Tuesday, January 1, 2019


It's that time of year again!  

Time to choose my ONE WORD for 2019.

Here are my ONE WORDS for the past several years:







I really don't feel like I did that great on last year's word.   But, even a little improvement is better than none right?  Right!   So onward, and upward!

When I started to think about what this year's word would be, I knew it had to be something that would help me get through what is up ahead for me this year.  

I knew I needed a word that would remind me to stay positive and upbeat while I am on this journey of breast cancer.  

I found a word that I have never actually heard of.  It is actually a very pretty word and the definition was spot on!!!

Without further adieu...

My word for 2019 is:

 It is pronounced:

sane - gwin (like penguin)  

I want this cancer journey to find me CHEERFULLY OPTIMISTIC!  HOPEFUL! And CONFIDENT!  I think it's the PERFECT word!  It doesn't require "doing" but "being".
I think I will do pretty well!  

I like this one. 
It reminds me of being the lighthouse in the storms of life.
It kind of all fits together.

I am excited!


What is your one word for this year?

Monday, December 24, 2018

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge) 
Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, last night was rough.  I couldn't move my leg at all and I just wanted to roll over and sleep on my side.  Even the slightest tiniest movement was extremely painful.  Mr. Cat jumped on the bed about 3 a.m. and I nearly went through the roof thinking he was going to lay on my leg.  Luckily, he came up and laid on my chest.  He did it a second time and once again I panicked.  I can't even move it in any direction without intense pain.  I didn't sleep well at all and so I finally got up and got in the shower.  Holy cow, just getting undressed took me a good 5 minutes.  Dave had to lift me over the shower step.  I kept thinking I better enjoy this because it is probably the last time I will get to take a real shower in six weeks.  I have no doubt it is broken because of how painful it is.  I had to hop around on it to get anywhere.  Dave had to bring in a chair so I could elevate it because it felt like I had a blood pressure cuff on it and it was going to burst.  It was purple again. The pressure inside was killing me.  I am not a wimp. I promise. I think I am one of the toughest people I know but holy, this was bad.  Carson came in the bathroom to comfort me while I was doing my hair and makeup.  He is so adorable.  
He has a bad cold and is just the sweetest little thing ever.  I managed to get down the stairs with the railing as my cane.  While I waited for Dave to head to the clinic for Xrays, I played checkers with Chayden.  He's a great kid who needs positive influences in his life.  
As I was leaving to go get Xrays, Chayden told me my leg wasn't broken because he prayed it wouldn't be.  The thought that crossed my mind was, "I hope it doesn't destroy his faith when I come home in a cast."  As we arrived, Dave's dad was pulling in as we got there. He came in and chatted with my while I was in the Xray room.  I sure do love him.  He has always been the greatest guy and so kind to me. The tech did the Xrays and he was very gentle.  I had a lot of anxiety about them because my leg is SO tender and even the slightest touch in the wrong place sends me through the roof.  Sky showed up so he could give me a ride home.  Dave came in and told me that so far things looked good on the pictures.  What?  No break?  I told him I didn't believe it, not for a minute. I KNEW it HAD to be broken.  No doubt!  We had to wait for the other pictures for awhile and I also waited to get my blood drawn. Sky was in there with me.  She walked in with SEVEN viles!  I called Dave in and told him I just wanted the CBC workup for pre-op because I would be weak all day if they took that much blood.  Originally he told me they wouldn't have to take anymore to do a more thorough workup.  Then he put me in a wheel chair and showed me the Xrays.  
Amazingly, there was not a single break!  I was stunned!  I just couldn't understand how it could hurt that bad and not have a break.  Stunned.  He did say there could still be a stress fracture in there that might not show up for a week or two however. 
Obviously there is a lot of other damage....because it is very swollen and purple and so painful.  We will wait and see what the radiologist says.  But for now... NO CAST!!!  What a relief!  I am having a very hard time believing it!  I do believe I just experienced a miracle!  A true miracle!  Even more miraculous is I was able to put more weight on it as the day progressed.  When I came home I told Chayden it was because of his prayer and the faith of a child.  He just beamed and agreed it was his prayer. He said, "I told you it wasn't broken because I prayed!"  Wow...  could it be that simple?  I do believe it can.  We stopped and got my walker my friends gave me at my 50th birthday party. My PURPLE walker.  Dave actually saved it for such a time as this!  LOL  Sky cleaned it up for me.  He then cleaned up Mr. Cat's barf.  He decided to throw up about 8 places while we were gone.  Maybe in protest of Scratcher's.   They took off to build something for Carson at the shop and so just Chayden and me were home.  I wanted to take a nap but I felt it was more important to spend time with Chayden.  We watched the deer for a while and then I helped him with his math homework. I had to keep saying he would have to wait for Sky on some of it.  haha  Dave helped him at lunch. When the others got back from the shop, they ate and then headed home. I was alone and so I practiced walking on my leg and it started to feel good unless I stood or sat too long. The boys got home from the cabin safely.  Grateful for that.  Taylor made orange chicken and I was grateful for that as well.  CJ spent the night.  They watched a football game (Panther's) and McKay was out of control with excitement every time they scored (or didn't).  He is intense when they play.  LOL  I had several visitors.  Pres and Sis Davis, the new Jone's family, Jen, and Julie.  Everyone is so kind.  I have been blessed with amazing people in my life. Betsy Jones told me she felt an instant connection with me the minute she met me.  I have been getting inundated with text messages wishing me well.  People are SO kind. I feel so blessed.  Here is just a few of the gifts people have brought over with notes about the cancer stuff going on:
I decided to post about it on Facebook even though I hesitated for a while but I felt impressed to.  Hopefully, it will inspire or help someone.  And I really need the prayers!  Here is my post and some of the comments:

Image may contain: text
They say these things come in threes. When I asked the heavens to cut me a "break" a few days ago, I am SO thankful my request wasn't taken completely literally. I had a 300 lb. snowmobile flip, pin and crush my leg on Saturday in Wyoming. Yes, I was the driver. πŸ˜¬ SO very grateful no one else was hurt. He-man Dave was able to somehow lift it off my leg and assuming I pulled it out once it was off (I couldn't move it at all), he dropped it back down on my leg. We thought it was for sure broken. Thankfully, it is NOT! Whew! I do have a pretty cool purple walker though to help me get around.
And a few weeks ago I was basically told that I need to give up running due to a herniated disk in my back. For those of you that know me, you know that is like asking me to give up chocolate! πŸ˜­
And as some of you know, two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am having surgery for that in the morning.
I have always worked hard and tried to be vigilant at staying healthy and fit, but unfortunately that is not always a guarantee of not being a victim to disease. Cancer is no respecter of persons and can target anyone at anytime. (Get your mammos girls!).
But, I believe there is a reason for everything and much to be learned through our trials. Some days I feel like I am on the accelerated course but I know our trials are tailor made for each of us and we are given the strength we need to overcome them no matter what is thrown our way. I must have a lot of learning to do. And through our difficulties, life is STILL wonderful! There is always SO much to be grateful for even in the muck of life.
I hesitated posting about this, but since I have great faith in the power of prayer and I KNOW that each prayer is heard and I could use all the prayers I can get, I decided to post. If you have a couple extra minutes I would so appreciate your prayers at this time on my behalf and my family's as I go into surgery tomorrow to have the lump removed. Gratefully, things have been moving fast with this whole thing and I am very anxious to get it out! I am so grateful for such an amazing support system and I know there is great power in collective prayer. I've already had many tender mercies and I know I am not alone.
I am going to fight this with all the energy of my soul and have great faith for an amazing outcome! I am up to the challenge and I am ready to show it who is boss! Mainly because I know I have such a strong support system behind me every step of the way! My plan of attack is LOTS of gratitude, positivity and humor! πŸ˜‚
We won’t know what my treatment plan will be until after the pathology report gets back after surgery but I’m hoping my prayers will be answered and I can avoid chemo. It’s too soon to be certain but I’m praying hard for that. I’ll for sure need radiation however.
As I watched my favorite movie this year "It's a Wonderful Life", it hit me hard in the scene where so many people are praying for George Bailey and the angel says, "Hello Joseph, trouble?" Then the senior angel replies, "Looks like we'll have to send someone down. There are a lot of people asking for help for a man named George Bailey." I KNOW there is great power in collective prayer and I thank you so much for the prayers you have already offered in my behalf. They have strengthened me so much already.
Here we go!
πŸ’œ It truly is a WONDERFUL LIFE! πŸ’œ

