Monday, September 17, 2018

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, even though I am not walking very well, I decided the best thing for me would be to get out and walk.  It was painful!  Holy cow!  I did some stairs and forced myself to walk normal instead of how the muscles felt.  Ouch.
When I got home I was determined to get this dang blog caught up some.  I know the Alaska post will be what keeps me from doing that, but I am going to try anyway. I always struggle doing the vacay posts. Mainly because there is always just so many dang photos and it overwhelms me!  I am feeling overwhelmed with everything - mainly in my house.  I sometimes think I want to move, but holy heck, that would take me under.  We just simply have TOO. MUCH. STUFF!  I need to quit shopping, and that is that.  Will it happen?  Probably not, but holy, I am feeling so overwhelmed. I was very tired and had zero energy today. I guess the half really did a number on me because I didn't feel like doing much today.  I had to run Dave's charts to him and so I grabbed a pizza because I really was too beat to even make dinner.  I better feel back to normal tomorrow.  
What's for dinner?  Actually, they don't have to ask.  They just eat all the plants on my deck!  And I mean ALL OF THEM!  But, I love these guys so much, I even let them!

dear tuesday, I got in a short walk.  It felt a lot better than yesterday but I am still so dang sore. I did my PT when I got home.  Mr. Cat watched me. He is still a mess from his fight.  I kept him in.  I worked on my photos and then practiced the harp for about two hours. Dave came home for lunch and worked on trying to find a new freezer and fridge.  When it rains it pours. I do worry that these things come in threes, and wondered what would be the third thing, but then I remembered our sink faucet is also leaking.  It has to be completely replaced and we have everything taken out from under the sink because everything was wet and the wood is totally damaged  Did I mention I would like to move and start over with everything brand new!?  So now the fridge is completely empty, the freezer is as well, and dead, and the sink.  So there ya go.  Three major things that are seriously inconveniencing us.  First world problems I know.  I can not understand why they make large appliances so dang cheap now days.  Our fridge isn't even two years old.  Sheesh.  I listened to a Podcast on Communication this afternoon.  I have about zero energy. I think I am still paying for that half marathon.  I will never run another one again not trained, that's for sure!  This post is feeling kind of negative. Hah  So here are some adorable photos to cheer it up a bit: 

dear wednesday, my alarm went off at 4 a.m.  I started my temple shift at 5 a.m.  We were swamped today!  Holy cow there were so many kids doing baptisms for the dead because it was late start.  How cool is that?  I am amazed at the youth these days!  We had over 67 and the record was 76.  We couldn't keep up with the towels or baptism suits which is a good problem to have.  The washers and dryers were going non stop and we still couldn't keep up.  We had no down time (we rarely do anyway) but it was pretty nuts. We were shorthanded one person as well. I really like all the people I work with.  Josh, Jodie, Jean (all J's!), and Gwen? She is new.  Karen hasn't been there for a while and Linda quit.  I had to get gas and then I headed straight to my harp lesson. I had some time to kill and so I went to Sam's and shopped for a bit.  When I was parking I did something that I really regret and right when I did it I immediately started kicking myself for doing it.  I pulled into a parking spot that another car was also wanting.  I was there first but the other car was closer to the spot and so when the previous car left, I pulled in.  As soon as I did, I felt bad.  Even though I was there first, I really should have let the other car have it because they were closer. I guess it's a debatable topic, but either way I felt bad.  I even told myself that I should not have done that and I will never do it again.  When I got back to my car there was a note on my door handle from the other car that basically said I was rude and inconsiderate and they hoped Karma finds me because they had kiddos with them.  Yikes!  Yeah.  I felt even worse.  I promised myself right then and there that fighting over a parking spot is never worth it.  I will forever now let the other person have it even it I deserved it.  I truly felt bad. Sigh...
Image result for oops
My lesson went pretty well though I didn't practice much again.  She told me I have too many songs (9 or 10 plus all the reviews) and so we are trying to figure out how to practice so I don't get overwhelmed.  We decided to take turns every other day with the songs and don't try to practice them all each day. If I did I would be practicing for a good two hours.  It won't happen.  So, I hope I can figure this out with only an hour practice a day. If I could practice an hour a day that would be miraculous. I used to, but I have gotten out of the habit big time since summer.  I gave her a gift (blankets) for her twins and got to meet them.  They are cuties.  I then headed to do some shopping.  I had to get our cruise pix scanned at Costco because our scanner is broke.  I have spent more $$$ on those dang pictures!  I ran into Dottie and Jon. I miss them.  I got some samples which was my lunch and then headed to Bella Me to use my Bella Me Bucks and then went to my parents.  I visited with them for quite a while.  When I left, my Mom said, "No don't go yet!"  She is cute. I think they get lonely and bored sometimes.  When I got home Sky, Carson and Sarah were here.  I had no idea they were coming.  CJ and Taylor were here as well to go wave running. I guess McKay had been as well but left.  Dave and I ran to the  store and took Carson with us.  He was so silly.  
We had dinner (Dave had put in a pork roast) and it fed the 5000.  Hah  After dinner Carson and I played a bit and then watched a movie (Lady and the Tramp) and then he went to bed and I did too. I was beat.

