Monday, November 6, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, it was a gorgeous fall day today.  It's so pretty with the leaves all bright and showing off.  At one point I was on a dirt road and it looked more like the yellow brick road.  It was laden with leaves and I loved the crunch as I took each step.  Even though spring is by far my favorite season, I do love fall, that is, when we actually get one. So often in Utah, we go straight from summer to winter and miss a good fall.  We have had an amazing one this year.

This picture does not do justice to the flock of birds all sitting on a wire.  As I approached they all fluttered away.  There must have been close to 1000 of them.  It was pretty spectacular.
When I got back from my run, we skyped Carson.  They were packing things up for the big move this week.  He was cute.  I finally got my china put away in my hutch.  It's so sad I have never really used most of it.  But, I could sell it for about $750 if I wanted to according to Ebay.  At least my boys can when I am long gone!  I am sure it will have no sentimental value to them.  Just stuff.  But it is pretty!  It's called Anticipation and it's made by Noritake. It's a shame I haven't used it more.  That is going to change now that I have easy access to it.
My t-shirt quilt arrived today!  I love it!  It was worth it and I am so happy I did it.  I could do a couple more with the amount of race shirts I have! 
It is a double sided one.
I am also glad I paid the extra to put the shirts where I wanted them instead of it being random.  Looking at it now, I can already see some changes I would make.  But I am just glad it's done!
In this photo, the first shirt was from my very first race.  The second one is from my first Dam Race which is what hooked me to running.  I only ran it because I wanted the shirt that said I Survived the Dam Race.  The last one is my Boston Marathon shirt.  It will forever be the race that I treasure the most because I worked so hard to earn that shirt.  I am loving this quilt!  
I did some of my VT and ran to Kent's for Halloween dinner supplies. Love Halloween!   I practiced the harp quite a while tonight.  Dave was on call and got home after 8:00.  He's been the juice man all week.  We had a bumper crop of grapes this year and for some reason he thinks he needs to put them all up!  Luckily, he ahs given a ton away as well.  We will never go through all the grape least not until it's turned to wine!

dear tuesday, I got in 5.5 miles. It felt like 15.  Must be cause it's Halloween!  Saw these guys way down west of town.  They do get around!
It was a busy day.  But I did manage to get two different soups made for tonight.  Cream of broccoli and cheesy potato and bacon.  Both were really tasty!

WITCH-ing all you GHOULS and boys a Happy HOWL-o-ween!!! Eat, drink and be SCARY! 

╠═╣ A P P Y ..........^v^
……..╠═╣ A L L O W E E N,
,,,,..-^v^-… ....-^v^-............-^v^-
Have a spooktacular day and eve....ning!

The haunted house I made out of gingerbread many full moons ago.
My parents arrived and we ate a very toned down Halloween dinner.  It's not as much fun with no boys here.  It was boring this year.  REALLY boring. I didn't make any spooky food or even get have a cauldron with dry ice or anything.  But, I did have purple rolls!  SO pretty!  
Then Brooke and her crew stopped by.  It is tradition!  They missed last year because she had to work late.  We got lots of fun pix!
Then guess who came?  JAIDA!!!  Yes!  I was SO excited to see her! She hasn't come by for a couple years.  I should do a collage of all the years of our photos!  Luckily, I had a six pack for her!  Of Hershey Bars, that is!  ! I got them "just in case"! 
We've done a back to back photo every year since she started to catch up to me in height. She has now passed me up!  Well, she actually did that several years ago!
Just as we were eating, Taylor arrived!  Yippee!  He hasn't been home in years on Halloween.  He was in Brazil for two years and Logan I guess for the other two.  It was nice to have one of the boys here.  Dave got here late because he was on call.  
We didn't have as many trick or treaters as we last year. However, I went and bought big candy bars because one of the new move ins told Dave his kids were excited to come to our house because they heard we pass out big candy bars!  Yikes!  Goes to show ya you should never start certain traditions!  hah  If you do start you have to keep it up or the kiddies are disappointed. I ran out of the big candy bars and then passed out RK treats and those were a hit!  Almost better than the big candy bars. I was surprised. 
My VT's stoppped by right before the trick or treaters started to come.
McKay and his buds.  
I think I look good with purple hair....and fangs....and glasses.  
Stole this of FB off our cemetery.  Look real close...  Kinda creepy!