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I then posted this one:

UPDATE: First of all, I cannot THANK YOU ALL enough for your faith and prayers on my behalf. I could feel them and I am so grateful for your kindness and love. Your concern and comforting words mean more to me than you know. The surgery went well. We now have to wait for the pathology report to get back which could take up to 10 days. My prayer is for it to have clean margins so I will be able to avoid chemo treatments. Praying hard for that! πŸ™
On another note....I have truly been watched over and today I was given a life saving tender mercy. My leg that was smashed under the snowmobile was very purple (why am I complaining about that!?)🀩) and swollen today, much more so than it has been. When Dave came home for lunch and saw it, he told me I needed to get to the hospital ASAP for an ultrasound. I protested because even the slightest touch sends me through the roof and I knew the ultrasound tech would have to press down hard on it. But despite my protests, he insisted. What a blessing that I am married to a physician because they found multiple blood clots which could be potentially deadly. I am grateful for medicine that can quickly alleviate the problem. It is a great time to be alive!
***But if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas....first a white flag and second maybe a very large bubble I can hang out in.
A few of the comments:
Tonya Palmer Jackman Holy crap woman!!! Part of me is like Are you kidding me???? The other part is saying “Of course that would happen! Thank you for listening to the doc! We love you way to much to have you not listening πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Cecelia Johnson Benson Oh, my dear Jodi! I love you so much, and will be praying hard for clean margins and a leg that will heal quickly. You are certainly in line for some mighty miracles, sweet friend. πŸ’–
Lori Moore Jodi-you must have volunteered for a lot of stuff on this journey-sounds just like you:). If you hadn’t hurt your leg, it would have been someone else and you said nope, I’ll take it. If you didn’t have that lump, Someone else would. You said, nope, I’ll take it. That’s how selfless you are. Those agreements we made in Heaven I think we had some inkling of an idea, but not to the extent of what we know now. I do think you knew how strong you were in pre-mortal life. Your desire so great to get back to Heavenly Father, that you knew it would be all worth that reunion.
So grateful for Dave!! So grateful for prayer and the power of the Priesthood:)) and especially grateful that you have touched so very many hearts, and I’m just a little dot on the map to be one of them. I love you:)πŸ’œ
Jana Brokaw Marcum Girl in a bubble lol, yep, that's what you need!
Marilou Myers Jodi, when I saw the photo of your smashed leg, I was so worried you were then going in to surgery too. Blood clots were my concern. Please take care and you will still be in my prayers.πŸ’•

dear surgery, we got up really early for the surgery.  I was pretty nervous but at the same time was ready to get it out of my body!  When we arrived, my parents were already there.  Haha  So like them.  
I got signed in and then when they called me back, Dave started wheeling me back and my Mom asked the nurse if they could come back as well.  She said yes.  So they came back and just as they stopped me to weigh me, Dave said to my parents that he thought it would be best if they stayed and waited out there.  That didn't go over so well and my Mom got a bit upset and said something like she is my mother and has a right to be there.  Anyway, not good.  But, they would have had to leave once I got in the room anyway because I had to change in to the gown and then I was examined multiple times and it would have not been good to have them there for all that.  But totally fine for them to be there after that while we waited.  Which we did FOREVER for the dye they had to inject in me before the surgery.  The delivery person was very late.  Over an hour!  Dr. Poretta kept coming in and chatting while waiting.  She was surprised to see me in a wheelchair and we explained what happened.  Dave mentioned the risk of blood clots and she said she wasn't worried because I was low risk for that.  The other docs were nice too.  One knew Tori (anaesthesiologist) from when she did her residency.  Dave went out a couple times to find my parents but they had gone home.  I called my Mom just before they took me back and she was not happy.  At all.  Good thing the surgeon came for me because I didn't want that in my head right before.  Dr. Poretta said the dye came and so she wheeled me back in a room.  I had to have two injections of nuclear dye right in the breast.  Not fun!  At all!  But I survived.  Then they took me back to my room and got me in the bed and in no time I was being wheeled to the OR. Once inside the OR, it was a little frenzied because they had waited so long for the nuclear meds that everything was now an hour and a half behind.  They were rushing so fast, it made me nervous!  One aid said something about having to make up for lost time and I said, "Oh, please, take your time on me!"  Or something like that.  It was a little un-nerving.  But before I knew it, I was out.  When I woke up, I heard a nurse keep saying my name and I was pretty out of it.  I was very dizzy and groggy.  She said I had taken a long time to come out of it and something about they should have given me 25 mg instead of 75 on something.  Great.  After another half hour or so she wheeled me back to Dave.  I was a lot more alert then.  Karen had brought cookies and flowers.  Mmm.....
I was still so dizzy and light headed.  It took me some time before I could sit up and get dressed.  Dave had to basically do everything.  My leg felt better than it had in days thanks to all the pain meds.  We took off and headed home.  We stopped at the DMV so Dave could get me a handicap sticker for six months.  Dave did talk to the surgeon and she told him it all went well.  Now to wait for the pathology report.  I wasn't in much pain the rest of the day but I was sure loopy and tired.  I just rested.  Once the pain meds started to wear off my leg was pretty unhappy again.  But the surgery wounds were still fine.
So many treats have started pouring in. Tis' the season.

dear wednesday,  well, back at the hospital getting an ultrasound.  I have multiple blood clots in my leg.  And a very large deep one too.  Will this ever end? I think someone is trying to tell me something!  I give up!!!  SOS!!!!
Image result for sos
I’ve had two meltdowns (well tear bursts) today all ready.  Not sure how much more I can take.  The clots are from my leg being smashed under the snowmobile.  A very large one (DVT- deep vein thrombosis) as well many multiple other ones.  I am glad Dave is persistent though because when he saw it at lunch (it was purple - oh yeah! - and very swollen) he immediately said I need to get down NOW for an ultrasound. I protested because even the slightest touch to it sends me through the roof and I know they have to press hard on it when doing an ultrasound. Luckily, despite my protests, he insisted and they were able to get me right in. Funny thing is the surgeon yesterday told me I was at a low risk for blood clots. So now I am on blood thinners for the next six months and for a lifetime if I ever get another clot. SCARY!!!

Dave also said the blood clot is MUCH more serious than the cancer.  Deadly!  
If we hadn't caught it today...I might not be here tomorrow.  He said when he started his practice that if I had a blood clot then I would have been in hospital for six days on heparin for three days and something else the other three. Geeze!  Almost a week!  So grateful I don’t have to do that!  I just had SURGERY!   For CANCER!!  Now I have a several VERY SERIOUS and potentially DEADLY blood clots!!
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I’m not in a good way here!  Okay, I will say it. I’m MISERABLE!  I can’t sleep more than two hours at a time.  I’m awake half the night.  I’ve cried more in the last two days from pain - fear- and from being completely overwhelmed than I have in the entire year. When Dave talked to my surgeon on the phone about the clots and told her the findings - she gasped -  and doubled my dose.  Since yesterday I can’t move - turn -  bend -  or touch my leg without excruciating pain.  It’s been bad all along and horribly painful but so much worse yesterday and right now. Just moving it an inch sends me through the roof. I don’t even notice the pain from the surgery because of the leg, so that's a bonus! 
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We still don’t know what we are dealing with here!  I must admit I am a bit scared.  Right now if I have to go to the bathroom something fierce, it’s too much work to get to bathroom and too painful so I just lay here until I can’t stand it anymore.  hehe  And my blood work came back with some me other totally unrelated issues.  So, I’m not really in a good way here. Sometimes it feels like it’s just all too much!  BUT, I have soooooo many people praying for me!   I did post on Facebook and Instagram because I needed as many prayers as I can get and the response has been OVERWHELMING!  People are so nice and kind and unselfish and are so concerned.  I never knew how much I was loved...so if I do die it’s like I had my funeral first because of all the nice things people wrote on my posts and all the presents - food-  treats - cards and texts I’ve received. I really never knew how much I was loved.  But now I do and that’s HOW it should be BEFORE you die not AFTER... not once you’re gone.  LOL And those prayers are the reason my leg is not broken (because it SHOULD be!). And the reason we found the clots!   If we hadn’t, I WOULD eventually be taken by one of those.  Dave has seen SO many people die from them.  I’m still not out of the woods yet.  But it feels like something else is wrong - just weird pain in lower abdomen area...but my blood work might answer that.
Basically someone wants me dead and they keep trying every avenue they can, but here I am!   I’ve never felt so beaten up by life at one time.   I’m trying so hard to stay positive upbeat and grateful but I’m kind of struggling right now.  I’ve had three blessings but wish I could find the peace I seek. It’s hard to have peace when you hurt so bad. 
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But, I’m proud of myself because Sky and crew were going to come today at noon and stay through Christmas (to help me), but I told them no because I need a quiet house right now to rest and if Carson’s here it would be torture for me to not be up and doing things with him and I wouldn’t stay down (I haven’t yet anyway). But this blood clot stuff has scared me bad enough I told him that I didn’t want them to come for a couple days  because I needed to try and rest and I needed a quiet house to do that. So I put me first! Not something I would ever normally do.  And he totally understood.   But that was major for me.   Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to learn from all this. Just wish I knew so I could learn it and move on!  