dear thursday, I went for a walk and holy cow, it was a freaking tornado!  I am sure the wind gusts were at least 50 mph and all I could think of was HOW IN THE WORLD DID I DO THIS IN BOSTON!?  And that is with the added down-pouring rain and freezing temperatures!  I honestly am not sure how I did it!   Baffling! Actually, I do.  It was BOSTON!  You can do anything if it's Boston!  Today it was warm and dry and that wind was horrible!  I only got in four miles, but I am feeling better as far as the pain goes.  I came home and Carson was up and waiting for me.  He is so adorable.  He made me a picture.  I chatted for a while with Sky and Sarah and then Carson helped me make fresh peach bread for Homemakers. I had so many soft peaches that I thought why not use them in a quick bread?  I was going to straight up use my zuchinne or banana bread recipe and switch in peaches, but I decided to really try to make it a good recipe. So after doing some research, I came up with my own recipe. I think it's pretty darn good!  Everyone loved it (including me!) Mmmm........
Here's the recipe. I am still tweaking it a bit though.
I decided to also post the recipe written so it can be copied and pasted which might be easier for some:
4 eggs
2 small containers peach yogurt
1 cup oil
2 cups sugar
2 cups fresh peaches - puree in blender but reserve one peach and chop in small chunks - total equals 2 cups
3 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup chopped pecans

Mix wet ingredients (and sugar). Sift together dry ingredients and add to wet ingredients. Do not over mix.  Pour in 2 greased bread loaf pans (or five small).  Bake at 375° for 45 to 60 minutes or until done. Glaze while still warm.
1 cup powdered sugar
Peach puree - enough to make a thin consistency
1 Tbl melted butter

I didn't even get in the shower until about 12:15 and I was supposed to be at my Homemaker meeting at 12:30.  I came VERY close to not even going, but I made it, although I was 10 minutes late.  It was our annual potluck at Beth's in her backyard.  There were a ton of people there this year...probably 25 or 30.  After we ate, Beth stood up and told us she felt it was time for a change and she wanted to step down.  She has been running the show for at least 20 years on her own.  She gave us options such as electing a President and officers or having people sign up and take a month to plan, or dissolving it altogether.  When she said we could elect a President, she said, "Jodi volunteered!".  I about fell off my chair and everyone laughed.  I shook my head, and said, "I don't think so."  Then others voiced their opinions.  Some suggested to do both.  Then Julie Hendricks said, "I think Jodi should be President."  A few others chimed in with agreement and I wasn't quite sure what happened but I am now the new Homemaker's President.  Just like that!  I told Beth that I would do anything for her and I meant it.  Just not sure, I meant taking over the whole group.  But, I am okay with it mainly because it's only a year and it will be divided up.  I am at a stage in life where it will be kind of fun to plan and come up with ideas.  Since it's only a year, I better do a good job.  Afterwards everyone came up and asked what they could do to help and so we did a sign up sheet for the upcoming year and three or four will plan a month.  It should be a great system!  Just hope it will be able to continue because we have a lot of members right now and enough that can fill the spots, but who knows if that will continue to be the case.  I guess we will see.  
I came home and when I saw Dave I said, "I am not sure what just happened!".  I'm still not!  LOL  He took Carson to pick some carrots and veggies.  Sky and Sarah went to Midway to swim in the Crater.  I had a few minutes of alone time and savored it. I am one of those that loves to be alone.  Probably only because it doesn't last very long. If I lived alone and never saw anyone, I don't think I would love it then.  Carson helped me make dinner for Dave's parents.  He watched The Croods while I finished up.  I made a new recipe called Delicious Chicken that I got off of Fun Cheap or Free (Jordan Page's website).  It is actually delicious!  I didn't think it would be from reading the recipe, but I was really impressed.  I will add the recipe so you can try it! 
Before I added the chicken. I forgot to take an after photo.
Carson came with me to take the dinner to Dave's parents.  We visited with them for a bit and then had to rush to YW Stake Volleyball.  Carson is so friendly and ends up being best friends with everyone he talks to. He's kind of like my mom that way.  Hah  He is so cute.  He was telling Andrea all about a house he was drawing and she was so cute with him.  Shelby showed up and I was so happy to see her.  The games went well and we had quite a good turnout and so it was fun. 

