Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Done Is Better Than Perfect

I am one who tends to get caught up in the "things have to be perfect to be acceptable" syndrome. I am trying to let that go. I tend to hold on to certain things for a long time until I think I have time to do them "just right".


When the time never appears, they are not done "just right" or even "kind of right"... they are not done at all! And so I get stuck in a mire of mud of undone things neither "just right" or "kind of right". And oft times, in desperation due to a deadline or some other reason something has to be done, many things end up "not even close to right!", all because I wanted them to be perfect.

Well, all hope is not lost. Nope!

I have discovered a new mantra for me:

I intend to adopt this little saying as a new way to live. It is one of those golden tickets. I am hoping that it will become imbedded into my soul so that I am able to get more done with less pressure of perfection.

I better get started now because I have a VERY-VERY long list of things that I need to apply this to. One being, to catch up on my blog!

The pressure is off for all of you as well. So go out there and do something that you thought had to be just so and just do it. I promise you, just having it done will feel much better than having it NOT done perfectly!

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