dear thursday, well, I got three hours of sleep tonight. Last night only two so I’m improving.  If I could sleep during day that would help but I spent yesterday at the hospital and then had so many visitors stop by and the phone.  Answering texts is a full time job and exhausting after a while.  I couldn’t respond individually to all the (over 150 comments) on my post even though I really wanted to because it takes too much time. I’m not a good patient. I’m going stir crazy.  Dave FORCED me to take a Lyrica this am .... LOL. .... he wanted me to take a hydrocodone but I talked him into letting me try the Lyrica first.  Advil is now out!  Thanks to blood thinners.  I think he’s tired of all my whimpering in pain all night I think.  Poor guy.  I just want the mothers milk (Michael Jackson drug- hehe) they gave me at hospital!  That stuff was great!  But they did OD me cause I took forever to come out of it.  The nurse said she’s never seen anyone take so long to come out . She said they should’ve lowered the dose due to my size and I’m sure they did.  I think it’s cause I never take drugs so when I do ... wham!  It’s a joke not being able to move on my right upper body cause of surgery and can’t move my right leg at all without major pain so it’s almost impossible to get in a comfortable position and then my back starts to join in on the party. 
My life right now!  At least I'm surrounded by lots of purple and a cat!

When you can’t move your leg even an inch without excruciating pain .... it gets pretty overwhelming. Dave thought the meds would start working fast and the swelling would go down soon.... nope.  
So then I’m scared something else is going on. It was bad yesterday but today is kind of ridiculous. I was up and about all day yesterday and he thinks that’s why but I’m not convinced.  I’m running out of patience.  I’ll prob end up in the psych ward cause it’s making me crazy. That doesn’t sound too bad right now.  Though I did burst out laughing this morning when Dave was trying his hardest to get me comfortable and it wasn’t working.
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Something is trying to do me in.  I’m not giving in! Coming at me from all angles.  I’m a mess right now. haha
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I really struggled with whether I should have put this all out there on social media or not.  Since it is kinda private but I really did it for selfish reasons because I wanted lots of prayers.   I keep getting this impression I’m going through this not just for me but for others or even maybe one other.  But I was feeling very exposed and vulnerable from what I have posted especially yesterday and then I got his sweet message just now....that confirmed I did the right thing.  HF keeps sending me these little things letting me know He hasn’t abandoned me and all this suffering is part of His plan. 

Lori Moore wrote one that was really a bit profound and made me wonder if this isn’t just for me to learn but for someone else.  If this is all for someone else then I can bear it more patiently.
Lori Moore Jodi-you must have volunteered for a lot of stuff on this journey-sounds just like you:). If you hadn’t hurt your leg, it would have been someone else and you said nope, I’ll take it. If you didn’t have that lump, Someone else would. You said, nope, I’ll take it. That’s how selfless you are. Those agreements we made in Heaven I think we had some inkling of an idea, but not to the extent of what we know now. I do think you knew how strong you were in pre-mortal life. Your desire so great to get back to Heavenly Father, that you knew it would be all worth that reunion. So grateful for Dave!! So grateful for prayer and the power of the Priesthood:)) and especially grateful that you have touched so very many hearts, and I’m just a little dot on the map to be one of them. I love you:)

I have thought about that before she wrote that. I totally could see myself up there volunteering for things because I tend to like a challenge.  And I am sure I was raising my hand saying, "Sure!  Yes!  Why not!  I can do that!  I've got this!"  Where were my real friends telling me to STOP!  haha

Anyway here’s the message another sweet friend sent: (I rarely see her and haven’t talked to her in years).
Jodi, I'm so grateful that you are my friend. I am very, very sorry that you are going through so many trials at this time. I admire you so very much and appreciate the great example you are to all of your friends and family. Your strength, your beautiful sense of humor, your positive attitude and especially your faith and trust in the Lord are an inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing your journey and allowing us to see your amazing example. I love and admire you greatly. Love, Christie, your friend.  
his is just one of many like that. I need to be  a stronger example .....
I’ve got to stop getting so discouraged...and just go with it. I need to read some of these every day to stay motivated!  

I hope it helps someone because I’m  getting pretty discouraged.  Yesterday I rested ALL DAY!  But...bad day.  Pain in leg at all time high - minus when it happened.

Then just that short amount of time of having the blood rush down is unbelievable -UNBELIEVABLE- how painful it becomes by the time I’m back to my resting spot to elevate it.  First time in my life I’ve actually taken more than one of the real stuff -  Norco-  but it’s only 5 mg.  Just took my 3rd one because it was too much.  SO painful.  Coming from someone who won’t even take a Tylenol unless excruciating headache. This should be feeling better by now.  It looks a little better as far as size right now. But the pain is unreal.  I’ve cried a lot today.  Not so much the pain - I’m pretty tough and can handle more than I thought but because of the fear of what is going on here.  I’m very scared.  I just can’t believe it could still hurt so much.  I’m afraid there’s something going on even worse.  I’m feeling bad for Dave.  He keeps saying , “What if I hadn’t caught it?”  (blood clot).  And how he’d never forgive himself .  He had a guy die in his residency from one because no one caught it.  And he’s seen so many die from a stupid clots.  I’m still not out of the woods and I told him tonight I think I’m dying.  I was kidding, but he took me serious and we had a long talk.  I’m just not sure what is happening here or the why...maybe I am being punished....or maybe I’m on borrowed time already, but I’m more at peace than ever if I am dying.  Sometimes the pain is so bad I want to. If the pain wasn’t so excruciating at times I think my perspective would be different but pain does things to you nothing else can.  

I think about Tyson a lot and how much he suffered for so long and that helps me buck up.  I’m a fighter but maybe I’m not supposed to fight it.  I’ve decided to turn it over to the Savior - to lay my burdens at His feet-  to put it all on the altar - to let Him fight it for me now -to put my trust in Him and not myself.  I’m more than willing to suffer if it will help someone but I’m not a wimp and this is kind of over the top. Is it all for me?  For Dave?   For others who read on FB?  No idea.  Just know if pain has a purpose I handle it better.  Aka childbirth...  

Sorry, I’m all over the place here..... it’s been a rough week to say the least. The surgery recovery has been a piece of cake. If it weren’t for the leg I’d be baking a cake and be out shopping by now. 

