Monday, April 20, 2015

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge - if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear 20 miler...since I was unable to do my 20 miler on Saturday, I had to squeeze it in on Monday.  Problem is none of my running pals needed to do one.  So I  ran separately  with two different pals.  I left early and ran with Robin around town.  We got in nine miles and it actually went rather fast.  Then I met Jen.  Robin was nice enough to drive us up to the sheds so Jen and I could run down the canyon.  It was pretty chilly for my run with Robin but it really heated up for those last miles with Jen.
She was going to go about nine with me also.  I was happy with that because then I'd be up to 18 and only have to go two alone.  We took a little detour and did the trail run in Sardine.  Big mistake!  My shoes were not made for trails and I felt like a clod-hopper and I just knew I was going to biff it!  I slowed way down so I felt in control. 

The trail makes the miles fly by because I am concentrating so hard on getting good footing!
It was feeling like a long run by mile 13.  But I was okay until about 17 when both IT bands started to really hurt. I haven't had IT band problems in about three years and so I was very confused why suddenly they would start hurting.  They hurt pretty bad and I had to walk a bit.  Jen was nice enough to finish the last two with me.  Good thing too or I might have walked all of it.  We got to my house and stood outside and I stretched a bit.  We talked for a while trying to catch up since it's been so long.  But by the time I came in, both my heels were killing me as well which most likely means Plantar Fasciitis!  I haven't had problems with that either for a good year. It's either all my training miles or my new shoes - Hokas.  I rolled my heels and then rolled my IT bands with my foam roller.  I was just so frustrated because I haven't had any issues this whole season and in one day BAM!  Two major things!  So it could be my shoes, or over training, or the fact that I have been sick and so missed a lot of miles the past two weeks and then ran a 20.  Not sure! Frustration!  However, I have to say I really enjoyed this way of doing a 20. It really didn't seem as long with the way I broke it up.

dear mr. cat...or is it mr. dog?  When Dave is out working in the yard, you act just like a dog and follow him around and hang out by him.  That is not usual cat behavior.  This picture cracks me up... you followed him around and now you are just chillin' by the rock while he works.

dear stress...sometimes I let you get the best of me.  This week was one of those for sure.  I was dealing with a lot of stress from lots of areas, but the stress and anxiety of McKay's mission call and the time frame to get him ready and the place he is going (Siberia!) and so soon after graduation, really got to me on Tuesday, to the point that it made me physically sick.  I haven't felt that real pit in your stomach anxiety for a long time, but it showed up this week with a vengeance!
I am really struggling to come to terms with it all~~~but I know that Heavenly Father will bring me the peace I need because He can do anything.  Sometimes we just need to remember to ask.  I have been praying for strength a lot this week. 
This ↑ is so true.  I'm not saying his mission call is bad, quite the opposite, but when stress of any kind hits us or life situations change that we hoped wouldn't change, we do have a choice about how it will affect us.  It's not always easy to make the choice to be strong, but it's doable and I will continue to pray for the strength my heart needs as it is trying to accept things it would not have asked for.  I know we grow the most when we are struggling with things that make us stretch. :o)
Make mine purple...

dear brooke's birthday, Julie and I took Brooke out to lunch for her birthday on Tuesday.  We ended up at J&D's.  I haven't been there in years and it was actually pretty good.  We didn't have a lot of time, but it was fun to get together and just chill for a bit.  Brooke is an amazing woman.  She has more energy than anyone I know and accomplishes more than anyone I know.  She is over the top creative and if I need someone to help me get something done, I ask her.  I am in awe of how she does all she does.  She takes care of her grandma as well as her own three little kiddos and she is constantly serving others. She is now in school to become a seminary teacher,  besides doing photography on the side and weddings.  And I'm sure there are 2000 other things I don't even know about that she has her hand in.  I get tired just thinking of all she does. I feel blessed to have a friend like her.  She sets such a great example to me of this year's word I choose to focus on...NOW.  She does things NOW.  She does not procrastinate and I wish I was more like that.  But the greatest thing about her is that she has such a good heart. ♥  She would do anything for anyone.

