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*Monday Memos*


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dear week before christmas.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I could use these!
All the stress starts to melt away when I remember to focus on the reason WHY we have this holiday in the first place!  It's all about JOY!  
Joy to the world!  The Lord has come!
He came for us so we can have joy - eternal JOY!
 It's not about all those things that cause the stress!  And I get frustrated that I let myself become stressed because I fall into the trap of it all.  Some goal is to not be stressed one bit at Christmas.  To just enjoy the reason we are even doing all of it.  Some day...

dear tyson, I miss you the most during the month of December because of your angelversary and the holidays.  You loved Christmas so much and there will always be a big empty hole that you filled with love and light.  I do feel you near during this time though and for that I am most grateful.

dear taylor's city basketball game, I love going and watching you play ball again.  You haven't lost your amazing defense skills one bit.  I wish you felt as healthy as you appear.  I feel bad your back and foot and wrist (yeah all injuries due to sports) bother you so much.  You are too young to be in pain all the time.  Dang it!  I got to visit with Cobbley's mom and dad and it felt almost like old times sitting at all those Box Elder games beginning when you were only 10 or 11 years old.  So many years and so many memories.

dear run with taylor...YAY!  I finally got you to go with me!  It wasn't the prettiest of days that we've had, but it was still pretty nice considering it's the middle of December.  You only wanted to do four miles, but I kind of tricked you into five. ☺ No worries, you can handle it.  We stopped to take a few shots on our half way mark.
Running wouldn't seem so long and tough if you came with me every day!  But I'm just grateful you came today.  If you had real running shoes, I think you would start to like it more!  Maybe for Christmas??

dear hair appt, I drive to Honeyville to get you done because I have been going to Cathryn for years and years and when she moved I followed her.  I have gone to her house many many times but today I drove right past it and it didn't even register I had until I'd gone over a mile!  I wonder what is occupying my mind?  Hmm.... let's see could it be the holidays?  Dave's new calling?  Or a million other little things that are starting to stress me out?  Yeah, I guess it could be.  Or I guess it could always be the fact that I was tired and took a little nap without realizing it.  A nap with my eyes open.  

dear lunch with dawn, even though I had a million things on my list of things to do, I was looking so forward to this lunch!  I just added it to my list and counted it as just as important (if not more so) than all of the things that I must get done before Christmas.  I decided I "must" take time to be with my friends because truly THAT is what this holiday is all about.  Being with those you love and I do love this girl!  My twinsee.  We have a really good time together and I feel so blessed that we have been such good friends.  She is one of those that I feel like I can tell anything to and she won't be critical or judgmental.  She is just so down to earth and so real.  Not to mention fun and crazy like me.  We click amazingly well.  She came out my way this time, which was much appreciated since I had a hair appt. that morning.  It was exactly what I needed!  Almost three hours worth!  I enjoy going to lunch with big groups, but sometimes it's so nice to just have a one on one when you can really talk and open up.  That is what we did and it still wasn't long enough!
We exchanged gifts and I got the coolest picture of the Ogden temple from her. 
I love this picture with the gorgeous tree in the background.
Twinsee love!

dear taylor missionary photos that keep popping up on facebook, all I have to say is, "Keep popping up!"  I love to see all these pix that I have never seen before.  It's hard to believe he is really home!

dear mr. cat, you always entertain me.  What would I do without you?

dear calendars, I am so happy I got you done!  That doesn't always happen every year and if it does they don't always get back in time for Christmas.  I am not sure how to explain it, but the things that are the most time consuming for me to get done are miraculously getting checked off my list this year even though I have felt so behind.  I have wondered about it and I have come to the conclusion that it is a blessing from above because of the crazy timing of Dave's new calling.  I honestly feel like I have been given an added measure stamina in being able to get things done in a shorter amount of time than I usually do.  Starting in January, I am going to start on next year's calendars and just do one month at a time because Shutterfly will save them until I am ready to publish them.  Now if I will really do that! 

