Monday, November 27, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, today was a busy day.  I had to get up around 5:30 a.m. and practice harp for an hour and then be to my parent's house by 7:45 to take them to the airport.   I got them there in time and said goodbye.  They are going to Britt's house in CA for Thanksgiving.  I had a bit of time to kill before my lesson and so I ran to Target.  My lesson went well.  I ended up getting about an hour lesson.  We worked on my recital pieces but also the Ensemble pieces as well.  I had a bunch of errands to run after. I went to Hobby Lobby, Gordman's, Burlington's, Quilted Bear, etc.  I hit Smiths when I got back in town and it was so packed.  When I got home, I finished filling my macarons.  They turned out SO stinkin' cute!  I think I am addicted!  I am so happy my first attempt turned out. They are a bit hollow under the shell, but I think I can fix that.  

I posted this on Facebook and got lots of awesome comments:
I've wanted to master the art of making French macarons for the past few years. Thanks to tips from a couple of my friends, I am getting a little closer. These babies are one finicky cookie. It's definitely more of a science than an art, but so much fun! #macfun #macaron #notmacaroon #blackberry #almond#thankscolleenandlisa
I want to post a tutorial on them soon, but it's been too cray-cray lately.  But here's a little collage of making them:

Here is what Sarah posted on Snapchat: (she's so cute)

I finished cleaning for my party tomorrow.  My house is too big to manage to have it all clean at the same time.  I need a maid for that, but somehow I came close.  I wish I could keep it as clean as I did when the boys were all younger. How did I do that?  I think since I had them do so many chores, they really did help me. Now, it's just me and it's a huge job for one person.  I gave a list of things I needed Dave to do as well, but it's still mostly me.  I am not sure I appreciated how much the boys did when they lived here.  
 Oh, and a little (ha) sidenote. I GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER IN THE MAIL FROM BOSTON!!!  Whew!  Sooooooooooooooooooo excited!  
Just as exciting the second time around! 
#bostonmarathon2018 #somebodypinchme #trainingstartsmonday#bostonbound#2
This is a more "normal" picture (for posterity) hehe.  But the other one (though silly) captured my true feelings.

dear tuesday, I got up super early so I could get everything done for my Gratitude Tea.  Yes, I overdo it, but that's just me.  Dave asked if all my friends did all that I was doing and I told him, that yes, they pretty much do.  Well, maybe not all, but most.  He helped me get stuff ready. I finished my list of cleaning and even washed the window outside.  I know it wasn't necessary for the party, but I need something to motivate me to get that kind of stuff done and so I got a lot of my fall cleaning checked off.  Yay!  I had the "hot wassail" brewing all day in the crockpot.  Try this recipe. Yum!
I was expecting 9 people as of yesterday, but only five were able to actually make it.  That was actually good because I had enough space for six. We could have squished in more, but it was all good. Other than I felt bad Kathy was coming but ended up without a ride.  
We played some games (Gratitude Scattegories and Dawn did a connection thing).  I also had a sheet where everyone wrote why they were grateful for each person and I gave them a Thank You note to send anonymously to someone.  
We had our tea (hot cocoa and wassail) and everyone brought treats.  My macarons turned out so cute, if I do say so myself!  I think these are the happiest cookies!  I have nicked named them "Merry Macs".  Perfect name don't you think?  
Dave was here for lunch and he met everyone.  We all posed with Dawn's stylin' hat.
I think I'll keep the hat. I really wish hats would come back in style.  They are so fun and you feel so....I don't know, sophisticated in them.  hehe
McKay came home during the party and took some pictures for us.  
Then everyone had to leave.  It was fun.  I was so tired after but still had so much to do.  I made stroganoff for dinner and Taylor showed up just in time.  It's so nice to have them all home.  Dave had to rush off to his meetings and I hit the hay a little earlier than normal. Geeze, why am I ready for bed at 8 pm every night?!  Hopefully it's that dang daylight savings still messing with me!  