dear logan run, Taylor sent me a text on Monday asking me if he left his report home.  I told him that he did.  Then he wrote, "How about tomorrow we go to lunch and you bring that paper up yes?:)"  I didn't respond right back because I was running at the time and so he sent, "Mommy".  The next text said, "Tomorrow? Lunch? Bring papers?"  So I responded with, "Hmm...Bring you something YOU forgot?  What's it worth it to you?"  He answered with, "A lovely hug".
Yeah...impossible for this mama to resist.  So, I headed up that way and picked him up and at his request we headed to Elements for lunch.  It is a pretty snazzy lil' place but their lunch prices were very reasonable.  I wasn't feeling really well and nothing sounded good and so I ended up getting the Asian lettuce wraps.  Big mistake!  The sauce was so spicy that I honestly couldn't eat them. I should have just got the soup!  Taylor LOVED his burger!  He really liked that place a lot!
Then we headed to Kohl's so I could return something and I ended up getting him a watch for his birthday.  If my boys only knew, the more they shop with me, the more they would get, they would always go!  This one is catching on!  haha  We then headed to Smith's and did some grocery shopping. 
I was not feeling too hot and so I headed home.  It was a beautiful day!  64°! 
But on my way home the sky darkened and the wind started up and then the temperature dropped.  By the time I got home I was seeing THIS ↓
And this ↓ (he knows what to do and where to go when it's stormy!).
It snowed all the rest of the day and night.

dear taylor game, so I drove all the way to Logan to deliver Taylor's report and then he sends me a text asking if I would take his basketball shoes to the junior high school here in town.  He had a city basketball game that he didn't find out about until 5:30!  Yep, I could have saved myself a trip up there had we known.  But I don't regret it because I like having an excuse to go up and take him to lunch and shopping.  Those are some of my favorite memories of when Bryce and Sky were going to school there and I know they will be of Taylor there as well.
This is a new city league but most of his team is the same, however there are a couple new players one of which is the son of Dave's best friend Brent when he was growing up.  Dave and Brent played basketball together and now Taylor and Matt are. Kinda cool.  They are sitting by each other in the collage photo bottom right. And Matt is standing on Taylor's side in this one↓...

dear mckay's answer to purple and white...when I got home from Logan this had happened.  Yeah, he didn't even get a photo of it on the porch. That's what I am for.  So I took this one of the remains.  These kids are so creative these days!  Super cute.

dear merry tax day and happy sprinter!  Yes we had the biggest storm of the winter and it's spring!  We got around six inches of snow and it was gorgeous!  The best of all is that it didn't stick to the roads so no shoveling!

dear spring fling....Carla was having the Fun Bunch over for a SPRING FLING LUNCHEON!  We like to have themes!  It always makes it more fun!  We were supposed to bring a spring thing to share.  I wasn't sure if I was going to make it or not because I had been feeling like crapola, but I started to feel better and really hated to miss it.  And I knew Kathy was going to be there and I have really missed seeing her.  Besides, these peeps always cheer me up and make me feel better!  So my "spring thing" wasn't super planned.  I came up with it that morning with stuff I had on hand.  Luckily we had a supply of Goldfish Crackers that we can't seem to use up and so I took advantage of that and made some "carrots".
The tag said, "Hug me if you CARROT all and have a HAPPY SPRING!"
Dawn and Carla supplied us with bunny ears and bunny teeth!  It was too funny!  So we had all the makings for a perfect photo opp without even planning it!
Some bunny looks silly!
We had SNOW much fun.  Yes, the ground was covered with snow during our spring fling!

Some pretty cute bunnies!
We were all so HOPPY to be there!
Oh my!  If you CARROT all, some bunny please stop us! 
Carla had a repairman upstairs during the party and when he came down, Dawn recognized him.  They chatted and I heard him say he went to Clearfield High and so I asked him if he knew my brother in law Lynn.  He did!  They were best friends!  What a small world.  So we took a picture with him and I sent it to Lynn.  Lynn was excited to hear I ran into him. (top middle picture below-click to enlarge)
We do have a lot of fun together!  I am not sure what other peeps think about us when we post our silly pictures on Facebook, but whatever it is, I think they are secretly jealous they aren't having as much fun as we are!

