturday and so 13 doesn't seem so bad.  At least until you are at mile 10 and still have 3 to go.  When I was done, I couldn't even tell myself I will have to go 6 more on Saturday.  Sometimes you just have to not think about it.  Marathon training always starts to wear on me when I start into the real long miles.  But, it's a necessary evil if you want to survive on race day.  And trust me, I DO want to survive!  Sometimes I just want to be done with marathons.  They are very time consuming training wise and the body starts to feel it about 8 weeks out. But, I keep telling myself BOSTON is worth every ache and pain and every early morning and every missed hour of sleep and free time.  That experience is worth it all!  I have to keep that at the forefront of my mind!  And, I found a penny!  Yay!

dear birthday breakfast,  I love that I get to keep celebrating my  birthday for more than just one day!  I had to rush and get ready fast so I could meet the sister-in-laws at Corbin's for a birthday breakfast for me and Linda.  I thought I was going to be late but I was the first one there.   
 It was great to have all of us there with the exception of Tori.  That was a first in a while!  
 We had a lot of fun and I got some fun presents.  The waitress even gave us birthday girls cheesecake!  Cheesecake for breakfast!  hah  We shared with everyone.  I joked with her about free cake and then she came out with the cheesecake.  I was totally joking since it was breakfast time!  But hey, no one complained!  LOL 
I sure do love these women.  They are the sisters I never had.  I have a special bond with each one of them.  I feel so blessed and grateful that I got my sisters...just in a different way.   I headed over to Dave's parent's house to take Julie her b-day present because she was heading back home to Vegas soon.  It was a lot of fun chatting with Dave's parents and Julie and Karen.  I stayed a long time even though I was supposed to be in Logan to an AMI planning meeting for Diane's mini conference. But that's okay.  This was more important.

dear skype with carson, when I got home from the cabin there was a package waiting for me from Carson!  I was so excited to open it but I had to wait until we skyped. When we connected to him, he was squealing!  It was so cute. Mirinda was with him and she was so excited as well because she also made me a card.  She's a cute little girl. She is Carson's Aunt but she's only eight.
 My package was awesomely purple!  All things purple!  How cute is that?  Sarah said he picked everything out himself AND she had to take him to five stores to find the purple panda!  It was SO sweet!  I have NO idea HOW he ever found a purple panda!  But he did.  He was so excited to see how excited I was.  He made me a cute card that he worked for hours making and gave me a purple zebra card as well.  I got some purple sixlets and purple coins in a purple bag with a purple sucker.  It was too cute.  And I got THEE CUTEST picture of little Carson. It makes me smile when I look at it.  I need to get a cute frame for it.  Sarah also sent me the sweetest card.  That girl is amazing.  She is really a good mom and the most thoughtful person.  Her card made cry.  I sure do love these peeps!  I think I have to say this was my favorite birthday gift of all!

dear birthday lunch,  yay! More birthday celebrating!  After I ran 5 miles, I got ready and headed to Ogden to meet Dawn for our birthday lunch.  We always go to lunch to celebrate our birthdays together.  This year we met at the a place called The Bickering Sisters.  It was a quaint little place in Ogden. We love trying new places and this was really good.  I had the orange crusted French Toast.  It was yummy! We caught up and had so much fun talking about our ideas and dreams of things we would like to do.  We have a lot of the same dreams.  Writing a children's book, doing seminars, speaking about gratitude and how to have happiness in life. Life coaching kind of stuff.  We have big plans!  We opened our gifts and then talked some more.  I love spending time with Dawn.  She is so down to earth but also so above the earth as far as she is truly an angel.  I feel so blessed to have her as a friend.  We call each other Twinsee because we have SO much in common.  If you are blessed with a friend like her, count your blessings!  I do!  She makes things happen like no one else I know.  She is an amazing woman.

We traditionally pass out chocolate and ice cream sandwiches (explanation in her FB post below) but today we spent so much time talking and we both had other things we had to get to and so we decided to make it simple this year and just buy cookies from the restaurant and pass them out to just a couple people this year.  It worked out just fine.  She is always doing random acts of kindness to others.  I need to be more like her and do more.  
The photo on the right is with one of the peeps we gave a treat to.

