Monday, January 5, 2015

One Little Word ~ 2015

I used to be really big on New Year's Resolutions and each year faithfully wrote down a long list of the things I felt I needed to improve on for the upcoming year.  I loved my lists and I loved checking off my successes and it was so much fun and so energizing until about March.  Then when all the excitement wore off and my humanness emerged, I felt more like a failure than a success.  I have now become a believer in the ONE LITTLE WORD movement to transform all those resolutions that we almost always fail at, into just one word to focus on for the year.  It may sound too simple, but I truly believe this can be a life changer. 

The first year I did this my word was BEGIN, the second year it was DO, and this year I chose NOWIt seems I have a bit of a theme going here. Those other posts are HERE and HERE

I feel like I need to accomplish more in my life without letting excuses get in the way or waiting for a better time when I feel more like doing it.  I get more done when I don't really think about the task, but just do it.  I also want to be more in the present moment.  The NOW.  I want to serve others NOW and not wait for the perfect time.  I want to be able to have the mindset of right NOW is the best time to do anything.  I want to stop the thoughts of, "I will get to that later when I have more time", and instead just do it NOW when I notice it needs to be done and stop waiting for the perfect moment to do things.  I want to make the most of the present time. The NOW.  Therefore, I chose the word NOW to inspire me to just do it NOW.

It's going to be a challenging task because I feel like I am already so busy and sometimes I wonder how I will be able to start doing those things that I put off when I am already busy doing other good things, which is why other important things get put off.  But I find that I tend to put off certain things because I am waiting for the perfect time to do them like: 
  • Serving someone when I feel prompted (not later when I "find" the time)
  • Getting in my daily personal scripture reading and personal prayers
  • Dejunking
  • Journal keeping i.e. printing out this blog into books
  • Staying on my cleaning schedule
  • Returning that phone call or text
  • Little things like putting away the folded laundry immediately, hanging up that coat instead of throwing it on the chair to hang up later, washing just that one window when it gets a big smudge instead of waiting until I have time to do all of the windows, etc.
  • Starting Christmas a couple months earlier so I can enjoy the season without so much stress
The list could on and on.  But, happily I am good at doing other important things without waiting for the perfect moment like... exercise, family scripture study, meal prep, a clean kitchen and main living areas (for the most part), eating chocolate (☺I'm really good at this one because every moment is the perfect moment for doing that!), trying to enjoy life - not just endure it, etc., mainly because I have worked on them for so long that they eventually became habits.  I have really tried to not let the urgent over take the important, but sometimes I still let the urgent rule. 

My hope is that when I am focused on the NOW then the most important things will surface to the top of the pile and get done.

I am also going to try and really focus on being in the present moment.  I find that when I do that I am more at peace with my life and much less stressed and overwhelmed.  The moment we are in NOW is really the only one we have control over.  

I am excited to focus on this one little word for 2015!  Right NOW!

What will your one little word be this year?


Audrey said...

I have been searching for my one word for more than a week and still haven't found it (yes I have been praying about it). Hopefully it will come before the end of the year!
I do like your word. It really works!

Dawn said...

Perfect! Now is the Right Time! I have learned also to simplify..or at least I am trying. Some things I use to think were so important just aren't. I love the "ONE" word's a good idea. I have found that the things I should do usually come to me before January. I like that because then I just do them and wait for the next thing....No New Year Resolutions to Break or Worry about. But that's why I like the "one" will work and make a difference in your life!

Did any of that rambling make sense? Haha....I love you and all the good you do...every single day! (Do you realize it?...the good you always do?)

Jodi Wilding said...

Audrey if you want some inspiring ideas for your word, click on the ONE LITTLE WORD link in the first paragraph. But of course praying about what word is the best way to find one because it will be custom fit to you!

I like the way you do things Dawn, by waiting to "hear" what it is you are supposed to do next. And you are so good at doing them NOW when they need to be done! I appreciate your support! Love you too sista!


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