Monday, August 10, 2015

*Monday Memos*


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dear LONG run, since we couldn't do it last Saturday, we decided to do our long run on Monday this week.  The forecast said it had about a 30% chance of rain AFTER 9 or 10 a.m. and we left at 6:00 a.m. and so we thought we would be in the clear. Nope!  We got DRENCHED!  It was really hot and humid at 6:00 a.m.!  By the time we were done, it was still humid but we were a little chilly.  Especially after running in the rain for that long.  We decided to do a city course instead of the canyon this time since we only had to go 14 miles.  We went from the far north of our city to the far south and into the next city and back.  We ended up with a little more than 15 miles total.  I was not having the best run of my life.  I ran 10.5 on Saturday and so I felt like I was on tired legs the entire time, which is actually what you want when training for a full marathon, but it wasn't a lot of fun.  I was keeping up with Sherrie though and that was good.  When we got to Main Street by the Yogurt store, Sherrie had gone back to get Robin and so I looked in the window as I passed and saw Pat (my Relief Society President) inside working. I waved at her.  While I waited for Sherrie and Robin she came out to say hi.

She is a great lady.  Her husband has just been given some really bad news about his health and it's really up in the air what is going to happen, but it's not looking good.  Pat was so cute and I think needed us at that moment.  It amazes me how Heavenly Father's hand is in so many things, even the tiniest little details of our lives. 
We stopped and talked to her for a good 20 minutes and I hope we offered her some peace.  But by the time we started up again it felt like Rigor mortis had set in!  We were stiff and cold. Well, Robin and I were, not sure about Sherrie because she's not human!  haha  Serious, she's not. 

dear sleepover with kylah, when I got home from my long run, Taylor and Kylah were just hanging out.  She had barely woke up and so before I even showered I made them French Toast for breakfast.  I enjoyed it!  I think they did too!  Kimber came to get her so she could get her ready for swimming lessons.  It was a lot of fun having her over even though it was rather quick.

dear birthday lunch with mom, yes I am still celebrating at least all week long!  Maybe all month long!  My Mom and I headed to Olive Garden and I splurged and got my favorite Chocolate Almond Amore' drink!  I get it with extra almond!  Mmmm......  I wasn't able to drink it all even with my Mom's help, but it was still worth it!  I ordered lasagna....why?  Because I ALWAYS order it.  It is really the best lasagna around!  Next to mine, that is. I really do like mine too.  Well, maybe it is my favorite since I don't have to take the time to make it!
As we got in the car I noticed that my white pants were covered in red sauce!  I was carrying the leftover box and it somehow leaked out ALL OVER my pants!  I tell ya, you can't take me anywhere!  At least in white pants.  I tend to attract everything when I wear white!  I'm worse than a little kid.  So when I took my Mom home, I took them off and dressed up in her lovely pink soft robe, scrubbed the stains out of my pants, and threw them in her dryer.  In the meantime we took these lovely pictures.  What a fashion statement I'm making!
It was fun!  I had to head to Home Depot and grab a few things so I am glad I clean up okay!  ☺

dear run out west, I headed out west for my run on Tuesday because I needed the peace.  Sometimes when I run I love the noise and chaos around me and other times, I just want it quiet so I can think.  That's how I felt today.  It was nice. I saw a huge hawk circling around and just watching it sail through the air was peaceful.  I love the cattails and the surrounding scenery out there.  It was a nice way to spend an early morning.

dear lunch with jen, we have been trying to get together to catch up for a very long time!  We finally found a day and on our way to Old Grist, we got stopped at Main Street for a good 15 minutes or more while the Tour of Utah bikers came riding past.  IT WAS SO COOL!
I took these pictures from the car.  It was such an amazing sight!  They just flew by and their support cars just kept coming and coming loaded with bikes!  I'm so glad our timing was just perfect!  

These pictures I got off the internet....
Pretty sweet!

We ran into Audrey and Ashely and they joined us which was fun.  Last time we went out to lunch we joined them!  I think I see Audrey every time I go there!  haha I wish we would have got a photo!  Audrey if you're reading this why didn't you remind me?!  LOL We really had a good time with them....mainly because Ashley had us all on the floor laughing.  First of all when Audrey was talking about skeet shooting, Ashley thought she meant skeet-ball and was shocked there was actually money to be made in skeet-ball because she said she thought those tickets were the only thing you could get out of that.  Oh hilarious!  Then we were talking about bedbugs and I was trying to think of the word exterminator and she blurted out, "Taxidermist!"  Not quite!  haha  What made it even funnier is that we were all envisioning how funny it would be to see a bedbug's head hanging on the wall!  Oh my, it went downhill from there and we were dying laughing!  I'm so glad they joined us!  I needed the laugh!