Sharing what Dawn posted on Facebook: 
Celebrating Our Birthdays! 🎈🛍One thing I love is giving to others when we celebrate us. We usually share chocolate and ice cream sandwiches since we are born on those National Holidays. However, today we got big cookies and found people to share them with! I ❤️ Jodi...we dream alike 😊 

dear wednesday, hot morning.  I got out later than I hoped, but I got rained on.  It was great!  I love hot summer rain!  I found a penny again!
I made lots of brownies for tonight's Stake Pool party.  Dave was on call and so I went alone.  I talked to lots of peeps.  I sat with Sharon K and Linda and we had a good chat. Sharon wanted to know how it felt when I crossed the finish line at Boston.  I asked her how much time she had.  Hah  Then Dave arrived.  We made the rounds around the pool chatting with lots of peeps.  

dear thursday, got up at 5:30 a.m. and headed to SLC to pick up Taylor and CJ at airport.  It was so good to see him.  I think it was hard for him to leave paradise and come back home.  I took them to Einstien's bagels for breakfast.  It was fun hearing of their adventures on the way home.  They dropped me off at home so I could get out on my run while Taylor took CJ to Tremonton.  It's a good thing because it was already hot.  I did hill repeats.  15 repeats.  9 miles.  Brutally hot.  

It so good to have Taylor home.  I cleaned out his luggage in the laundry room making sure no little stowaways hitched a ride.  I made homemade bread basically so we could take some to our new neighbors and another new family in the ward.  We tried to take it around but none of them were home.  Oh well.  The fam enjoyed it!  

I watched the Diana documentary.  It's been 20 years since she was killed in a car accident.  Hard to believe.  We were the exact same age.  She was born in July and I in August.  I have always felt a bond with her because of that though half the entire free world does as well.  hah   Dave made a yummy beef with green beans with beans from garden. No pix.  :(

dear friday, I only got in five miles this morning.  I ran to the high school.  I do run by some pretty scenery.  Yes, I think trains are pretty.  They are pretty in a historical sort of way.

I also ran past this ↓.  The things you see while running!  SMH
Found another penny!
When I got home I had a request from Taylor to cut his hair.  He needed a haircut in the worst way!  He was starting to look like a Hawaiian beach bum! Then him and McKay headed to volunteer at a MDA Camp for a whole week! I just got him home and he's gone again just like that! But I am very proud of both of them for doing this.  It will be a great experience for them.  

I headed to O town to Bella Me for the last day of their big sale and used the gift card my parents gave me for my b-day.  I did a bit more shopping at Sams, Ross, TJ Maxx etc.
Gotta love this!
I met Dave at Wingers for date night and some carb loading for my 19 miler tomorrow. I watched the second half of the  Diana movie.  Such a sad and tragic story.

dear saturday, I got up at 5:15 for our 19 miler.  Robin picked me up.  I was not really feeling like doing it. I am getting SO burned out on these long runs. They take so much time and wear me out.  But it must be done!  We drove to Mantua and parked and then ran to Sherwood Hills UP-hill 8 miles! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I was a little leery of running the canyon though (especially since Clark's bad bike accident in Honeyville this week). I know it's not the safest thing to do running on a highway, but it's the only place to get the downhill training we need.   We then ran back to the dam and around the dam.  We got in 19.  I ran ahead a bit the last mile and up the hills.  We stopped and got an ice cream at the little Mantua store.  That tasted SO good!  I'm so glad to have that over with.  But I still have three more 20 milers to do!   

Not the best time but considering we did almost 9 miles of hard uphill, it was acceptable.
This hangs in the bathroom at Sherwood Hills.  I LOVE reading these great ideas to be a better person.  I need one in my bathroom!

It felt so good to shower!  I stayed home the rest of day.  I wanted a nap but never got one.  I worked on my SS lesson.  It's on Family History.  And I even found a story of an ancestor!  Finally!  William Poppleton.  It's the coolest story!  He was born in England and then migrated to St. Louis and eventually settled in Wellsville.  The coolest thing is he helped build the Logan temple.  His journal entry he said:
September 17 lade the corner stone of the temple
William Poppleton
So cool!  I was so excited!  The coolest part is Dave and I were married in the Logan Temple on September 17th!  What?!  YES!  Of course it was 100 years later, but still!  
I feel connected to him!  He is my great, great, grandpa.  Now I want to find more! 
After taking the Family History class, I felt like I was hopeless to this family history stuff because it appeared everything I checked was mostly done.  I was pretty discouraged because I had to miss so many classes and felt like I was kind of lost. Then this week I ended up curious about a story, any story, from my history of pioneers coming over because I have never in my entire life heard a single one.  I remembered how easy it was to check to see if there was a story on these people and so I delved into every ancestor several lines back to check to see if I could fine one anywhere. I was coming up empty and was about to give up until I had to prepare for my SS class on family history and I really needed a story for the class and so I kept searching.  Gratefully, I then found this great story- quite amazing actually - on my great, great grandpa on my maternal side. To think he actually laid (lade according to his spelling) the corner stone of the Logan Temple on September 17th.  Like I said, Dave and I were married in the Logan Temple on September 17,1982 about 100 years later!  I am curious if the year was 1882 because his last journal entry was 1877 and the next one was 1888 and so I wonder. That would make it even cooler.  I need to research that. Anyway, I kept going back to see if I could find more stories and I ended up at my great, great, great, great, great grandpa (also a William Poppleton - in fact there is four of them in a row) and discovered he has no parents listed.  His birth is only listed as 1739 (no month or day) and only England, United Kingdom.  So there is zero info on this line after him.  Not exactly sure where I go from here.  I feel like I am supposed to go this route, but honestly I haven't the first idea as to where to start.  It would be this person's great grandpa where it all stops.  So, as you hear all the time in family history work, I felt I was led to this to try and find the missing link.  I am curious to see how it will all turn out, or if I will even get anywhere because I am surprised someone else hasn't already.  Sorry for the long explanation but I am excited I finally got something!!! I may end up at a dead end, but if not, it will be a pretty cool story.  I have added the stories at the end of this post for future reference for myself.