Oh life.......
***Not sure why the font and colors are messed up. Couldn't' seem to fix it.

dear friday I think the swelling is finally going down a bit. 
Some improvement today.  Yesterday my pain level (leg) on a scale of 1-10 was a 10...maybe I’d even say a 15!  Today it’s about a 7 or 8.  So that’s good.  I didn’t even take a pain pill the last time I got up.  I really really really hope I’ve passed through the worse. If not...well...not even going there.  It’s much better today, still hurts like crap but yesterday was almost unbearable. I don’t even care anymore about my surgery incisions-  that’s the least of my concerns.  These clots are much more life threatening than the cancer.  My perspective has changed.  I honestly don’t know how this will all end.  When you are in excruciating pain like this has been.... nothing else matters.... you just want relief!  No matter how it comes. Today is a good day so I hope that means things are heading the right direction.  I think I wrote I was blunt and told Sky to not come because I needed a quiet house to rest? Sarah texts today and says they might come up and I told her no not until tomorrow (so not the normal me). But if I’m not feeling better than I am right now I’m going to buy another day.

This is why I love our bishop!   He just sent me this:  (his wife Jenny works at clinic ) 
“Okay so I'm totally cheating. At the clinic Jenny has a sheet with pets names on it. They need to match it to the employee and type of animal. You guys have a cat right? Name is Mr Cat? Don't tell Dave I'm cheating. We know how he likes rules. πŸ˜€
Then after I told him it was Mr. Cat he sent this: 
“So I guess because I knew I wasn't cheating. I'll repent on Sunday.”

Something I learned (or re-learned) is that we just can’t take ANY of our time for granted.  Or our bodies.  I totally took my legs for granted. And just walking to the bathroom.  It’s now a MAJOR part of my day that takes forever and lots of planning but to mention pain.  So bizarre to think just three weeks ago my life was normal.
Other than the worry about the lump.  Life can turn on a dime. Or snowmobile!
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I’m kicking myself for sooo many decisions that day.  But can’t change it now.  This doesn’t feel like it’s improving!  Sooooooo painful I want to cry.  Man not sure how I walked on it for those 5 days.  Now I’m getting a fever.  Not good.  If you don’t hear from me -  I’ve been taken to hospital for IV antibiotics.  Nothing like feeling like crap on top of feeling like crap!  I need a bigger white flag!
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Okay focus!  
At least I’m not in hospital - 20 years ago I would be for a solid week from these clots.  At least I’m not barfing ...and my swelling is going down.   At least I just have to worry about Christmas not a wedding or a funeral or something big.  
At least I’m not in a cast!  Could have easily been.  
At least I’m having no issues with the surgery!   And I didn’t need a wire before or a drain after.  I have to keep on this positive road or I’ll go under!!!

And so it continues....

My Mom is in ER with severe chest pain.  EKG is good waiting now for blood work. They are now looking for a blood clot in her lung.  Geeze!!!!  What is going on!!!!  I surrender.... AGAIN!!!  No blood clot....WHEW!  So it's either esophagus or heart.  Dave sending her to Ogden Regional for an angiogram or stress test or both and I can’t even go!  I’ve got to just breathe.  Dave found an abnormality in her EKG. I’m really worried now.  And I can’t be with her!!!!!  And during the EKG she had another episode!  They are taking her to Ogden regional in ambulance.  I feel like I NEED to be there!  She’s fragile and hates needles!   If she stays I’m making Dave take me down and I’ll just find a wheelchair there and try to keep leg elevated.  Apparently she had the entire hospital cracking up last night... that’s how she is. VERY FUNNY.  Britt sent me a text while there saying everyone loves her already as per normal.  I’m glad she is with her!!  And, of course, my Dad.  I’m very worried and couldn’t sleep.   I’ve also got a cold.   Thought it was the flu or an infection but now congested and feel crappy so pretty sure just a cold....I hope!  But it’s better than yesterday.  I wanted to die. My leg isn’t in excruciating pain now if I touch it so I’m really excited about that.  Still can’t put hardly any weight on it though.  I just need it to heal!!!  I feel sooooooo helpless!!!!   
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I'm gonna need a bigger white flag!
I truly wonder HOW SO MANY can be praying for my family and yet things just keep happening?!!!!!  I just don’t get it and want answers!  Dawn says it’s Satan but I told her it’s not.  I also think all the stress with me has something to do with my Mom going through this.  She had been pretty worried about me and when she worries... she worries!

Well - they found several blockages that were too severe for a stint so the plan is triple bypass!   Not sure when yet but they won't let her go home. I fear she’s too fragile to survive it!!!  Will it ever end?  I want my Mommy!  πŸ˜«
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Well, I was doing well until Bonzo text me and said her and Lisa Elmer were coming. But it ended up being a tender mercy.  Cause the doorbell rang and I thought it was them so I answered. It was the new orthopedic surgeon in town delivering a ham.  He asked why I was hobbling.  I explained.  I told him I prob should’ve come and seen him but X-ray was clean and he asked if he could exam me right then.  πŸ™„  Why, sure!  haha   OUCH!!!!  Holy!!!  The ankle and knee were big time OUCH!  He is glad I have no knee pain but said when things settle down if the ankle or knee is still sore to get in.  Super nice guy!   Just felt relieved he didn’t freak out and say you have really messed that up.  Anyway that, and then Lisa and Bonzo came and then since I was down I did some stuff and now I’m paying massively for it!   Can’t understand how having it up - elevated- most of time I was down could make it hurt so bad!!!  Geeze!  Getting up the stairs was a joke!  Dave - and Taylor tried to carry me but can’t touch my right side basically so now my leg is killing me!  I’ll be set back I’m sure!  I guess I probably still shouldn't be taking visitors!  But they drove so far, and I think visitors can help you heal emotionally. And they brought me the most gorgeous purple poinsettia!

dear saturday,  found out Mom’s surgery is on Christmas Eve!  Gonna be a Christmas no one will forget that's for sure!  Gotta focus on the good!  There’s so much even if it’s getting buried by the bad.  Like this stylin' PURPLE walker I get to use!!!  Woot!
Just got off phone with my bro.  He's pretty scared and worried too.  I just pray she can survive this.  He's going to drive all the way here so he can be here by tomorrow night. She’s so fragile!  I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to learn from all this.  I feel like I already got quite a bit of training with Tyson.  So WHAT AM I NOT LEARNING HERE???   Obviously something major I’m overlooking otherwise it would slow down!  I mean couldn’t my Mom’s stuff waited until AFTER I was healed and able to at least walk?   It’s just a bit baffling to me!!!  
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I wish I could go to the temple for inspiration but that’s taken from me too.  I'm praying for answers and for whatever is blocking the conduit to my learning to open up. So many questions!  I’m really trying to be positive and grateful and I am most of the time.  Dave and the boys are always very positive even when I’m not.  I’m glad they have learned that even when I’m not the greatest example all the time. Sometimes you need to be real.
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Going back to the start with my back issue-  that was a huge shocker that started it all.  Now how minimal that seems but it was enormous at the time. How interesting perspective is.
Perspective.....It’s crazy how it’s progressed:
•Back...HUGE - felt very picked on that my life (running) would be taken from me.
•Then cancer -  GIANT -  made back not seem so huge.  This became ALL consuming...took over all my fears.
•Then leg -  GIGANTIC - blood clots even more deadly than cancer?  Who would’ve thought I’d have something larger than cancer during cancer?  Cancer took a backseat to even that.
•Then my Mom - ENORMOUS -  EVERYTHING took backseat to this.  To think my Mom might not survive the surgery and be taken from me when I need her most?    And to think I can’t even help her get through when she needs me most (if she does survive it - she’s is so fragile and tiny and scared). I can’t take in meals or clean or even just simply visit.  
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So from the start to here...I then go back to my back.  I rarely think about it unless it’s giving me intense pain and when it does the pain is put out of my head because my focus is on the leg pain which is 20X worse. The thing (back) that was SO HUGE in the beginning and all consuming is now (even though it hasn’t changed and pain still intense) no longer even a priority. 

Who cares about a pebble in your sock when you have a boulder?  

