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Food 4 Thought Friday

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Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions:

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It's All Complimentary!
Breakfast ~ What is a compliment you have received that you still remember?
Lunch ~ Do you compliment others often?
Dinner ~ How do you usually react when given a compliment? 
Midnight Snack ~ What would be the greatest compliment you could receive and why? 
Recipe for the Week ~ (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for the week?)

Breakfast ~ What is a compliment you have received that you still remember? Many year ago, I was shopping with my Mom in Sam's Club with all my boys when they were little and a few of them were being "boys" who would have rather been anywhere else but shopping.  I was doing my motherly thing and very patiently trying to get them to behave as we shopped.  After this had gone on for a while, a woman came up to me and touched my arm and said, "Excuse me, but I just have to tell you I have been watching you and I want you to know how impressed I am with what a great mother you are and how patient you are with your little ones."   I am not sure why her words made such an impact on me, but I still remember them to this day and now when I see a young mother struggling with her children, I often go of out of my way to compliment her on what a great job she is doing because I know firsthand how much that meant to me and how hard motherhood is... especially while shopping.  :)
Lunch ~ Do you compliment others often? Not as often as I should. This is something I am consciously trying to make a greater effort to do because I know the impact it can have.  I notice so many good things in others all the time, I just need to go out of my way to express them to them.
Dinner ~ How do you usually react when given a compliment? In the past, I used to say something like, "Oh, I wish!" or "Well, that's not true, but thanks!".  I used to believe that it was prideful and I was not being humble if I accepted a compliment. I have since learned that a compliment is a gift and if I don't accept it then I am rejecting the gift that someone went out of their way to give me.  I now try to fully receive a compliment with a simple, "Thank you, that is very sweet of you to say!" or something along those lines.
Midnight Snack ~ What would be the greatest compliment you could receive and why?  That is hard to narrow down to just one.  But I think if I had to settle on just one, it would be:
"You are so much like your mother!"
Here are a few more that I'd love to receive (along with a few I have) that would mean a great deal to me because they are what I value in life: 
"You inspire me!"  "You are an amazing mother."  "I want to be you when I grow up." "You are one of the strongest people I know."  "You make my life so much better for being in it."  "You have changed my life forever."  "You get me."  "Is there anything you can't do?"  "You are a very inspiring speaker - writer - teacher - etc."  "I want your body!"  (That one I did receive this week but not like it sounds.  It was from a woman.  haha And not "that" kind of woman!  This day and age you have to clarify everything!  lol)
Recipe for the Week ~ (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for the week?) Be you!  You are you for a reason.  Don't compare yourself to others but accept your own strengths and gifts and allow others to have strengths that you don't have without feeling envious.  If you admire their strengths, then work to make them your strengths and be inspired by them instead of jealous.

Monday, September 11, 2017

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge) 
Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear labor day, I met Robin, Grant, and Denver at 6:30 a.m. and we all did a 10 miler. That will make 35 miles for me in three days.  The guys are faster than us and so they lapped us and would find us and Denver snuck up on me from behind and I screamed every time!  Hah  He is a good guy.  Tanae did well.  I wasn't sure how the legs would handle another 10 today, but I was fine.  I may not be saying that tomorrow!  It actually felt good to just go 10!  I love running with a group!   
When I got home, Sky was making pancakes and Dave was setting up to can peaches.  Groan.  Sorry I am not a fan of canning.  First of all, I don't like canned peaches, I would rather freeze them. Second of all, I hate the mess.  Third, I hate itching on my arms from the peach fuzz. And fourth, I hate the mess.  Oh, that was #3. Well, it counts for two!  I don't mind canning tomatoes and salsa, but peaches, have never been my fave. But, being the dutiful that I am☺, I got in and helped and we were done in about three hours.  It was nice to have Taylor and McKay's help.  They probably should have been studying, but they jumped in and helped us.  The peaches were nice size, but kinda bruised and not perfection, but they did taste good. I LOVE fresh peaches! Mmm........  SO yummy!  I wish they lasted longer.  
Now, THIS is MY kind of canning!
I took McKay and Taylor to Walmart to get a few things for school.  I also took them to lunch. McKay to Wendy's and Taylor to Old Grist.  Saw lots of peeps we knew at Old Grist.  :)    
When I got home I made a fresh peach pie.  Those are my fave! 
 The best peaches this side of Georgia right off our tree!  Mmm........
This pie was soooo good!  I posted the recipe for it on last week's post.
I decided to have some fun with the whipped cream!  hah
Skyped with Carson.  He makes my heart happy.  Love that lil' thing!  The first thing he said when Sky connected with them was, "Where's Jodi?"  Ahhh...  That made me so happy.  I was in the middle of making peach pie, but I hurried fast so I could talk to him.  He was sad when Sky said we had to go. He cried and cried and I felt so bad.  :(
I cleaned the kitchen.  AGAIN.  Did I mention why I hate canning?  Even though we had cleaned it already a few times, I still found more that was missed.  The counters were still sticky in some spots even though we thoroughly cleaned them. Taylor and McKay took off back to Logan and then Sky left for Kaysville.  I am so glad for the long holiday so we got to see them.   
I practiced the harp for a good two hours.  When I sat down I discovered another string had broken!  That's two in two days!  And, wouldn't you know it, it's the ONLY one I don't have a replacement for on the 1st octave!  Which means, I have already replaced that string most likely twice.  Hmmm....  I hope I can get my songs learned before Wednesday.  I had fresh peach pie for dinner.  That stuff is good!  