dear sunday, I went to Carson's homecoming.  He gave one amazing talk. Too bad McKay couldn't be there.  He talked about how he wanted to come home for the first six months and how he was ready to do it and then he got an email from some stranger that told him he went through the exact same thing and he read the letter this man sent him and it changed his heart and he stayed all because of that one email.  We just never know the influence we might have on someone.  It was fun to see lots of McKay's friends and their parents.  I wish Dave could have gone but he had to attend another sacrament.  I headed to ours.  Jen stopped me and gave me a big hug.  I am so glad we worked out the craziness.  I am so happy it was all a big misunderstanding on both our parts.  Life can be very crazy at times.   Makes me sad to think of all the wasted time and missing out.  Our sacrament was on Family History same as my lesson.  I loved all the speakers.  My class went great too. I haven't taught for a few months and it was fun to be back.  I do enjoy it. I attended our SS Teacher Development class.  We had a roast for dinner and then I made the copycat Levain cookies but they weren't as good as last time. 
I hurried and did some cleaning because the Garrett's were coming over to have their family pictures in our backyard and they asked if I would take them for them and I was too beat to clean yesterday after my long run.  I guess the Ox was in the mire? Hmm...probably not, but...  ;)   Dave's parents stopped by for a long visit and it was fun to chat.  I am so grateful to have them still here.  They are they best.  We should go visit my parents on Sundays but Dave is always tied down with something it seems.

The Garrett's arrived and it was fun taking the photos and watching the little girls personalities.  Kimberly was so patient with them.  They were not really cooperating (just being little kids) but she didn't get upset at all.  I remember how much family pictures used to stress me out!  They still do!  It's so hard to get the perfect shot after working so hard to get everyone ready and all dressed to match and then to pay lots of money to someone for doing it.  I gave them a pretty good deal though I think.  FREE!  haha 
 Candid shots are ALWAYS my favorites!  I was reliving and laughing my early days trying to get five boys holding still and smiling.  No wonder family pix have always been one of the most stressful things in life for me!  hah  I used to take my Mom with me and she would be jumping and trying to get them to smile and I was usually tucking in a shirt or fixing their hair and then I would go back and start jumping with her.  Oh my!  I was laughing at all of Kimber's girls because they were so not wanting to pose and hold still.  I have to say my boys all in all were pretty dang good!  We took advantage and had them take a couple of us since everything was already set up.
 I'm not sure which one I like best so I am adding my two faves:

Linda and I then exchanged gifts.  It was fun.  Trevor brought over a cheesecake he had made.  It was a carrot and raisin one.  Not my fave, but it was nice of him to share.  
We both had twinner sacks!  Crazy!  We were born on the same day.  I always thank her for always being one year older!  hehe She always gives me too much!  I love all of my gifts!  Man, I have been spoiled this year for sure!
After they left, I stayed up late and got my blog caught up a bit. I wonder if I will ever get it fully caught up!  I still haven't posted my Sista Boston post!  Or my Alaska post!

dear taylor's spartan challenge, I am so proud of this boy!  He and his roommate CJ signed up for the Hawaiian Spartan Challenge.  When I heard it was a 15 mile race course on the mountain and mud along with obstacle courses and very difficult strength challenges and that they signed up for the most difficult level, I was worried sick about him.  I was afraid to call him after the race and see how he did because I was sure he would be injured for life because his training was ZERO!  ZIP!  NADA!  But.....I was happy and relieved to hear not only did he survive and did great, but they came in 2nd in their age division out of 55 and 16th and 17th in the male age division out of 326 and 21st and 22nd out of 466!!! You've got to be kidding me!!! I was shocked! They KILLED IT!  Oh, to be young and strong again!   They would have come in 1st in their AD but they got stuck in line at the part where they have to climb over some huge wall and the ones who got it didn't have to wait in line.   I am so hoping this is my son that will become a runner!  My dream is that someday we will run a marathon together! 
I'm so proud of him!!!