dear visit to mona, I felt bad I had to leave the luncheon early, but I had to get in and see Mona while I was in town.  I knew that would take a bit of time and I still had a couple other errands to run.  Since I only get out of town to Ogden or Logan about once a week, I have to do all my stuff on that one day.  I love living here, but sometimes it's tough to not have all the things you need close by. 
When I got there Shauna and Pat (our RS Pres) was there visiting with her.  We all stayed and visited at least an hour and then they left and I stayed for another 30 minutes or so.  I felt bad leaving because I know she gets lonely and bored.  She is looking better though.  She may get out next week.

dear mckay, you have been so intensely learning all you can about Russia.....including some of the language.  I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it.  Oh man, how I am going to miss this guy!  He is such a bright spot in my life and he has turned out to be such an amazing young man in every way.  To say I am proud of him is a huge understatement.  We are down to days and we just barely go this call!  8 weeks until he leaves!
 When I posted where he was going a friend from high school wrote that their son also served in that mission.  This friend married another friend I went to high school with and so I know them both.  I called them and we chatted for over an hour about the mission.  Some things I learned:
  • He will not have a car or a bike but will use mass transit everywhere.  Transfers always mean a long airplane ride.  Their son flew over 40 times while on his mission and the flights are long!
  • The members do not feed the missionaries....ever.
  • The people over there appear sad as if they just lost their dog.  Once you get to know them they warm up some.
  • The weather is brutal!  It may be the coldest mission in the world.  And it gets over 100° in the summer.  It's humid where the mission home is.
  • There are only about 65 missionaries there.  They said he should feel very happy because they only send the most faithful to that mission because the missionaries are always so far away from the mission president and the rejection rate is high.  There is only one official church building in the entire mission and the mission boundaries are as large as the USA.  And only 10 branches.
  • It's different than the other Russian missions as far as the buildings there are gray and not beautiful like in Moscow.
  • It's the largest geographical mission in the church.
  • They have to go renew their Visas every three months usually to Finland, Mongolia, or South Korea.  When they go to South Korea they call it the Happy Place because there is color there.  Sometimes they get to sleep inside the temple (or the door attaches to the temple) when they go there.
  • The apartments are really nice.
  • It's so cold in the winter that there is an inch thick of ice on the buses and it's hard to tell when they get to their stop.
  • It's VERY COLD!
  • Packages take two months to arrive and are very expensive to send.
  • They have washing machines but no dryers.  They have to hang their clothes up to dry inside their apartment.  I find that odd where it is so cold! The washing machine sings when it's done.
  • Part of his mission is an island.  On that island is a ski resort that gets more snow than anywhere else in the world.
  • The world's largest lake is also part of his mission.  Lake Baikal.
Lots to take in!
I LOVE this thought!  It is so true!  When one chooses to serve the Lord for two years, He will take you where you would not otherwise ever go!

dear speed work!  We did our Yasso 800's this week on Thursday because it was a blizzard on Wednesday and very windy.  We runners do NOT like wind!  Jen took this photo because all of those clothes are mine.  I was NOT wanting to be cold and so I brought all kinds of jackets so I would stay warm.  I took off two layers at this point and I still had two on.  I never put on two of those jackets, I brought them because I wasn't sure how thick of one I would need until I got there.
We were a little slower this week than two weeks ago, but we still got in under 4:00 every time.  Not sure how because I was still coughing!  But it felt good to do it...that is AFTER we were done! 
We were all having issues with one body part or another!  I love these pix of us all trying to stretch out the part that was hurting the most!   Jen's calves were hurting, Robin's hamstrings, and my IT bands. 
Jen has an eye for a good photo and she came up with this one.  I thought it was pretty cool.
Since it was Robin's birthday we took her out to breakfast after we tortured ourselves.  We actually ended up only doing 5x800's instead of 7x800's because of time. We could have stayed and finished them but then we wouldn't have been able to go out to breakfast. There are just some things more important than others!  hah  Besides I figured I shouldn't push it too hard until I am fully recovered from this bronchitis crap.  Not sure that is ever going to happen!  It's been lingering forever!
Dang! Robin's eyes are closed! Oh well, it's her birthday and she can close her eyes if she wants to.  We took her to Bert's because she had never been there. I was famished!  It was so good!  We earned that!

dear mr. cat, there is just something about the sight of a cat sleeping that calms me and brings me such peace.  I used to feel that way when looking at my boys while they slept when they were little as well.

dear american mothers luncheon, this was held at the Maddox Lodge and the theme was ALL THAT GLITTERS.  

