Monday, June 25, 2018

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday,  since I did so well after running on Saturday, I ran three today.  I headed out west.  It was hot.  
I was supposed to go to Logan to an AMI meeting but I decided to bag it and catch up on stuff I needed to do around the house. Bryce's back is not doing well. I wish I could trade him places and I gladly would.  He's too young for this. I couldn't sleep at all tonight because I am so worried and just sad about it.    On a good note, my social books came!  Yay!  

dear tuesday,  I got in five miles today but I walked them.  I paid big time for running yesterday, so I took it easy. I am fine while running most of the time but later in the day, things fall apart.  I am not happy I can't get in to see my PT until July 5th.  I might have to go to a different one. I saw some amazing clouds today!  Wow!
I had RS tonight.  It was a garden hat party. Everyone brought potluck. I took a pasta salad.  There were very few in attendance but our table had a lot of fun.  Probably because there weren't too many there.  Hmm....  We played Jeopardy and our table lost. Waaa....   Oh well.  Our ward has changed so much over the last few years, it seems like an entirely new ward at times.  Cute little Sam was there and she came over and talked to me.  

dear wednesday, I was so grateful I got to sleep in until 4:20 a.m. instead of getting up at 3:45 like I was originally supposed to do.  I had to be there at 5:20 a.m.  As I walked in, the foyer was loaded with youth.  I got right to work when I got there.  Jean trained me on a few other things but the people I worked with were great.  One was a 21 year old returned missionary named Josh and the other was a woman named Karen (I think).  It was her birthday and Jean brought us breakfast to celebrate.  She had McGriddles, juice, and fruit.  So nice.  I really enjoyed today and the time did go by much faster.  I can pretty much fold anything now.  haha And the way they fold socks is amazing.  Everything has to be precise and perfect.  Sometimes it is quite the challenge.  It was nice to leave by 8:30 even though I doubt that will be the norm, but I really enjoyed it.  The spirit is so amazing there and it was fun.  I headed to Ogden to do some shopping and exchanging. Then I met Karen, Aubrey, Mickey, Tanae and Brynlee at Rainbow Gardens for a late lunch.  They didn't have a lot of time but Aubrey wanted a Mormon Muffin so they drove all that way.  Can't beat Mormon Muffins!  
I need to make a batch this summer while I have all the boys here even though they aren't big fans of them.  We chatted and had a lot of fun. I shopped at the gift shop and found Carson the cutest giant snuggly panda!  He will love it!  I stopped at Ross and got some gorgeous purple drinking glasses.  They are in supply right now and I know that will not always be the case.  Fun day.
Dave and Mr. Cat chillin'

