Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dave's Day

Um...YES this was in September. And NO, I am not going to apologize AGAIN for being a slacker (at least until my next post!)

Famous Dave's had a great deal where you got to eat FREE if your name was DAVE or DAVID or DAVEY. AND... if your middle name was any of those you got it HALF PRICE! This was a deal our family could not pass up considering my husband's name is David and ALL my boys have the middle name David. We knew we would clean up on this deal so off to Famous Dave's we went!

Everyone (except ME!) got a name tag with the name Dave on it. It was quite the sight.

The waitress told us we were the talk of the kitchen. That was a first to have that many Dave's at one table.

Dave and Dave

All the not quite so famous Daves...

Oh man that food was good! I hope they do it again soon!!! If your name is Dave and you want to come along with us, maybe we can break a record for the most Dave's at one table. Or maybe I should just have my middle name officially changed to Dave.

Jodi David...

Hmm.... doesn't have quite the ring to it that Jodi Mae does. I guess I will just go along and pay full price.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sego Lily Spa Blogging Fool!

Yes, I know I have neglected THIS blog since winning the Sego Lily Blogger Contest in July. But, what do you expect when you are so busy being pampered on a regular basis and then have to come home and try and write about the experience? Some of you may think this would be a piece of cake job, but let me tell you... trying to just remember what occurred when you get home from having an experience like that while you are in a state of total and complete spaced-out-ism is NOT easy! Yes, yes, I know you are all feeling very sorry for me. I have decided I should probably take notes during the treatments, but then realized I am usually so far gone and way too relaxed to even pick up a pencil, let alone use one. So, please my bloggy peeps, have some compassion on my poor little pampered soul.

Some of you have wondered why I haven't posted much on these amazing spa days and all my pamperedness. Mainly it's because by the time I finish writing the post for Sego Lily, I am pretty much posted out. I thought about just copying and pasting them to this blog...and I may still do that eventually, but the blogging program they use and this one are entirely different. So I will just add the link here for now at the bottom of this post.

To date I have had TWELVE treatments (ten have been posted)...well I've actually had 13, if you count the one I had when I made the final five. I have to say, I could really get used to this! What will I do when my year is up and I no longer get to be pampered for free???? NO! I refuse to even THINK about that right now. For now, I am just going to continue to enjoy and soak in the wonderful treatments that you and I worked so hard to win. It has been the most awesome experience for me! Thanks again for your support and votes!

Here are some of the photos from the ten that have been posted so far. I didn't write much about them because if you are interested in reading about them, the link is at the bottom for the Sego Lily Blog.

Here I am super excited to start on my Spa Adventure!!! Remember I was a total spa rookie when this began having had only one massage in my entire life!!!

This was at the MIDVALE Sego Lily Mind Body Spa. It was wonderful! They have the most incredible meditation/waiting room!

Helping myself to some dried fruit AND brownies!!! YES THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE! I mean come on! Would it REALLY be a place to relax and unwind WITHOUT THAT????

This place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and SERENE!!

Trying out the luscious Pure Inventions Antioxidants Hydrants. I had the chocolate flavored one of course!

How could you NOT relax in here? ↓

Note: DO NOT USE THE DEODORANT on your hair! It is made for armpits only! Hello!!!!!! Yes I picked up the spray deodorant thinking it was hair spray - that is until I saw all the white powdery substance all over my hair! Once again...tooooooooo relaxed at the time to really care!

Well - they KIND OF look the same!

Feeling WONDERFUL after!
I can't believe I really won this!!!

I love the products they sell and I even get a discount!!!

This is Jeff, one of their best therapists.

I had to coax him to lighten up for the photo.

Here is Amanda. She gave me the ULTIMATE BODY CURE (aka "Died and Gone to Heaven"). Very appropriately named! It was my FAVORITE treatment to date! They use a vichy shower that has about seven heads and is directly above you as it moves back and forth showering you with hot incredible water with a massage in between! Oh wow! I did not want that one to end.

I seriously can NOT believe some of the photos I have published in the name of SPA-DOM! Seriously....


Feeling more than AMAZING!

The Midvale Spa has this amazing STEAM ROOM that is heaven. They really need a clock inside because I totally lose all track of time while being steamed. I usually try and emerge when I am tender crisp. Oh it feels so relaxing!

Another one of my faves was the Rocky Mountain Stone Massage. They use HOT SMOOTH ROCKS to massage you. Ahhh....... I wanted this one to never end!!! It more than ROCKED!

Their aromatherapy is so incredibly scent-sational! Mmm....smells good enough to eat!

Decisions ~ Decisions!!!

Now in case you think these little pampering retreats are all FUN and GAMES...let me straighten our your naivety.


In fact sometimes they are downright PAINFUL! Yes, pampering with pain! I am not talking about a massage therapist getting a little too carried away while they rub out a knot pushing their fist down so deep it comes out the other side of you.


I am talking more specifically about LASER HAIR REMOVAL. Aka: Human Body Torture!

As you see they get out the big guns to do this.

Does this picture say RELAX to you??

I was scared before we even started! I had my under arm hair lasered and let me tell you it was one of those things I hope to never have to repeat. WILD! My entire arm was going into convulsions and it felt like I was being electrocuted for the last five or so seconds! Not my idea of relaxing! I will happily stick to the ancient art of shaving daily!

I also received a PHOTOFACIAL as well! It wasn't exactly a walk in the park either.
Since the only pictures I could have posted of this treatment were photos of me grimacing somewhat in pain...we opted to take some AFTER shots since that was the ONLY time I did relax during this one.

I also had a MICRODERMABRASION treatment. It was not something I would describe as seriously painful, but it wasn't pleasant either. It feels like thousands of mini needles going in your face with each zap. I did love the results though. Oh the PAIN of BEAUTY!

Kirsten (my aesthetician) and me. I was glowing after that one for a few days.


Yep! That's really really GREEN!

Notice the PURPLE TOWELS! The Midvale also has PURPLE ROBES as well!

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think I would put a photo of me on line soaking in a tub! Once again, all in the name of spa-dom!

Do I look de-toxed yet?

I always love to check out their products after pampering. Dave wishes I didn't!

Back again for my Paraffin Cocoon Wrap. Ah...just the sound of that is comforting!

Check out this beautiful ceiling in one of the rooms at the Layton Spa! Just starring at that alone can relax you!

I emerged from that cocoon feeling like a new woman!

This photo is after my chemical peel...

Having one of their incredible PEDICURES! Mine was called the ULTIMATE PEDICURE and I can see why.

I was pampered to the hilt on this one! Frozen grapes and a lemon scone was a nice touch!

Ta-Da!!!!!!!! Don't ya love the stylin' shoes??? :D

Getting some brochures so I can refresh my brain what it has just experienced since it seems to go AWOL on me during the treatments!

My last two treatments were at the Midvale Spa just before Christmas. Can I just say I was in major need of them by this point in the season!!!!

As I entered I needed some help because I was so Christmas-ed out that I couldn't take another step. Of course, they are always there with a smile to help out the weary and stresse

Once inside I immediately began feeling like decking the halls instead of decking the season...or someone!

And maybe I became just a little TOO relaxed...

The pampering rejuvenated and refreshed me enough so I could go back to the cold cruel world once again and take upon the insanity of the season with renewed strength!

I received both a Detoxicating Seaweed Wrap and a Berry Radiance Facial.

Once again I felt like a new woman!!

Oh man....THIS IS THE LIFE!!!

I so wish it lasted more than just a year! But I am grateful it's only half over!

For the link to read my SPA POSTS, click HERE.


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