Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surf''s Up!

My sister-in-law Karen and I, took our boys to the Salomon Center to the Flowrider. Flowrider is a mock surfing place that you pay for by the hour. It is really fun, though rather expensive for my liking. It cost $20 an hour. $30 an hour if it is your first time. McKay, Taylor, and my nephew Weston had been once before last summer, but not Bryce. Sooooooo $90 later...they had made some long lasting memories. At least let's hope they will last long for that price! It was a blast and they really started to get the hang of it by the end. It is MUCH harder than it looks....or so I hear. After, we went next door to Costa Vida to eat while we watched the next session of surfers. There are windows that connect the two places together. Lots of fun! Hang loose baby!

Below are some shots of the boys and their cousin Weston (with the short dark hair) who stayed with us from Arizona for a few weeks. They love spending time together when he is here. The rest of his family stays at Dave's parents, but Weston is like one of our boys and so he stays with us. They all get along so well. It's really sad to see them go home each year. I have so much fun with his little sisters Aubrey and McKenzie too. And his mom (Karen ~ Dave's sister) is like a sister to me. We have lots of fun together... sometimes too much! No wait, that isn't possible to have too much fun is it?

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Here' s a couple of videos of what it's like. Unfortunately my memory card was full just when they were getting real good! Oh time!


Yvonne said...

That looks like such fun--much cheaper than surfing lessons. Love the video.

It's always so fun to be with family.

Jen said...

I just want to know, when are we going?

Jodi said...

Wanna go hang loose huh? I am ready anytime you are!


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