Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taylor's Sa-weet 16th Birthday!

 Happy 16th Birthday!


Wow...these boys are just flying through their birthdays around here! Who gave them permission to grow up anyway? Pretty sure it wasn't ME!

Taylor has been the best kid since the day after he was born. I say the day "after" because the day "of" wasn't a real party for me. He was a little stubborn in getting here and his delivery wasn't one I have fond memories of, BUT....he has more than made up for it since. He was the happiest baby and that character trait has grown right along with his biceps. He is still a joy to have around and makes our lives so enjoyable.

Taylor is very easy going and laid back. He is also very talented in almost anything athletic he tries from football to ping pong. He is incredibly smart and such a bright spot in our family. What a blessing he has been in our home. Taylor is just an all around great kid. He is always happy and never complains about anything. Well except for when he is always begging me to make him crepes, Twix bars, cupcakes, a big breakfast, (or anything else he can put in his stomach!... which is usually 24-7) and I can't right when he wants it. I can't seem to keep his stomach ever full and satisfied! He has grown a ton in the past couple of years, so no surprise!

Out to dinner with the fam on his birthday...

I threw a surprise party for him a few days AFTER his birthday so he wouldn't expect anything...and for once I actually surprised someone!!!
These are some of his friends waiting for him to arrive...

Yep ~ he was surprised!

I started making bikini cakes for Dave's brothers when they all turned 16 and have carried it on with m my own boys. Hmm...maybe should have stopped it with my brother-in-laws! LOL

A great bunch of kids!

A fun time was had by all!

A few shots of the past...

Some more current ones...

Go HERE to see some cute photos of him when he was a little whipper-snapper and I was still taller than him!

Happy Birthday Bud! You are one amazing SON!!!

We are so blessed to have you in our family! We ♥ you!!!


Shauna said...


croleyc69 said...

Happy 16th Birthday !!!

Laane said...

Happy birthday!!! 16, wow!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

HAHAHAHAH, is that cake for real!?!?!!! HAHAHA!!!
Happy birthday!!!

Brooke said...

What a lucky kid to have you as a mom! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! LOVE THE CAKE!

Kelsee said...

He's such a cute kid! The cake is way funny!


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