Monday, November 5, 2018

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear mondayI got my Big Cottonwood Half Marathon video today.  They are so awesome to make these individualized for each runner!  I love it!  
Pretty cool!
But, I was surprised to see my running form in this.  So not like it used to be. It has really transformed since all the back issues.  You can tell I was trying to not pound with each step...following doctor's orders! 

I had my chiro appt at 8 a.m. this morning.  Carson was awake and didn't want me to go. Thankfully Taylor was here and he entertained him.  My appt went well. I was very impressed with Dr. Ellis and his knowledge and how well he explained things to me. I am totally hoping he can help me.  He explained how my disk is herniated which means he can't do much to fix that (he could do more if it was a bulging one) and how he wants to break down the adhesions and see if that helps. It wasn't fun but not as bad as I thought.  He had to push really hard on my piraformis muscle and get to the nerve to break it up.  He also pulled my leg and my back popped.  He then remeasured and I was able to stretch my hamstring 10% more than before he did it.  That was impressive to me and worth the pain.  He wants me to come back four more times in the next two weeks to get it all.  I was happily surprised. I came home and went on a four mile walk while I still could because he told me I would be sore.  When I got back Taylor and Carson were watching some show on snakes.  Taylor was awesome and made stroganoff for us all for lunch.  He's a great help.  
Sky and Dave got back for lunch and we all chatted and had lots of fun. I had to practice and Sarah,Sky and Taylor came in and tried to find a photographer for fam pix.  Sky thinks we are crazy to pay someone to do it. It was hilarious. I kept practicing the whole time. Taylor then left. Carson took a nap. We snuggled when he woke up. I love that little guy.  He always tells me, "I love you Jodi with all of my heart".  
I then took him and Sarah to the DI because he needed to find a jersey for jersey day at school.  He found a motorcycle he was riding around on.  So hilarious. He cracks me up.  I chatted with some peeps I knew and then we headed back.  When Dave got home we headed to Tremonton to eat at Mack's Drive In because Sky won gift cards there as well as the Corn Maze in Elwood.  The food was pretty good.  We all shared shakes and they were amazing.  It was packed.  
The corn maze was very difficult. Holy cow we struggled to get out!  We ended up back at the start after 45 minutes, but we called it good!  I was glad it wasn't haunted, but I still kept screaming waiting for someone to jump out. Dave and Sky scared us pretty good a couple times and then Dave and Carson did. Carson loved that.  It was a lot of fun.  Cold, but fun!

dear tuesday, can't remember if I ran today and my Runkeeper hasn't been working. But I think I did.  Hah  I did have my harp lesson early, so maybe not. It was the group lesson today but it was just Katie and me. We did Seguidilla and I just got it and it was tough but I somehow managed pretty well to keep up and get the right notes. No idea how. Nanette kept saying how impressed she was because it's a very hard song and that I have only had it for seven days.  I was kinda surprised myself.  It's a great song and I am anxious to learn it well and so I have practiced it quite a bit.  I ran a few errands after but Dave was off and so I headed back.  When I got home, we decided to go to lunch at the brand new Pizza Hut in town.  It was their very first day.  It was okay, but I was not that impressed. I like the new building though.  
We then drove over to the property where we are going to build the storage sheds. I really hope this will be a wise investment.  The engineer told us that they would have to haul out 200-800 loads of dirt to level it 16 feet.  Dave went over this morning and just looked at it and figured out a better way by moving the entrance. That will save oodles of $$$.  He's a smart one. Not sure why the engineers didn't think of that.  Dave had meetings tonight. I watched This Is Us.  I have only seen one episode from this season so far.  It is a great show. It really is the only thing I watch other than movies here and there.  I wish I would remember to watch Dancing With the Stars but I always forget. 

dear wednesday, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 
WITCH-ing all you GHOULS and boys a Happy HOWL-o-ween!!! Eat, drink and be SCARY! ........^v^
╠═╣ A P P Y ..........^v^
……..╠═╣ A L L O W E E N,
,,,,..-^v^-… ....-^v^-............-^v^-
Have a spooktacular day and eve....ning! #broomisfullycharged