dear boating, FINALLY we made it out on the boat this summer!  We have been trying to find a time we could all go.  The boys have taken the wave runners to Mantua a few times but really wanted to do the boat.  Dave was off and while I went on a run (I did hill repeats - ugh!) they got the boat ready.  I hurried and got us a lunch packed and we headed off to Mantua.  We would normally go to Willard Bay but it's basically closed because the water is too low this year.  It was really nice because there were hardly any other boats out there!  We took McKay and Marshall Parrish with us.  Taylor invited Mitch and Maddie too, but they had to work.   It was a lot of fun!  The boys are amazing at wake boarding and I had fun zipping around on the wave runner.  Dave just drove the boat.  He's missing out!  Last time I wake boarded was in Lake Powell and I'm not a huge fan of getting in Mantua and so I passed.  I'm not a huge fan of it anyway.  I like water skiing better.  I did get pretty wet on the wave runner though. 
 It was cloudy almost the entire time we were there.  Not fun as far as staying warm, but great as far as there were hardly any other boaters!  

Mantua is known for it's moss.  We caught a lot of that!  

The Parrish boys had a good time I think.  We tried to teach Marshall how to wake board.  He really tried hard.  It's tough!  McKay made it look easy.

Taylor is a natural.

Bryce is one daredevil.  He has no fear and can do all kinds of tricky moves.

We ate lunch and then after a few hours headed back.  It was nice to be so close and not have to wait in long lines to launch.  I'm glad we chose to go there this time.

dear rescue mission, Taylor and Josh had dates clear in South Jordan.  A little while after they left we ended up getting a call for help.  Josh's car over heated and they were stranded in West Haven.  Dave and I went and rescued them.  We gave them the Acura and Dave drove Josh's car home and I drove the Escalade.  We took both in case we had to tow it. I was hoping for dinner out but Dave had to rush back for meetings.
I'm glad we were able to help them and they hadn't gotten any farther.

dear dentist, I had my six month checkup and I was anxious to go so I could talk to them about the Invisalign.  I feel like since I started to wear them that my teeth are changing.  A little in color and a little even in just texture or appearance.  I didn't have any extra tartar on them and so they said it may just be temporary and after the treatment things will get back to normal.  I hope.  No cavities though.  Yay!

dear stake pool party, we go to this every year but just eat and then leave since we don't have any little kids anymore to take swimming.  Can I just say how nice that is?  Hah!   I went and got Mona and I think she loved getting out.  I think her current situation living alone is driving her crazy!
I got to hold lots of cute babies!  First cute little Mont, and then Kylah, and then Nikki.  Dave got to hold someone's baby too, but he had no idea who it belonged to.  They were struggling to get their food and juggle everything so he just took it.  It was cute.

The Stake Presidency

We took Mona home after and then went and met the Hollingsworth's at the Pickleball courts to play some Pickleball.  I haven't played in TWO years!  I was pretty rusty, but Dave was nice and told me I did well.  Hah  I need to practice that's for sure.  Especially since he has been playing four times a week in the mornings!
The sunset was spectacular!  This picture does not do it justice, but it was gorgeous. 
We played way after dark but the courts have great lighting.  It was a lot of fun and I got to break in my new paddle I got for my birthday!

dear penny AND nickel AND dime from heaven, on my run on Friday I turned a corner and saw a penny laying on the road. I picked it up and continued running and then I saw a nickel right after.  I kind of laughed.  I kept going and saw a dime!  All one right after the other. I must say I was a little let down when I didn't find a quarter after that. I fully expected to!  Thanks Tyson, Shelly, and Mae!  ;)

dear talented niece, I have a VERY talented niece who performed at the Bountiful Arts Festival (or something like that) on Friday.  She sang many of the songs she has written herself and she did an amazing job!  I went to support her as did some other family members.  She really is gifted and I hope she takes this as far as she can!  She can write, sing, play the guitar, piano, and has an amazing stage presence.  It was a blast!
They also had a lot of different nations performing their national dances.  It took me way back to when I was on the Weber State's Folk Dance team.  They performed many of the dances that we did way back when.  It brought back some really good memories!  I miss those days!  I told Karen I would love to go back and live them again for about a week or so and then come back to my life now.  Hah 
A couple pix of when I was on the Weber State Folk Dance team.  The good old days!

