Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girl's Camp 2009~ Road to Virtue!

Stake Girl's Camp 2009!

Our theme was The Road to Virtue!

Each ward was to come up with a car and an acronym to go with it.

Our ward was the LAMBORGHINI'S!

Which stood for:

Love And Mortality Bring Our Righteous Girls Home In Never-ending Integrity!

Say that three times fast!

To save space I collaged the photos. To view better you will need to click on them to enlarge.
Holy cow these enlarge HUGE!

Each ward made their own banner that we raised on the mountain top calling for a return to the value
VIRTUE. We sang the hymn Carry On after we all raised our own banners. It was very inspiring!

Each girl in our ward painted and decorated their own car. There were some crazy ones! We went on a Road Trip to Virtue with Pit Stops along the way where each leader had a topic to speak on.

Some were:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Lamborghinis
Personal Power Daily Pit Stop
Modesty is your Destination
Media Map
Dating Detours
Identity Tune-up

Camp was held at Cinnamon Creek Camp Ground near Porcupine. It was spectacularly beautiful!

The Relief Society was invited up for an afternoon to help with a service project where we made baby blankets for the NICU. We then had a panel of speakers that spoke on: The Road to Conversion, The Road to Temple Marriage, The Road to the Temple, The Road to Motherhood, and The Road to Happiness and Joy.

There was a bear sighting in the camp just two weeks before we were to go. We had to take extra precautions to keep them away. No food in tents. All food had to be stored in cars at night, etc. Thankfully we didn't see any of the critters! We were also told that our camp was full of snakes. Rattlesnakes included. Luckily only one rattler was seen, but many others of a different variety. I decided to be brave just long enough to get a picture of me holding a snake. I wanted to prove to my boys their mom was NOT A WHIMP! It took some doing, but I DID IT! Truly a miracle that will probably never be seen again! My friend Jen got his whole thing on video unbeknownst to me. I will add it at the bottom of the post and hopefully it will work.

The whole crew! I have the most amazing young women and the best leaders! Everyone was so great!

We had a real fun Drive In Fashion Show complete with popcorn and treats. The girl's modeled their jammies (among other things they stole from their leaders suitcases!) A fun time was had by all!

On our hike we found a cave. ↓ We couldn't leave without exploring it even though it was pitch black and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. But that didn't stop us. Not us brave peeps. We marched right in with one tiny flashlight to share between five of us until we heard our feet sloshing in muddy water. We finally turned back at that point. The photos look light because of the camera flash. Trust me it was NOT that light!

We had lots of camp visitors including Chuck the squirrel, many racoons, spiders, snakes, and sneaky little girls that tried to steal stuff from thier leader's tents. Luckily we kept the pesky critters under control.

The necklaces above are made out of washers and rub-one stickers and scrapbook paper. So easy and fun, but so cute!

We had so much fun that no one was ready to go home after four days. Myself included!

The last day.....posing for our local newspaper.

Girl's camp is one of, if not thee best, part of the Young Women's program of our church. Bonds are made, friendships strengthened, testimonies grown, and great memories that will last a lifetime are made. There is something about getting into God's beautiful country, away from cell phones, computers, television, IPODS, and all the other distractions that we have going on constantly around us each day. When we are away from all the daily chaos, the spirit is able to get through to us better and we are more teachable and open to what it is trying to teach us. This year's was unique in so many ways and life changing for many of the girls. I am so thankful I was able to be a part of it this year. It was awesome! I have the most incredible and awesome girls AND leaders! Each one is soooooooo amazing!!!! Now to start planning next years!!!


Lucy said...

I'm jealous. I really miss going to girls camp every year. Your camp looks a heck of a lot better than ours.

BTW..tell me something, oh ye blog and spa queen. How do you get the photos to enlarge ALL of the time. It works sometimes for me (hence..see my blog) but other time not. I've been doing this blog thing for two years now and I still haven't 'gotten' a lot of it. You'd think I'd have smartened up by now. :)

Jodi said...

Hey Lucy... I used to have the same problem... now I can't get them NOT to enlarge! There are some I would prefer people couldn't! lol What you used to have to do, but now it doesn't seem to be the case is to NOT MOVE them once you had them loaded. You can go in and copy and paste the html if you need to move them. Otherwise any movement would cause them to not enlarge. Now I try to do that and they STILL enlarge. So not sure! lol Try it and see if that helps.

Jodi said...

Lucy do you or ANYONE know WHY MY PLAYLIST won't work? Does it work for anyone??? HELP! Let me know!

Candi said...

Those necklaces are soooo cute!!! I can't believe you actually held a snake! The car theme was really creative. I'm glad you all had a blast!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What an awesome girls camp!!! I love those cars and your t=shirts are SO cute!!! I got to do girls camp too...such fun!

Laane said...

What an amazing camp and how wonderful to be able to be part of it.
What a vacation! Wow!

Jen said...

I am feeling really left out.

Jodi said...

Jen, you were missed! Trust me! But I am sooooooooo glad you got to come for the few hours you did!!! Next year!!! Full time!!!

Doran & Jody said...

Looks like TONS of fun!!!

jerricapuck said...

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I'd appreciate it.

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