Thursday, February 9, 2012

Once In A Lifetime Buzzer Beater Hero!

Taylor had one of those once in a lifetime games this season playing varsity basketball his senior year. The kind that he will remember for the rest of his life. The kind that when he is an adult and having a bad day, he can look back on this game and remember how it felt and his day will automatically get better just from the memory of it all.

As a mother, I think it means even more to me because I have watched him play this game through four high school seasons now and there is nothing you want more as a mom than to have your child get some kind of pay back for all the many hours, sacrifice, time away from home, unfair treatment at times, injuries (he is playing this season with an injured wrist on his right hand and as a sophomore he played with a broken hand for part of the season- both football injuries of course!), and the MANY things he gives up in order to be on the team. He has had a lot of success, don't get me wrong, but something like what happened at this game only happens to a very few. He is one of the lucky ones!

They have struggled this season a bit at the start which is really sad because their record doesn't show their talent or how good they really are. They have had some tough losses that could have easily been wins IF that last shot would have gone in, or if that call had gone the other way, or if they would have made that ONE free throw. You know...just the game of basketball! But currently they are neck in neck with the other region teams. They have won the last three in a row.

Suffice it to say, they proved their value at this game.

They played Mountain Crest (a team with a winning record) at home a couple weeks ago.
Taylor saluting to Shad as the starters were announced.
Taylor "high bumping" Josh
The team ready for a barn burner!
They just didn't know it yet!

The game was very intense from the first second and didn't let up at all for all four quarters. Taylor had a great game overall with many rebounds, steals, and deflections.
He was a rebounding machine!
He made some great shots!

Right before halftime, we were behind by 6 points. Shad made a three pointer and then Taylor immediately stole the ensuing inbound pass and made a two point lay-up right as the buzzer went off!!! The crowd went crazy! We were now only behind by one point going into halftime. But as exciting as that was, it gets even better!!!
McKay got to shoot for some $$ at halftime.
2nd half.

The game was within one or two points for most of the second half. It was getting very intense. We were up by four at one point with only minutes to go. Each team called several time outs. Then we were down by four. It went back and forth for quite a while. It could go either way. I had to turn away several times because I couldn't watch! It was a real nail biter!
Then we fouled Mtn. Crest and they got to shoot for two points with three seconds left in the game and the score 51-50 for us. They made the first shot putting it at 51-51!!! VERY INTENSE! Then they shot the second one and MISSED it! We got the rebound (Cobbley) and he passed it to (Malone) who passed it to Taylor who had run down the court waiting for a pass and a chance to score.
Taylor went in for the lay-up and SCORED at the buzzer!!!!!
The crowd went wild!

Not to mention the team. They were jumping on him!

They mobbed Taylor!!!!
He was the HERO!
The crowd stormed the floor!!!!
I don't ever remember such excitement in a game before!
You would have thought it was a state championship game. I know now why they put the hero up on their shoulders. It's to protect the one being mobbed!
The MOB Squad!
What excitement!
The students were told to get back in the stands.
Once they got the crowd under control and back in the bleachers, they sang the school song to the team!
What a victory! They played SO well!!!
I love these two pictures!!!

One of those once in a lifetime moments... to be the hero in a very important game!

The team going back into the locker room.
This time very very HAPPY!!!!!

High fives from the coach!

Allie patiently waiting for Taylor to come out of the locker room...

That's one happy face!

Dave had to leave right after for a meeting so he's not in the photo.
With our HERO!

Congrats Tay! I'm so proud of you!!!
And even more proud that you say it was a team effort without taking the credit.

The next day at school was Taylor W. day at school. Yeah, he even got his OWN day! Of course, he didn't mention that little tidbit to me. I found out from another parent at McKay's basketball game.

Our local paper wrote up a nice article all about his big game winning shot and his tough defensive playing and contribution to the team all season. I was not impressed the paper's photographer didn't get a photo of his buzzer beater shot (at either half!). WHAT? The photo he put in was one of Taylor being mobbed after. I may have to copy it and add it to this. The local paper from the other team had a really nice write up as well. I can't go anywhere without someone mentioning something about this exciting game.

What a great way to seal up your senior year!!!