Dave came and picked up Carson about 7:00.  He would've been fine to stay I'm sure, but Dave is good with him and so he was happy to go.  I got home about 8:30 and Sky and Sarah had arrived just before and so we ate dinner together.  Everyone loved the chicken.  It kind of tastes like the way they batter Chick-Fil-A nuggets.  We cleaned up dishes and Sky made Carson go straight to bed.  I stayed up for a bit working on things but about 9:30 I was so tired I had to go to bed.  Zzzzzzz............

dear friday, I woke up at 4 a.m. and after laying there for a while, I just decided to get up.  I worked on Utah Homemaker stuff and got an email ready to send out to everyone.  I am still wondering what happened.  Haha I got out on another four mile walk. I actually attempted to run a bit but that was short lived and painful.  I could tell I am not even close to being recovered.  Sigh....  Carson was here and ready for school when I got home.  We had a few minutes to play but not long.  They headed back to Layton so he wouldn't be late for school.  I can't get enough of that kid.  I definitely get behind in everything when he is here, but it's more than worth it.  When Dave got home, we headed to the Tilley reception.  It was at a gorgeous place with an incredible yard.  We saw lots of peeps we knew and chatted with the Sumko's, the Stewarts, the Andersens, etc.  They served peaches and cream. Yum.  
We then went to El Torro for dinner.  I got my regular....Chicken Mole'. I was beat when we got home and hit the hay.  
I ran across this thought today that I really liked by Albert Einstein, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

dear saturday, I headed out on a "long" walk.  I got in six miles. I found some coins at the high school. I even found some chocolate!  How do you beat that?
My picture for my Sunbeam stick figure that I use each week but didn't have one for me and Cheryl yet. I had to add it (even though I look drained) because I am LOVING this new blouse.  Not sure why I love it so much, but it's my new fave! 
Robin invited me to run 20 miles with her and Sheri today. I can't even begin to describe how elated I am that I don't have to run 20 miles today.  I think the mental break is even more needed than the physical one.  St. George is in three weeks and even though I was bummed at first that I wasn't going to be able to run it this year, right now I am actually relieved. I am seriously thinking of retiring from full marathons (again - haha), but deep down I want to run Boston again.  I really want to run it when the weather is decent so I can see how I can do there.  2017 it was record heat, and of course, this year, it was record everything else!  I register on Monday but I am not going to get my hopes up because I am pretty sure only a 3:00 above my qualifying time is not going to cut it.  
Taylor on his way home from his wave running date
I went to Kent's before I went home to get some candy bars for the trick or treaters because they were only 39 cents each for the regular size. They were having a killer sale and so I bought a bunch of meat for the boys to take back to college.  Taylor was here after he worked for Barry and McKay showed up to work at Maddox.  Sky was working the fair today and Bryce headed to San Francisco to a wedding.  Taylor took a date wave running. Dave's Dad dropped by just as Dave and I were on our way to Ogden to celebrate our anniversary.  We went to Windy's Sukiyaki.  It was fun.  Our real anniversary is Monday, but we never know how late Dave will have to work so we figured we would do it tonight.
We ordered from the Senior menu.  Oh my!  We dind't ask how old you had to be, but she didn't ask us how old we were either!  Yikes!  LOL  We got smaller portions (just perfect actually) and saved about $25!  Not sure how I feel about all that!