Family History Stories:
Biography of William Poppleton
William Poppleton was born October 15, 1823, at Moulton, Lincolnshire, England. His father was a farmer. William grew up assisting his father on the farm. William’s father was also a cordwainer or shoemaker. William Poppleton and Sarah Stennett were married on 5 August 1844 at Great Hale, Lincolnshire, England. Their first child, William Stennett was born there. William and Sarah returned to Moulton where their next three children were born. On April 12, 1849 they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were the only members of both families to do so. This was very much against the wishes of their people. William and Sarah’s only desire now was to come to America and join the Saints in Zion. Because William was a common laborer and with six in the family to support, it was impossible to save money for their desired journey. He talked it over with his wife and they decided to make it appear that he had deserted his family. He would then try to secure passage on a ship by working his way to America. He sailed on the ship “Joseph Badger” which left Liverpool on October 17, 1850. He was given the job of swabbing the deck and keeping it clean, and also other duties. As soon as it became known that he had deserted his family, the officers were sent to bring him back, but they reached the dock too late. The ship had already set sail. Sarah and the four children were then thrown on the mercy of their friends, for none of the relatives were in a position to take the entire family and support them. Sarah, rather than have her children separated from her decided to take the children and go to the poor house. So strong was her faith in the gospel and in her husband. While at the poor house her fifth child was born. After William arrived in America his first thought was of work. He secured a job at St. Louis working in a sewer for fifty cents per day. So anxious was he to have his family with him that he went without the comforts of life in order that he might save money to send at once to England. It seemed so wonderful to the minister and neighbors, that they secured by contribution $100 more and the family were soon on their journey across the ocean. They landed in New Orleans in February 1852. The Mississippi River was frozen over, and William was still at St. Louis. It was impossible to reach him until the river became safe for travel. Thus Sarah and her children were thrown upon the mercy of strangers. The two boys went out each and begged from door to door. They took whatever was given them to their mother. They were given the use of a room with just a bed and small stove. Here they almost starved. After ten weeks of suffering, while waiting for the ice to break, they arrived at St. Luis. By this time William was almost wild with grief and upon seeing his family was overcome with relief. He had a house prepared for them on a farm five miles from St. Luis. The family was just beginning to enjoy life when typhoid fever struck them. William first contracted the disease. Just as he was recovering, his wife Sarah was stricken. She died October 14, l855. Her baby, born just four months earlier, died an hour after his mother. They were buried twelve miles west of St. Louis. William was at a loss to know what to do. He was fortunate to get a good woman, Annie Hayes, to come and look after his children and the home. He later married her and she was a good wife and mother in every respect. In May l857, a temporary settlement called Genoa was located for the benefit of emigrating Saints. It was on Beaver Creek near Loup Fork, Nebraska, about one hundred miles west of Omaha. Apostle Erastus Snow appointed William and one hundred other families to found this settlement. Joel H. Johnson was President, Nathan David First Counselor, and William Poppleton Second Counselor. William Poppleton built a house in the settlement and also operated a farm. He labored in Genoa until 1859. This settlement, at that time was far on the frontier on land claimed by the Pawnee Indians. They had to endure many hardships while there. In the fall of 1859 they were ordered to leave by an Indian agent. The Indians had sold their land to the government with the right to select a reservation. The result was that the Indians, 4900 strong, came and selected a square of twenty miles which took in the entire settlement of Genoa. This was in October and the corn and vegetables were not gathered. As fast as they matured that had to be hauled outside of the reservation and stacked together. William and others dug holes in the ground to live in. In November the prairie was set on fire, and all the year’s crop was burned to ashes. William lost all he raised. He returned to Omaha for the winter. The next year he came to Utah. William Poppleton with his wife Annie and four children, Thomas, Sarah, Martha and George, were members of Captain John Smith’s ox train company which arrived in Salt Lake City September 1, 1860. They settled in Bountiful during the winter. At that time it was called Sessions Settlement. It was while there on November 8, 1860 William Poppleton received his patriarchal blessing. It was given by Patriarch G. John Young. William and his family came to Wellsville in April 1861. He homesteaded 160 acres of land northeast of Wellsville. This grant was given to William Poppleton from the United States of America by Pres. U.S. Grant through the General Land Office. At this time polygamy was practiced in the Church. The more faithful members were allowed this doctrine. William Poppleton was one of these good and faithful men. On October 3, 1863, he married Leah Perkes in the endowment house in Salt Lake City. Then on November 10, 1866, he married his fourth wife, Mary Ann Hatchard Jeffs. William Poppleton, with his three living wives and their children lived together in a six room house located at what is now Greens Corner. He lived here until the time of his death on the 16th of August 1883. His death was caused by dropsy. He was the father of twenty-three children, one being born after his death. He was steady, honest, and faithful, and for several years he worked on the temple at Logan under Superintendent C.O.Card, where he made a host of friends. William Poppleton has helped to give us our heritage in this nation and the Gospel. The one great desire of his heart was to live the life of a true Latter-day Saint, and in that he was eminently successful. In all his trials, he was faithful and true to the Kingdom of God.

