Monday, December 25, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I got out on a run and it was pretty chilly. I then took advantage of being out and ran to Walmart.  I grabbed some stuff to make more bath bombs and stocking stuffers.  I came home and made more bath bombs.  I had powdery white stuff all over me.  
I looked like I was running a drug lab.  I had to run back for more ingredients and so I hit Kents.  Twice in the stores in my running clothes and no shower.  I didn't get in the shower until 4:00!  Mainly because of making the bombs and working on the poem.  The poem's done, it just needs tweaking.  Dave made dinner thankfully.  We had leftovers but they were good. It's so nice to have Taylor and McKay home.  We did the 12 Days of Christmas and then had some visitors drop by.  First the Horton's who brought us a darling gift and then Kim and Audrey brought over a snowman family he hand carved and she painted. I absolutely LOVE it!  There is a halo on Tyson.  So so cute.  We have the best friends, not to mention the most talented and generous!

dear tuesday, I got up at 5:00 a.m. and went to work on the $*#*&@% poem.  
My sentiments exactly about now!
I was seriously wondering why I keep doing this thing.  But then I decided I do it because I WANT to.  Well, in the sense that I want a record of our yearly history and it's now tradition to do it this way.  So...I decided that I might as well just DO IT and quit complaining because am I going to NOT do it?  Doubtful.  I needed a little pep talk with myself abut a few other things as well that I let get me in a bog when the bottom line is...I choose those things.  
I got out on a run but only got in three miles.  'Tis the season to cut back on running I guess. Hah  I had an ortho appt. and so I needed to get home.  I was hoping today was the day I would be done with the Invisalign, but Clark wanted to tweak a couple things to make sure everything's perfect.  Not sure that's possible, but I am looking forward to getting them done.  I ran and finished up some shopping and I am feeling good about my list. I really just have some small things to get and one niece a gift that I am perplexed on.  She really should be the easiest one on my list, but for some reason, I haven't found the right gift yet.  When I got home I rushed and worked on a bunch of Christmas and then Sky, Sarah, and Carson were here.  Carson always wants me as soon as he bursts through the door.  He always run to me and gives me the biggest and sweetest hug. I sure do love that little guy.   He is adorable.  
We set up Mr. Grinch (life size) and then played in the playroom.  
We dropped off our 12 Days of Christmas gift and headed to Idaho Falls to go see Bryce's light park.  It is a little over a two hour drive. Thankfully, this year it was much warmer than the past two we've been there.  Both times it was below zero I think.  We headed out around 3:00 pm which was nice because we arrived when it was still barely light.  We found Bryce and we got to see the lights go on when he hit the switch. That was fun.  
Carson drove through the park....that was crazy. Dave let him last year as well and so he was looking forward to it.  Good thing the speed limit is like 10 mph.
We went in and sat on Santa's lap.  That was a first. It was nice being the first ones in the park so there was no line.  We got some cute photos.  
 I missed the ward party Santa this year, so I took advantage of this opportunity!
It was so good to see Bryce.  I am so proud of him and all his hard work and talent.
Man, that kid has done SO much work!  And mostly by himself.  He amazes me.  He is thinking of selling it and I can see why.  It's been good, but I think it would be hard to keep doing every single year.  
 I love this photo!!! ↑
 Carson was being so silly and started to pull frowny faces in the pictures. ↑↓  I have never seen him do that and we were all getting a hoot out of it.  No idea what was up because he is usually beaming with that amazing smile of his.  Too funny....
 These two crack me up!
 Now these are more like him!  ↓
 My real camera captured this funky photo.... ↓
Dave had to be back to set apart a missionary at 8:45 p.m. and so we went to Panda Express (tradition) and got it to go.  It was yummy.  Love that place almost as much as the boys do.  And they REALLY love it.  The ride home was a bit loud because our windshield was doing something weird and then the car was shaking violently if we went over 80 mph.  It was late, but when we came inside, Carson and I watched a bit of a movie.  Then he offered to massage my feet.  There is no way I was turning that down!
Only SIX more sleeps!!