 When my alarm went off at 3:50 a.m. I felt so miserable.  My back was aching like all get out and my stomach was upset.  I laid there and decided I was going to text Jean and tell her I wasn't going to make it.  I told Dave and he mumbled something like, "When on the Lord's errand you are blessed."  Gee thanks.  I laid there 15-20 minutes past the time I usually get up.  I actually started writing the text and was ready to hit send, when I decided I NEEDED some blessings right now and so I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower.  That was tough, but once up, I felt like I could do it.  It was a good thing too because the new lady called in sick.  It was just Jean and I until Josh got there.  We were steady busy all day.  We ran out of towels, hair ties, and medium baptism suits. Luckily there is always a back stock.  After my shift I ran to Kent's to grab some pumpkin soup bowls for tonight as per tradition.  When I got home, we had no water!  They were working down the street and I am sure that is why.  I had an ortho appointment and had to brush my teeth with bottled water.  Glad I took a shower at 4 a.m.!  At my appt. Clark told me my one tooth is moving again.  What?! I have worn my retainer religiously!  Well, it was my last Invisalign, not a retainer and so maybe that's why.  Dang.  He talked to me about his run on the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim and showed me some amazing photos.  Clark is a really good guy.  The assistant did an impression on me. Gag....   I rushed home and tried to get things ready for the Halloween dinner tonight but it was kind of hard without water. Scary how much we depend on that stuff. LOL  Taylor was here for a bit.  He took a date (Aubrey) on a four wheeling ride to Willard Peak and Inspiration Point.  It was freezing! Crazy!  I threw in a blanket, gloves, hat, and scarf for his date in case.  Glad I wasn't going.  I couldn't get warm today!   I made some cookies and witch fingers.  I always make something scary for the Halloween dinner.  I couldn't start on the soup because I had no water.  I ran back to the ortho to get my retainer.  It was tight!  It was still cold.  I ran to Smiths and Kent's to find a few more things for the Halloween bags for Brooke's kids and Hailey's kids and Carson.  They were out.  Great.  None of them ended up coming except Carson. This day was not going as I hoped.  LOL  Taylor got home and I had him help me with the soup.  I was afraid everyone was going to arrive before I had it done.  Nope.  I had it done and everything ready to go before Sky and fam made it.  
We had trick or treaters before they got here. I felt bad because I was hoping they would take Carson to a trunk or treat because it would be easier for him.  He was so cute in his Spiderman costume!  
 The Spideys!
When they arrived Carson was acting sad.  I got it out of him that he was sad because he didn't have his cousins or brother to trick or treat with.  I felt so bad.  He was just not his usual happy self. He was so excited for Halloween last time I saw him and so I felt bad.  He didn't even want to got trick or treating. Sarah was still getting her costume on and so Dave ran him to a trunk or treat but it was already over.  We ate and they finally ran him up to Beecher and did about 15 houses and came back.  He was done.  He started to act a bit happier once he ate some real food.  I'm sure he was hungry and tired and that was part of it.  He a lot of fun passing out candy.  Every time the door would ring, he would yell at me, "More trick or treaters!  Come on Jodi!"  It was cute.  Several of my Sunbeams showed up!  They were so cute!
The kids were very grateful about the big candy bars.  However, we had three or four try to take at least two.  Two tried to take four!  Yikes. I had to tell them no, only one.  Crazy.  
They decided to spend the night and so Carson and I watched Hocus Pocus.  I fell asleep a few times.  So beat.  I then stayed up to post pix on Facebook and IG.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