His third wife Leah Perkes is the line through which my grandfather Edward Castle Poppleton came.

Leah Perkes

Her parents had been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints soon after the birth of thier 1st child and tried for years to work out a plan where they could immigrate to Utah. Her father was a coal miner and made very little money for his long hours of hard work. As his family increased it became more and more difficult to care for them, let alone save enough to bring the whole family at once to America. When Leah was 5 yrs old her father did come to America bringing Leah and two of her older brothers, John 11, Reuben 8 with him. The plan being that he would be able to send for Eliza and the other four living children later. But things did not work out that way. James Perkes married a second wife in December of 1854. This woman brought several children into the marriage and there never seemed to be enough money to send home for the rest of his family. When Leah was 13 yrs old the family made the trek across the plains to Utah. The Perkes family immediately settled in Cache Valley choosing Hyde Park, a settlement just north of Logan for their home. William Poppleton was one of the most faithful members of the Church allowed to practice the doctrine of plural marriage. He married Leah Perkes in the Endowment House (Salt Lake City) by the Apostle Wilford Woodruff as a plural wife 31 October 1863 just one day before Leah's fifteenth birthday. Willam was 40 yrs old and this was his third marriage. After Leah had been married for six years and she was 21 yrs old her mother and some of her brothers and sisters that were left behind in England were finally able to come to America. Leah never saw the others again. Leah and William had nine children; James Perkes, John Perkes, Eliza Perkes, Mary Perkes, Rachel Perkes, Edward Perkes, Albert Perkes, Louisia Perkes, and Kate Perkes Poppleton. Taken from the book: Our Ancestors The Poppletons and the Petersen Families

William Poppleton's Home in Green's Corner (N.E. Wellsville)

Monday, August 7, 2017

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge) 
Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, got up at 4:50 a.m. to get in my 17 mile long run. I met Robin at 5:30 and we ran north, west, south, east, north, east and south again.  We basically went to Harper Ward then almost to Corinne, then to Perry and back.  I was feeling my piraformas at mile 7.  It stayed with me the rest of the day.  I had to keep stopping and stretching it.  Robin is getting much stronger. I'm proud of how hard she is working. We ended on the 9th north hill and she made it without stopping.  I'm still worried about my fueling because I was nauseated from mile 12 on.  It lasted most of the day. That's how I feel after a full marathon, not a long run. I need to figure this out because I don't want all my long runs to be miserable.  I planked again for the first time in weeks. I only got to 1:45.  I need to do it everyday to get my core strength ready for St. G marathon in 9 weeks.  
I was pretty tired all day.  Still jet lagged.  I needed a nap but had no time.  I unpacked, did laundry, cleaned, went grocery shopping, and made a new recipe for dinner. Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes (recipe below).  These were REALLY good! Give them a try!
I am so far behind in my blogging I wonder if I will ever catch up!  Groan........



  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 small yellow onion, diced
  • 1 small green bell pepper, diced
  • 8 ounces brown mushrooms minced
  • 2 tablespoons ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 8 ounces Provolone Cheese Slices, chopped (use 6oz if you don’t want it very cheesy)
  • 6 brioche hamburger buns
  1. Add the ground beef to a large cast iron skillet (this browns very well) and brown until a deep brown crust appears before breaking the beef apart.
  2. Stir the ground beef and brown until a deep crust appears on about 50 or so percent of the beef.
  3. Remove the beef (you can leave the fat) and add the butter and the onions and bell peppers and mushrooms.
  4. Let brown for 1-2 minutes before stirring, then let brown for another 1-2 minutes before stirring again.
  5. Add the beef back into the pan.
  6. In a small cup mix the beef broth and cornstarch together
  7. Add the ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper, beef broth/cornstarch mixture into the pan.
  8. Cook until the mixture is only slightly liquidy (about 75% of the mixture is above liquid), 3-5 minutes.
  9. Turn off the heat, add in the provolone cheese.
  10. Served on toasted brioche buns.