dear sunday, it's now two weeks in a row without Carson and crew here.  I actually woke up at 5 again but stayed in bed until about 8 trying my best to get some rest even if I wasn't sleeping.  I worked on my lesson and the morning flew. Before I knew it, it was time for church.  McKay was here for a bit and then headed back to Logan.  I was alone teaching today and I had 8 kids.  It was crazy.  We heart attacked the Bishop and so Dave let us in his office.  The kids loved that.  I'm not sure they had a clue what was going on though.  Haha  I was exhausted when Primary was over.  Having 8 little ones alone will do that to you.  They are all so full of energy!  But, I love it.  Oh my gosh, I love 
I taught them about the Good Samaritan but did the story with fruit.  The banana was the guy that got beat up (by a mean apple - I squished the banana with the apple) and the other bananas didn't want to help him, but the orange (bananas and oranges were enemies) is the one that helped him. They REALLY loved it!  I wish Carson had been there - darn it. He would have been laughing so hard.  I might have to do it for him next time he comes.  I should have taken after photos. LOL  

I made BLT's for dinner (kinda nice when it's just the two of us).  Then I took it easy and just chilled.  I haven't been able to do that in a very long time and it was nice. I really should have worked on this and practiced my harp, but I also needed the down time.  Fall is definitely in the air.  
Image result for fall is in the air

They announced today on the Boston Marathon FB page that Boston Registration will re-open tomorrow for those with a valid qualifying time to register and then they added this: We have had an increased number of submissions this year, so only a percentage of those who register during Week 2 will be accepted. We applaud every athlete that accomplishes a Boston Marathon qualifying time.
Not good news.  Last year the cut off was 3:23 so I am positive my 3:00 won't cut it this year now for sure.  BUT, I am still going to register.  I just won't be holding my breath.  Sigh........

dear quotes


Monday, September 10, 2018

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I went on my run and was determined to get in at least nine miles. I made it 10. It wasn't easy.  I have lost so much fitness.  So sad. I am really nervous about he half on Saturday. I hope I survive!  I found a ton of coins in Autoliv's parking lot because it was a holiday and there were no cars.  Kinda cool.  I came home and CJ was here and funny thing... he asked me if I found any coins today. I said, "Funny you should ask that!"  And I whipped out my bounty.  Hah  
I ate breakfast Dave had made for everyone while I was gone. Waffles and an omelet. So good.  I felt like I was back on the cruise. Haha  I showered and then played with Carson.  
We then played with play-dough and he kept bugging CJ even though he was trying to study, but he was so cute with Carson.  He is such a great guy.  He's like one of our boys.  Him and Taylor took dates wave running. I made zucchini bread and then I took Carson to the new Splash Pad.  
When we got back Dave was starting to can tomatoes. I joined in.  Sky had been taking a pre-test all day.  He was frustrated that he didn't do well and his big test is on Saturday and so the pressure is on.  He asked Dave for a blessing. I was so glad. Made my day. I helped do the tomatoes and then got in some harp practice. I have a lesson tomorrow and I haven't practiced all summer. Seriously, I haven't!

