Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012~ Family Newsletter

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As another year now draws to a close,
The world’s not yet ended (though we’ll see how that goes).
With deadlines approaching there’s still so much to do,
But to our dear friends and family, know our thoughts turn to you.
For many it's been years since our families have parted,
Still, the hardest thing about writing is just getting started.
Guess now I’ll sit once again with my mouse at my side,
And consider this past year; it’s been quite a ride!

For nearly two decades Dave’s been “practicing” his skills,
He loves what he does- addressing all manner of ills.
Sabbath mornings comes early; in the dark he gets dressed,
For this Bishop, Sunday translates into no day of rest.
Being Bishop has a few perks that are a definite plus,
Conducting a funeral with the Prophet; yeah, he was slightly nervous!
As the father of five boys, he’s used to having help with his chores,
But as they leave one by one, he thinks we should have had more.

As for me, I'm still running to keep myself sane,
Even tried a few hurdles (bad idea); cracked the ribs - I now will abstain.
Was asked by "the Bishop" to be a Ma on our stake Pioneer Trek,
My response was less than joyful, more like, "What?!! Oh my heck!"
But it proved to be great with Dave, McKay, and Taylor along too,
Glad I went, though sleeping on cow pies wasn't what I planned to do!
Helping with the Temple Cultural Celebration is where my summer was spent,
And ushering at the Temple Open House was an experience I'll not soon forget!

The U of U is the place where Sky’s been finishing his Ed.,
Business degree in the spring, then it’s on to Pre-Med.
Sometimes on the weekends he’ll drop by for a night,
But this Christmas he’s working in Texas; just doesn’t seem right.
He works out every day, he’s as buff as they come.
He dates gorgeous girls, but still’s not found the one.
I wish his “bike” he would sell or trade in for a wife,
But he scoffs at the thought- thinks I should go fly a kite.

Bryce moved home this past fall, with a puppy he came,
He’s a pure bred Pit Bull and Kilo’s his name.
Working at the Museum of Natural History to Salt Lake he now drives,
Which leaves me home with his dog, I hope I can survive.
He’s into snow sports, on a thin board he can glide,
Caught a salmon with his bare hands on the river Kenai.
He loves to disc golf and his pup he adores,
Treats him like a human, even sleeps with him on the floor.


Taylor lettered in basketball, football, and track; all first string,
Played each with an undiagnosed broken wrist, had surgery in the spring.
His sport's thrill was making a buzzer beater game winning shot,
Mobbed as the fans stormed the floor; a Hero on the spot.
He took his senior trip to Oregon's coast, one he'll always remember.
His mission call came in June, though he didn’t leave til November,
He’s now at the MTC in Sao Paulo; Portuguese he will speak.
Belem Brazil is where he’ll serve; in the Amazon Jungle’s heat,
(His emails are great! They’re the best part of my week)

IMG_1844.JPGWith his brother's departure McKay’s found himself home alone,
But he says it’s really not bad  since he got Taylor’s phone!
He’s learning to drive, the whole thought makes me shake,
How did my baby grow up? He’s almost old enough to date!
As Teacher’s Quorum President he serves faithful and true,
A big fan of Cam Newton and the Panthers in their silver and blue.
As tight end and linebacker he's found his place in the game,
For his Eagle project he organized a 5K in his bro Tyson's name.

43.JPGWe celebrated our 30 year anniversary in September this year,
Where the time has gone, is insanely unclear!
After Christmas last year, sadly our new kitten died,
 So we adopted Mr. Cat - (aka Dash) to come and reside.
It’s been quite the year and we know we’ve been blessed,
Still it’s hard saying goodbye as our boys leave the nest.
 The holiday season may only come in December,
But you’re in our thoughts and our prayers as we pause to remember.
IMG_3421.JPGNow as another year beckons, anticipating all it might bring,
We send our love and best wishes in 2013.

With Love,
   Dave, Jodi, Skyler, Bryce, Taylor, McKay, Mr. Cat, & Kilo

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Audrey said...

Wow! You are amazing! To cram so much information into such beautiful prose. I am truly impressed. It is good to see you posting again!


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