dear wednesday, I ran for the first time this week.  It was a pretty nice day. I found 99 cents at the hs parking lot.  
Taylor and McKay were both studying when I got home.  Sky called and said they were on their way.  They were coming for Sarah's dentist appt. Carson stayed here and played while they went.  She broke her molar eating one of my macarons!  It wasn't the cookie, she could have done it on a sandwich, it was the timing. I hope.  They are definitely not hard.   Yikes! Poor thing.  Carson and I had a good time playing with the Ninja Turtles and Legos.  When Sky and Sarah got back they ate some lunch and then ran to the shop to build some stuff.  I ran to the store and Taylor watched Carson for a bit.  By watching him I mean taught him how to shoot a paintball gun.  Hah.  He is such a cute and fun little guy and he loves Taylor.  I made chicken bundles for dinner.  Carson helped me some but was entertaining himself quite a bit.  Taylor and McKay also entertained him.  He is the smartest little thing.  He always amazes me at the stuff he can do.  Dave got home and when everyone was back we ate dinner. It was fun to have everyone here.  I was pretty tired all day. I'm still recovering from a busy day yesterday.

dear happy thanksgiving!, I got up and ran six miles.  It was a gorgeous day.  
Don't be deceived. I only look warm!
A strange fork in the road today.
These AMAZE me!  I have found so many of these leaf imprints on the cement this year.  It's like they are inked on but I am sure they will wash away after it rains.  WOW!
I came home and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while I got ready.  I love parades!  I made fudge (orange creamsicle) to take along with the ribs Dave made and our traditional green bean casserole which we had to four times. 
We headed to Karen's house thinking we would be one of the first to arrive because we were almost an hour early, but we were the last ones there almost.  It was chaos.  So many people!  Carson was so cute when he saw me.  I got right in and helped with the gravy and then I saw Bryce!  He made it!  He drove all the way from Idaho Falls!  I was so excited to see him. I haven't seen him for a couple months!  He looked so good!  Carson was excited to see him too!  
We had 50 people!  That is a record for sure!  We are going to have to start doing it at the church soon.  
It was 60 plus degrees!  We ate outside!  That is a first for me!  Dinner was soooo good!  I love Thanksgiving!  
We gathered and actually got a huge group family photo!  I was so happy all my boys were there!  Those missing were Kimber's fam and Aubrey.  That's pretty good for around 50 peeps! 
 Adding both of these because Ryder is hiding in bottom one but Dave's mom looks better in that one.  So I added the one where you can see him also.
 One of just the siblings
One of the siblings with their spouses

Sky wouldn't be in the cousin picture.  Dang him. We had to talk Weston into it. 
Just missing Aubrey and Kimber
This is my fave or McKay and Bryce laughing (who knows at what?)
I am glad I got one of the boys!  

And us.

Here's the behind the scenes of trying to get this picture:
It was great being able to be outside all day!  Doubt that will be happening again anytime soon!
With my sister in laws.  Just missing Tori and Becki.

We then did dishes forever!  It took a long time.  Mainly because there wasn't enough room for a ton of peeps to help.  But the few that did got them done and then me and Mackenzie practiced our duet on the harp.  I took my harp down so we could.  We had a hard time getting the timing right, but eventually we did. Carolyn and Scott listened to us.  Then we played Taboo outside around the bonfire.  Also a first for Thanksgiving.  It's usually too freezing cold to even go outside!  It was a blast.  Barry was a pain but funny.  
Sky and Sarah took off to do some Black Friday shopping and we watched Carson who had fallen asleep.  I hate that the stores now are open on Thanksgiving.  It's wrong. Just wrong.  I looked at the ads but wasn't seeing a lot I needed.  We came home and got a call before we got to Roy that Sky and Sarah had run out of gas.  We headed back to help them. I am so glad we did because they were going to walk all the way home to get the other car.  It was about five miles!  Sheesh!  Even I thought that was crazy!  We ended up going back to Barry's for a gas can because nothing was open that sold one.  I was so happy we were able to help them!  We got home around 10:45 or 11:00 pm.  I was bushed!  
McKay's post of Mr. Cat after we got home.