This was posted on Facebook today on the Boston Marathon Training page.  It is an excerpt from what I turned in for the book he is putting together of everyone's experience from this year's Boston: (You'll have to click it to read it)

dear tuesday,  I got up and got in about an hour of practice this morning.  I am surprised how quickly it all came back.  I had my lesson at 9 a.m. and the traffic caused me to be a bit late.  It was an okay lesson. I didn't do horrible but not that great either.  I made a quick stop to Farmington Station to Home Goods and got a cute fabric chest to put some of my junk in my room.  I looked around my house yesterday and got so depressed. It seems everything is falling apart and needs to be re-done or updated or ripped out and replaces.  Sigh....  It might be easier to move, but I don't want to leave our lot.  We have a sweet lot.  I stopped in and visited my parents for quite a while.  We had a good chat.  I know one of these days I am going to miss doing that because they won't be around.  I am so grateful they still are.  I came home and Dave was here because he was off half a day. I did some cleaning and then he had meetings.  I tried to get my Alaska pix posted but my scanner is broke and so I couldn't. I couldn't find Mr. Cat and I heard a terrible raccoon fight outside and I am hoping he wasn't in the middle of it.  I tried and tried to get him in. 
Luckily, he didn't come in when I tried because I decided to wait and so I went and got on my planner and realized I have to work at the temple in the a.m.! I would have totally spaced it had I not got up to get him in!  
My friend Jen dropped these cute lighthouse measuring spoons by for me. I am in love with them!  She is so kind.

dear wednesday, I woke up to my alarm at 4:00 a.m.  I amazingly jumped right out of bed.  I did my shift at the temple and it was actually hard to remember everything after being gone for a month!  But, I enjoyed it.  I then headed home and worked on some things I am behind on.  Seems like I am behind on EVERYTHING!  It's hard to take a 10 day vacay and then return and hit the floor still running.  I would love a day and night where I had no where to be.  But, I don't see that happening in the near future.  Mr. Cat was in a serious fight yesterday and he is really torn up.  I tried to wash some of the scabbing off but he is pretty bad. He may be taking a visit to the vet if he starts abscessing. 
Today I had a Sista lunch at Maddox for Peach Pie.  It was fun.  There were only five of us but we celebrated Robin and Lori's birthdays.  
We were there for three hours and I felt bad because I am sure the waitress wanted her table.  I told McKay and he kinda was not happy I did that.  He had to work tonight.  I hit Shopko on the way home.  We had BLT's for dinner and I wish we had made them more since tomato season is almost over.  Dave had meetings and Bryce went to Hayley's.  I worked on photos and the blog for a bit tonight.  I can't get enough of these things:

dear thursday, went on a five mile run.  It is still so hot.  I saw this while out.  I have always loved that thought.
The city is poppin' with Peach Days preps.  Dave was home for a bit before he had to run to a funeral and we got the peppers going for his parent's dinner tonight.  Taylor and McKay were home which was fun and I had a good chat with them.  I made zucchini bread and then headed to relieve Linda on Main Street where she was saving parade spots.  Peeps get there at 7 a.m. and sit there all day until the city allows them put our blankets.  Kinda crazy.  
I then went to physical therapy.  I have been such a slacker on doing my home exercises this past week.  After being gone for 10 days, I hit the ground running when I got home and haven't stopped since.  So, I have pretty much neglected my PT.  I was glad Stephanie was there today. She is so cute.  We chatted about Taylor and Allie. I'm glad Allie is happy.  I still adore her.  I ran and got the Peach Queen tickets on my way home and it's good I did since it was almost sold out.  I then headed home and finished the dinner prep and then grabbed Julie and headed to the pageant.  Robin had to work this year.  We were in the back, but that was okay.
There were only seven contestants again this year.  I was excited to go this year because one of the contestants takes harp from my teacher and I have played with her in the recital before.  She did a great job and won the talent part of it. I was very excited about that.  
She ended up winning second attendant even though her on stage question wasn't exactly the best.  
I talked to her after and chatted with her mom and her mom told me that she has four daughters that all play the harp.  
The one in the pageant (Jane) has taken for 11 years but her mom said she is only in Book Two because she doesn't love it even though she has a natural gift.  That surprised me. Her song was from  Book Two as well.  I am in Book Two and almost on that song.  But, she still did a fabulous job and her dress was amazing.  
We both had on jumpsuits and so we HAD to have a photo.  Hah
I always love going to the pageant.  When I first got married I went with Dave's mom and sisters every year.  That was back when they had 25-30 contestants and they had to do it over two nights and narrow it down to the top 10.  It's always fun to go watch.  My favorite part is always the talent, but the whole night is pure entertainment.  Beats watching TV that's for sure. 