dear thursday, I got in four miles on my walk today. I didn't run at all because my back has been hurting much more and I worry I probably should just stop running altogether until it's feeling better, but it's SO HARD!  It was warm. I went out west.  Dave was at youth conference in the morning.  He got home early and was happy to have the rest of the morning off.  He went in at 3:00 because he's on call this week.  Julie brought me over my birthday present early because she couldn't wait.  It is a rose gold bar necklace with the letter J on it.  She is so funny. It's so pretty. We chatted for a while about her life.  Looks similar to this:
Image result for bar necklace with J rose gold
We took in the best meal to his parents.  Fresh peas out of the garden with a marinated thinly sliced steak and seasoned with garlic, ginger root, and soy sauce.  It was SO good served over rice.  I made rolls, a green salad, a pasta salad and creme brulee for dessert with fresh picked raspberries.  We didn't really eat any because we had to rush to SLC to the Rudd reception.  Taylor took it over for us.  The reception was on the roof of the Capitol Theater in SLC.  
Walking the streets of SLC
Holy cow, it was fun to see how the other half lives.  It was quite the party.  We felt a bit out of place and definitely style.  They live by Fort Douglas and so it almost felt like we were in Hollywood with the people that were there.  I saw young men wearing capri suit pants.  A lot of them.  And no socks with their suit pants.   That fashion style hasn't hit little ol' BC quite yet.  Haha  
We talked to Leslie first and then Jordan.  We haven't seen her in 15 years or more!  Then we talked to Nikki and then David.  It's amazing how fast kids grow up! They were all so nice and sweet.  We found Ross before we left.  They are the greatest family.  They helped us out so much when Tyson was sick as a newborn and then through the years when he had to go back in.  They would let us spend the night at their house so we could all be together.  We had a lot of fun with them back then.  Now we basically just stay in touch with Christmas cards.  It's sad how that happens when you don't live close.  It was so fun and I am glad we went.  
David and Nikki doing the father/daughter dance.  It was sweet.  Then David and Jordan sang a duet.  It was sweet.
On the town...
David did a duet with Jordan right before we left which was interesting.  The best part of it all was the dessert!  Oh. My. Gosh!  They had a chocolate creme brulee that was seriously TO. DIE. FOR!  It was even better than the chocolate melting cake on the Carnival Cruise ships!  I think it had to be the best thing I have EVER eaten in my life.  
Other than one time in Midway I had this almond flavored creamy pie which may take first place, but THIS was right up there and I was in CHOCOLATE HEAVEN!  Ohhhhhhhhh man......... Sooooooooo good!  It was catered by Marvelous Catering but they wouldn't  give the recipe.  Yes, I asked!  The waitress said their boss never gives out any recipes even though she wished he would. AMAZING stuff!  We were trying to take our own photo with the cool background when a nice man offered to do it for us.  He said to us, "You are a very good looking couple."  We kind of just smiled and he said, "No, you really are a stunning couple."  I thought that was very nice.
The ride home was nice until my back started to cramp and throw fits. I couldn't find a position where it wasn't killing me in.  Long ride. I really need to get in PT.  I thought they would call with a cancellation, but no such luck yet!

dear friday, I got out later than I planned. I was going to go with Dave to Youth Conference in Lehi today but after riding in the car to and from SLC last night, I knew my back would not handle that.  Sigh...  I got in five miles but holy heck it takes so long!  I had GI issues as well.  Fun fun.  I came home and no one was here.  It was so nice to just be alone. I am more productive when I am alone.  I organized a bunch of stuff, cleaned and did laundry.  I made banana bread and caught up some of this.  I did a bunch of those little errand things that have been hanging over my head and it felt good to check some of those off my list.  Taylor takes the MCAT a week from tomorrow.  He came home from his eight hour test in a good mood. Might partly be because Brazil won today in the World Cup. Hah  I think he is getting excited he gets his life back in a week!  Man, that kid studies more and harder than anyone I know.  Much more than Dave did to prepare for it.  Of course, he isn't married and so that is probably a bonus, but he still is amazing at how dedicated he is.  Especially for someone like Taylor who LOVES adventure and wants to be doing things all the time. I'm pretty sure he would be in Africa right now with CJ if he didn't have the test coming up. McKay made $18 total at work as a busboy at Maddox today. He was pretty stoked.  He gets promoted to waiter next week. Bryce's back is still miserable for him. Sky and fam are at Pineview camping. Bryce headed there tonight as well.
 Giving this kid a haircut...
We have been harvesting an abundance of these yummy things!