This  popped up on my FB memories on National Chocolate Day!  Perfect!
Some cute ideas from some of my friends this year.  Meatloaf rats and a plastic skull wrapped in ham.  I need to try these next year.
My niece posted this on Snapchat and I pretty much love this.

dear wednesday, I practiced the harp and then headed to my group lesson.  It went well.  She kept us for almost an hour and a half. 
I had no idea what time it was and I was late meeting Colleen. It was okay though. We ended up meeting at Blue Lemon but she couldn't eat anything there and so we hit The Habit. She got a lettuce wrap and since I am not a huge burger eater, and that's about all they have on the menu, I decided to do the same. She is eating low glycemic.  It was yummy!  I miss her!  We have been friends for almost 25 years.
Then Teresa W and the Felt lady stopped and chatted and then Dawn and one of her friends!  
We got photos (of course!)
Since I was at Farmington Station, I hit Home Goods.   Should I or shouldn't I?  It was on clearance.  It would look good with my harp.  
Hmmm.... Did I or didn't I?
I then met my Mom at Ogden Regional Hospital to go visit Shauna and to see her mom.  She isn't doing well at all.  It was very sad.  It was good to see Shauna though.  I forgot to take a picture.  I visted with my Dad for a bit when I took my Mom home.  Dave worked late and then had meetings. I was tired so I went to bed early.  I'm becoming my parents!  

dear thursday, I ran 6 miles and did hill repeats. I only did six, but at least I did six.  I went to Homemakers and it was on decorating. It is always fun to chat with the members.  Sometimes I go just for the social, like today.    
Since butter costs almost $5 a pound right now (sheesh!), I ran to Smith's to stock up on it.  It was on sale for $2.50.  Then Bonnie picked me up and we went to visit Mona  for her 80th birthday.  She was out on a ride so we had to wait for about 30 minutes, but it was a lot of fun to see her.  She was happy to see us as well.  I really love Bonnie and Mona.  Some people are just genuine.  Both of these women are.  I love genuine people because you don't feel like you have to "try"  around them.  You can just be.  It's comfortable around them.   
I love these pumpkins ↓ outside of her facility.
I ran and picked up some friends and headed to Logan to Diane's mini conference.  It was outstanding as it always is. Even the prayers were amazing and like mini talks.  Some people have a gift in giving prayers.  The musical numbers were incredible and the keynote (Matt Townsend) was fantastic.  I learned a lot.  The entire meeting was truly perfect.
Diane welcoming everyone.
Matt Townsend keynoting. He had us all nearly wetting our pants. He was so hilarious but also so profound.
This is the little 5 year who sang at the end.  He was so stinkin' adorable!
With my peeps.  Tracy, Julie, and Lynda.
Skyler's mission president said the closing prayer.  I love running in to these two.  They are the most amazing people!  We had a good chat about Skyler.  This man is such a man of God. You can just feel it.  He had so many good and comforting things to say. I felt blessed for going just because I got to talk to him.
Lynda's notes.  He taught us about being in our body, mind or spirit. 
We were going to hit Swigs on the way home (for a cookie!) but they had just closed.

dear friday, I woke up to rain so I waited a while to run.  I only got in 7 miles...was hoping for 9.  Oh well.  It was another beautiful fall day.  I found some Halloween candy on my route. In case you are wondering, NO I did not eat it.  I have been known to do that however.  :D
I saw Grant (or he saw me) while I was taking a photo.........haha. He likes to tease me about all my pictures.  I went to lunch with Jen to Old Grist.  It was nice to finally catch up.  We were three for three hours but could have used another 3. Haha
I came home and worked on my closet.  UGH!  I am seriously a hoarder!  I have SO much crap!  How?  When?  Why?  Did I get so much crap?  You wouldn't know it by looking at it because I have it all put away nicely, but when I start pulling it's crazy.  I need to go through everything in that room and closet and get rid of 80 % of it.  Why is it when I am motivated to get big projects done, the holidays hit?  Seems like every single year when I am about to tackle something major, the hustle and bustle strikes!  Either way, I need to get it done.  I have way too many running clothes. It's ridiculous. I mean seriously how many pair of running pants do you need? And how many warm tops?  And how many jackets?  I have got to stop shopping.  That is the bottom line. 