dear tuesday,  I ended up not running this morning. I didn't feel too bad since I ran 10 yesterday.   We had a Sista lunch at Maddox today.  Robin couldn't come because there was a huge fire in Uintah and her daughter lives there.  While we were in the lobby waiting for our table, I saw my old Laurel teacher Lois! She has not changed at all!  
With Lois!
And then we all saw Mrs. Dudman who was our gym teacher in junior high at T.H. Bell!  She was everyone's favorite teacher.  She hasn't changed a bit! So fun!  
Chris, Patti, Lori, MRS. DUDMAN, Dawn, Moi
Fun - Fun.  We all had a good time chatting at lunch and then we all ordered Peach pie.  It was the real reason for hitting Maddox!  Nope, not me or BC!  Haha  :)
I love my Sistas.  We never know who will show up, but lately it seems to be the same ones.  It's been fun to have Lori join us lately.  
On Chris' car!  Good memories!
When I got home Bryce was back from hunting.  He is such a good kid.  I mean a really good kid.  I went and picked up Laura and then we went visiting teaching.  It was nice to finally visit Kim, but we stayed too long.  We went and saw Bev for a very short visit.   Laura is just the sweetest person. She is so nice to me and always says something uplifting that makes me feel good.  I was dead tired.  

dear wednesday, I got up and practiced my harp for a bit.  My lesson went well.  As soon as I was done, I went and picked up my mom and went to a funeral of one of her cousins.  She asked me if I would go with her and I was happy to. There were not many people there but there was a general authority who spoke, so that was pretty cool.  
The man who died was from her Poppleton line.  It was sad that not many people were there.   We drove to the cemetery to see where he was buried.  I think she wanted to stay for the burial service even though she barely knew them, but I talked her into going to lunch.  We went to Hug Hes.  We called my Dad and he joined us as well.  It was fun.  I bought us all some  of their big cookies.  
I then headed to Target to return some things.  They have remodeled the store and it's nothing like it was before.  It was one of my favorite stores and now I really don't even like it.  I stopped at Robin's to pick up my new shoes Grant got for me. One of them is the new Altra IQ!   Yay!  
Mr. Cat's wound is looking better. :)

dear thursday, I went to help cut tomatoes with my Homemaker's group for the Scuba burgers for Peach Days. I was there over two hours.  It was the first time I have ever gone and Beth said she was going to faint. Hah  I have always had a conflict.  But it was fun.  We had about 15 women to cut up over 15 large boxes of tomatoes!  Messy! Messy!  
Then I went and ran five or six miles.  I wanted to go before, but I didn't want to make everyone have to smell me after.  Haha  Not sure exactly how far I ran because my app is so off all the time now. Ugh.  
So grateful he was dead!  I stepped right on him!
I came home and hurried and showered and then headed to Ogden to return the things I forgot to take yesterday.  I got a running shirt for my race on Saturday as well. :)  I then went straight to pick up Robin from her work to go to the Peach Queen pageant.   There were only seven contestants this year.  It is sad how it has gone so downhill over the years. In the past there were so many that wanted to be Peach Queen that they had to do it in two nights and choose a Top 10 for the second night.  It was a huge deal.  The talent this year was much better than last year though.  We had fun chatting and watching as we always do.  We were confused a bit about the winner of the talent not even getting in the top three though.  The winner is the daughter of Steve Brooks, a guy I went to hs with.  I was happy for them.  It takes guts to get up there.  I was only in one pageant when I was at Dixie College.  Holy cow, that was a long time ago!  There were about 15-20 of us and they let us decided if we wanted them to choose a winner and 4 runner's up or just choose a winner and one runner up and then let the rest of us split the scholarship money.  We choose to do that and so I got some money.  My roommate Mel won.  Good memories.  I twirled fire baton for my talent.  It was back when I was anorexic and weighed barely 90 lbs. I look at those photos and nearly cringe.  
Peach Queen pageant
Junior Peach Queen. I knew two of them.  They are so adorable!