dear thursday, Carson came and snuggled with me about 7:30 a.m.  I am usually up much earlier than that but I was so beat from getting only 4 hours the night before and not much more last night.  He told me about his dreams last night and how he was sad he didn't get to go trick or treating with his cousin or brother. I feel so bad.  I decided to try to teach him at his young age something that I wish I had learned long ago.  I talked to him about how when Tyson died I was very sad and I would think of all the things he wouldn't get to do and I wouldn't get to see him do. I told him that I focused on the sad things about it.  I told him I learned something that helped me to not be so sad and I told him it was something MAGIC!  He loves magic and so I knew that would catch his attention.  It REALLY is magic.  Gratitude!  
Image result for gratitude is magic
I didn't tell him it was called that but I told him when I chose to think about the good things instead of the sad things about losing Tyson that I was happy and no longer sad.  I told him I would think that even though he was gone, I still got to have him for a very long time and make lots of memories with him and I was so happy for that because I could have lost him a lot sooner, even when he was a baby.  I explained how when he is feeling sad his brother isn't here that he can choose to think about how lucky he is to even have a brother and that they get to see each other at least twice a year and how some people never get to see their brothers.  He's a very sharp kid and so I think some of it sunk in.  I also told him it isn't easy magic but the kind that takes some work and you have to try hard to get it to work.  I really hope it will help him.  We played in the playroom until I had to go get dressed for my run because I had to be at Homemakers early today.  He got really sad and so I reminded him of the magic trick of what to do when he gets sad and I tried to help him think of how he could change his sad to happy real fast by just thinking of how happy he was that he got to sleep over and that I stayed and played with him instead of practicing the harp or going on my run. It worked and his attitude changed instantly.  It was raining on my run.  I was freezing the first mile and kept wondering how I ever survived Boston when it was 15 degrees colder, much wetter, and unreal headwinds!  I honestly have a hard time figuring that one out!  Brrrr....  I found some Halloween candy laying in the curb.  I wonder how much is out there if it were all collected.  I often wonder that about money too.  
I got home and had to rush to get ready for Homemakers.  This being in charge is kind of stressful. I had several texts from the people planning the meeting needing help with this or that. We had a great turnout.  The topic was home decorating and the presenters were really good.  They were younger and gave us all some new perspectives.  
Cute Beth tried to help us put the tables and chairs back but I insisted she stop and head home.  She is so sweet.  Love that lady to death.  It was chilly all day.  I came home and Bryce was here because he got rained out.  I was SO tired. I should have stopped and taken a power nap but I did some paperwork and some finance stuff for Homemakers and then I had to get dinner ready for Dave's parents.  I need to hit the hay early tonight.  I took dinner to them but only his mom was there and she was walking in the big room and only stopped long enough to grab the Church News for Dave.  

dear friday, today was Mona's birthday.  I hope she is having a fun time celebrating in heaven today!  I got in a little over four miles today.  It was a nice day.  
I went to my appointment with Dr. Ellis today.  Holy!  It was painful. He worked on my hip flexors (adhesions) but did it by pushing very hard on my stomach. I felt like my organs were going to burst.  Owwwwwwwie!  I survived but it was not fun.  He did the sciatic nerve thing again too, but it wasn't as painful this time.  I was worried it would be worse because I was sore.  I really hope this is helping.  He told me a few things about how docs react to them and how most are finally coming around. With the exception of one.  Guess who?  LOL  He counts this as some kind of ground breaking victory that I am there for help.  haha  I ran some errands after. I've been feeling so tired lately.  Not sure why, well, other than I don't sleep much. Yeah, that.  We were going to go out to dinner, but I put the Halloween decors away and put up the Thanksgiving ones and it took longer than planned and so I was too tired.   Plus we had lots of leftovers in the fridge.  
Bryce's boss gave him tickets to the Jazz game tonight and they were on the second row!!!  He had four tickets and so before he knew where they were he asked Hailey and her kids and Carson.  When he found out they were on the second row, it was too late to change plans. Taylor was dying!  haha  He would have killed to go!  At least it wasn't LeBron playing!  Dave and I watched the game but never saw them. Dang!  Dave went to a viewing for Officer Vincent.  I wasn't feeling well and so I stayed home.

dear saturday, I headed to the USU campus in town for the Women's Forum.  I met my Mom there.  Matt Townsend was in the foyer when I arrived and I introduced myself and told him I was the one that conned him into doing this. He was so hilarious.  
He is one of the funniest guys I know.  Amy came over and we chatted about getting him back in February for a date night.  He was serious.
We went in the auditorium and Amy introduced the committee members and had us stand up and when she got to Beth she said, "Beth is amazing and basically is the committee!"  Then she introduced me and said, "No - Jodi AND Beth are the committee!  Both of them are amazing at getting great speakers and Jodi is why we have Matt here today!"  I am so happy I was able to get him!  I am still shocked he agreed to it.  He charges upwards of $10-12 K a speech!  I had connections through AMI so I was able to get him for much less!  He's a great guy and does a few pro-bono's a year.  We didn't get him totally pro-bono but much cheaper than normal.  He was HILARIOUS!  He had everyone dying laughing!  And you learn while you laugh!  Without even realizing it!  He's great!  He talked about how most of our arguing is just SMOKE and not the fire and we need to get to the fire.  
I attended a class on cleaning for the first breakout. I guess I was hoping it would motivate me.  Hah  
Then it was time for our modeling for Maurice's Fashion Show.  We had about 10 models.  It went well.  Everyone really liked my first two outfits. Not so much the hoody.  At least no ooo's and ahh's like the other two.  It was fun.  