dear saturday, I got up early and headed to the Pleasant View Founder's Day 5K.  When I arrived Bob M came over and told me they changed the course and that the first almost mile was now a huge steep hill.  What?!  I only decided to run it because it was a great fast course and no big hills.  I almost decided to just go home because uphill really flares up my back.  And since I haven't really run in weeks, I was sure Pugsley would be telling me that was a no-no.  But, I was already there and decided it was only three miles and I could handle that.  HOLY HECK!  That hill!  It was of the devil!  It hurt!  It never ended!  It was crazy tough.  Had to be one of the steepest hills I've ever ran.  In all my races I have never seen anyone walk in the first mile in any race (unless they were walkers), but this one nearly everyone was at some point up that hill.  I wanted to very badly, but didn't.  Once I got to the top I was so out of breath and energy, I had a hard time running on the flat.  Geeze!  I knew my time was going to be horrible after that.  And it was.  This race went from being my Personal Best time to my Personal Worst time for a 5K.  Geeze again!  I crossed at 27 something.  Two years ago I ran it in 24 something.  I really wanted to see how I would do with all the time I've taken off but now I am not sure if it was from the course change or my lack of training.  I came in 7th overall woman, so that made me happy but I have no idea how I did in my age division because they didn't do AD awards due to lack of budget.  What?  How expensive is a pack of ribbons at the dollar store?  Actually, I didn't even want an award, just would have liked to know where I placed. I am pretty sure I came in first though.  Last time I ran it I won $50 for taking first in the overall Master's (seniors - yikes!) division. Everyone was upset and complaining to the director that this was their worst time ever in a 5K.  The director was new and just took it over this year and she said she was open to suggestions, but I could tell she was getting mad at all the complaints coming in.  There was a city council women there and so Bob and I went and talked to her and told her they have ruined the best 5K in northern Utah by changing the course and not only that, but there is no longer a free breakfast and they didn't do age division awards.  She had no idea they changed so much and said she would definitely look into it.  I know I for one will never run it again unless they change the course back.  The one nice thing was I didn't have to hang around for an award.  I just got in my car and came home.  On a good note, my back did okay and it felt good to run fast for a change.  
Since I got home earlier than I planned, I went to Julie's for the primary breakfast.  It was fun but not many came.  
The rest of the day I spent cleaning the basement.  Taylor was down there studying and I had to get that room organized for him.  He helped me move some heavy stuff when I needed it.  I got the new console in place and it looks nice.  I should have taken some photos.
I also spent about three hours doing laundry and grocery shopped.  Busy day.  Sky and his crew came later and it was so fun to see cute Carson.  He is always so excited to see me.  Fun. We watched a movie together.  He loves to do that. 

dear sunday,  I got up early and made a giant Goliath for my class.  They are going to throw marshmallows at it with a sling shot.  
Don't judge. I am not an artist!
I finished preparing my lesson.  Just Taylor, me and Carson went to church because Sarah had to work and Sky had to study.  I only had three in my class today but Cheryl was unable to come because her grandsons fell asleep and so she had to take them home.  Sam wasn't there but it was still a bit crazy but fun.  They got giggling so hard when I had them roar like a lion and I jumped.  They thought that was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing. It was cute.  
Carson was a tease today took the sling shot and ran around the room with it.  Not like him, but still cute.  He was just laughing.  Dave showed up at the end and helped some.  We grilled burgers for lunch and it was so yummy.  I laid down by Carson for a bit but I was the one that was tired. LOL  He made potions and we played and read books. I was ready for bed! 
Potion making
 Putting together the Villain puzzle.  He loves villains.  
Taylor has finally found a match for his teasing.  :)