dear tuesday, I got out later than hoped and it was brutally hot by 8 am. Came home and cleaned and caught up on some pictures and emails etc.  Sky and Bryce were gone to Kaysville helping Barry and McKay was in Logan at USU orientation.  Dave was working. Mr. Cat was out exploring and so I was alone.  It was nice actually.  I have always been one to love alone time. I don't get much and so when I do I savor it. I tried to use it to get some stuff done I am behind on.  I feel like I am behind on everything.  Poor Dave, he is really behind due to his job and church calling.  Seems if he leaves for a week everything comes crashing down.  He spent hours filling prescriptions and paperwork at the clinic and hours trying to get back on top of the garden again.  His church calling always seems to go just fine when he is gone which is a blessing. Though he did make a few phone calls while in Alaska for it.  We had the roofing company stop by so we could pick out a color.  We had hail damage and so our insurance is going to replace it.  Picking out a color is going to be tough!  Figuring we have to live with it for 30 years!  Bryce said we won't be living here in 30 years cause this house is too big for us in our old age.  I fear he is right! UGH!  That is what motivates me to dejunk!  But when?  Always so much to do and so little time!  Sky  made Eggplant Parmesan for dinner.  I have never had it in my life and I was not sure I wanted to, but it was SO GOOD!  It's now one of my favorites!  I'm so lucky to have him here to make dinner sometimes.  He knows how to to cook amazing food!
Troy and Carol stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday and brought me a Hug Hes sugar cookie. I do love sugar cookies!  So nice!

dear happy birthday to me!, I decided to run 5.6 miles to celebrate my birthday. I would have done a 56 miler if there had been enough time. Hehe  It was hot but it felt good to pound the pavement. 
Trying to prove to myself that even though I may be another year older...even 56 year olds can run, be strong AND even jump. I hope I can keep saying this for many more years to come.  So when my brother in law teases me about being "older", I am going to flash these pix in his face!  hah
I came home and rushed to get ready for lunch with Julie.  We went to Maddox.  I had their chicken salad for the first time and it was yummy!
She gave me an amazing bracelet!  It has a 1988 (Tyson's birth year) penny in it and a copper angel wing.  I LOVE IT!  
She tried to get a picture of me and the bracelet but it's hard to see how cool it is.  I need to take a close up of just it.  I absolutely love it.
The only problem is it kept popping off.  We decided to take it back and get a different one and see if that helps.  I had to run to North Ogden first to Bella Me Boutique to use my birthday coupon for $10 off plus 20% entire purchase. I found two cute tops and a purple dress!  :)  Then I met Julie at Hallmark and changed the bracelet.  I got Mickey a bracelet with her name on it to let her know how sorry I am about her dog Minnie who died. I came home and had fun reading my Facebook Birthday wishes and posts.  My visiting teachers stopped by for a quick visit as well.  When Dave got off, we headed to North Ogden and went to dinner to Hug Hes with parents.
 My Mom brought me a chocolate cake with purple flowers.  It was yummy but we were much to full to really eat much.  I was so happy we got this photo.  Sure do miss having Taylor around!  But last year, he was the only one of my boys here on my birthday.  Funny how life changes so much in a year.
I got wonderful cards from the boys.  They wrote a lot inside the card and those cards are my favorite gifts.  I would be happy with just a card that is written inside. My parents gave me a Bella Me gift card. Yippee! Dave gave me a card with writing inside and some Idle Isle chocolates!  He had to rush back to release a missionary.  When we got home, I had a porch full of gifts waiting for me from Bonnie, Sharon, Jen and little Daisy was delivering Brooke's.  I love finding gifts on my porch!  That sight makes me so happy!  I love my birthday! How can you not love a day when you get spoiled by friends and family?! 
My blogging friend Nancy sent me this handmade purple card in the mail!  I was so surprised!  She is the most thoughtful person!  What a sweet friend!  If you're reading this Nancy THANK YOU!  You made my day!  I am curious how you knew it was my birthday!  You need to let me know when yours is!  :)  I rarely get things via snail mail and this was so fun to receive!  I am grateful for people like Nancy who truly know how to make others feel special!
It was a great day. :)  I think women love their birthdays because it is one day a year that others make you feel special through nice comments and cards, texts, emails, phone calls and gifts and you actually feel like everything you do just might matter even a wee bit. The rest of time I think most of us wonder.  I love getting spoiled on my birthday.
 When I opened McKay's card it had a thirty on it.  He got it because it was purple.  Hah  Then when I opened Bryce's it had a 40 on it because he saw McKay's 30 card before he bought his.  I got 10 years older with each card because when I opened Sky's he saw their cards and he wrote 50 inside his.  At least I thought he did.  My eyes are so bad, it really said 56  but I was expecting it to say 50.  LOL Silly boys!  I was just glad Dave's didn't have a 60 on it!  That will come all too soon!
 I received some amazing and fun gifts.   
Best part was getting to Skype with little Carson.  He wanted to tell me Happy Birthday!  He is the cutest little thing and he makes me smile!  Look at that face!  How can that not bring you joy?!  He is so excited because he sent me a package with a birthday present for me and he can't wait for me to get it.  But I will be gone to the cabin when it comes so I guess we will both have to wait. I'm so excited too!  
I definitely got spoiled and the partying continues next week. I have a birthday breakfast on Monday and a lunch on Tuesday that I'm looking forward to! One of the best parts of having a Facebook account is on your birthday.  It is so nice to be wished a Happy Birthday by so many friends.  I think I got close to 170 wishes. People are so kind to take the time to do that.  