dear friday, I walked instead of running to save my legs for the Peach Days 10K tomorrow.  I tested out my new shoes.  I love them.  It was hot again! I heard this has been the hottest summer on record! That is following one of the worst winters on record!  I found a penny in a very remote place!  I often wonder how....?  But then I remember they are from heaven and so anything is possible!  
I hurried and got ready and Robin picked me up to go to the Peach Day's booths.  We hit the cute clothing one and then walked around and chatted with lots of local peeps. Her daughter joined us. We didn't eat lunch because no one felt like anything that they were offering this year. I just wanted cold water!  I was soooooooo hot!  I don't ever remember it being that hot at Peach Days!  Sky was home.  Then McKay and Kaden dropped by to grab some costumes for some dance thing they were going to at USU. I made them grilled cheese sandwiches.   Then I made tacos for dinner. I have been so tired.  Carson got his package and was so excited about the Panda glue! Hah

dear saturday, Dave, Taylor, and I headed to the Peach Day's 10K start and got our shirts and then took a few pix, chatted with umpteen other runners, warmed up a bit and then lined up for the start of the race.  I was SO excited Taylor was running it with me!  YAY!  YAY!  YAY!
I haven't run Peach Day's since 2014 and so I was a little nervous because I know what a tough course it is. Robin is running a half marathon today and she told me her run would be easier than mine.  Hah  There's a lot of truth to that because she's doing Big C which is basically all downhill.  I have done it the past two years and wouldn't you know it, this year they had purple shirts! Ugh!  Anyway, back to Peach Days! 
Robin posted this on FB after it came up in her memories.  I'm not sure what year this is.  Maybe 2011? This was her first Peach Days and the day I told her she would be running half marathons some day.  She didn't believe me and now she is running FULLS! 
 With Taylor, Brad, and Denver lining up at the start.
 This is about mile 4.  We are running right past my cul-de-sac!  I don't think many people can say they run a race right past their house!  I should stash some chocolate in the bushes and have my own little aid station!  JK.....if I really ate chocolate on a run, I would be heaving!
 Taylor and I at the finish line!  He is all rested and refreshed since he finished before me, but it was a good run and race for me.  It felt easier than most years and I was able to set a NEW PR!  Only by 16 seconds, but a PR is a PR!  I know it's not normal to be setting PR's the older you get, and so I am VERY GRATEFUL and HAPPY about that!  I finished with a 52:09!  If I could have kicked it 10 seconds faster, I could have got a 1:51!  Maybe next year!  :)   I got 11th overall woman and 1st in my age division.  Taylor finished with a 46:56!  That's a 7:34 minute pace!  And with zero training!  He never runs!  Never!  He amazes me!  He got 5th in his AD and came in 27th overall!  I am proud of that kid!  If he trained he would be winning all the races!    
These are Taylor's pix of me getting my medal.  Nice!  Hah
 I am so happy I have a son who runs with me!  My wish is that someday we can run a marathon together!
As I was heading to find the fam to watch the parade, I felt someone touch my arm.  I turned and it was Pres and Sister Simmons (Sky's mission President and wife!).  They were so sweet and nice. Their daughter ran the race as well. I am so glad they stopped me because I didn't even see them!  What a small world!

 Parade fun!
After the parade, I went with Karen and Mickey to check out the booths and the carnival.  I was walking around in my sweaty race clothes, but it was still fun! Mickey played some carnival games and then we ate Philly Steak sandwiches at Corbin's little kiosk.  It was fun!

I came home and finally showered and talked to the boys.  
Dave grilled hamburgers and then we headed back to the concert.  He had a class reunion, but missed it so he could spend time with the boys.  The concert was VoiceMale.  They are always good and it was fun!  We walked around and talked to a lot of friends and then came home. Another Peach Days in the books.
Notice all the people photo bombing this picture!
This one ↓ the kid is totally photo bombing. 

dear sunday, I got up and made cookies for class because they were part of an object lesson.  
Finished preparing my lesson and then headed to church.  My class went well.  We had teacher council meeting during RS.  Came home and we had chicken for dinner.  I took a rest but couldn't sleep.  McKay, Sky, and Bryce were all here.  Love it when they are all around.

dear random, Heidi posted this photo of our Mud Run on Facebook this week as a memory.  That was a while ago!  It was a blast, but not too anxious to do it again anytime soon!
 Check out the size of this cantaloupe?  I'm holding it in my hand. Dave didn't grow it, but sheesh!  It's huge!  A patient of his gave it to him.  The one Dave grew is on the left.  A normal size one!  Crazy!

dear quotes


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