dear wednesday, it was windy and cold this morning!  Dave and I had to be to the tabernacle by 7:20 a.m. for a morningside.  We talked to some other Stake Pres and their wives before it began.  It was really good and truly brought in the spirit of Christmas. It was put on by the seminary and was really well done.  They had kids dressed up like nativity characters and it was a sing a long with some short talks.  
The best part was the sheep they hauled in for it. They were outside but I thought it was a nice touch.  Haha  Something I would probably do.  lol  We got our picture taken with them. We got sugar cookies from Old Grist too.   Yum.  It was fun.  
We had mutton better to do, so we got a photo with the sheep.
I decided to bag the run because I just couldn't go out in that freeze (and I had already showered!).  The wind sounded so brutal!  Plus I had to work on the poem and get it done!  It's almost there!  McKay needed some help - he lost his wallet and ended up having to go to Logan to get it.  But he was heading to Bear Lake to his friend's cabin for "Friendsmas" with about 10 of his buds.  I went to Maddox and met Dawn for our annual lunch.  It's always so fun to have one on one with her.  I treasure her friendship so much. She is truly a blessing in my life.  We both had hot soup and rolls.  Perfect for a chilly and snowy day!  
It was really snowing when I left.  
 I needed this snowstorm to make it feel more like Christmas!
 Manic Manikin was even in the holiday spirit!
 As was Mr. Cat
Can you see the snow falling??
I had to run some errands including picking up the prize I won on the Brigham Merchants give away.  I won a $25 valued bath bomb package from Tree Bee Soap!  There were almost 300 entrants and my name was drawn!  That never happens!  So excited!  
I came home and worked on the poem until it was done!  I headed to the Print Shop about 5 pm and picked it up at 6.  The owner of the place came out after he was done with my thumb-drive and the first thing he said was, "You ran the Boston marathon?!"  He was so excited when I told him I did.  He told me how impressed he was and he talked about it for a while.  It was fun for me.  I came home and put the poem in envelopes and slapped on the address labels and stamps and they are ready to send in the morning!  WHEW!  What. A. Relief!   
(click to enlarge)
It's definitely not going to be ranked among my favorites, but it will do.  They are usually much more humorous, but this year the goal was to just get it done!  Huge weight off my shoulders!  I did the 12 Days of Christmas and was ready for bed about 8.  Haha.  Didn't happen, but would have liked it to.  

dear thursday, I was going to go on a run but decided I had to sacrifice it in order to get everything done I needed to today. That's so not like me, so you can tell I am starting to panic a bit about Christmas!  However I must say, this year I have felt the spirit of Christmas much more than I usually do. I have truly felt so close to the Savior and for all He did for me.  
The plan was for today to be my last hurrah for shopping and so I had to get it done NMW (no matter what).  I had to go to Layton to pick up an online order (fiasco) and then I stayed there and got some other things I needed.  I went to Riverdale and hit a lot of places there.  The lines were long, and parking was a pain, but that's to be expected this time of year. I ran into Dottie in Costco but both of us were in a rush so we didn't talk much.  Thinking about it now, I wish I had just stopped and gave her a big hug.  I really miss them.  She is an amazing woman. I did run into Darcee and she came and gave me a big hug which I should have done to Dottie.  Live and learn.  I shopped til I dropped and then came home and did the 12 DOC.  And wrapped up a storm.  Santa's Elf's shop is looking a bit full!  
It's been so good to have Taylor and McKay home.  

