Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There is nothing better than a good friend except a good friend with chocolate!

My friend Dawn asked me out to lunch because she said she had something for me. Well, that seals the deal right there. I love gifts! I knew she had just recently returned from Hershey Pennsylvania and I hoped... REALLY hoped that it possibly could be something brown and a little bit creamy that she wanted to give me. I was hoping my incessant harassing her about whether she brought me something back from the chocolate factory was possibly setting in. Ha ha... I was totally teasing by the way, but Dawn is super woman and she makes things happen! Boy does she make things happen, and I might add in a BIG WAY!

She brought me this HUGE Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! And as if that wasn't enough, she also brought his wife, teenager, and toddler along! The entire Reese's Family! For me!

Can you imagine how many calories I am holding in the palm of my hand???!!!!

We had fun taking these photos on Main Street while pretending we were indulging ourselves!

I just love this woman. We attended the same high school, but she was one year ahead of me and though we were acquaintances, we were never really friends. We became buddies through Facebook and a crafting group one of our mutual friends started. We have since discovered that we are alike in SO many ways! We love so many of the same things and have the same interests. I feel like we were soul sisters in the pre-existence.

I gave her my FAVORITE Christmas indulgence....Cadbury Christmas Balls!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hoop Dreams

I am not sure how to begin this post other than to say:


It got a little lost in the draft file. It is last season's. 2010-2011. Yes, the season that ended eight months ago. The season that came and went and afterwards TRACK and FOOTBALL season came along. No, those posts aren't even in a draft stage, so don't worry too much about those appearing almost a year late. Don't worry about those even appearing. If my current posting record stays intact, there probably won't be a current basketball post either. Yes, I have been a slacker but when I discovered I never published this one, it was like hitting a gold mine! I didn't even have to do much work on it. It was pretty much ready to go. So WHY didn't I publish it eight months ago you ask? I have no answers. Other than it needed some work and I was most likely tired of looking at it. Who knows? How many ways can you spell S-L-A-C-K-E-R?

BUT, here it is NOW! I decided I better publish it before this season gets in full swing since we had our first game TONIGHT!

Taylor's junior year playing high school basketball for the BEES!

The student body was SO supportive at every single game whether it was home or away! We had the best fans in our region hands down! It didn't hurt that we had such a great winning season!!

Some after game shots.

Taylor's friend CJ with T-train written on his arm. That's what they call Taylor because they say he is unstoppable!

The students rush the floor at the exciting wins, and boy did we ever have some exciting games and wins! Great year!!!

Me with some of the other Basketball Moms!

We spent a lot of time doing this!

Because we...

Weber State University Dee Events Center

The boys did so well they made it to the State Playoffs! They did well there too!!! It was an outstanding season! GO BEES!

Basketball Banquet

His JV Coach Mr. Hollingsworth presenting him with


Congrats Taylor!

He's always had great teammates!!!

What a great season! Let's do it again this year!


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