dear friday, I got out on a short walk today because I didn't want to run so my legs will be fresh for tomorrow's race.  I picked Robin up and we headed to the booths at Peach Days as we traditionally do each year.  We hit our favorite clothing booth first and mostly shopped for clothes.  We got matching boots.  I got a blouse, two shorts, and a jumpsuit.  We then ate and ran into a bunch of peeps.  We got rice bowls so we could carb load for tomorrow.  They were pretty good. We hit the booths west of Main and got some cool fingernail polish stick-ons.  I came home and ran a few errands and packed. Robin picked me up about 5 pm and we headed to SLC.  We stopped at the Big Cottonwood Expo first in Sandy.  We had some fun and took some photos:
I wish I was racing in THIS tomorrow!

Silly guy.  He is over the Revel races and is a total hoot.

I got a special bib this year because I have run this race five times!  It was gold and very pretty!  I also got a mug!  How cool is that?  Revel Races always treat you top notch!  I love their swag bags, their shirts, their policies, pretty much everything!

We then ate at Noodles and Co. and then headed to Robin's daughter Sam's house.  Carlo's is pretty cool and they were so nice to let us stay there. We chatted for a while and then hit the hay about 11:00 pm.  I was in the basement and Robin was upstairs.  I had a hard time going to sleep, but I always do the first night I'm not in my own bed. Getting a bit nervous for the race tomorrow. Hope I don't die!

dear saturday, my alarm went off at 3:45 a.m.  I was able to get right up because I hadn't slept worth a darn.  I got ready and then met Robin upstairs.  We drove to Smith's to get a banana. We then parked and got in line for the bus.  We met a cute girl named Laurie who was with her husband. He wasn't running but just there while she got on the bus.  She asked if she could sit by us and hang out with us at the start and we were happy to agree.  She was darling. She has a 12 year old Autistic son and a five year old little girl they adopted (a niece).  

We immediately got in line at the Porta's and then got right back in line again.  But, there wasn't time because they called for everyone to line up.  There are perks for getting on nearly the last bus though it really wasn't cold up there this year unlike other years. I got in between the 1:45 and 1:50 pacers.  My goal was of course 1:45 but with my lack of training and injury, I would be happy with a sub two. At least that is what I said, but once I got running, I was determined to do a 1:50.  As I ran, I decided a 1:49 would sound better especially since I was wearing the Utah Racing Team shirt.  You are expected to be fast if you are a member of the team and since I couldn't put a sign on my shirt saying I have been injured and am untrained, I felt some pressure to do well.  This probably wasn't the best race to wear it at, but I haven't worn it once and today I was "required" to run the Classic Race but since I had signed up for this earlier, I couldn't.  I have to say I was pretty concerned how things would go with pretty much zero training for this. I did get in a 10 miler, but I took several walk breaks and I didn't run it at a fast pace and I did ZERO downhill.  And this is a major downhill course. I was hoping that would be my salvation, but it turned out to be my downfall.  
It is a fast course.  I was pretty surprised I was keeping my pace between an 8 minute and 8:20 minute mile for the first 10 miles.  Really surprised actually.  But, I was still getting passed much more so than in most races.  However, I didn't see the 1:50 pacers until about a mile to the finish.  The first 9 miles were tough and I was so grateful it was downhill!  I was really pushing myself.  I was on pace to end with a 1:47 or a 1:48.  That is until mile 10 when we were out of the canyon and that slight uphill felt like I was climbing Everest.  The transition is tough even if you are trained but if you're not, HOLY COW!  My legs felt like I had lead in them and I was in submerged in molasses.  There was about a mile or so of uphill and then we got some more down and I was so happy, but I was still really struggling.  I prayed for any available angels that had leg power to help me out.  Haha  I do believe I received it because otherwise I have no idea how I got to that finish line. It felt like the last few miles of a full marathon, not a half.  It was really tough.  I was getting nauseated and was so grateful I wasn't doing the full.  I would have never made it if I had been.  There is something to say for training.  With heaven's help, I somehow made it to the finish line. Wow, was I happy to cross that!  I got some photos while I waited for Robin to finish.  
That smile is pretty forced, but I'm still wearing one because I was so happy that I didn't die!  :)