It was a wonderful luncheon even though it was rather quick and to the point.  We had to be out of there within two hours I believe or we would have to pay more.  So it moved along quickly!  I wasn't involved with the planning of it, though I should have been, but I missed several of the planning board meetings.  I'm wondering if I am even still on the state board due to my absence at the past couple of meetings.  Diane announced the members of the board and my name was not among them. Hopefully just a mistake.  Either way, I do need to get my fanny in gear and get a chapter started here.  I founded the first chapter in our city over 20 years ago and it was one of the largest and strongest in the state for over 10 years.  I turned it over to another when I became the AMI State Pres and it ended up fizzling. Tyson passed away during that time and after that I just didn't have it in me to get it up and going again.  Looking back I really should have because it wouldn't have been that hard since we had a great group already established.  But I did the best I could at the time and I felt it was no longer my mission in life.  Now that I have more time I would really like to get one going for the younger mothers around town.  Diane wants me to as well.  Hopefully this summer or fall.
Diane welcoming everyone.
So cute!
The speakers were Alisha McDaniels and two of the Six Sisters.
The musical numbers were amazing as well.  It was all very motivating and I loved every bit of it!
The Six Sisters talked about how to find the glitter in our lives as mothers.  I think what I took away from it all was that glitter is everywhere but we have to look for it and it's usually found in the most unlikely places.  And once we do find it we have to embrace it even if it's a little bit messy.  We need to see the good in all things glittery.
I was so glad Brooke and Katherine came!  I was also happy to see Shannon and Suzanne!  I was really grateful that Dawn and Davaleen also were able to make it even though they had to travel a ways.  Jolene and her daughter also came.  I felt bad I didn't invite my mom!  I always invite her, but it was a crazy couple of weeks and I wasn't focused on this at all.  I had other more pressing Russia!  hah  I hope everyone felt it was worth their time. 
I will LOVE AMI until the day I die!  It has blessed me with so much throughout the past 24 years I have been a part of it.  My favorite part of the organization has always been my association with the women in it.  They are truly the cream of the crop!
The place was packed with so many wonderful women that I have come to love dearly over the years. I tried to talk to most of them but the social part of this event was not very long.  They speakers spoke while we ate.  That is not a usual thing at our events but it was today and so I felt a little gyped by not getting to talk to everyone.
 But I left there HAPPY and UPLIFTED and GRATEFUL for motherhood and for friends.

I found this heart shaped rock as I was going out to my car in the parking lot.
A little LOVE from heaven...and I felt it!♥

dear rotary 5K...I wasn't going to run this race because the course was suicide.  It would have been a great challenge, but I wasn't needing another challenge running wise right now.  Then they changed the course and made it more runner friendly, so I decided that morning to run it.  It was a first time race and so not too many showed up to run.  I think there was probably only 25 total.  But it was a beautiful day and I was ready to run!  I was excited.  I had to do 12 miles today and so I thought this would count as my tempo part of my run.  

Grant came, but Robin was running with her daughter because she was doing her first 10 mile run and needed to support her.  We got started and I didn't go out too fast, I tried to pace myself for the first half mile.  Then it ended up being me and Grant running together for the next half mile.  Then this little kid caught up to us and I was sure he was going to peter out, but he never did.  He stayed with us for the rest of the race.  We tried to pace him hoping he wouldn't crash because he was so fast.  He was only 10!  It was his first race ever and he just kept going full steam ahead!  I was impressed.  Grant told him on the hilly part that it was the hardest part of the race but after that the final half mile is mostly downhill.  His name was Cannon and he kept looking back to see where his friends were and I told him to not worry about them because they were way back in his dust but to just focus on himself running strong.  This was the first time I had ever been in the lead in a race for the entire course!  It was AWESOME!  The three of us kept together pretty much the entire race.  When we got onto 6th east and it started to go downhill, Grant told him that it was time to pick up the pace and he did!  He went flying and Grant kept by his side.  I watched them go and looked behind me to see if I was going to be able to take third or if I needed to sprint to the finish. I didn't see anyone and so I chose not to sprint.  I was so excited that I was going to finish first woman overall!  I have never done that before!  And I was even more excited I was going to place third overall! Best part was I got a new PR!  YES!  I finished in 24:41!
Top three finishers!  The boy took 1st place.
I got a $20 Maddox gift card for placing third!  My entry fee was $15 and so I actually came out ahead for a change! ☺I also won this bag as a door prize. 
 I thought I actually came in 4th because 10 feet before I crossed the finish line a guy with a stroller came whizzing past me and crossed before me!  I was totally bummed since I was in the top three the entire race.  But I found out later he was the first place winner in the one mile fun run. 
Here are my splits
Grant got to choose his prize which was an overnight stay at the Hampton Inn and  Maddox gift card!  Cannon choose $30 in iTunes gift cards so Grant got the best prize, but he deserved it because it was so nice of him to let Cannon cross that finish line before him even though Grant was faster.  Runners really are the coolest people!
After the race Grant and I headed up the canyon to meet Robin and Samantha and ran down the canyon to their house.  That gave me five more miles and so I had to go four more after that.