dear friday,  I forced myself to get out and do my long run. It's supposed to snow tomorrow and Carson will be here.  I actually got in 11 miles.  
I was so beat when I got back. I just laid on the couch for about 10 minutes.  I felt like I had run a marathon, but so glad I got that checked off. I wasn't sure if I would or not this week!  I had to run and get some white elephants for the Wilding fam party at Maddox today. Got them done and headed there alone.  Feeling F R A Z Z L E D ! Taylor showed up later.  We had a room to ourselves upstairs.  It was fun.  The white elephants were a riot. Scott handed me a present and told me I needed that one. Carolyn nodded her head yes confirming that I did and Nat told me I would love it. So, I kept it.  It was hilarious.  It was photo of Scott!  Too funny. I need to frame it and hang it next to my dart board!  hah  The food was great. The company fun.  Glad I could go. 
 My most prized gift!
 With our white elephants!
I ran to visit Mona right after and it was good to see her. I took her a gift but not sure how impressed she was. Haha I took her a picture of the Brigham temple and a lotion set. 
I then ran to a few more places (gift cards) and then ran home and Carson was here.  He was so cute and so happy to see me. He just hugged me so tight. He said he loved to squeeze me.  At one point he told Taylor and McKay, "I just love to squeeze her!  I could squeeze her all the time!" It was so dang sweet!  He is the purest soul!  We were twinners!  He remembered I told him to wear his snowman shirt clear last week!  That kid really amazes me at how bright he is.  He never forgets anything!  
We played and he helped me do some Christmas stuff and then we put together our chocolate gingerbread house.  It was fun. Turned out cute too!   
We played in the playroom. He loves to do that.  He helped me get the 12 DOC together.  Taylor made us dinner (frozen chicken garlic) and that was a huge help!  Dave was super late....after 8!  He is so swamped right now.  We popped all the popcorn for our neighborhood gifts. Two HUGE bowlfuls!  He painted his nativity I gave him but was done after only doing Joseph.  Hah
 We snuggled and he slept on the side of my bed.

dear saturday, after we woke up and snuggled, we played in the playroom and then I made a deal with Carson that if I played until my timer went off that he would paly with Taylor or McKay until I got back from my run.  He said okay, but wasn't super happy about it.  Haha  I ran to the high school and found $1.82 in coins!  It was super hard to see them and so I am sure I missed a lot too!  
I text Dave to come and get me because I didn't want to run back uphill the rest of the way but waited and wasn't sure he got my text and my phone had froze so I couldn't text him.  I prayed he would read his texts but after waiting 10 min past when I told him to be there, I decided I better start for home which was over two miles away.  Then I saw him driving up 600 west just in time before I turned!  He said he had a strong impression to go check his phone (it was charging) and there was my text!  Just in time. A little thing, but such a testimony that HF even cares about our little concerns.  He does hear and answer all our prayers. This I know. We might not always get the answer we want, but He does hear them all and answers in His way.  And I really didn't think I had two more miles in me after yesterday's 11.  SO grateful!  
Sarah and Sky playing games.  That's something you don't see everyday (Sky playing board games).
I came home and started on the popcorn.  I melted the chocolate and it turned out great.  While it was setting up I headed to grab some more gift cards and stuff for the 12 DOC.  When I got home Sky and Sarah were here.  Carson wanted to play but I talked him into helping me with the popcorn.  It took a while!  And I didn't have enough, so I made another batch.  Sarah helped me with the tags and ribbon for some other gifts.  They turned out cute I thought.  
Dave delivered about 25-30 gifts.  What a relief he will willingly do that.  We had pizza and then Dave made steaks for him and the boys. TWO MORE SLEEPS!  I am feeling much better about it all getting done now. I know I really should simplify more, but honestly, then it wouldn't seem like or feel like Christmas.  Everything I do, I have chosen to do and what would I leave out?  It would change things too much. I just need to start in January!  haha
Some of the gifts we received from friends and neighbors. I didn't get photos of all, but I love to look back and remember at least some of what we got.
I saw this in town.  They must have had a cherry picker to do those lights and star.

