Sunday, November 29, 2009

Running with the Ho-Ho's!!!

There is a race called the SANTA RUN that I heard about last year and really wanted to do with my friends, but we heard about it too late and couldn't get registered on time. Sooo...we all planned on doing it for sure this year! Not everyone could do it, but three of us did and we had a BLAST!!!


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Me with my friends and fellow running Santa's ---Heather and Jen.

Here we are hanging with the other 297 Santas listening to instructions before the start of the race. The race was held at 4:30 p.m. right before the Holiday Light Parade.

We dressed alike and even though there were tons of others dressed just as unique, we got a lot of compliments and stares (and people taking our picture). Must have been that we were all three alike! Or possibly the socks or suspenders??? No, it had to be the cute shorts Jen made us!

They had us do SANTA WARM-UPS before the start of the race.

We did "Hat, Beard, Belly, and Boots" (a version of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes) and then some calisthenics while we counted with HO-HO's. VERY FUN!

On our marks... get set...

GO!!!!! We are just to the right of the yellow stroller. The first green light is above Jen's head. Look for the socks! lol (click to enlarge)

We are seriously having TOO MUCH FUN! Okay, not seriously...we took nothing serious about this race at all!

The 5K route (3.1 miles) went down four blocks and then turned back the other way and repeated three times along the Holiday Light Parade route.

We saw a lot of interesting sights along the way!

As I said before, we didn't take this race seriously. We all carried our cameras and stopped A LOT to take tons of photos. Jen cracked me up because she wanted to NOT SWEAT because she knew we would be freezing by the time the parade started that we were all staying to watch. A good idea, but not really possible in a 5K...even when you are stopping a lot and not pushing it.

The aid stations had cute little elves serving COOKIES and MILK!!!

Yes, we had to stop and take our photo with the Santa's little helper and PRETEND we are eating the cookies and milk. They just don't sit well in your stomach when you are running a race... but cute idea anyway!!!

One of Santa's larger elves....

Yes, another stop! We just HAD to take our picture with this band!!!

Back to the pavement.....

We turned a corner and saw the FINISH LINE. For some reason this race seemed longer than most 5K's. Hmm...I wonder if it's because we stopped to take photos so much?!!! As you can see below, sometimes we didn't even stop to take the photo!

Our time was pathetic, but all in all not too bad considering all our stops! lol

We had to stand in line after crossing the finish line to turn in our race number. That's a first.

Some photographer guy that stalked us the entire race, asked if he could photograph us after we finished.

MY cheerleaders!!! AND action photographer!

It was just a little windy at times!!!

Look who we found!!! ↓ He was just walking down the street as if some normal pedestrian. We stopped and asked if we could have our photo with him. He said sure. He was the REAL thing! It was HIM, I know it!

A little later Jen took her son Logan over to see him and look what he gave her!!! ↓ SEE I TOLD YOU! I JUST KNEW IT!!! It IS him!!!!

We stayed and watched the Holiday Light Parade. HUGE crowds even though it was FREEZING!!!

After the parade (well, after WE had seen enough) we all walked to Costa Vida to eat dinner.

A HO-HO time was had by all!!! I can't wait for next year!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ready! Set! TROT!!!

Ah...the Turkey Trot. This one I have done each year since I started this insane sport of running. It's not my favorite race because it's a four miler and the route is repeated twice. Oh, and the last mile and a half is up-hill. I always hate it when they do that! I wasn't going to run it this year because I haven't been running as many miles each day lately due to the SWINE FLU I had in October. I am surprised how hard it has been to come back lung wise from that dang flu. So, I have been taking it pretty easy and only running about two-three miles. I have also done a lot of power walking when I didn't feel up to running. Last week when I ran, I thought I was going to kill over on a three miler and so I decided to NOT do the Turkey Trot this year. But on Thursday I got in a really good four mile run and felt good so I decided to go for it. Besides, the prizes are awesome! You win a turkey for 1st place and Pumpkin Pie for placing 2nd to 5th (Ithink) in your age division.

I was disappointed my Ipod's battery was dead but besides that everything was going great for the first two and half miles. That's when a lady in my age group passed me. It wouldn't have been so bad but I was in the lead for my age group as far as I could tell and I knew that was my turkey gobbling right away from me as she ran past. The same thing happened last year! And in the exact same spot! Last year I tried and tried to catch up and pass the thief, but to no avail. My turkey ran away from me right before my eyes. Therefore, I was more determined than ever to not allow that to happen again. The woman passed me when we were on our last downhill patch of the race, just before we turned the corner to run the remaining mile and half UP hill! But that didn't seem to register in my brain at the time. All I was thinking about was taking that turkey home this year. So I pushed it and I pushed it until I pushed my way right past her.

Big mistake.