dear oldies but goodies, my cousin posted these on Facebook and I wanted to preserve them here.
 This is my amazing Grandma Mae and Grandpa Ed (on the right)  The younger couple is my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Lothar.  All have passed except Lothar.  He is from Germany.  This was taken at my cousin Shelley's wedding when I was eight years old. I really miss Mae and Ed. That's what I called them.  Or Eddy Bone.  Oh, how I loved them.  I often feel my Grandma near.  Sometimes I can smell her or her house.
 This is me and my cousin Mike and Bill and I believe my Uncle Rich. Most likely at Lake Tahoe.
 This is my cute Mom and Dad.  My Pa looks like Mr. Brady from the Brady Bunch with his perm.
 This is my favorite cousin Shelley and my Grandpa Eddy Bone in San Diego where Shelley lived.
This is my Aunt Dixie and cousin's Bill and Mike. They lived in Sacramento.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge) 
Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, today I got out and basically walked for six miles.  I did a bit of running but not much.  I had to stop and stretch a couple times, but overall I was okay.  I found this penny in a very odd place.  I like it best when that happens!
When I got home I was here alone and so I tried to practice and catch up on some things. I really enjoy being home alone.  I feel like I get more done.  And I do love the peace and quiet.  I had my appointment with Dr. Pugsley this afternoon.  I had to wait quite a while before I was taken back.  He was really nice and I really liked him.  He was very thorough.  He showed me some videos and explained everything well. I think he wanted to do the epidural injection but I felt like I wanted to do PT first and see if that helps before I do something more invasive.  I told him three weeks ago I probably would have said yes to the epidural but I have really been good with not running and it's starting to feel much less painful. I didn't leave there feeling a lot of hope because he showed me some videos and kept saying, "you aren't there YET"....meaning I probably eventually will be. Sigh... and he did say, "Age is not on your side." Double sigh.... Plus I have arthritis in it. (Genetic)
Image result for injured runner
He wants me to stay very active or he said it won't get blood flow which is important......he wants me to swim or do the elliptical...neither are gonna happen most likely. He said biking isn't good because of how you lean forward..... so I guess walking will be my go to. Unless I do some aqua jogging. I HATE cold water and so unless I have a warm pool that's not happening. So I am really hoping by going to my PT that it will hopefully strengthen the muscles in my core and back and pray that helps. He said to be grateful I am thin because if I was heavy, I would be needing surgery most likely and the first thing he would tell me would be to lose weight - so at least I have a plus there. I asked him if the massage I had after could have exacerbated it and he said probably not. But, the most interesting thing of all was he said he thought that the Boston Marathon could have been what triggered it because the weather was so bad and so cold. I told him how I was in so much back pain at mile 22 that I took Advil (which is so not like me) but I thought it was from tensing up so much because I was frozen and he said he thinks that played a big part of it. That surprised me a bit. He also suggested doing this stem cell injection (he makes with my blood and injects it back in to heal it) but I told him I wanted to try the other things first. Basically, I left feeling like I am going to have to really work hard to get back to where I was. He told me I can probably still run marathons but I am going to have to get to a point where I'm not in pain after running first so basically taking off some time. He wouldn't give me the go for a fall marathon. He just kind of left that open and up to me I think. I think it will depend on how the PT goes. Sigh...
I called Dr. Malan as soon as I got home but I can't get in until at least next month. They are so booked and so I will most likely have to wait. I was hoping to get right in. Darn.
We had a delicious 88 cents a pound pork roast for dinner and it was yummy. Bryce told us his back is really acting up. He has had issues with his for several years and I feel so bad for him because he never complains. Today he told us it dropped him to the ground several times. Made me want to cry! The work he does is probably not the best thing for it. Spin trimming and weeding and edging are not good for it. I am sure he has a herniated disc as well. Gotta love those genetics! Dave is getting him in for an MRI. Poor kid kept waiting until he had insurance since he is no longer on our policy. Dave told him we would take care of it. I feel so bad for him! McKay worked for the landscaper for over 15 hours today.

dear tuesdayI got out on a run and by run I mean RUN.  I actually ran today.  I went six and I ran about five.  I felt like I had a green light even though I really don't, but since the doc didn't say I had to stop running (even though he kinda did), I felt free and just HAD to run.  I paid for it the rest of the day. My back hurt all day.  
Image result for injured runner humor
I headed to the temple for my interview and met the lady Sister Giles who has been talking to me about it all.  I also met the head of the laundry.  I decided going in that I would tell her I would go ahead and do the Saturday evening office job after all if I could get it changed after the summer.  Too late. It was already gone.  Someone in the office requested me and now I am going to be in the laundry.  But, I will serve wherever HF wants me to. They gave me the tour and I filled out forms and even got a used dress I can wear so I don't have to wear my good one.  I will go get another one so I will have a couple.  I am really concerned this might not go so well with my back.  I went in and basically you fold laundry and put it in and out of the machines which is a lot of bending.  I will be standing for four hours as well.  I know standing is probably better than sitting, but it really aggravates my back.  I guess I will just see how it goes. 
Image result for laundry humor 
I worked on my talk for Thursday.  I am actually getting excited now.  I still have to do a thumb drive of photos but the main overall talk is done thankfully because I wrote a blog post about it.  All that time was worth it.  I have no idea how it will go over with this age group and even if they are all there or not.  Kinda nervous about it.  Tiff said I could invite whoever I wanted so I asked my Mom.  She will hopefully enjoy it even if no one else does!  LOL  You always know your Mama will be a fan no matter what. hehe