dear hill repeats, I had to take a picture of this guy because I see him each day and he makes me smile.  Isn't that just the cutest?
I did hill repeats and it was amazing that I found a penny on the hills. That is very rare, but this day I did.  It made me really smile.  And trust me I need as many reasons as I can get while doing hill repeats.  I didn't have time to do my usual 15, but I felt like any amount was better than nothing.

dear lunch with jen, yes two lunches in one week on a crazy busy week!  All I can say is I needed them!  I met Jen at Old Grist and it was really nice being able to catch up.  She has been injured and not running for almost two months and sadly, we haven't connected hardly at all in that long of time.  We must have had a lot to catch up on (we did!) because we had a three hour lunch! The time passed so quickly that I had no idea we had been there that long.  We needed more time too.  Hopefully now she is slowly getting back into running, we can run together and fill in the rest of the gaps.  We have shared a lot through the years and been through a lot together and it's always so nice to be able to sit down and just talk.  I really enjoyed those three hours.  I can't believe I forgot to take a photo!  Dang!  We exchanged Christmas gifts and I forgot to take a photo of those too.  One of the things she gave me was a really nice purple bracelet that says "Cherish the Moments" on it. I am sure she had it specially ordered because you don't see that phrase too often.  I wore it even though it didn't match what I was wearing, but I love it.  The funny thing is I had ordered her a mantra bracelet too but it hasn't arrived and since her birthday is only five days after Christmas, I gave her what I was going to give her for her birthday and I"ll give her the bracelet for her birthday.  I got home from the lunch and the bracelet was in my mailbox.  That would have been funny if we had both given each other mantra bracelets for Christmas.  

dear bar j christmas concert, Dave and I decided to give our parents an "event" for Christmas this year because not only is it more fun to make a memory, but we had no idea what to get them!  haha  We have taken Dave's parents to VoiceMale for a couple years and some plays, but this year I heard Bar J was going to be at Roy High for a concert and so I got tickets for us all.  Dave's dad loves Bar J and has been going to their concerts in Jackson Hole for about 30 years!  In fact, he has got to be good friends with the wranglers.  When they come down this way, they have stopped in the clinic many times to get some medical help from either Dave's dad or Dave.  Several times one of them has lost their voice and needed some quick help to restore it before concert time.  They are the nicest men and such great people.  They are so humble and so down to earth and just always so grateful to Dave's dad.  In fact, to show their appreciation he no longer has to stand in line for their show in Jackson (which used to be a four hour ordeal) and they always just give him the tickets (no charge) and give him the front table!  It's great to go with them to see them because we all get to sit at that table as well.  They give Dave and I the same treatment if they know we are there.  My parent's hadn't seen them for almost 20 years and they were excited to go as well.  We weren't sure how it was going to work time wise because both Dave and his dad had to work, but luckily they both got done early enough that we were able to go eat before.  We went to Cafe Rio due to time and it was really yummy.  Then we headed to Roy High for the concert.
They didn't disappoint!
They always do such an amazing show and no matter what, without fail, I have tears rolling down my cheeks because I am laughing so hard.  Usually because of Brian.  He is so stinkin' funny!  Their dad Babe joined them towards the end and sang some songs and did some poetry.  He is still amazing and he's in his 80's!

After the show, we had a little bit of time (Dave had interviews with the three new Bishops starting at 9:40!) to chat with them and take a few photos.  The place was packed and we had to really work some magic to get the photos.  We never were able to get one with Brian, who is my favorite of the bunch, but Dave's dad was happy to get one with Babe.  These two have become good friends.
With Scott
Dave's dad and Dave with Babe
My parents with Babe
It was a lot of fun!  I'm so glad we did it!  We did have to rush back so Dave could get home and take care of his stake business.  I am not sure how that man is even standing after these past couple of weeks. He has gone non-stop since he was put in.  He didn't get home until close to midnight...again.  I think once he is released as Bishop, things will slow down.  I hope.