FB post:
Feeling deeply blessed today for all the love I have felt thanks to your kind and sweet birthday wishes! It was a great day spent with friends, family, chocolate cake, MasterCard and Visa! 😉 I had one of the most amazing birthdays in all of my (a-hem) 39 years!!! 
☆ º ` `•.¸.•´ `..."..

*More birthday fun on next week's post!  

dear thursday, I wasn't planning on doing hills today, but when I started my run I realized I hadn't done them yet this week and so I headed to "the hills".  I got in 15 repeats. No idea how I managed to get in that many because it was so hot, but I was determined to reach my goal.  I got in a total of 6.7 miles.
The rest of the day was spent cleaning and packing for the cabin. I ran to the store for the stuff we needed for our breakfast day and then Dave got home and we took off for Wyoming.  McKay is coming up Friday with Weston and Bryce and Sky couldn't come at all.  

dear family reunion at cabin, we arrived right on time for dinner but it wasn't quite ready and so we visited with those not in charge of dinner.   As soon as I got there I was greeted by Kylah!  She ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug I have had in a long time.  It was sweet!  I haven't seen here for over a year!  She still remembered me!  She has a new sister now that I haven't met until today too. Her name is Charity and she's 8 months old.  Little Nikki didn't remember me but that's okay.  Kylah and I were Velcro-ed to each other until dinner started.  How, I love little ones!  They know how to make you feel loved, that's for sure!

 Everyone was either already there or arriving when we were.  It was fun to see everyone!
We ate Costa Vida Sweet Pork Salads for dinner and then just hung out.
 I was sad my boys weren't there!  McKay is coming up on Friday with Weston and Mary.  Bryce had to go to Idaho and Sky didn't have an excuse other than he isn't into family reunions. Hmm...  Taylor is still in Hawaii until next week.
 We had our traditional bonfire Smore night.  Last year I was in charge of the whole thing and I wanted to change it up and we did banana boats.  This year Carolyn and Scott were in charge and they added bacon as an ingredient for the Smores, as well as raspberry jam.  It was actually pretty tasty! I was so happy I wasn't in charge this year.  That was a LOT of work!
 There is always some shenanigans happening.  We had glow sticks this year.  We always listen to old 70's music while we sit around the fire. Aubrey usually comes and plays her guitar and sings but she wasn't coming until tomorrow.  The situation of where to put everybody is increasingly becoming a problem as everyone's families gets bigger.  Dave and I usually always stay in the upstairs bedroom but Carolyn wanted it because she was in charge of everything and felt she needed to be close.  So we could either kick out the nieces on the loft bed or go stay with Karen since her fam wasn't coming until the next day or Kevin also invited us.  Both of them rent out cabins for the three nights.  Linda's fam does as well.  Until we get more of our boys there, we don't really have to worry about it too much yet.   Karen and Linda's fams stay in a great cabin that is owned by Richard Petty the race-car driver in Star Valley.  His cabin is right next to it.  It's kind of like a big barn, but inside it's amazing. I can't believe I didn't get a single photo of the inside.  We decided to stay with Karen.  Me, Dave, Karen and Mickey stayed up until 2 a.m playing a card game called Golf.  It was fun.  We were tired as heck but we all wanted to beat Dave who kept winning.  Hah
 Even though we were up late, I got up at 7:30 to go running.  I ran around the area of the cabin.  It was really pretty.  I saw a lot of dogs, of course.  
Nice to have a break from the heat wave we've had this summer in Utah!
We got ready and headed back to the cabin.  
After breakfast we had some fun with a pinata.  Carolyn didn't plan any games but the pinata was a lot of fun and a change.  All the little's and then the big's got a turn.  No one could knock it out and so I got the bat and went to town until the candy came out.  So fun!  The kids used the pinata sides as hats.   