Got some news today that I am not sure about.  Dave's parents are taking all their kids and spouses on an Alaskan Cruise! 
Image result for alaska cruise holland america
I was told by Dave that it is NEXT year in 2019.  I was okay with that.  Well, today his Dad sent us all the itinerary stuff and it's THIS YEAR, not next!  That throws a wrench in things!  And....we will be gone for much longer than I thought.  12 days!  We have to catch a plane in Boise instead of SLC so we will have to go a day earlier. I should be doing my marathon training 20 milers those times.  This is going to be hard to be gone that long.  I am not sure how things will pan out, but I guess we will see.  I only wish we were going to Europe if I'm going to be gone that long!  We had to drag out our passports.  They make me laugh every time I see them because we weren't supposed to smile in the photo but I couldn't stop laughing. I have no idea how they got this shot because I was a giggling buffoon.

dear wednesday, today I had my harp lesson but got out a bit late and so checked to see if I could trade with the lady after me.  I usually go after her anyway so not sure why she switched us.  Traffic is so much worse earlier.  I ended up going at 10 which was a good thing because I would have only ended up with a 20 minute lesson had I still gone at 9 a.m.  I ended up with a good solid 30-35 minutes of lesson time.  We get talking a lot and so that chops into it sometimes.  We only get two lessons this month because her twins are due any day. She said she  might call in July for one or two, which I hope since I paid full tuition for June.  I am FINALLY in Book TWO!  Yippee!!!   
Suzuki Harp School, Volume 2 - Harp Part
After my lesson I got in some shopping and then rushed home to go to Julie's craft party.  I signed up to make a corn hole game but found one at Sam's cheaper so I made a WELCOME sign for my front porch.  Dave headed to girl's camp.  He invited me but I had already paid for the craft party and it was a long drive and my back doesn't do so well in the car over 20 minutes right now.  My sign turned out super cute!  I love it!
 There were a lot of fun things being made.
I talked to Karen Holland and Laura.  Sadly Laura told me my friend Colleen's husband Karl was running and his heart stopped - this is the second time.  After the first time he got a pace maker and so it's not good. He hit his head so hard on the cement that he got a hematoma and they took him to emergency surgery. It's touch and go.  So scared and worried for her. 
These yummy treats were left on the door. We get lots of treats for Dave's services he offers either via medical care or church, but these are worthy of photo space because of how cute they were packaged.

dear thursday, I didn't run/walk today, instead I worked on my presentation that I was giving at Tiffany's Retirement place. Taylor helped me put together a power point (just photos mainly) and so I am pretty excited about that.  It will be so much better with photos.  It's also easier to talk when you have pictures to show as well.  I didn't really run through it even once, which is not like me, but I didn't want to spend hours trying to perfect it when I already basically had the story in my head and by showing pix it will be so much easier to do.  I picked up my Mom and we had a jolly time on the commute there because I took the wrong exit and I was cutting it close time wise.  We had quite a few chuckles over that.  We arrived and discovered Tiff is the general manager and basically runs the place.  I got everything set up and then she introduced me.  One of the older gentlemen (well they were all older!) interrupted her and said, "And who is this beautiful lady sitting next to her?"  He was hitting on my Mom!  Too funny!  It was cute.  That happens a lot when I am with her.  Makes me laugh!  She IS pretty cute. 
I did the presentation and it went really well!  I was very happy with it.  I felt bad my Dad didn't come because I know he would have loved it because loves to hear about my running.  He didn't realize it was at an independent living center and the residents were all totally with it.  Most even drive.  After I finished I took questions and they had so many!  My presentation was 40 minutes but the questions went on for another 15 or so.  During the question part, Tiffany said, "Now I know some of you have been wondering how old she is, so I will just let her tell you what age group she is in."  In response I told them that I didn't mind telling them my age and told them I was 56.  There was a huge gasp.  Then one lady yelled out, "You can't be 56!  You don't look it at all!"  Well, let me tell you it was all worth it for that!  They were also amazed that at my age I was still running marathons.  I guess in the real world (vs the running world) that is pretty rare.  I guess it pays to talk to the older peeps.  If this had been at a youth place, they would have gasped that I was SO old!  LOL They were VERY interested in my whole presentation and very engaged the whole time. I had some fun with them and made it light, with the exception of when I talked about Tyson and how he is my inspiration for running. Overall, it was a blast!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!  You don't have to twist runners to talk about running!  It's our favorite thing to do!
We then ate lunch. It was a really good spaghetti dinner.  During lunch several of the residents came up to me and told me I did a good job and they enjoyed it.  They were all very kind and sweet.  The place is so gorgeous and if I was that age, I would love it.  They have social things going on all the time and it was all brand new.  On the way to take my mom home we stopped at a new donut place.  We had some fun taking pictures.  The donuts were okay but not the best I have ever had.  
I stayed at my parent's house for a while and chatted with them.  I then ran back into Ogden and did my Father's Day shopping.  I was meeting my parent's three hours later at El Matador for dinner because my niece is here and my other niece works there.  While I was at Sam's I was charged $99 for a pizza!  Good thing I noticed!  Sheesh!  You would at least expect it to have prime rib on it for that price.  Or to have come straight from Hawaii.  
And I got a hamburger sample that was an entire hamburger!  Too bad I was going out to dinner because that thing was so good and I would have loved to have eaten it all!  YUM!
I met everyone at El Matador and we got Channy for our waitress. I haven't seen her in at least a year!   She was cute and we had a good time catching up with Paigely and her.  We got some photos and then I headed home. It was a long day!
Channy brought us out some sopapilla dots on the house!  They are my new favorite thing!  Sooo stinkin' good!  They are baby sopapillas covered in honey butter mixed in with caramel sauce!  Wow!  So good!