I even got a pretty good lead on her. The next thing I knew my body was telling me in NO uncertain terms that I was an idiot! Feeling that pain, I knew it was right. This is usually a pretty easy race for me. I was surprised that my body was telling me to STOP running and walk. Walking in a race is something that I have prided myself on never doing. For some silly reason I don't feel like qualify as a real runner if I walk even a few steps in a race. Totally dumb I know. Welp, this time, I really had no choice. I had a killer side ache and my lungs were screaming for me to stop...that is nothing new really and I usually can just run through the pain until it subsides some, but this time I had weakness in my legs and arms and felt really light headed as well. Every part of my body was yelling at me to stop and walk before I collapsed. I was really hurting. I gave it all I had until I finally had to stop and walk or I knew I would be laying on the pavement.

No sooner had I done so when I saw my turkey thief run right past me again. At that point, I didn't care. I was trying to recover but it wasn't happening. The next thing I knew my two good friends Jen and Heather had caught up to me and were by my side asking me if I was okay. They stopped running and walked with me. I explained to them what was going on and to pleeeeeeeeease go on ahead and keep running. They just kept encouraging me and walking with me. Heather told me to run through the pain. I told her that was usually doable, but it wasn't happening today for some reason. Just then another one of my friends, Jody, drove slowly past us with her camera. She yelled out, "What are you walking for? This is a race!" She started taking pictures of us and so for the sake of the photo we knew had to start running again.

We still had about a mile to go - UP hill of course! As I ran I honestly didn't think I would survive that mile. I was still hurting bad, but I kept pushing it and held on to Jen and Heather's pace. I think that mile was one of the hardest things I have done in my life. If it hadn't been for my friends, I know I would have walked most of that mile. But with them by my side, I knew I could do it....maybe ---- somehow. I also knew if I stopped again that they would too and I was not going to allow that.

It was getting progressively harder with each step. I was feeling agony in so many ways. I dug deep and somehow found the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And then... there she was! My turkey thief! Right in front of us. We had caught up to her! I received a burst of strength at that moment. As I ran past her, I was feeling like I might cross that finish line after all!

I kept repeating to myself the mantra, "I can do hard things!" It gave me what I needed to keep going. We were close now. As we turned the final bend we could see the finish line.

What a sight for sore eyes....legs, arms, lungs, head, knees, feet, heart!

Jen's daughter Abby ran up to us and encouraged us to the finish line with her chants of, "Go Mom beat Jodi" over and over. She eventually switched to "Go Jodi beat Mom!". That was exactly what we both needed to hear to get us to sprint to that line. We crossed the finish line together.

I am not sure the last time I felt such a huge relief as I did at that moment. I tried to get my race sticker off so they could write my time down but I was unable to remove it. One of the race volunteers had to remove it for me. As soon as they did, I dropped to the ground. That is a big no-no and I knew I needed to just walk until I had cooled down but I had nothing left to give. I was unable to stand let alone walk. At most races they provide water after the race, but not so this time. I could have used some water. I could have used a stretcher too! I recovered quickly though and was feeling completely normal within a few minutes.

The best part of all was I took FIRST PLACE in my age division and WON that blasted turkey after all! Woot-woot! Or should I say, "gobble- gobble!" Even better was my age division was the largest and so they ended up dividing it into two groups when they gave out the awards. I was, of course, in the older half, but I still took first in both. I still do not know where the strength came from that took me across that finish line. But I know one thing for certain, I will never doubt again that...


Starting to run again for sake of this photo! ↓ That is the biggest fake smile slapped on my face! The last thing I felt like was SMILING!

Me and Jen nearing the finish line. Her daughter Abby and friend Maddy are cheering us on. The near turkey thief is in the rear with the sunglasses. Heather is in front of us.

We are almost there!!! WHAT? I'm smiling again? I think I was SO happy the end was in sight! Or maybe it's that I knew the potential turkey thief was not going to gain on us now! lol There she is in the back still trying to steal MY turkey! Ha-ha

WE did it!!! My TWO good samaritan friends!!! Thank you guys!!!

Accepting my prize! The turkey is mine!!! I worked hard for that sucker!

Our a- "WARD" winning team! The cute kids ran the kid's 2 miler and they did awesome. Those are pumpkin pies they are holding. Cute Maddy got 1st and won a turkey too! Jen and Heather placed 2nd and 3rd in their age division (a much younger one than mine) and won pies! We could have had a ward party with all that food!

Gotta love this butterball! Although McKay was very disappointed I didn't bring home a pumpkin pie like I have every other year from this race. Maybe next year... Nah! I am going for the turkey again if it kills me!

My sweet and very thoughtful husband Dave gave me a bouquet of flowers for winning. He's the man!

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My next race is the SANTA RUN next week! I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited for this one I can hardly stand it! Everyone dresses up like Santa (you receive a Santa hat, shirt, and beard with registration) for the entire run. There are helpers (elves) along the way serving milk and cookies at the aid stations. I can not wait! Jen and Heather are also doing this one with me. We are wearing matching Santa pants and red and white stripped socks. It's all about FUN!!!!! HO HO HO!!!!

This is a photo of last year's Santa Run from their website.↑

Here's a cute idea for Thanksgiving ↓ GOBBLE-GOBBLE!

They are made with Ritz crackers, candy kiss, frosting, candy corn, and a carmel. SO CUTE but SO EASY!!!!


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