dear christmas shopping, I guess this picture below explains why I am so tired of shopping!  When I shop, I have to look on every aisle because if I don't I might miss finding the "perfect" gift.  When Dave shops he goes in and gets what he wants and is done in record time.  I spent two days shopping this week and he went to Smith and Edwards and had about 45 minutes total time before they closed and he got more done that I did in two days!  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit, but I was amazed at how he found so many perfect gifts in such a short amount of time.  I think I'm assigning him all of the shopping next year!

dear house full of boys, what?  My house is ALWAYS a house full of boys!  But I wish I would have got a photo of all of the boys over here on Friday night, but I was too busy doing Christmas stuff.  They pretty much fended for themselves which was nice.  McKay had his pals downstairs and Taylor had his upstairs.  Someday when my boys are all gone, this is one of the things I will miss the most.  The noisiness of happy kids hanging out at my house. Okay, I have to stop talking like that!  One of McKay's friend's mom dropped by while they were here and we talked just a bit about how this is a year of lasts for us both because our babies are seniors.  It really is so sad.  I know that this will be my last Christmas with McKay for two years since he will be on a mission and I know that in those two years it's pretty likely one of his bros will be married and so this year will be the last year that it's just us.  It makes me really sad because Bryce won't even be home for Christmas.  I haven't had all four of my boys home at the same time in a very long time.  But, alas, it is what it is.  I am just glad I have them home when I can!  Like I've said before, lasts are tough!  I don't like them!

dear package for bryce, we really worked hard to get you done on Saturday so you will make it to him by Christmas.  Now we are just crossing our fingers it happens.  I am really going to miss that kid!  I feel so bad he will not be home for Christmas. I wasn't feeling as bad until I heard Dave's sister Julie decided to come to Utah for Christmas.  Bryce was going to spend Christmas with them in Vegas.  Now he will be all alone!  That about kills this mama heart!
Here is a picture Julie sent me of him with her family. They fed him dinner this weekend.  She is working with him at the light park.  Seeing this picture made me miss him so much!

dear sunday, what a busy day you were! I got up early at the crack of insanity and worked on the family Christmas newsletter poem.  I spent several hours working on it on Saturday and even missed doing my long run so I could get it done.  I was determined and somehow I was able to do it!  That never happens that fast.  It isn't as funny or as good as I wanted it, but done is better than perfect!  What a relief!  Now if only my printer wasn't broken so I could get actually print it!  I know getting it done was part of that miracle that I've had this Christmas that has allowed me to get the big things done in record time.  It just feels different and so I know I have had help from above.  Dave has had not had any time to help me at all with any of it and so I know that I have been blessed with help from somewhere else.  It's been amazing.

dear dave being released as bishop, this day could have been so much sadder if he wasn't already serving as the Stake President.  It was still sad though because he has loved being Bishop and has done a really good job.  I have had so many people tell me how he has gone after the lost sheep in their families and really tried to bring them back.  There have been so many people become active because he just asked them come to church and followed through.  He was a really good Bishop and tried really hard to be.  Of course, there are always those that may have been offended in some way, but that just comes with the territory.  No matter how hard you try not to, you will offend someone.  He actually released himself with a vote of thanks.  It was pretty funny.  Then he sustained the new Bishopric.
Bishop David Wilding (center) with his counselors Rob Lindsey (L) and Mont Parrish (R).
 These three have become very good friends.  It is going to be a tough adjustment for them to no longer work together in the same capacity they have for the past five and half years.  They have had a lot of fun together.  And they were an amazing Bishopric.  Mont was sustained as our new Bishop.  I was not one bit surprised.  He will be an amazing Bishop.  He is very easy to like, but also doesn't put up with much.  His counselors are Johnny Hepworth and Alan Chapman.  I love all of them.  It will be a great Bishopric.