dear friday, I got out on a run and got in five total.  Three running and two walking.  It was pretty warm.  

I had my first temple day today from 1:00- 5:00 p.m.  I arrived and was greeted by the supervisor named Marilyn.  I really liked her.  The other two I worked with were also very nice.  I mostly was trained how to fold all of the specific items of clothing.  They fold them in a very meticulous way.  Especially the socks. I must have folded a hundred pair (if not more) pair of socks.  I enjoyed it for the most part, but the time really dragged on.  We were busy almost the whole time but we did have a slow time where we just sat down and rested for about five minutes. I was so grateful because my back was bothering me.  I wasn't sure how it would hold up.  It did okay, but I had to keep leaning over the counter to ease up on some of the strain.  The laundry goes non stop.  I was amazed at how much there was to do continuously.  I was exhausted when I got home and had to lay down...something I rarely do.  Not sure if it was my back or that I was trying to get a migraine, but I was more tired than I have felt in a long time.  When Dave got home, we headed to a reception for a former YW.  I fell in love with the cake!   
For the rest of our date night, we rented the movie Commuter. I knew I wouldn't last, but it was so intense I stayed awake the entire movie.  

dear saturday,  I actually think I was going to sleep in today but of course of all the days I had to set my alarm to make sure I was awake to meet Robin at 6:45.  That's probably why. When my body thinks I HAVE to get it up, it decides to fake me out and figure out how to sleep. I met Robin and we ran about 4.5 together and then she was going to go a few more and so I headed home and ended up getting in 6.5.  I was happy with that.  I felt pretty good until the last couple of miles.  We shall see how badly I pay for it later on.  
When I got home I stayed outside pulling a few weeds and trimming dead flowers.  Dave got home and started to help and he has "his" way of doing things and I have "my" way and the two did not meet.  Hah  I ended planting some flowers in the pots that were still left undone.  Then I came in and showered and painted my nails and then made cookies for the party tonight.  I had another killer headache. I know it's a migraine that has been trying to surface for the past three days.  The Tylenol I took was able to take the edge off of it, but it lingered for a long time.  We had the High Counselor party at the Hollingsworth's again this year.  It was so fun.  They had dutch oven potatoes and pork and rolls and it was so nice.  I had Benson and fed him his dinner.  Mont was super cute with me too.  After we ate, we played some fun get to know you games.  The first one we all took a shoe from a pile and explained why it was like us.  I took a purple running shoe.  That was a no brainer.  The second game called Never Have I Ever where we all had five chocolate kisses and we each had to say something that we have never done.  You got a kiss for each person that HAD done it.  I said Never Have I Ever (dang I forgot what I said!).  I should have said Never Have I Ever raised a daughter. I would have got one from everyone I think!   It was fun.  Flint said Never Have I Ever sky dived and only two of us had to give him one. Me and one other.  It was fun. I talked to the Tolman's about my back and they had some good info to share.  
Sky and company was here when we got home.  Carson was once again the cutest little thing alive and had made me several cards (presents). 

