Monday, July 21, 2008

Things are NOT always as they appear...

Look closely at the photos below. Do the words overworked, exhausted, pooped out, drained, fatigued, spent, tired, wearied, worn-out immediately pop into your mind?

Now look closely at these next photos. Do the words pamper, enjoy, gratify, luxuriate, satisfy, spoil immediately take over your brain?

Here's one more... Do the words happy, joyous, delighted, glad, jubilant, radiant, elated, euphoric, cheerful, blissful immediately fill your head?

If the answer is YES to the above questions, then I have just proven that things are NOT always as they appear. Oh no, not by ANY means!

The first collage appears that we are not "THE MERRY MAIDS", but more like "THE MARTYRED MAIDS" , which is entirely NOT the case. Yes, we had worked our little tushes off cleaning the house that day as an act of service for my mother-in-law who was not feeling well, but we were happy, chipper, cheerful, joyful, very MERRY, and in great moods. Even house work is fun when you do it with a bunch of people you like to be around. So, things are NOT always as they appear.

The second collage appears that Karen and I are not "THE PEON PEDICURE QUEENS", but more like the "THE PAMPERED PEDICURE QUEENS", which once again is entirely NOT the case. YES, we did go to pamper ourselves by getting pedicures, but ended up being two women who was HAD by a very unprofessional nail salon. What we thought was going to be great pedicures, ended up being a bunch of pedi-crap. The lady that did my toes was extremely unprofessional, beginning with talking me out of getting acrylic toes, which is what I really wanted when I went in. When she needed me to put my feet up or down, she would yell at me to do it.

"Feet down!"

"Feet up!"

There was no asking me nicely to do so. I asked her to be careful with (what I call) the cheese grater on my left baby toe because it had a sore on it. But she just went to town and started to grate that toe with the others! OUCH! I jerked my foot a little, but she just kept on going. I said, "No, not that one, remember?" To which I got ZERO response.

Zip. Nada. Nothing.

I started to wave my arms at her to try and get her attention. Totally futile. Luckily she started grating my other foot. But things got worse. After she put the top coat on my toes she walked away without a single word. Not even the normal phrase, "Five dollar more for a flower". I didn't worry because I knew she would return to apply the second VERY needed, and I might add, VERY expensive second coat.

Wrong. Incorrect. Mistaken.

As she walked by again, obviously moving on to her next customer, I said VERY LOUDLY, "Excuse me, but I need TWO coats!", to which I got NO response. I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she was Vietnamese and didn't speak English real well. Though I was not happy knowing how much I was forking out for my toesies (30 smackaroos!) and so I started to wave my arms. An act of futility once again. The guy that was doing Karen's toes pointed to her ears, to which I saw HEAD PHONES inside them! She had her IPOD on the ENTIRE time she was working on me! WHAT? Head phones inside a nail tech's ears? Totally unprofessional! I had to get Karen's tech to apply the second coat for me!!! Mine was just interested in getting out of there and going home. There is even more to the story, but I will spare you the rest of that. But once again...things are not always as they appear.

In the third and final collage, it appears as if we are not "THE TEARFUL TROOPERS", but rather "THE HAPPY CAMPERS". Nope. Wrong again! My darling nieces were heading back home to Arizona and so the pictures were taken when we're saying good-bye. The top two were taken when little MacKenzie was asking me why she had to go back home the next day. Nothing about them going back makes me happy! So yes folks, it does appear that things are not always as they appear.

I could have posted these photos and just left them at that...but then you would have just thought things WERE as they appear. So sorry, but I just couldn't do that to you, my truth seeking readers. I know you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Oh...and I won't tell you the name of the nail salon, but it starts with Le and ends with Nails. I also won't tell you where it is located, but that starts with New Gate and ends with Mall.

I'm just NOT sayin'....


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness!!! I hate that nail salon and I will tell you that the one in the Provo Towne Center mall is the same way!!! Ugh! The lady cheese grated my feeties, which are so very sensitive, then she just left me hanging, like you, and some other guy came over after 15 minutes to finish up! Huh?! So, he finishes and just leaves me hanging. I end up taking the paper towels off my toesies my self and,nice me, tip the first lady. Why?! Ugh! Never going there again!
I'm sorry you had a sad weekend. It's hard to say goodbye to loved ones.

The Hoyt's said...

You are so funny.. I love the honesty... Sorry about the nails. I'm not sure I would have paid for the full service..You are such a nice person.. Oh by the way thanks for bringing my mom the cake.. That was very sweet of you..

Nancy Face said...

Being a cosmetlogist, I am SO MAD that the nail tech mistreated you in so many ways! Good Grief! I've never done manicures and pedicures other than in beauty school, but I know how relaxing and wonderful they SHOULD be!!!

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you had such a happy time giving service! :)

Jodi said...

Tiffany - I am so glad to hear that you also tipped the lady! I DID TOO! And I have been kicking myself ever since!!! I also had to take of the paper towels myself! I STILL can't believe I actually tipped her! Grrr.... If I could do it over...

Raigon - I really shouldn't have paid for the full service, but I did and then I go and even TIP her! UGH! Your mom was looking real good yesterday! I wish she would let me do more!

Jen said...

Wow! What a crappy (oops! substitute word!) pedicure! Good thing you didn't have her do the acrylics! They probably would have really been messed up.

Yvonne said...

What a great post. Service really is wonderful.

Sorry about the pedicure. What an awful experience.

Always hard to say goodbye, isn't it.

Lori said...

Doesn't it make you so mad to spend so much money for a shoddy job! I have had my share of lazy techs too!

Love the post though...very cute!


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