Before sacrament meeting, Dave came up to me and told me that he might ask me to speak if there is time.  I looked at him and said, "Nooooo!"  He said, "So you won't?"  I replied that I would if he called me up to, but...

Needless to say he did.  That is one of the things everyone always fears and I sat through our entire two hour stake conference in fear that Elder Ballard was going to call me up to bear my testimony but there wasn't enough time.  So when Dave did, I was of course not sure what to say, but at the same time I was grateful for the opportunity to express how I had been feeling.  I felt there were things the spirit wanted me to say and so I was happy I was able to.  When I sat down I had no idea what I had said or if it made any sense.  I remember the funny stuff better than the spiritual stuff.  I'm hoping that is a good sign and means that I went by the spirit.  A few things I do remember is I told the story of meeting Elder Ballard in my levis and how I told Pres. Davis I was so embarrassed and then told the story he told me about the wife who never showed up and never showed up and when she finally did the apostle was getting a little upset, but she walked in and said that she was sorry she was late but she had to go get her hair professionally done because she couldn't meet an apostle with out it done right and how I told that to Elder Ballard but he wasn't in on the story and so kind of looked at me funny.  Judging by the laughter, everyone thought that was pretty funny.  Also when I was bearing my testimony and I went to say Dave's name and I hesitated a bit and said that I have no idea what to call Dave now... and so I was just sticking with Dave.  I talked about what an amazing experience it was being near Elder Ballard and how it strengthened my testimony in a powerful way.  I talked about how overwhelming it seemed but that I was going to do what I do in running and take it one mile at a time and how when I am running I can't think about mile 26 when I am on mile 10 or I get too overwhelmed and to just be in the mile I'm in and not look ahead to the other miles and how fast it will go and that one of the things Tyson taught me was to cherish the moments.  No matter how hard things are at the time, to still enjoy the moment and cherish it because it will be over so fast.  I rambled on for a good five minutes or more.  I also talked about how when we get these big kind of callings that it's easy to feel alone but I have felt that I will always have a friend in the Savior and that He will always be there for me.  I said that Dave will do a great job and if he was able to survive these past two weeks, he will be able to survive the next 10 years easily.

Then Dave spoke and said some really nice things about me being a support and the unsung hero and that I have not had him to sit by in nearly 12 years and now it will be another 10. He thanked our boys for being such outstanding young men. I wish I could remember all he said.  He thanked his parents who had come and said a lot of nice things about them. He said he hoped it would be said of him that he went about doing good for that is what he tried to do. 

After the meeting I received a lot of tight hugs and sweet comments about my testimony.  I think I received more compliments on it than any other before which always makes you feel better when you aren't really sure what you even said.  I was feeling really good until at the end of Relief Society when Marilyn bore her testimony.  She is married to Mont the new Bishop and our current RS Pres. and she is amazing.  I always say if anyone were to be translated it will be her.  She is that good of a person and so spiritual.  Her testimony was perfect and all I could do was compare mine with hers and I was just thinking the whole time I should have said that and I should have said that and I should have said that.  I was feeling pretty down by the end because I just was feeling like she is so much better than me in so many ways and that she will be a much better Bishop's wife that I was and I was very surprised at how I let it affect me.  That isn't really normal for me lately. But it did and I came home feeling pretty down.  

Then for some reason, I got on my blog and saw there was a comment I hadn't seen and it was from my friend Audrey.  The comment was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.  Part of what she wrote was: "What a wonderful post! I absolutely love reading about your feelings, your doubts, and especially your testimony. You are one of most lovable people I know and I am so grateful to be included in your circle of friends. Please don't worry about changing for Dave's calling - you are just what he, and the stake, needs just like you are!"
I really needed that.  So thanks Audrey if you are reading this!  I am amazed at how Heavenly Father is SO aware of us and our feelings and what we need when we need it.
Then I got a notification on Facebook saying I had a new message from God.  It's an app I joined and so they send these messages about once a week and sometimes they are profound.  Today's was the most profound ever It said: 
Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ... you are unique and precious. When you try to value yourself for being the best in something, you are bound to fail. Even Olympic champions are the best only for a few years. You are precious to God not because there is no one better than you, but because you are a unique creation of mind, body and spirit, - there is no one like you, - and that is exactly what makes you so indescribably precious.

