Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tyson's Birthday Celebration

We had a great celebration in honor of my son Tyson's (what would be) 20th birthday. For that story go HERE.

Each year we gather and write a message on a card that has his photo and a little bit about him. Everyone puts whatever they want to say to him. Then we attach them to helium balloons and after we sing Happy Birthday we all let them go. It is an incredible sight to see all those balloons sail away to heaven. I have an email address on the card in case anyone finds one. I have received a couple responses over the past two years. It is really fun when that happens.

After that we light fireworks around his grave. Tyson LOVED fireworks and so we really HAVE to do that! They are pretty noisy and I am always afraid a policeman is going to show up and handcuff me on the spot, but so far we have hadn't any problems! Whew! This year we had a pinata for the little ones to break. It was appropriately a Hawaiian hula girl! Then we all enjoy Chocolate Ecstasy which was Tyson's favorite dessert...(next to Rice Krispy Treats!)

It has proven to be a really a nice tradition that brings us together with some of his friends and family. It makes what could be a really sad day into a celebration of his life. At least that is the plan. I think it must be working because this year McKay said to me, "Tyson's birthday is getting happier every year!"


deb said...

What a great way to celebrate his wonderful life. I think that is just incredible that you can do that. It sounds like that is exactly what he would want you to do. You are just amazing!

Candi said...

It looks like the party was a blast. Brigitte really had fun and is looking forward to next year!!

Jen said...

It really looks like a fun party! I love McKay's comment and you really are amazing!

The Hoyt's said...

What a great celebration... I love that you make it a happy day... What a woman!!

Jodi said...

Thank you for the nice comments, but I am not the amazing one...HE was!

Candi tell Brigitte we are so glad she came! Hope you can make it next year!


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