I don’t know... just trying to figure it all out, so I write.  The severity of each challenge hasn’t changed or lessened but my focus has.  You just don’t know what’s around the corner!!!!  And it scares me!  Interesting it didn’t start in reverse....with my Mom.   But in progressive order of ability to endure and handle.  But it can stop...now.   I know I’m strong and stubborn and a tough old broad BUT I have my limits too.   I think HF is trying to show me that I’m even stronger than I thought but.  Why is that important?  I wish I could figure out the WHYS in all this because it would make it all so much easier to cope with.  Where’s my peace?  It will come I know.  I just need to be patient and endure it all well.  Maybe it’s because even though I know gratitude is the key, it's still takes work and doesn’t come completely natural yet. It is getting more so but I have a long way to go.   It’s like a crash course and I fear if I don’t learn what I’m supposed to, more will keep coming!   But if I just knew what I’m supposed to learn-  I WILL learn it.  Hard when you’re not sure what it is!  Here is a great quote from Richard G. Scott:

"Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more (see Prov. 3:11–12). He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion which polish you for your everlasting benefit. To get you from where you are to where He wants you to be requires a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain." - Richard G. Scott

The link to his whole talk is HERE.

Someone sent me this amazing quote by Pres. Eyring:
With all the differences in our lives, we have at least one challenge in common. We all must deal with adversity. There may be periods, sometimes long ones, when our lives seem to flow with little difficulty. But it is in the nature of our being human that comfort gives way to distress, periods of good health come to an end, and misfortunes arrive. Particularly when the comfortable times have gone on for a while, the arrival of suffering or the loss of material security can bring fear and sometimes even anger.

The anger comes at least in part from a feeling that what is happening is unfair. The good health and the serene sense of being secure can become to seem deserved and natural. When they vanish, a feeling of injustice can come. Even a brave man I knew wept and cried out in his physical suffering to those who ministered to him: “I have always tried to be good. How could this happen?”
That aching for an answer to “How could this happen?” becomes even more painful when those struggling include those we love. And it is especially hard for us to accept when those afflicted seem to us to be blameless. Then the distress can shake faith in the reality of a loving and all-powerful God. Some of us have seen such doubt come to infect a whole generation of people in times of war or famine. Such doubt can grow and spread until some may turn away from God, whom they charge with being indifferent or cruel. And if unchecked, those feelings can lead to loss of faith that there is a God at all.
My purpose today is to assure you that our Heavenly Father and the Savior live and that They love all humanity. The very opportunity for us to face adversity and affliction is part of the evidence of Their infinite love. God gave us the gift of living in mortality so that we could be prepared to receive the greatest of all the gifts of God, which is eternal life. Then our spirits will be changed. We will become able to want what God wants, to think as He thinks, and thus be prepared for the trust of an endless posterity to teach and to lead through tests to be raised up to qualify to live forever in eternal life.”- Henry B. Eyring
A photo from the Utah Noodle Dinner Party at Dave's parents tonight.  I had to miss it and I was so sad, but they brought me home some of the amazing food!  I think their recipes (Scott's and Kevin's) is better than Utah Noodle!  Looks like I missed out on more than food!

dear sunday, we (and all the boys) just got back from hospital to visit my Mom and she’s in good spirits!  
But holy it’s gonna be a horrific procedure.  She’s being brave!   My only concern is that Britt and Cyndi who was there recorded a video with the doctor a couple days ago I watched and the staff was trying to determine my Mom's frailty level and both of them we’re going on and on how she tap dances every day she walks she parks far away in the parking lot and on and on.  For some reason my Dad wasn’t in there at the time.  And NONE if it IS TRUE!  We all drop her off at the curb if she goes into a store she does not tap dance every day maybe at the most once a week but usually once a month now. She can barely walk from her car in to my house and always needs assistance! I was getting very concerned while listening to them say all that.  That’s why I needed to be there!  But later I realized if I had been there, then what I told them may have given them second thoughts to do the surgery, and so even that was a tender mercy!
Here ↓ we are the two invalids! 

Hopefully just by looking at her they’ll be able to tell how frail she is. But her recovery will be much harder and longer because of it. I just can’t believe they’re doing all this to my little tiny frail Mom!  Who hates needles!  How about a scalpel? But I’m glad they can and I pray she pulls through! I’m a nervous wreck though! Just need more faith.  I am trying to find lots of faith but I am very scared for her!  They will split open her breast bone, remove a vein from a leg and then she will have a ventilator and two neck IVs.  But she’s being brave!  More afraid of needles than the surgery I think!  Lol  I am feeling so helpless that I can’t be there during the surgery and recovery!!  
While visiting tonight, Dave luckily saved her from getting blood drawn and a finger stick (she HATES needles!).  There are seriously a lot of incompetent people working at the hospital!!  They were going to poke her for blood sugar WHILE she was eating!!  Umm...hello!  Dave saved her from that as well.  They were going to draw two vials when she’s going off heparin in four hours?  Both totally NEEDLESS!  I continue to be amazed anyone leaves the hospital alive!!
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Earlier today Lisa Clements had a friend of a friend deliver me these gorgeous flowers yesterday from her and Pam Tuft.  Who does that?   People are so nice!  I feel bad I haven't taken photos of all the gifts I have received. 
I've had so many visitors I had the boys (or Carson) turn away most but did go down for awhile cause going to hospital anyway.   Can’t believe how it wears me out!  I was totally exhausted after getting home from that.  Such a different side to life!  It literally takes me 5 min to out on a pair of socks and I’m totally wiped out after.  Yeah.  Gonna be a strange Christmas.   I don’t want to even go downstairs anymore because it’s so much effort and frustrating!  Plus very painful unless my leg is up. And it has to be perfectly positioned or it kills.  I’m so ready for some relief!!! 

Our traditional Sunday before Christmas photo. First year I am not in a dress.  Good reason for that!  lol
 I had to have one without the walker!

What I posted on FB:

“Master the tempest is raging...” Sometimes the storms of life continue to rage as you keep searching for that safe harbor. My sweet mom, ended up in the ER for severe chest pain on Friday night and then was admitted to the hospital for testing. The angiogram showed several blockages and so she will be having triple (possibly quadruple) bypass surgery tomorrow on Christmas Eve.
Once again I ask for your faith filled prayers for her and our family. I want to wear heaven down with so many prayers that it gets so tired of them that it surrenders and answers just so it won’t be bombarded anymore!
Adversity comes to us all. There are times however when it feels like the winds and the waves are blowing too hard and fast and we’re going under. When we feel we are sinking and the seas are too rough, that is when we have to reach up for the Lord’s hand and pray as we put our total trust and faith in Him that He will guide us to that safe harbor no matter how distant the shore seems.
As Alma told his son, “He will support you in your trials and your troubles and your afflictions and will lift you up out of them.” Alma 36:3. 
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dear quotes, 

I added some of the comments from my posts (for myself) because they really strengthen me and I am sure I will want to go back and re-read them again when I feel the need for strength and there's no way I'll ever be able to find them on FB.
Kay Foechterle You survived the Boston monsoon. You persisted with humor and determination. Satan will not win when he encounters your family. 
Robert Lindsey As Dave said today in sacrament meeting. “You will be made equal to the challenges you face.” It doesn’t mean it will be easy but our prayers are with you.Laura Smith Oh, Jodi I’m crying so hard. I could barely read it all. Continued prayers for you, your Mother, and rest of your Family. Your faith, and love of your Savior, and Heavenly Father helps to strengthen me. May his loving arms be around youNancy Whitaker I’m thinking and praying for her bd your family I just love your parents they were so very nice to me when I was at cli hope you sre doing welBonnie Bandley Horton Still praying my friend. You have been hit hard with adversity. There is a special place and reward for your faithfulness in the next life! True refiners fire. Love you! πŸ’•Karen Cox I’m so sorry my dear friend, your mom is the sweetest person I know❤️ she is in my prayers as well as you and your family. Your faith is being tested and you are having another experience to get to know our Savior Jesus ChristMichele Packer Law This is all so very HARDπŸ˜±πŸ’”πŸ˜«‼️...I’m wishing I had a magic wand to make all these bad scenarios you are going through vanish❣️😞❣️😞❣️...You and your family are easy to pray forπŸ™
Jana Brokaw Marcum Oh my hellen...that's not your mom's name is it?🀭 For heaven's sake...couldn't we spread all this out a little??? You better start collecting chocolate. Your mom is going to need some too. Love you and prayers are forthcoming....😘Nancy Chiappini Moyle I thought things came in threes! Isn't this at LEAST ten?! I love you so and am thankful for your example of faith and courage. Prayers for you and your mother. ❤️Lori Moore Jodi, many prayers your way for your sweet Mom. Yes there are times when we feel it’s too much to bear, and the truth is, it is too much to bear! But God is carrying these trials with you. I bear witness of this because I have felt His help in my greatest and darkest times. You are such an amazing daughter of His. The way you show others your example of incredible faith of patience while maintaining your humor is what sets you apart from so many. I love you. You are in my heart and my thoughts. So is the rest of your family:). ❤️πŸ™πŸ»Jodi VanDenakker Wilding The surgery went well for my very brave Mama. She ended up with a quadruple bypass and is in the ICU. The recovery is going to be a long process but so very grateful all went well. Thank you for your faith and prayers!Rosana Scisci Once a wise man left 2 Envelopes for his children to open as follows:
- when you are going through great adversity, sorrows and thinking that everything is wrong
- when u are very but very happy