dear father's day, I have been blessed with awesome father's in my life!  Here is what I posted on social media this year:
Happy Father's Day to these AMAZING men whom I love and respect and am so grateful to have in my life. To my kind and fun Pa who has been the best Dad anyone could have asked for (and who  gave me my love for chocolate🍫 - among other things!). To my husband who I look up to in more ways than one and for always being there to support me in whatever crazy thing I do. And to my father in law who is so generous and fun to be around. They don't come better than these guys!!! Happy Father's Day!🏌️‍♀️👔

It was a BUSY Father's Day!  I got up and finished my lesson and then got ready. Carson, Dave and I headed to Plain City for Tanae's baby Brynlee's blessing.  It started at 9 a.m.  Dave got home late from meetings and so we were about five minutes late. We sat in the back. The Toone's were behind us and so Carson headed back to sit on Mickey's lap and then on Aubrey's.  He is so adorable.  We went to Tanae's brand new house after.  It is so nice.  Natalie said she is marrying an older guy so she gets a new house when she gets married. Haha   Barry and I "discussed" the cruise plans.  He is a bit more bent than I am because it interfered with their Notre Dame game. He pulled me aside and vented a bit as did I.  But, it will all work out and it will become a great memory in each of our lives I'm sure. I just hope someone doesn't end up killing someone before it's over.  LOL  Totally kidding, but 10 days together IS a long time.  haha
We came home and headed straight to our church.  Carson sang with the Primary kiddos and then fell asleep in sacrament.  I had to wait for Dave to "visit" so he could carry him for me because I couldn't stand up while holding him with my dang back.  He stayed asleep for a while and then woke up very happy and sang in sharing time.  Sam was being chased in the hall most of the time by Julie since I was holding Carson.  Cheryl taught but I did a card and so it was chaos with both of us trying to do things.  Sam escaped once or twice.  I ended up convincing her to come back in after she was under a table in the hall for 15 minutes (the Primary secretary chased her during that one) but I went out and got her.  I got a few more pix of the ones that weren't there last time.  I forgot I got one of Sam already.
Sky wearing the tie Carson made him.  I had to sneak this photo.

I came home and finished doing the dinner for Father's Day.  I did ask Dave and the boys to shuck the corn because I do not like that.  Ugh.  I have found too many worms in the past and it just gives me the heebie jeebies.  My parents arrived and Carson wouldn't let Grammy go.  It was so cute. The hamburgers were huge and took forever to cook.  We had some good food.  
A deer trying to enjoy his own Father's Day feast...
We sat outside and then it started to rain!  So fun!  I love warm summer rainstorms more than any weather!  We took A LOT of pictures.  We got different groups of peeps this year.  Haha
 With my Pa!
 Dave and his boys
I added both because I love Carson in both of these!  
 My boys with their grandfather
 And grandmother
 Our little fam
 The big fam ↓
 This bond is so special.  I love the quote,"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."  Sky is that someone special for this little boy. He has been the most amazing father and daddy to this sweet thing. He has enriched his life in so many ways as has Carson enriched Sky's.  It melts my heart to see the relationship these two have.   Sky is seriously the best Dad this cutie could ever have.  He loves him like he is his own.  It's the sweetest thing ever.  It does my heart good to watch.
We had some pie and then opened presents.  I actually lost my Dad's golf shirt that I bought him a couple months ago.  I tore my closet apart this morning and it was not where I was sure I put it!  Groan!  I had to tell him I couldn't find it!  Geeze!  Seriously I have NO idea how it could have disappeared like that.  We had fun visiting. 
 Some of the candids and fun ones

After my parents left, we headed to Dave's folks house.  His mom asked me if I was excited for the cruise.  I asked his dad if we were going to be able to crash at Kevin and Tori's house the night before we get on the plane because we are flying out of Boise (no idea why) and so I hope they have room for all of us.  It rained some more. 

dear random, they don't come any cuter than this adorable shark!
 He was a model for Sarah's clothing website Desert Littles.  What a doll!
 Or this sneaky cat...who thinks he's King of the forest.
I so love this....


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