Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cousins Rock!

Sprouted from the same strong branch of our family tree...
Cousins by blood, friends from the heart, Forever, you and me.

Cousins Rock

Mackenzie and Bryce ~~~ these two have a special bond.

My boys have been blessed with MANY great cousins! Three of which live in Arizona whom we don't get to see enough. They have a very special bond though, that will never be broken. When they come to visit us, we do SO much and have SO much fun, that I am sure we spend more time with them this way than if they lived close. Actually I am positive of it because we spend more time with them than the cousins that live here. I think it's because when they come, we know it's only for a short time and so we make sure we schedule time. Whereas, the cousins that live close, we just assume we will see them because they live so close. Sadly, we don't, because it's too easy. Crazy, but true!

Bryce and Mackenzie (Mickey)

Mackenzie and Sky....she LOVES all my boys! And they all LOVE her!

One day we went to a recreational entertainment park called TOADS

It is a great place with so much to do. We rode Go-Carts, played Laser Tag, rock climbed, played arcades and miniature golfed.

Well they were supposed to be minature golfing, but decided to explore the course.

Cousins are many.
Best friends are few.
What a rare delight
To find both in you.

"Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends."

Rock Climbing

I even got in on this flip flops no less!

After a few hours of crazy fun, we went to Eastern Winds to eat and look what we discovered in the parking lot!!!!

HOLY CrAzY!!! That thing looked sooooooooooo real! I saw it first and let out a pretty good scream!!!

Right after we sat down, Bryce decided to spill the ENTIRE pitcher in his lap! After which, the ENTIRE restaurant starred at us all!

Bryce, Mickey, and Taylor. Do you think she likes these guys???? Hmm..... THEY definitely adore her!!!

Dave joined us for dinner. Dave, me, and Mickey.

"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

After that we went bowling! A full day for sure! Me and Karen. We have too much fun together!


It was Mackenzie's SIXTH birthday while she was here and so we had a big party at my in-laws.

She requested a SPANKING MACHINE! Then after she went through it once, she wanted to do it AGAIN! Crazy girl!!!

Bryce's hot date! hee hee

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Mackenzie had to go back to Arizona the next day and was NOT happy about it. Here she is trying to play upon the sympathies of Bryce and Taylor.... She either wanted to stay longer or have them go back to Arizona with her.

Fun times! We miss them already but they are coming back in December for Christmas!


Dawn said...

Cousins are great, and that little one is a cutie! :-)

Karen said...


My kids, of course, loved seeing their pictures on your Blog. I loved the cousins quotes- you made me home sick - we miss you guys. Love you!

Step bump - step bump bump :)

Kelsee said...

Wow, you have alot of fun !!!


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