We had our annual talent show.  It always amazes me how talented these peeps are!
This one was hilarious!  Jonathan was a yoga instructor and had the most soothing voice.  Emily was so enjoying being in it.
It was great! 
  We (the sisters) did one that we threw together in seriously about 5 minutes!  It was a Studio C clip that we tried to make as funny as the original.  I think we succeeded.  I was the P90X instructor and the only one with a speaking part.  I was a bit stressed, but somehow pulled it off.  We had P90X graduates and a modified level.  The graduates ended up needing medical assistance and the modified ones fell asleep by the end.
At the end I was the only one left.  The modified peeps were napping and the graduates were hauled off by the paramedics.   
I wasn't really sure how we were ending it because we never saw the end of the clip, but it ended up being pretty funny.

The rest of the day was on your own.   Dave and I just hung out around the cabin and played games.  We played Mollky which is a ton of fun with a big group.  

We headed to Bar J that night.
Dave and his Dad caught up with Scott and Babe.  
 It is always a good time at the Chuckwagon
 McKay met us there.  I was so glad he was able to come.  I wish the other boys could have made it.
 We had a "bear"y good time!

 The show is always fabulous.

We tried to get a family picture, but it wasn't exactly our best ever.  I feel bad Dave's parents are in the middle.  You can barely see his dad.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Moira look like the head of the fam instead.  We had 38 total make it to Bar J.  The family is up to about 48 in all.
The next day, I was in charge of breakfast with Kevin.  I didn't get in a run because we had to have breakfast ready by 8:15 a.m. so those riding horses could get out on time.
 I had some twinners today.  Carolyn and I had the exact same Alaska hat.  Lots of peeps wore black and white stripes as well, but I only got pix with Sarah and Britt.

We did the annual float down the Snake River.
  It had dropped about five feet since we were here in June.  It was much safer and so we took as many as we could down the first round.
 Uncle Bob's thumb wanted to be in the picture.  Hah
 The crew of our boat.
 Dave and McKay took the second group down as well.
 We hit a lot of white water this year.  It was so much fun!  I love floating the Snake!  Big Kahuna was worse than Lunch Counter.  Some years it's the opposite.
While Dave and McKay took the second group down, I headed to the Dollar Store because I just kind of wanted to get away for a second.   I looked around the store and as I was standing near the checkout, I overheard a man telling the clerk that his wife was bed ridden and had been for 13 years and I immediately wondered if it was Robin's uncle.  When he turned, I was pretty sure it was him and so I asked him if he was Robin's uncle.  He was. I met him a couple times at the Etna Ward. 
We chatted for a long time. He told me he gave his wife a blessing a couple days ago and said that she would be with her Father in a few days and knew that meant she only had a few days to live.  I know how much Robin loves her Aunt and so I sent her this photo of us and told her what he said.  She was grateful because she really wanted to see her one more time before she passed.  I felt it was a tender mercy that I ran into him especially cause I really didn't need to go the store, but found myself there anyway at the same time as he was and happened to overhear him at the checkout.  Robin ended up driving up the next day from her Bear Lake vacation to see her and she died the next day.   So many miracles in this little story.  

When I got back to the cabin, I painted rocks with Zan and Michael.  I had packed us up and so I was ready to go when Dave and McKay returned.  We pulled out a bout 7:30 pm to head home.
 Most of the others stayed another night.  It was a fun reunion.  I am so glad we started holding these.
My niece's snapchat
I was grateful for a safe drive home.  We even saw some fireworks on the way home. I was beat!

dear sunday, I had to play the piano in RS and so I got up early to practice my songs.  Sacrament meeting was good.  I always love fast and testimony meeting.  It was good to be home.  I am not looking forward to my long run in the morning alone.  Robin is still in Bear Lake

dear boys,
 Harvesting the fruits and veggies of his labor....

Hating to leave his paradise...
 Diving with SHARKS without a cage!


 Taylor's roommate posted this gorgeous rainbow.  ↓ Taylor was on the boat and saw it but didn't get a good picture of it.  How cool is that???

Cute little Carson!  Missing that cute face!

Bunny on the loose!

dear quotes, 


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