Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Wow, it's hard to believe my
Taylor is 15 today! That boy has been a joy from day one and continues to bring so much happiness in to our lives! Happy Birthday Rouz! We LOVE you!!!

Here are FIFTEEN reasons why I am so happy AND grateful you are my son!

#1 You have been the happiest and most good natured guy since you were born. I am so amazed at how laid backed you are . Nothing ever gets you real riled up. Even in times of stress you just go with the flow and keep that happy smile on your face. What a blessing that has been to me!
I just love this photo of him and brand new McKay!

#2 You are very kind to others and always go out of your way to offer a helping hand. I was just told last week by a friend that she saw you go over and help an elderly woman with her garbage can when you saw she could use some help. And of course you never mention anything to anyone when you do great things.
Click to enlarge (umm...these are ancient scrapbook pages that were done before scrapbooking was invented! Heh-heh...so no judging please! :D)

#3 You are a serious tease! But that makes life fun around here!

No mischief in those eyes! Nope...
#4 You are a great brother and an awesome big bro to McKay. He looks up to you and watches everything you do. I am so grateful you are such an incredible example to him!

#5 I love to do things for you because you are always so appreciative and grateful when I do. More so than most anyone I know. You are always the first to say thanks.

#6 You are never in a bad mood. Not sure how that is possible, but you are always happy! You don't have a temper and are so easy going with everyone. Nothing really stresses you out. You are a great athlete because whenever your team loses a game, it just slides off your back and you move on and go forward.

#7 You are a leader among your peers. They look up to you and want to be like you. You have great leadership ability and others are always following your lead.

#8 You are a lot of fun to be around. You have a great sense of humor.

click to enlarge

#9 Even though you have a lot of reasons not to be, you are a very humble person. Humble, yet confident. Not an easy combo to have!

#10 You are a very hard worker. You have learned how to do what needs to be done without complaining.

#11 You are a self starter. I never have to wake you up in the morning, I never have to remind you to do your homework, I never have to tell you when you have a meeting...you are always on top of it all. In fact, I would really like YOU to be MY personal secretary! You are very organized and very efficient for one so young!

Taylor won the District Cub Scout of the Year!

#12 You are extremely smart. You excel in school and always are at the top of your class. When you were five you knew your seven times tables! No one taught them to you, you just somehow picked them up. Everyone was amazed. In elementary school you took second place in the school spelling bee and went on to district to represent your school for two years in a row...not an easy feat! You were also on the Math and Science Olympiad Team and represented your school at district.

#13 You are also extremely athletic and excel in sports. You are an amazing basketball player. You play very unselfishly and are always a team player. You are also a great football player and even though I don't like to see you out there getting hit and tackled, YOU absolutely LOVE it! You have the drive and skill. Most every sport comes easy for you, but you are willing to sacrifice the time and effort to become even better. You still hold the school record in the shot put at your elementary school. You also competed in the District Pentathlon for your school for three years straight.

Tay's comp basketball team (one of three he played on this year)

#14 You have been described as a gentle bull in a china closet because even though you are a big and tough guy, you are also very gentle when needs be. Like when giving your mom a big hug without crushing her bones! Although you did break my tailbone when I delivered you! Something I won't let you forget!

#15 Overall, you are an amazing, awesome, talented, happy, smart, loving, and INCREDIBLE son!!! Thanks for being soooooooo great! I love you bud!


Yvonne said...

He sounds like such a wonderful young man. Hope he has a wonderful 15th birthday.

Dawn said...

What a great post! He sounds like an all around great guy. Happy Birthday, Taylor!

EarlGirl said...

What a great post, I especially like the camo picture! Happy Birthday!

kristen said...

Happy birthday.
What a great blog to read.
I'm a mum of 4 boys in Australia and love reading about other families like mine.

Tiffany said...

What a wonderful son, and young man you have. I hope he has a wonderful 15th birthday. Happy Birthday!

deb said...

What a great kid! He has a real sparkle in his eyes too! And great hair. Very handsome.

Happy Birthday Taylor!

confusedmommyof3 said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because now I've found yours!
And I love that Toby Keith song, I tear up everytime I hear it.

4funboys said...

great post...

I loved the old scrap pages. It's fun to see how even our own style has changed.

My Wonderful Men said...

Happy 15th Birthday to your wonderful son!

I have a son that just turn 15 this summer. Time flies when your having fun with your kids!


Nancy Face said...


He was such a cute baby and child, and he's so handsome as a young man! This was a great birthday post...I loved reading about his many fantastic qualities! :)


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