Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Demand A Recount!!!


I'm still 30 ~ well more like 18 in my mind! (BUT I can STILL jump like I'm 18! ~ kinda!)

We saw this VERY late at night as we were pulling back into town from our trip to Hawaii.

Why is it the body keeps aging, but the inside of your head doesn't? Oh, well as I've always said:

Better OVER the hill than UNDER it!!!


And party on is just what we did! Well, it's what THEY did to me!
I mean what is birthday party for an old geezer without a walker?
Excuse me, let me clarify that:


They knew I wouldn't touch it if it wasn't purple!

You don't see THIS everyday!

What is says is true... it WAS chocolate after all! =)

Even the most painful things are easier when celebrated with good friends!

Well, which one is it? ↓ ↑

This is the CUTEST cake bouquet made of flowers I have ever seen!

Okay, THIS ↓ helps!!!

Look we are TWINNERS!!!!!!!

Can't celebrate too much!

Me and my cute Mom sharing the best drink on the planet. Olive Garden's Chocolate Almond Amore'! (with extra almond!)

My sister in law Linda and I share a birthday BUT she will ALWAYS be a year older than me!!!Well except for the hours between 6 pm and 10 pm when we were born! She makes sure of that! heehee

My son's cute girlfriend painted this for me! ME! Wow! I didn't deserve this! She is soooo amazingly talented! This picture doesn't even do it justice. It is INCREDIBLE!!!!

I had an amazing birthday! I felt so loved by so many. I received the most amazing gifts and cards. I was flooded by birthday wishes on Facebook and many dear friends remembered me on this very emotionally mixed day!
And to think I didn't even want to be in town on this one. Glad I made it back!

Thanks everyone! I am going to make 50 the best year EVER!!!!


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