Now on to the final few games we have left. Thinking about the season ending is NOT a fun thought for me. I will be lost when this all comes to an end. But I am so grateful for the great memories made along the way.


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keep Calm and Hurdle On!

Sometimes I crack myself up. Literally that is.
Ribs to be exact.

I have not been able to run for the past three weeks or more. Well, to be exact for the past 20 days, but who's counting?

Instead of counting the days, I should be counting the reasons I'm not running.
Here are the TOP 10 reasons...
#1 You're not as young as you used to be.

#2 You're no longer 20 years old. (similar to #1 but actually very different)

#3 You should ALWAYS ask yourself before doing something a little off, "What am I thinking?"

#4 If the answer is, "I'm not thinking!", then don't do it!

#5 When running on a high school track, if there are hurdles set up, IGNORE them! They are not there for YOU!

#6 If attempting to hurdle on a track ANYWAY, be 100% certain the hurdle is facing the correct way so it will have some give.

#7 Look around on the soft field BEFORE attempting to hurdle on the HARD track to see if there is possibly a shorter hurdle set up to attempt first.

#8 If attempt to hurdle on hard track and biff it, do not run back to your car almost a mile away with cracked ribs. WALK!

#9 Do not tell husband how you got injured exactly. Saying, "I fell on some ice...", (which you DID do, after all there WAS ice on the track where you hit), sounds much better than, "I tried to hurdle on the track because when I saw them set up, I just couldn't resist, and I KNEW I could do it, but as I was leaping over I tripped on the hurdle because it was facing the wrong way and my foot clipped it and so I smashed my entire right side into the very hard and cold track injuring my head and ribs and now I will need to be pampered by you and you will have to do all the laundry and meals and messes and listen to me say over and over, "What was I thinking, what was I thinking!!!????"...interspersed with much groaning.

#10 You are no longer 20 years old! (that one needs repeating twice)

It was very difficult to resist those hurdles after running around a few times and remembering the feel of hurdling from so long ago. I kept saying to myself, "I can do that!" There is really nothing quite like that feeling... especially when you're 50 and think you're still 20! The feeling is a bit different now, I must say. Instead of feeling the freedom of flying through the air, I felt the pain of lying on the asphalt - in pain. Yeah, not quite the same.

It does help to go over them the RIGHT direction. I am sure had I remembered this small detail, I would still be running!
The injured hurdle. It actually came out worse than the hurdler.
I feel lucky the only injury I sustained was cracked ribs. It could have been much worse. And I am extremely grateful NO ONE witnessed this amazing feat. I am sure if they had, they would have called and immediately signed me up for the upcoming Olympics! After all, there is nothing more graceful than a 50 year old woman hurdling over a backwards facing hurdle and eating the ground. Nothing. In fact, I had to lay there - without moving - for about 15 minutes just to soak it all in. The pain that is.


The truth is, I KNOW that if the opportunity arose again, I would attempt it again. 50 or not! This time though, I would just make sure the hurdle was facing the right way.

Life IS for living and the only way to live is to feel. Unfortunately sometimes it doesn't feel so good, but at least you know you're alive and kicking!

My new mantra:


It has been three weeks since I cracked myself up.
I have been very happy that I have been able to do short distance running the past two days. I got up to three miles and felt okay during the runs, but pretty sore after. When I attempted to run today, it was pretty tender and so I just walked hills instead.

Low and behold LOOK what I saw while walking those hills!
Yes, it appears to be the perfect HURDLE!
Well, other than the fact it isn't a hurdle.
It is some kind of construction thingy, but it called HURDLE out to me!


I stood it upright...
I removed big rocks surrounding it...

And I said to myself, "Should she or shouldn't she?"

Anyone that knows me already knows what my answer was.
I HAD to do it!

I know, I know! my defense, I DID practice a couple of times to make sure I would be able to clear it before I did the actual hurdle. And, this one was just a bit shorter than the track one I biffed it on.

The only drawback was it wouldn't "give" if I didn't make it. Kind of like going over them backwards. But hey, I have experience in that!

I got a good running start. The running part was very painful.
She did it!!!

I have redeemed myself!!!

Here I am sitting on that thing feeling like I had totally CONQUERED!
GO ME!!!

And always remember to:


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