And so it was done!
At a time of many difficulties the envelope was opened and it was written: this will pass!
And after so many tribulations, came the moments of great joy and again the envelope was opened and there it was written:
This will pass too!
Love you, dear friend πŸ₯°
Janet Ward Hagen I’ve been thinking about your lighthouses during these rough waters

Kimberly Garrett Swift We love you so much Jodi! We're praying for you! You're one of the big reasons my girls can't wait to move back to Utah! Thanks for always being so sweet to them. We're here for you! πŸ’œJulie Stephens Williams Prayers for you and wishing you a speedy recovery.Julie Wilding Dustin We will keep praying for you!! πŸ™πŸ». Love you so much! πŸ’— See you this weekend. πŸŽ„☃️Karen Wilding Toone Wow Jo! So thankful you don’t have a broken leg going into surgery. πŸ™ Love you so much! You are in our prayers and we are so proud of you and for the person you are. Sending lots of hugs and praying for a good outcome tomorrow. Sandy Gailey Butler You are in my prayers Julie S. Elegante Prayers for sure. So sorry you've had so much on your plate.. Let me know what I can do for you.. Love you girl.. If anyone has the faith and courage it's you.. Be strong dear friend.Kelli Jacklin Hanis I had no idea any of this. I’ll be praying for you like crazy!!! Hugs Carla McKenzie You are beyond amazing sweet Jodi! We just watched a Wonderful Life yesterday and I cry everytime!! You remind me of George Bailey in many many ways  praying for you with all I have!! I hope you can physically feel all the love and healing prayers coming your way πŸ˜˜P.S. getting a mamo Friday in honor of you and Chris and I haven't had one in many years.Chris Rogerson Quick You're a champ Jodi. Stupid cancer doesn't stand a chance against you. Heavenly Father sure must have faith in us, handing out challenges right and left! Lol. You've got this girly. In a couple years we'll talk about that year we had cancer and kicked it's butt, because we're Wonder Women. Right?πŸ’œSandy Bunderson I sure do love you and I know you can beat this!Dawn Marie Ropelato Oh Jodi with everything going on your miracles are still happening and will continue to! Good thing you’re one that documents things good! You’re Book of Gratitude will be filled and if you have one for Tender Mercies it will be too! If anyone can get through all this it is YOU! You’ve got my prayers and support! I’m here for you always! πŸ’œLori Moore So much love and gratitude that I have had the humble honor of calling you friend. You will rise above this and be yet, another example of this fight!! I have no doubt that angels are with you and that they are singing praises of healing in your behalf:). I also know that prayer is our greatest way to healing and comfort. That story of the snowmobile with Dave.. no doubt will be something we look back on and chuckle! Poor Dave!! I bet his face was as white as a sheet! Hope your leg is feeling better! And your disk- I pray for a complete miracle so you may be able to do what you love most! Please have Dave post after the surgery. I love you, my purple legged friend!!Lori B. Price Jodi, I’m glad I read your entire post so I knew to join with many in prayers for you as you go in for surgery tomorrow. Praying your cancer struggle is minimal, and that your leg will mend quickly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give to you in a small wayJoy Straley Oram You've got this!!! Thanks for sharing... prayers for a quick recovery and strength for you and your family,.Tawney Call Prayers we love you!Teri Bingham Nance Oh Jodi, I will for sure be praying for you. I didn't know but worried from a previous post. So sorry about your other set backs too! Knowing you these are just bumps in the road. And bumpy roads lead to the best adventures and loveliest views! You will find strength, and you will be better soon!Angie Murray Stewart Prayers for you Jodi Nadine Wight We are all praying for you. Love you guys so much!!!! Let us know if you need anything!!! Jan Wangsgard So very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. May you have peace and comfort during this difficult time. Prayers and thoughts are with you Kaylie Connolly Stringfellow ❤️❤️You are in my prayers! You are such a wonderful friend to my mom and family. I'm grateful for the example you have been throughout my life. Jennifer Howard Schow Prayers coming your way Jodi❤️ Your faith and positive attitude will help you in this battle. Know you are loved by many! MaryandWeston Toone We love youπŸ’œ Praying for tender mercies and miracles from heaven to be sent your way!! Angela Creel Jody. My Cousin, I love you. You are right you have got this. Your plan of attack with Positivity reminds me of another Angel from our family, Shelley. Your words are so much like hers. I could not help of think of her as I was reading your post. You have so many other heavenly Angels looking out for you, and they will be with you tomorrow and every step of the way. My family is praying for you and I to have faith in the power or prayer. YOU GOT THIS. Brigitte Larson You’ve got this πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’œDear sweet Jodi ~ thanks for sharing and allowing us to join in prayers for you. We’ll be praying for your family and Dr’s too. May peace be with you!! πŸ˜˜♥️ πŸ™Sweet Friend. You're always a ray of sunshine! Thank you for being you. I wasn't aware of your challenges. I'm sorry. Me'Chel MusgraveMany prayers are going out for you. We just went through this with our 30 yr. Old daughter In law. And we can attest to collective prayers. Miracles still exist. Sharon Vandenakker Perry Garr Jodi, my sweet niece, you do have this, we will be praying for you and if you do have to have Radiation that is ok, it is not so bad and after fighting my cancer for at least 8 years, I swear by radiation, I do believe it killed my cancer, I love you and you will be in our thoughts and prayers, be strong girl,Sharon Merritt Jodi you most definitely will be inMy prayers! You are beautiful and strong Julie Berchtold Hulse Wow!!! My prayers are with you my sweet friend. I went thru the same thing and if you wanna talk I’d be happy to visit with you. Hang in there.Melanie Elmer Butler God bless you sweet Jodi and God bless your familyπŸ’•Ben Farrer Glad your OK. You like purple right?Tonya Palmer Jackman My goodness! We are definitely praying our guts out for you!!!! Love you so much πŸ’œDonna Anderson My prayers are with you my sweet Jodi, and wishing you a speedy recovery. Tina Burgi Smith Wow, you've been hit hard lately. I am inspired by your plan of attack! I think it sounds like a great plan. Prayers for sure. (and we have the same favorite movie!) Deborah Trem Williams WOW! That’s a lot for a person to take in!! I am so glad that you sound like your in a solid place. Sending positive energy.Brooke Stucki Love you big! Carol Livingston Pyle I just knew something was going on with you. I had a very distinct impression last week. I will be checking in on you and be sure to call or text if you need anything. I am a 14 year cancer survivor! You Got This!!!ill Rhodes Gray Best wishes Jodi!! Thinking of you!! Andy Thompson So sorry to hear about your snowmobile accident. Mad as hell that you have cancer but I know you will kick its butt. I will keep you in my prayers.Patricia Biggs Moody Hi sweet Jodi. WELL, the old saying things come in bunches, sure is true right now for you. All I can say is Heavenly Father will put his arms around you and protect you. Please know that little flitter you feel, is the Angel I sent your way to be with you during this difficult time. Christmas Love to you and yours.Bonnie Bandley Horton Yes you have got this! I am so sorry about the snowmobile!!! Yes things come in threes so you are done!Jenny Greene Hardy You do got this!! I will definitely keep you in my prayers.Marilyn Parrish Love and prayers from Texas for you (and Dave). I admire your faith and positivity! Wish we were there to give you a big hug! Hailey Richard Brady Oh my goodness. It's true when it rains it pours. Best wishes to you and your family. I'll be praying for you too. I have looked up to you ever since I first met you in American Mothers 20 plus years ago and what I learned from you and that organization. I really needed it back then in my early years of mothering. You are amazing and I'm sure you will pull through this trial! My younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago when she was 30 years old and pregnant with her 4th child. She didn't have chemo or radiation but had a mastectomy and is doing great now. Alyson Candilora Yoshimura You are in our prayers and thoughts I just know everything will go great hugs πŸ˜˜Jodi Noall Foster Love you Jodi and am praying for you!!πŸ’•Valerie Johnson Hawker This is a beautiful post to we are so sorry to hear of these newest challenges and we will keep you in our prayers.Elisa Elton Hammond "There are a lot of people asking for help for Jodi" and I'll be adding my prayers to those listed above and those not posting. It'll be a powerful surge of prayer! May his tender mercies rest upon you.Crystal Nichols Norman Praying for you and your family. So much love for you guys.Kassie Jensen Prayers and hugs for you and the family.Myrth Slater My prayers are with you sorry about the snowmobile accident.Michele Simpson Jodi you are a rockstar saint to me! I’ve looked up to you for years! Our family will be praying for your wonderful family! We are thankful for the great love we have felt from our dear President Wilding and know you are the quiet strength behind him! If anyone can do this you can!!Terese Tolley Jodi VanDenakker Wilding, my prayers are with you my sweet amazing friend!!! I hope you heal up quickly and that you can enjoy this holiday season with all that you are dealing with!! Sending big hugs!!!Candi Larson John said if you think running is addictive try cycling! (Just don’t break your pelvis like Britt)Lori Conger ❤️❤️ ❤️ you’ve got this. Love your faith!Janice Cumbers VanderToolen Oh my goodness. You are for sure in our prayers and thoughts. Whatever you need we are here for you. We love your family. Looking forward to great newRosana Scisci Honey, I'm sorry about this challenge.