 Go BIG or Go HOME!  I was ready to go home!
 No PR this year, but I was grateful I was a sub two!  Dave pointed out that I was in the top 90% for my age and the top 84% for the overall women. He was very impressed with my time. I guess I wasn't because of how sore and beat up I felt.  But, I have to say I was surprised I did as well as I did. I was only seven minutes slower than my PR.  But I will be paying for it big time the next few days.  
I got a donut (yes they had donuts!) and some pizza even though I didn't feel like it but my body needed some nourishment.  Robin text me and so we met up and her son Nick came on his bike so we chatted with him and his friend a bit. I wanted a massage in the worst way but the line was much too long.  I was pretty sore.  
We headed to her car and holy cow, the ride home was so painful.  My piraformis was on fire and leg was shooting down both legs. I had to keep changing positions and tried to stretch but I was getting no relief. That was one long ride!  
I found this on the website!  A Taylor Wilding ran it but this one is a girl.  I told Taylor and he told me to get her number!  haha
Some of these are a bit silly.  The bottom right is the how I felt most of the time. 
When we got in town, we stopped to watch the last of the Peach Days parade and she sat with her fam and I went and found Linda and fam.  Karen and Mickey were there and so I sat by them and it was fun.  We had to fight for the candy though because the kids next to us hogged it all.  LOL  
Once it was over, I found Robin and she took me home.  I was pretty dead. I was walking like I ran a full or like I was 90 years old.  That is not normal for me after a half.  I definitely learned my lesson that I must train before doing a half marathon even if it is downhill. Especially, if it's downhill!  I showered and got ready but I was so slow. I also was dead tired.  All I wanted was a nap but Dave was doing peaches and so I felt obligated to help him. I had to sit most of the time, but I tried to help.  Karen sent me this photo of McKay. They went to Maddox and requested he be their server.
We took a break to head to Peach Days to check out the concert and to get a funnel cake. We probably should have just stayed home.  Neither was that great.  Another Peach Days in the books.
I was sad I didn't get to run the Peach Day's 10K this year.  I went back to see what my times have been in the past and I found this cool little thing that I had missed last year:

dear sunday, even though I didn't have to teach today, I still woke up right after Dave left about 6:30 a.m.  I really wanted to go back to sleep but to no avail. I had to walk down the stairs backwards.   I got ready and after visiting with the boys for a bit (McKay and Bryce), Dave and I went to the Ashdown's farewell.  They are going to serve in Japan.  They sold their house and both retired.  I guess they are building a home in Pleasant View.  Some things you would have never guessed.  It amazes me how much change happens in our lives every single day.  It was a good meeting other than it went over by almost 20 minutes.  We chatted with them for a bit and then headed to our own ward.  I was there alone for the first time in a long time. Even the Herzog's were gone.  It wasn't the same in Primary without Carson.  Cheryl taught. Sam was very well behaved, for the most part anyway.  The home teachers (teacher) came and then we ate stuffed peppers. Bryce and Hayley were in the basement watching a game but they didn't want to join us.  I was absolutely beat.  And sore. I had to do the stairs backwards all day. I went in my room and rested and just chilled. I ended up going to bed about 9:30.  That race drained me big time.
Julie's sharing time

dear random, I received this message from Cru's mom and it totally made my entire day, week, month, year.  I loved that little guy so much and I am seriously so honored when I got this. 

I found a lot of pix that I saved but forgot about and so I am adding them on here to document.  I may have already posted some of them, but better twice than never.

My Pa posted this on FB awhile ago and it made me cry 

This popped up as a memory and wanted to document:
 Anyone else play HQ?

 I watched each of these weddings.  Queen Elizabeth's I watched online on YouTube from when it was recorded eons ago. I'm not THAT old!

Not sure this ↑ is actually in Utah, but I saw it on FB.
This was when they destroyed the bleachers:

dear quotes,
Sad, but true right now!


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