Monday, June 23, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*

dear running, running, running, running... I was so happy for the rainstorm this week!  There is no weather I'd rather run in than rain!  I got poured on at the start, but sadly it didn't rain my entire run.  I still loved being out in the overcast skies and cooler temps.  There is just something about a rainy day that brings me comfort and peace.  And I love the looks on people's faces as they drive past in their warm and dry cars.  I either see the look of, "Oh that poor thing!", or "What a whack job she is for running in this!"

I found this palm tree on my run ↓ and I had to take picture because it reminded me of Tyson.  And I found a lot of coins this week that I know were from him.  And of course, my cute lab pal Izzy that I always stop and greet when I run past her house.  She makes me happy and brightens my day.  I hope I do the same for her.

dear hood, I posted a picture of this house last week with the manican in the window but with different clothes and a mask.  This week she is wearing an orange wig and a mu-mu of some kind.  It just kills me whenever I drive past to see what she will be doing and wearing next.  She isn't always in the same window either.  I plan to take a picture of her each time she is wearing something new.  Okay, maybe that isn't such a good idea!  lol

dear spontaneity, it was so fun to get out on a rainy day and have a pedicure and lunch with my good friend Dawn.  She text me and asked me if I could play.  I am all for playing!  Life is too short to not have fun and play when you get the chance!  I told her I could play and so we had a great day getting pampered - although our nail techs were a bit brutal - Dawn's nearly bruised her while massaging her legs and mine nearly cut off my toe (okay, maybe that is just a slight exaggeration, but it felt like it!). They were speaking in Vietnamese about us too.  I think they had something against us for some reason. haha  But we just laughed and spoke with a Vietnamese accent as well.  "Five dolla."  "Honey, you wanna flare?"  "Pick a culla."  "Oh pritty culla.".  Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes!
Dawn sent me this photo and I seriously about bust a gut laughing!  I nearly wet my pants when I saw it!  It reminds me of the Incredible's in so many ways!  hehe  Not my best angle!
It was so much fun to finally have a pedicure.  I haven't had a professional one in way too long.  I always do them myself.  I prefer to do that, but once in a while it is just nice to let someone else do it for you. Even if they try to remove your toe!  hehe
I was so excited that we went to The Pizza Factory after because I had never been there and it was SO YUMMY!  The breadsticks were to die for!  I had the soup (that I really would love the recipe for) and we also shared a delectable dessert!  The best part was since it was just the two of us, we could talk about things that we can't always discuss in a big group.  I love talking to Dawn.  She is so easy to talk to and she just gets it.  I have said it before, but I know there is nothing that I could not talk to her about.  She is such a great person and I really enjoy our chats.  We really needed a full day, because the three hours we had just wasn't enough time!  I really wish we lived closer so we could get together more often, but as Dawn said, that might be disasterous because then neither of us would get anything else done!  haha

dear lunch with the fam, so glad that Dave's sister Julie was in town from Vegas so we had an excuse to get together!  We went to the Pizzeria and the food was YUM! I had the lasagna and it was the best.  It's always fun to get together with everyone, but we didn't do it enough while Julie was here this time.  They invited me to a movie the next day, but I spent the entire day cleaning that day and so wasn't ready to go....meaning I hadn't showered yet when they called!  Sometimes when I get back from a run, instead of taking a shower right when I get home since I'm already sweaty, I will go gung ho with cleaning since cleaning always works up a sweat and so that way I only have to take one shower when I'm done cleaning!  Bad timing, because I would have loved to have gone.

dear football scrimmage, wow it's only June and we are watching football already?!!  McKay had football camp all week and part of it was some scrimmages at Weber State.  Dave and I went up and watched them on Wednesday and it was the perfect day for football watching because it was C O L D !  It had snowed the day before in the mountains and the cold lingered on and it felt like football season.  We had on our coats and I was snuggled up in a thick blanket!  All I needed was some hot cocoa and I would have been set.  McKay did great and it was fun to see him play as a senior.  He has really gained a lot of speed this year and I could see so much of Taylor in him in the way he walked and carried himself which is something I have not noticed until this year.  Even though the season hasn't officially started, I am already having serious sadness knowing this is my last year ever to watch my boys play sports in high school!  I am not prepared for this!  So. Not. Ready.  I can't believe my BABY is already a SENIOR!

dear fun and adorable nieces, what a riot you two are!  You had come to town to stay the night with Dave's parents for fun and text me around 10:00 pm asking if you could bring me some cookies.  Um....YES!  Who would turn down cookies!?  Not me!  When you got to my house I had mentioned that McKay was at work at the clinic and was there all alone.  He had to go in late because of the football scrimmage.  You both asked at nearly the same time, "Can we go scare him!?!!".  Of course I immediately responded with, "Heck yes, let's go!". And off we went.  Oh my gosh, talk about a blast.  We got to the clinic and saw the light on in the break room where he works and so we started to throw pinecones at the window to get his attention.  He didn't come to the window and so we threw more and threw them harder.  Still nothing!  Natalie finally jumped over the brick wall and started to scratch the glass door making a very scary screeching sound!  Still nothing!  So she started trying to pry the door open and we could see through a crack in the curtain that McKay finally got up and was gone from the room.  We just kept throwing pinecones.  Then my phone rang and it was him!  I answered and he told me that he was hearing strange noises and so he wanted me to stay on the line while he went and checked it out.  SMART BOY!  I was so proud of him for thinking of doing that!  At this point I was feeling a little bad. haha  But I told him okay and then we saw him open the curtain and shine his phone flashlight out on the deck.  He said he couldn't see anything and so I told him to go around to the other window and look out of it.  I hid behind a tree but Aubrey was right there.  He turned on the light and then looked through the blinds and said to me with confusion, "It looks like Aubrey?????". I was trying not to laugh.  Next thing I know he is coming out the back door and he scared us!  We all screamed and had a good laugh and I know he was relieved it was just us!  He was also a very good sport and just laughed!  We let him get back to work and laughed all the way home at our adventure.  I sure love my nieces.  They are the daughters I never had.