dear sunday (aka Christmas Eve),  we got up and headed to church.  Sky, Sarah, Carson, Taylor, and McKay all came with us.  It was nice. Julie gave Carson a quiet nativity bag to keep. She is so nice.  He kept asking, "How much longer?" haha  The choir did an amazing job.  It was a good meeting and the only one!  We headed to the farm right after to take some photos because Sarah found a great back drop.  I just felt bad Bryce wasn't in them.  Oh well.  Such is life.  I find myself saying that a lot lately.  
We then came home and Dave actually made spaghetti after I told everyone to eat leftovers because we were having our huge feast tonight.  I guess that didn't go over so well.  Hah  It was nice having Christmas Eve on a Sunday because you had to be prepared and couldn't run to the store if you forgot something.  That made it a bit more peaceful I think.  I played with Carson and he helped me make some treats and we had fun together.  He is so stinkin' adorable. I got his scavenger hunt PANDAS all made and wrote little silly poems to go with each.  They are for him to find his giant Panda.
I finished wrapping some things and got the 12 Days of Christmas final gift together.  I hope they have liked it.  I have liked doing it that's for sure.  
I got the table all set and then we worked on the feast...mostly Dave and the boys because it was all fish and seafood and that's not my forte.  My parents showed up and we had an amazing meal.  
I felt bad Bryce wasn't here. :(  Carson pretended to be a photographer and wanted everyone to pose either with him or for him.
We then did the birthday party for Jesus and Carson had us all in stitches. He is so hilarious!  We wrote down our gift to Jesus and I said something like, "Did you write your gift down that you want to give to Jesus?"  And he got this funny look on his face and said something so dang funny like, "Well, I can't write ya know?", and everyone cracked up. Yeah, you had to be there.  He had us laughing so hard we had tears coming out of our eyes.
Carson loves everyone.  Yeah, I kind of think I'm his favorite, but he makes everyone think that.  
We had cake and then Grammy and Grampy took our gift papers to drop off in the manger because everyone was too tired to go since it was almost 10 pm!  I was beat. I just wanted to go to bed, but I had miles to go before I slept.  Can I just say Christmas is a lot of work.  For those of you reading this who don't "get" that, good for you!  Keep it that way!  It should be simple and for me it is not.  I want to get it back that way, and though I keep trying, I'm not sure it's ever gonna happen.  Everyone opened their jammies (hoodies and sweats in this family- except Carson and Sarah got real jammies) and put them on and I somehow was able to talk Sky into one picture.  ONE.  I took three, but none of them turned out.  He promised he would let me take some tomorrow when Bryce is here and with them. 
 It's all about the jammies!
 Well, I got my ONE picture.  Kinda.  I snapped three but didn't even get one good one.  Sky was taking off before I got the third one! 
Carson definitely is the center of attention.  He is one fun kid!
He was being silly tonight!
Bryce was supposed to leave after he closed up the park tonight, but it was snowing too hard and the roads were bad and so he isn't coming until in the morning.  Probably a good idea.  I was up until almost 2 a.m.  Zzzzzz........  
This one has nothing to do with Christmas, but I saw it online and I had to post because this is one of those little rhymes I taught all my boys.  I kind of forgot about it until I saw it.  LOVE IT!



Dawn Ropelato said...

I agree with you that ALL the Hustle and Bustle is what makes Christmas. This year I was so prepared for Christmas that it felt a little strange. It was relaxing and nice but I had to put in a little extra effort. ☺ The "doing" is what makes it Christmas for me too!

Nancy Mc said...

You are so amazing! All that you do...all the pictures that you take...your whole celebration sounds wonderful. The things we do for others is what makes Christmas Merry and Bright.
On a side note, I've tried bath bombs without much success. Would you share your recipe?
Merry Christmas!

Audrey said...

The popcorn was AWESOME! I'm sure it was so good because Carson helped you make it. It sounds like your Christmas was wonderful, crazy, busy, but spiritual - just perfect!

Jodi Wilding said...

Nancy, I went back up and added the bathbomb recipe! Hope that helps!


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