dear saturday, it was pouring rain all day.  I forgot I was supposed to take a cake to Sister Herbert's funeral. I hurried and made one so I ended up being a bit later than I was supposed to be to the Women's Forum.  
I arrived and met up with my mom and Robin.  I didn't do much to help committee wise, but it looked like Jan and Amy had things under control.  We did some stretches before it began, and then we had our keynote speaker Carmen Rasmussen.  She was on American Idol about 10 years or so ago and she told her story of the whole thing.  It was very inspiring.  I really enjoyed her talk.  
The things I took away from it was that sometimes HF puts things in our lives so we can be a good influence on others and He wants us to aspire to good things for the right reasons.  Also, that we need to visualize the things we want in life and there is truly a power in doing that.  Setting goals and reading them and saying them out loud is something I have always been a firm believer in and I've tried to teach my boys that, but I also think using visualization is huge thing that most people forget.  She has an incredible voice!  Wow!  I was blown away.  She is a great speaker and I think everyone loved her.  We had a huge turnout as well.  Probably close to 200. 
We then broke out into the workshops.  We stayed in the same room and listened to a class on Instapots.  It was okay. Then we went to a class on decorating with color only it was more about smells, chakkras, and that kind of thing. 
It was interesting though.  If you are drawn to purple and violet it means you are open to powers on high and are very creativity.  Everyone told me that was totally me.  Hmm....  Not sure about that, but it was very interesting.  
We then had lunch catered by Iron Gate Grill and it was fabulous as always.  I love their food.
I then had to introduce Karen Jones for her Fashion class.  I met the others in the class titled "Free Your Mind" but after sitting there for 10 minutes or less, I left.  She has a handout that most of what she was saying was on it.  I figured I could learn more elsewhere so I hit the class on getting creative and it wasn't what I wanted and so I ended back in Karen's.  It was good.  I learned some good things.  Then I introduced her again and met the others (Mom, Robin, Tracy, Julie) in the class titled "Words Have Power".  It was definitely worth my time. I learned a lot or more re-learned a lot.  It was very good.
A few other classes handouts.
I always get a great gift basket for helping on the committee....
I was planning on taking my mom home but my Dad was on his way to get her.  I told her I was going to see Shauna and her mom and so she came with me instead.  Well, when I text Shauna she said they were moving her mom right then to a nursing home and so it wasn't a good time.  So I turned around and took my mom back to BC where my dad was at the Maddox takeout.   C R A Y -  C R A Y!  Kind of funny!  I decided to bag Calene's fund raiser dinner in Roy because I would have to kill almost three hours and I had SO much I needed to do at home.  It worked out well.  When I got home McKay was here and Taylor came right after. I cut his hair.  Then fed them both.  
Doing a test run on straightening McKay's curls.
It was raining all day long.  I was SO stinkin' tired all afternoon.  Not sure why.  Seems to be the new norm lately.  I am grateful I don't have to teach tomorrow because I was so exhausted that preparing a lesson would have been tough.
This...  Ahh...  Love this cute boy!

dear sunday, the boys were here this morning getting ready to head back to their own ward's in Logan. I didn't feed them breakfast because it was fast Sunday.  I went to church and even though we gained an hour last night, I felt like I lost one. I watched part of the NYC Marathon and I did not expect to be so emotional!  I actually cried when  Shalane Flanagan crossed the finish line.  She has wanted to win a major marathon for so long and she was hoping to win Boston in 2014 after the bombings but didn't and then last year she was hoping to win it but fractured her back in training by slipping on ice and couldn't run it, so this was such an emotional build up for her and to see her actually do it was so touching!  She was the first American woman to win it in 40 years!  The woman who won it the last three years was on her tail, but to see her push out in front and keep the lead was incredible!  
And Meb.  I love Meb.  It was his final marathon (#26) and he pushed it so hard so he would finish in top 10 but came in 11th.  He collapsed at the finish line.  Having run marathons, when you see the elites feel the same way you do, it's so touching.  What a great race for both.  
After church, as I walked in, I saw Carson in the playroom!  I had no idea he was here!  He saw me and came running in my arms and I picked him up and I got the best hug I have seriously ever had in my entire life.  He just held me and held me and wouldn't let go.  It was the sweetest thing EVER!  
I was just as happy to see him as he was to see me.  So tender.  I have missed that boy.  He still has his beaming smile that lights the room!  
He was talking a million miles an hour because he had so much to tell me.  I showed him my Halloween decors that I left up just for him.  Then we ate dinner and before we were done he asked me if I would play with him. I told him of course!  Dave and Sky did the dishes so I could go play.  We played for about two and half hours in the playroom the entire time.  It was so much fun.  Sky says he's not used to having someone just sit and play with him like that so he loves it.  I had fun too.  
Some selfies!  :)  He is the greatest kid!  He is so pleasant to be around.  I've missed that boy!  
They had to get back to pick Sarah up from work, but it was so fun having them here.  McKay showed up before they left.  It was cute to see them reunite as well.

dear random
They blend in, but look close.  They hang out in our yard so much lately. They aren't the least bit afraid of us either. 

Luff this boy!

Adding this on here so it never gets lost!  It is my great grandma Violet's steamed pudding sauce.  I should post the steamed pudding recipe too, but I don't really love it.  haha  But this stuff is da bomb!
Taylor's spartan shirt. Love the "Beast Finisher"
My boys hanging with cousins in Las Vegas.
Bryce and McKay's moments
Just because he's cute. My sil always told me I would even like poo if it was purple.  Guess she was right!  ;)


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