I saw this cool sight as I was out running.  There were so many! 
On my way back they all drove right past me.  It was cool!
I got in 12 miles total.

 dear very last morp dance ever! 
 Oh my gosh, the LASTS are beginning!  I don't like it!  Will someone please tell me HOW this happened so fast?
 Found these on Facebook this week... 
This ↓ was Morp last year.

dear handsome one... I find myself taking pictures of this boy a lot lately.  I know how long two years is.  I know how much he will change.  I know that he won't come back as this boy, but as a man.  I also know there is nothing I can do to stop time hastening on.  I also know that if I could I probably wouldn't - even though ever fiber of my being wants to freeze it where it is for just a bit longer. 
A friend posted this Josh Groban video on Facebook of him singing "Bring Him Home".  I couldn't help but relate it to sending out a missionary!  Where are those Kleenexes!
Check out the video HERE.  No one can sing this like Josh Groban! This hit a tender spot all missionary mamas will understand. It's been a real tough week trying to come to terms with my son's (my baby!) mission call to Russia. Not only is it Russia, but he leaves in two short months! He couldn't be more excited, but this mama's heart is aching. I am trying to focus on the gratitude I am filled with that he is willing and worthy to go so far away to serve for two years to share the gospel he loves so much with those who otherwise wouldn't have the blessings of it. Tough to let go when you love them so much but also so much to be grateful for!

It truly is one of the hardest things we do as mamas to let them go.  And no matter how many you send out, it never gets easier even though this is what we taught them and what we prayed and hoped for. But there is also no greater joy than to see them grow up and make the decision to stand for truth and righteousness. My heart is bursting with the pain of letting him go while at the same time it's bursting with joy for the stalwart example he is and for the incredible young man he has become. He is going to greatly bless the people of Russia with that radiant smile of his and his joyful spirit. There are no words to describe how much I am going to miss this boy, but I am so proud of him and the choices he has made. Such a bittersweet experience! I keep telling myself the blessings always outweigh the sacrifice.  We send them out as boys and they return as men of God!
dear totally silly and ridiculous Facebook quizzes...I just get a kick out of taking you!  Why I have no idea!  Maybe it's because it's a fun distraction for my mind that has too much reality weighing on it right now.

dear uplifting quotes this week...

 So hard to remember but so true!

 I am so grateful for this knowledge!


 Be helpful!

 Choose 'happy' in any circumstance.

Hah!  Love it!

 Cherish the moments...

 Little things ARE the big things!

 It all begins with a thought.

dear message this week...
Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...
the quality of life is a result of many small actions. It's not New Year resolutions, nor big promises that make or break life, it's the innumerable small actions you take every hour that compound into a life well lived. Look at how you are living moment to moment to know whether at the end of your life you will be looking back with pride or sorrow.


Dawn said...

Yep....I always enjoy your Monday Memo's a bit more when I am in them. ☺ So much always going on but it's ALL good...even Russia is good. ;) Love YOU my twinsee

Jodi Wilding said...

Not sure how you endure them in the first place! If I wasn't doing them for history purposes they would be much shorter! But someday my hope is that I will be grateful I included what I did. Maybe the person reading them won't, but I will. hehe

Nancy Mc said...

Love reading your Monday Memo's. I love how you support your family at EVERYTHING they do. So cool that you got first hand info to help McKay prepare for his mission. Congrats on your win at the 5K. Awesome!


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