You are a woman of faith and are always teaching us ❤️Sure will be in our prayers ❤️I feel a great love and admiration for you.The Lord will hear our prayers and soon you will be ready to continue your adventures πŸ˜˜Jonathan Crampton Will be praying for you tonightKimberly Sneddon Cleveland Wow!! That is a whole lot to deal with all at once!! You’ll be in my prayers! You’ve got this for sure with your amazing attitude! You shall conquer!Fred M Perkins Believe.Sheri Davis Perkins That is a lot to deal with. Thanks for sharing. So sorry about your accident. You are strong. Hang in there. I’ll keep you in my prayersJamie Johnson Huff Love You My Dear Beautiful Friend!!Teresa Burrell I'm speechless Jodi. I can't even begin to know what you and you're family are going thru right now. All i know is my heart is hurting and i couldn't even finish telling my husband about everything you're going thru. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I will be praying for you sweet friend. Stay positive and fight this!! Love you πŸ™
Samantha Argyle Newell πŸ˜˜ Love you soo much Mama Jodi!Karen Cox My dear friend, oh how my heart hurts for you to have to go through this trial! You do have this my friend, for you have the faith to get you through this. I will keep checking in on you are definitely in my prayers πŸ™Andy Berchtold You can do hard things. You’ve got this Lisa Waldron Oh my Gosh! I don't know what to say! You've got this girl! Our prayers are totally with you all the way. wishing you a good recovery for your leg as well as the cancer! We love ya and will keep you in our prayers. Merry ChristmasCarla Stringer Jodi, I am SO sorry to hear that! You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers and I know my angel momma will be with you tomorrow cheering you on! My mom loved you so much and I know she is with me daily as well! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Super Happy New Year!Natasha Redd Tilley Bless your darling, sweet soul! I'm so sorry. I'm praying and will continue to pray for your health and especially for you to have peace. I would love to do anything for you that would help ease your pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Hugs to you and your family at this difficult time! You are a strong, brave, positive, woman of faith. Keep up the good fight. Xoxo Bret Wangrud Prayers your wayMitra Egbert Dear Sweet Jodi—I can’t believe you almost broke your leg! When I first read that my heart sunk and I thought, “Oh no! Not another thing!” I am so grateful you didn’t break your leg but I am sorry for the purple (even if you do love purple. πŸ™‚I’ve thought of you so much these last few days. You’ve been in my prayers and I will have a constant prayer in my heart for you tomorrow. May you be blessed with peace, comfort, and healing at this time! I love you so much my friend. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ™I am grateful you posted this. What a beautiful, positive, and faith filled message! I LOVE the quote you mentioned from “It’s a Wonderful Life!” (I love that movie too!) There will be many angels being sent down to you at this time because so many people love you. Ayako Warner I'm sure you've heard this song, but I thought I'd share this with you. https://youtu.be/AGhxlPAHOg4May you feel the strength of the Lord who loves you so much. I love you!I will keep praying.Heidi Monson Oh my word - for sure we will be praying for you and the surgeon. πŸ’œElizabeth Rose Brent and I will be praying for youLindsay Mower Smith Prayers coming for you and your family. You're an amazing woman, Jodi!❤️Tonya Stokes Donaldson Prayers your way. Thanks for sharing candidly. It’s a good reminder how much we all walk a journey and need Christ.JeriLyn Berkheimer Owens I had no idea! I'll definitely be praying for you! Your so strong, I know you've got this!LaMont Hansen Prayers and support! Wishing you a quick and full healing my friend Nancy Chiappini Moyle I'm loving you and praying for a flawless surgery and speedy recovery. ❤️Misao Shimamoto Ashdown We are praying for you and your family that the surgery will go well!πŸ₯°Lynette Widdison You can definitely count on me for prayers, as I know first hand how they have helped me with my breast cancer and the tough and very hard times it entails. I will definitely pray that you do not have to have chemo as my surgeon said, I have already done the toughest part of having cancer and now the rest will be so much easier for me and I have to get a mastectomy and a lymph node removed and then radiation and reconstruction surgeries -- so we will see! I am so glad that you only have to get a lump removed as hopefully that and radiation will be all that is needed to rid you completely of cancer!! As right now as I type the chemo worked so well I am happy to say I am cancer free, but I would not wish anybody to have to go through it!!! I was typing on a friend's post a while back that I must have chosen the Masters Class for this life and then realized that I was definitely in the Master's Class. I don't know why there are so many hard things to go through when all we are doing is to live the best we can, but I know the strength and endurance you have built up with your running and am sure you will be true to yourself and deal with this with the great personality that is oh so great and hopefully I will feel up to being on FB more than I have lately to see your great and humor filled posts!!! Just know that although I cannot be there for you, my love and prayers are there for you!!! With all my best and love!!! <3Jana Brokaw Marcum What the hay girl??? I'm at a loss....so crazy! So glad they didn't tell you, that you had to give up chocolate! Best to you tomorrow! If you want a laugh, call me...I might be able to come up with dumb joke :) Love ya! Lots of prayers headed your way πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Kris Groom Alcorn Prayers for you for strenght and prayers for your family for supportChance Price So sorry to hear about this. We will continue to pray for you and your family.Margaret Arlene Capener Prayers for you my dear!!!Kevin Bingham Praying for youAmy Peterson Braithwaite Oh man Jodi, I am so sorry. If anyone can get through this, it is yLori Oram You’ve got my prayers and support dear friendou! You are so awesome! You will be in my prayers.πŸ’•Loraine Larson Jezak I’m so sorry for your trials! Jenneice Gurney Beckstrand Oh Jodi. Prayers are going to heaven as I write this. Your name is in the Logan temple. Bless you my dear friend. Love you.Heather Hanson Carson Love and prayers for healing! You are one of the strongest & most positive people I have ever known. You can do this! ❤️G Troy Vigil Lots of running left to do. Heal well and quickly!Lori Frischknecht Oh! Jodi! I am so sorry on all fronts! I am praying for you my dear friend. I love “It’s A Wonderful Life” too and so believe in the power of prayer. Hang in there girl! You got this! Much loveErin Green Clawson Jodi  lots of thoughts and prayers headed your way! I was talking to Jared and about your crappy circumstances and Cru overheard me and teared up asking if you would be okay. We love you tons over here!!!!Sharon Bowman Hebbert Praying for you and your family.Linda Baugh I'm so sorry you have to go through these mortal life trials but we all know how incredibly strong you and and that you certainly have GOT this. The power of prayer is very real -- I can testify of that. And I will continue to pray for you and your family. ❤️πŸ™PURPLE POWER!!! Robin Peterson Singleton My Dear Sweet Friend you are one of the strongest people that I know! Training for Marathons with you I have witnessed a drive in you like no other and you have made me want to work that much harder! You never let a little rain ☔️ or snow stop you and this WON’T stop you either! Your drive and determination will get you through this! Just remember what I told you my dad said! “ This will NOT get the best of me!” I love πŸ’•πŸ’•you my dear friend, you and your family are a constant in our prayers! Wendy Cutler Lindauer Prayers and healing coming your way!!!Sending you my positive thoughts and love. Janine G. Ingels Sending prayers for you and your family. Thanks for sharing and being a great example of faith.
Your positive attitude and gratitude will certainly power you through. You can do this! Bob Marabella Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery
Love to you.
Keith Hanson Wow, I'm sending prayers you'll get through AL of that crazy stuff.