Sarah posted this on Facebook (she is so sweet):
Didn't get a chance to post a thankful post yesterday .. Better late than never. 
I'm thankful for this group of once strangers who instantly became family. Every single one of them is the sweetest, and kindest person I've ever met. They would do anything for each other and don't expect anything in return, Including turn around on the freeway and come pick us up at 10pm because we ran out of gas. Lol I'm thankful I get to be here because although Im missing my family and my Chayden , Carson and I have never been happier and that giant smile permanently on his face is a constant reminder of that. But I'm mostly thankful for the man standing next to me .The one who lets me decorate our kitchen with Cows lol, who wakes up every morning to make us breakfast, who reads bedtime stories and gives baths without being asked,who is never too busy to play, who warms my socks and towel up because I'm cold after a shower 😊. The one who drove 742 miles to move us for a better a life. I have all I could want and owe it all to him. 💕

dear friday, I decided to do some Black Friday shopping. I mainly needed to get a new computer chair and so I drove to Ogden to Staples.  While there I hit a few other stores.  Michaels, Carters, Bella Me Boutique, and I can't remember what else.  The only good thing about stores opening on Thanksgiving Day is that the lines are nothing like they used to be on Friday.  It's not bad at all.  I went to Shopko in town on my way back and got a few things.  I feel like I spent a lot of money but not sure what I really got.  Sigh.... Taylor and McKay were here.  

dear saturday, I was just heading out for a run and Robin text me and asked if I had gone yet.  We met up and went 8 miles.  We ended up on Main Street where Santa was at the courthouse.  Kind of exciting.  I would have loved to talk her into sitting on his lap but the line was super long.  Clear out to the street!  That is one of the longest I have gone since St. G.  We had a good talk and by the time I got home it was almost 11.  The boys were here.  Scott was having his big Utah Noodle thing at his house but the boys didn't want to go and I felt like I would be too late and so I didn't go either.  Dave did end up going though. He brought me some food home. Sky and Sarah also went.  They came by after and Carson was so cute and excited to see me.  We played in the playroom.  And he had fun with McKay too.
He found that in my cupboard.  His mom would die if she knew I let him drink out of it!  hehe  Shhhh!

They were spending the night.  We had pizza for dinner.  We had a couple of firetrucks and an ambulance at the top of our hill.  We watched to see if we figure out what was going on.  We asked a man that was walking down the street if he knew and he told us some kid fell from the waterfall.  We kept watching and I practiced the harp while we watched.   We never learned who or what happened.   
Carson and I snuggled up in a blanky and watched a movie.  He is so sweet. He gives the best hugs.  Love that little guy to pieces!  We hit bed pretty early around 10:30. I was beat! 

Stunning sunset tonight.

dear sunday, I got up super early and was getting ready and before I was done Carson came in my room.  We went downstairs and made Amish bread and played in the playroom.  I told him we needed to hurry and get to church before someone took our seats.  As we were walking in the chapel, he burst in through the doors and yelled, "Yep!  Someone stole our seats!" in a very loud voice!  I was dying laughing in the foyer and was stalling to follow him in after that.  When I did everyone was smiling.  It was the funniest thing!  We did get some seats (he had no idea what seats were ours- haha) and then Sky, Sarah and Taylor all arrived.  It was a good meeting. Cole Burt spoke and told about his accident and it was very touching and so good.  He is a great guy. I just love him.  He's so genuine and kind and just an all around good guy.  Carson went to Primary and thankfully Tammy was there!  He loves her!  I went to SS and RS and was about to fall asleep!  I feel very sleep deprived right now!  We had an amazing thanksgiving feast with the turkey I won.  
It was delish.  We had all the fixins except rolls, so I hurry and made homemade biscuits.  We did the dishes and then Carson and I ran and fed Trixie.  We made her a new litter box as well.  He is so cute.  

We watched the Grinch with McKay and then played in the playroom.  

Taylor and McKay did homework and Sky and Sarah hung out.  Everyone took off about 6:30.  We didn't make it to Emily's party, but that was probably good because I was beat.

 Mr. Cat has not been feeling well.  I think he must have another wound infection.  I better take him to the vet to get him checked out.

Bryce's park is up and running well in Idaho Falls.

dear taylor, I have to add these on here.  Mainly because I think they are so amazing for even doing this (they needed a photo above their fireplace- haha) but also because I always worry if my computer crashes at least I will have a lot of my photos on here.  So prepare for picture overload.  And I even left out a ton.  Some prertty good ones too....'butt' maybe a good idea I left those out.  haha  What a bunch of good looking guys.
CJ.  I love this kid. 

dear quotes, 


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