Thursday, November 12, 2009

USU Game / Halloween Carnival

I love spending time with our youth in our church!!! They are so much fun to be around and I love hanging out with all of them. Good thing I am one of their leaders so I have an excuse to do just that! We have the best group in our ward.

We were able to go to a UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY football game this fall. It has become an annual event that the youth (especially the boys) look forward to. We always have a tailgate party before the game and usually get some kind of VIP tour. It has been a great tradition...

Tailgating it....yum!

Hanging out and throwing some passes before the game...

Touring the Hall of Fame.

This year we weren't able to take the VIP tour because they stopped doing them on game day. But the Hall of Fame was right where the football players entered in the room to get taped for the game. My young women had a great time watching that action going on! I didn't mind it either! lol

At the game!
McKay and his buddies...

The marching band performed at half time. I love marching bands! I am not a TRUE BLUE AGGIE in any sense of the word. I am a TRUE PURPLE WILDCAT!!! In college I was the Majorette for Weber State's Marching Band and interestingly enough, on THIS day, the WSU band was having a reunion for the Weber State Homecoming game and they were performing at half time. I was invited to also go and perform.....and twirl my batons almost 30 years later! Can you imagine me out there in my skimpy majorette costume twirling fire baton at MY age???!!!!!! I do have to admit, it was tempting...for about 30 seconds!

Our youth also put on a Halloween Carnival for the little kids in our ward. Another one of those long standing fun traditions...

WHACK-A-DEACON was one of the most popular games this year!

There was a large variety of games and lots of fun treats! Cute costumes too!
If you notice some spots on the photos, don't be alarmed. It is just the ghosts that decided to join in on the carnival!!! Boooo.......!!!!


Kelsee said...

I've missed your posts! Love reading about your busy life!

I would like to WHACK A DEACON or two myself!

Mercks Maid said...

I can see you love the youth and they love you. That carnival looks like fun as well.

Mercks Maid said...

btw- I really think you should have done the band reunion thing! You would still look amazing in your "skimpy" little costume! Why did'n't you do it?


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