I then met Shelly Locke and helped her get set up for the service project.  The women brought things to donate and were supposed to put it all in bags after lunch, but most went to their classes.  

I introduced Shelly and she gave a short spill on her organization.  Then we filled the bags but not many came. I had to go announce they could save their seats if they would come help fill the bags.  Kinda awkward.  I introduced Julia for the third and fourth breakouts, but was unable to attend any of her classes! That's one of the reasons I got her to come so I could listen to her, but my Mom wasn't really interested in those topics and I felt I needed to be with her.  I attended a class on parties with Shelby. She does amazing parties!  So fun!
And the last one on Family Fun.  It was a lady that had five boys as well and ran her family so much like I did.  Chore charts, big tradition celebrations and dinners, etc.  I think my mom was a little bored.  But she likes to get out and I don't think she minds as much as I think she does.  
I stayed after so long that I got to take some of the leftover food home!  Potatoes from Iron Gate grill.  Yum!  I also talked to Teresa Hunsaker about her class I didn't get to. She gave me a sample and a recipe.  Amy and I chatted for a bit and then I walked my mom to the car. My Dad came to get her.  I then ran to Maurices to use my coupon for the outfits I modeled.  I bought the mustard sweater and top and jeans.  Amy was leaving when I arrived and Julie and Tracy were in there buying things as well. I came home and had so much to do.  I started cleaning and wasn't sure if anyone was going to come. I still had Halloween stuff to put away.  
My basket of thanks... 

dear sunday, no one came over last night except McKay and he left right after work.  Bryce left early.  It was just Dave and I. So quiet. We haven't had it like that for a long time.  I didn't have to teach today either.  I actually read a bit.  It was fast Sunday today and I was in a lot of pain - just achy all over - mostly my back and sciatic nerve. I am not thinking this stuff with Dr. E is working.  I am sad because I had such high hopes.  Now what?  Surgery?  I really hope not.  I didn't take Advil because I have to have something in my stomach before I take that and I didn't want to break my fast even though I do not like fasting.  I know I needed to fast because I am in need of what I was fasting for.  But, I really felt like crap.  I couldn't sit for more than 20 minutes so I couldn't catch up on this either. I ended up laying down again.  Oh, how aging is so much fun!  Hah
Image result for aging humor
Church was good.  We practiced the Primary program for a couple hours and the Sunbeams were okay for a while but then the natives were restless.  We had to go find a treat for them in the nursery because neither me or Cheryl even thought about that.  Sam about fell over the railing on the stand.  The twins were close too.  I had to run Anson to the bathroom and then Sam. While I was with her, Cheryl showed up with all of them.  That was a good break for them.  Expecting Sunbeams to sit for two hours is asking a lot!  They were exhausting.  I felt like I had run another marathon by the end.  LOL Dave had made us the pork chops I bought.  Food never tastes as good as it does on fast Sunday.  Mmm.....  I had to go lay down after and I basically felt like I wasted the night, but I was also grateful I didn't have to be anywhere.  I absolutely love the look of our yard in the fall!  I love the leaves all over the grass and the colors and overcast skies.  It just feels so cozy!

dear random, Mickey had to do a report on someone close that had passed away and she chose Tyson. I had to find some pix for her and this one is my fave.  He used to take her elastic bands out of her ponytails because he said it looked so painful and was hurting her. Haha  I captured it on film here.  So cute.  Miss that boy!

Dr. Dave (that's what Carson calls him) and Carson playing with playdough.

 Here are some of Sarah's pictures of Sky and Carson that I loved....

This cracked me up!


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