Molly Llewellyn Kohler Our hearts are with you today!Melanie McMillan You can do this!! I’ve been down the breast cancer road and I kicked it’s butt and you can too! We are praying for you!Larry Hogan May you feel the loving presence of God throughout this journey, along with love and prayers of family and friends! Sending mine from Huntsville, AL!Fran Robinson My god bless you and comfort you in this trial. My prayers are with you.Cindy Tracy Marcusen I am so sorry. Prayers for you. It often seems unfair when you try so hard to live a healthy lifestyle and still end up with health issues. You have a wonderful positive attitude. LaDene Stemm Hang in there Jodi everything will be all right bless youMaryann Nicholls Garner I’m so sorry. You’ll be in my prayers.Keri Skeen Wigdahl Jodi my prayers are with you!Sallie Kirk Zentner So sorry to hear of your trials. Life is hard, but we can always overcome them! Stay strong!! Wishing you a good recovery! On the bright side we all have many blessings to be thankful for. You’ll be in my prayers!Teri J Winn Prayers & More PRAYERS to YOU Jodi VanDenakker Wilding & Family!!! LOVE You ALL!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ I’ll be Thinking Of You & Family πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Yes FAITH Along with PRAYERS Make MIRACLES Happen πŸ’—πŸ’— Love you!! Yes YOU’VE Got This πŸ’•πŸ’•Darla Benson I think you are amazingShaula Parker Holt Sending love, hugs, prayers and virtual chocolate your way! What a bunch of heart aches to go through, but I know you! You will yet conquer! xoxoxoxox shaula
Kay Foechterle My prayers are for you and your family. I’ll tell Sam, our Russian missionary to include you in his prayers. You are such an inspiration to me. Love
Robin Wade Jodi--add our family to the list of those praying for you!πŸ’•Terry Dow Cook I feel the same, Teresa. Knowing her, she will be fine. Lots of prayers for herJeri L Adams You and your family will be in my prayers. I have a very strong belief in the power of prayers. As all of us are faced with our trials in life it is the power of prayer and the strength of our heavenly father and our Lord Jesus Christ that carry us through. My thoughts will be with you and your family. My the Lord pure his blessings upon you

Heather D Nichols I’m so sorry to hear about all these unfortunate things. Sending you much love and prayers! U are an amazing lady and i am so blessed to be your friend Glenda Palmer Your one strong woman with a great support team. Keep the humor going. Our prayers alwaysKatie Shepherd Oh dear Jodi!!! We love you and are for sure praying for you!!!!
Tanae Garrett Cook Praying for you Jodi! We hope everything goes well!! Love you! πŸ’•Debra Bunderson Petersen Freeland You will be fine girlfriend! LovesLois Richins You have my prayers. Had breast cancer surgery 4 years ago. It was scary, but turned out well. I pray yours will too.Wanda Nowell Our thoughts and prayers are of you and your dear family. May God be with you all the way to a full recovery♡Alyson Draper I’m sorry you’ve got so much on your plate right now. I’m so glad your leg isn’t hurt worse. I don’t know about giving up running because of a herniated disc, though. They don’t heal. Having strong core muscles is the first line of therapy. I say run until you can’t! I hope the breast cancer pathology shows only (relatively speaking) good news.Stephanie Ambrose Woolworth Praying for you Jodi. Geeze life can throw some curveballs. I’ll be watching for your updates. May God’s power, strength, and healing surround you!Michele Packer Law Oh my...I’m in tears dear friend😭❣️. I will not stop praying for you and your sweet tiny friend Lily, who is sleeping In my arms, will pray for you too❣️❣️❣️
Robin Wade Jodi--add our family to the list of those praying for you!πŸ’•
Sherrie Andersen Wayment Wow!! I had no idea all this was happening and you still made time to butt dial me πŸ€£I will be praying for you!!! You are amazingly determined and have great faith. You’ve got thisLaura Fulmer Stringham Sending love and prayers your wayPatti Clatterbuck Roberts So sorry, all this is happening to you my friend. I will definitely be praying for you.Mckenzie Wyatt Terry Oh cute Jodi you my friend are wonder woman!! You ve absolutely got this girl!! Im so sorry your life is so hard right now!! All my love and encouragement to you sweet jodi i just loπŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ve you lots and lots!!Margie Johnson Halling Praying that all goes well tomorrow. Julie Garner Thomas I rarely am on Fb these days but happened to check in tonight and see your news. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Your positive attitude always lifts everyone you touch and all those good vibes are aimed right back at you!Nancy Anderson Larsen Being positive is the best answer. Bless you. I read this after surgery but I know prayers are still needed. Yesterday I let Satan win. Please be tough and don't let him win even a smidgin. Love you.
Michelle Lehnardt Praying for you.LaNae Shaw yes we will pray for you and yes there is much comfort felt in all those prayers!!! you are amazing and will make it through all of this - Just stay off Snow Mobiles for a while!Jodi VanDenakker Wilding Thank you all so much for your prayers! They were heard and surgery went well. Jodi VanDenakker Wilding Thank you all so much for your prayers! They were heard and surgery went well. Now we have to wait about 10 days to get the pathology report back. I’m praying very hard it hasn’t spread and I can just do radiation and avoid chemo. But we have to play the waiting game now.Candi Larson Jodi VanDenakker Wilding so happy to hear things went well. We love you to Neptune and back. (Connor says that’s better than the moon)Diana McCashland Wow! I am sorry to hear of your trials! I am thinking of you and sending positive energy and prayers your way! You are stronger than you k

Once again .... THANK YOU ALL for your kind words, amazing support and prayers! πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œ You have no idea how much it means to me and the strength it gives me!!! πŸ’ͺ🏻Lisa Waldron Glad everything went well get some rest and let your "doc" take care of you as I'm sure he does. Merry Christmas to you allCarri Ann Hunt Jodi, thank you so very much for sharing such tender feelings, along with your sweet courage. The amazing power of the prayers of those who care will carry you through the days ahead as I’m sure you have experienced already. Hold on to all the prayers, faith & love that so many, many family, friends & loved ones have given & will continue to give to you throughout this chapter of your journey❤️Bless your heart❣️❣️❣️

Jenneice Gurney Beckstrand Bless you Jodi. Praying for the best!! Love you.Now we have to wait about 10 days to get the pathology report back. I’m praying very hard it hasn’t spread and I can just do radiation and avoid chemo. But we have to play the waiting game now.

Once again .... THANK YOU ALL for your kind words, amazing support and prayers! πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œ You have no idea how much it means to me and the strength it gives me!!! πŸ’ͺ🏻

Jenneice Gurney Beckstrand Bless you Jodi. Praying for the best!! Love you.



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