I started to bawl.  I knew Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to know He has called me to do this because He wants me to do it as me and not as anyone else.  There is a reason he needs me for who I am and what my abilities are that no one else can do.  He wants me to feel good about just being me and to stop comparing myself with anyone else.  Wow!  What a profound experience.  I have felt His love so much since this call came.  It just continues to amaze me.

dear sunday school class, I am so very sad that after next week, I will no longer be your teacher!  That makes me so so so sad. I have loved this class so much.  I have loved watching McKay interact with his buds and I have loved being their teacher.  Oh how I am going to miss them!  I took these pictures because McKay was being so funny and I took them to send to him, but now I am glad I took them so I can go back and remember how much I loved this class.  They just make me laugh each week and yet they are such great kids.  The girls are pretty quiet, but the boys never stop talking.  They talk about what we are talking about in the lesson  - for the most part anyway -  and they make Sunday School more fun than boring.
The funny thing about these pictures is that I wasn't teaching today and so I was sitting by Holli who is such a cute little thing.  She is 18 and supposed to be in the adult class, but since she has special needs she had permission to be in my class because she asked to be.  We have had a special bond ever since I was YW president.  We just love each other to pieces. Anyway, she told me to take the pictures.  She told me I should take a picture and send it to my husband.  She wanted him to come in the class I guess and get those boys to be quiet.  lol  So I told her I better not because he is so busy and if I sent the picture to him he would come in.  She then said that he wouldn't and she wouldn't let it drop and I felt like were disrupting the class and so I told her I would send it.  Well, sure enough Dave shows up two minutes later motioning for McKay to go in the hall.  I started to laugh, but also felt bad.  Luckily McKay explained it all and all was well.

dear neighborhood gifts, I finally finished tying on the ribbon and tags and got most of them delivered Sunday night (thanks to Dave).  I rode along with him to help keep things straight, but he did all the delivering.  He also delivered my gifts to my Sunday School class. 

 And yes, I hand made those carrots, hats, and scarfs!
 I think they turned out pretty cute!  You can't see the cute little hat in this one, but the hats are cute.

There's the little hat!

dear annual photo near the tree, we actually forgot this year to take our photo that we always do after church on the Sunday before Christmas.  One of us somehow remembered very late at night and so we still got it.  We were both beat though.  It was a long day!

Romance at midnight...

Mr. Cat wanted to join in on the fun!  If you believe that I have a 100 lbs. of chocolate for you waiting at my house!

The weather has been mild this entire month and on Sunday we got April rain on the first day of winter.  Can't complain about that!!!

dear merry STRESS-mas!
Or for some Hot Cocoa in my case!
I loved what Mary Engelbreit posted this week and so I am reposting it here: Relax. Take a moment for yourself. Ask yourself, "What is the absolute worst that will happen if I don't get everything done for the holidays that I wanted to get done?"
The answer is, "Absolutely nothing will happen and life will go on without a second thought."
So sit back and just enjoy what you've done so far and call it a day!

I LOVED that and I needed it!  If I had a couple more weeks EVERY little thing would get done, but since I don't, I am going to call it a day and ENJOY what I have done, because I have done a lot!

This photo makes me sooooo excited for Christmas day and for the snow we are going to be getting!



...don't forget to CHERISH the MOMENTS!

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Dawn said...

I hope you never change! Everyone loves you exactly the way you are! I love our one on ones! I love your calendars. My daughter in law makes me one every year & I cherish it & look forward to it!

I'm glad you had "extra" help & recognized cool! I love our pics because I love you! Merry Christmas Sweet Twinsee!


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