dear mr. cat, no words needed. 

dear date night, it is so weird to not have to worry about a babysitter or having to be home at a certain time and to just have so much freedom at this stage in our lives.  We still aren't used to it.  We wanted to go to dinner and thought of all the places in town and then decided to just go to Ogden and hit the Lonestar Steak House.  We really like their steaks!  So we did.  No rush.  No stress.  Just the two of us.  We also hit Costco while we were there and TJ Maxx.  Well, I went in TJ's.  Dave waited for me in the car since I just had to do a quick stop.  He isn't a shopper like me! 

dear temple wedding, it was so fun to be able to go inside the beautiful temple and witness a member of our ward get married and sealed to her sweetheart for time and all eternity.  The ceremony was in Spanish and the translated into English (still not exactly sure why) but it was interesting to see it done that way.  We also went to the reception later that night, but I forgot to take pictures.  I love being in the temple and feeling the peace and comfort just walking in that building brings to your soul.  It was also fun to catch up with an old medical student friend of Dave's (while we were in med school in St. Louis) who was at the wedding.

dear spontaneous game night, we ran into the Olsen's at the reception and I mentioned to Audrey that we really needed to get a game night planned soon with all our regulars because it's been so long since we did it.  Audrey said, "Let's do it tonight."  Sounded good to me, and so she called some friends and next thing we know we were having a game night at Troy and Carol's.  Just the three couples this time, but it was a lot of fun.  In these pictures we are playing Head Banz.  It's one of my favorite games.  We also played Bubble Talk, and heck, I can't remember the rest of them, but they were all fun.  I love playing games with friends.  Especially these friends.  They are all so much fun to be around.

dear thought, just a thought...

  dear sunday school, it was my turn to teach this week and so I prepared a game called Priesthood Jeopardy (the picture below is not the one I did - it's one from the internet because I forgot to take a photo of the one I took- but mine was very similar) and I also had a little power point that I got online as well.  I should have done the jeopardy game first because right when we were in the middle of it, the Bishop came in and took all my boys to go do tours at the tabernacle.  Oh well.  It was still fun while they were there.  When they would get one right I gave them the post it note with the points on it and the boys took their post its and stuck them all over their shirts and ties.  It was picture worthy but my phone was dead and so I borrowed one of the boys phones to take their picture, but I haven't got it from him yet.  I will post it on here as soon as I do.  It was hilarious.  Have I mentioned how much I love teaching my Sunday School class?  I have the 16-17 year olds (McKay's class) and it is always a blast.

dear allie, it was so nice to see you!  I am so glad you came over so I was able to get to you the stuff Taylor sent for you in his package.  But I am even more glad that we were able to just talk for over two hours!  We had a great chat and it was so fun for me to hear how you are doing and some of your plans and thoughts about life.  You are a lot of fun to talk to and such a great person.  It was also so fun to hear some stories about Taylor and how much you admire him and some of the great things he's done that I never knew about.  I am just so glad that we have gotten to know you and that Taylor was so smart in dating you for so long.  You are such an amazing girl and such a great example to everyone.  Neither of us can believe he will be home in four months!  Four months exactly from this day.  No matter what happens between you two, I will always love you and you will always hold a very special place in my heart!  But, still crossing my fingers!  hehe

dear skyler, wow is all I can say about the fish you caught!  I should say "speared".  They look like they should be in a salt water aquarium!  They are so colorful and so pretty.  I am so glad you are living the dream and enjoying life to the extreme.  I sure do miss you though!

dear bryce, you headed to Montana this week for a reunion with some old friends and I am so glad you had fun and made it home safely.  You posted this picture on Facebook saying how you see white water surfing everywhere you go and it should be you.  Please re-think that.  Thank you!  Love, Mom ☺

dear mckay, Cooper's mom gave me some pictures of you guys this week of when you were at his cabin in Island park and in Yellowstone and so I had to post them here.  I thought they were too cute not to.  I am so grateful you have chosen such great friends.  Friends are so important in this life and I'm glad you have such good ones. 

dear taylor (aka Elder Wilding),  this picture was posted of you on Facebook with the caption, "Thank you!", and so even though I have heard nothing about this baptism, I am glad I saw the post!   I am so proud of you for being such an outstanding missionary!  You just continue to amaze me with your uplifting outlook on life and your positive attitude NO MATTER what. 

You sent these photos with the caption, "Pretending to watch the game, although it's just a church film playing."  You guys are so crazy!  I'm glad you are enjoying all the hoopla with the World Cup, but I must say I will be glad when it's over because I worry about your safety right now during it! 

By the way, Brazil won Cameroon today 4-1!


Dawn said...

What a wonderful life you have!!! (me2) I about peed my pants seeing that picture again. So funny! ☺ I am glad you are spontaneous and was able to come play. I like playing with you!

Jodi Wilding said...

Yes I do! Every time I see that picture I am going to bust a gut! Isn't it funny how the best pictures are never planned! hehe
I am glad I was able as well! Let's do it again soon!


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