With Kylah! ↓ We had to take some selfies to send to Taylor and make him jealous he wasn't there.  He loves this little thing!  And she loves him. 
THEN...I actually got to try out WAFFLE LOVE!  The truck was there and so we feasted on their yummy waffles.  They were very rich and very sweet!  Oh my.  Karen and I each got different ones and then shared. One had lemon curd and the other had Bischoff spread.  Of course they both had lots of fruit and whipped cream. YUMMY!  I do have to say I wish I would have had something nutritious as well because my tummy reacted to the yummy.  Too much yummy for my tummy!  I felt a little sick all day! 
 Twas fun though!

dear date night, we went to see Mission Impossible 5.  I LOVED it (of course I did...Tom Cruise is in it!) but it was a little intense and my stomach was in knots after.  I love going to movies for date night.  I love eating the movie popcorn too even though it usually makes me sick.  hah
We headed to Firehouse Pizza after because I needed to carb load for my 19 mile in the morning.  The best part was the Skookies!  

dear 19 miler, I was not looking forward to this run AT. ALL.  I was going to do it on Monday because I just ran 15 this Monday and figured my body could use the recovery time, but then I would have to run 19 this coming Monday and 20 on Saturday because I have a half marathon the next Saturday and I didn't want to push my 20 to Monday again and then run the half on Saturday. Running gets complicated at times!  haha  Robin is gone for a week and so I text Sherrie to go with me and she was very happy to.  She originally had to be home by 7:30 but ended up going the entire 19 with me which I was very grateful for!  I got up at 5:30 (well actually I woke up at 5:00) and Dave dropped us off at Sherwood Hills.  We did the usual course but when we came down Sardine we kept going and then cut off on the canal trail.  It was the first time I had run that one.  I liked it. 
In Mantua this duck started to follow me.  I just figured he was being friendly and was a nice duck. So I even petted him. He let me too.  Then he kind of took off and Sherrie wanted to get a picture of me petting him and so I kind of followed him.  Well I had to leap across a ditch as he was going to his wife.  Once I got there he turned on me and jumped up and tried to bite me!  YIKES!  It freaked me out!  I screamed pretty loud and since it was still so early, I am sure I woke up a few peeps!  As we kept on running there was a guy on his porch wondering what the racket was.  We told him a duck tried to attack!  hah  
Instagram photo↓
Our time was AWESOME!  I was so happy about that, but I was not feeling very good.  I wanted to keep up the pace though and so I kept running but I felt like I was getting a bladder infection and had to keep stopping for little pit stops.  By the time I finished those 19 miles I was not feeling too well.   I called Dave and immediately took a urine sample to him to see what was going on.  I have some kind of UTI and so he started me on antibiotics.  I also had some other wacky things going on and so we will see what a few days of the meds do and then recheck.  I felt like total crap all day Saturday.  I was very tired from the 19 miler but also just felt yucky.  I was grateful I could rest for a bit before we had to be somewhere.

I was still very happy with the run though because our overall pace was 9:26!  And that's without turning off my Garmin for at least three pit stops!  So it was probably more like a 9:24 and to BQ in my full in October I have to run a 9:25 and so I was SUPER HAPPY about that!  Mainly because I felt so crappy and I still was able to maintain that pace!  That really boosted my confidence!  Maybe I can really do this!!!

We saw the Manic Manican on the way home.  She is looking a little tired herself today!

dear sealing, we were invited by some friends to go witness their sealing on Saturday.  When we got to the temple I realized I didn't have my recommend!  I had left it in my temple clothes bag.  Great!  Dave was not concerned.   There are a few perks being married to the Stake Pres. offers.  lol  He was able to get me in (also thanks to computer systems!) and we were able to arrive on time for the sealing.  Actually I would have had time to go home and grab it and return because we were in the waiting room a really long time!

dear crepes, Taylor has been begging me to make crepes for a while now and so I did on Sunday morning.  I really should make them more often because they are super easy and just so yummy!
And they look even yummier on my new plates!  

dear mr. cat, once again you just are adorable.  It's a good thing I don't have any more pets or my blog would loaded with pictures of them too. 

dear nikki, Dave sent me this picture this week even though it was taken last week at Tanae's homecoming.  But isn't this little thing so cute?  She is my grand niece and is almost seven months and I just met her a couple weeks ago.  She lives in Oregon and so it's going to be hard not getting to see her grow.  Thank heavens for Facebook.  I need one of these of my own!  GRANDbaby that is, not my own baby!  Oh my!

dear little fawn, I get so excited when I see you in our backyard because you are so funny to watch.  I love watching you bounce all over the yard and just show your young and carefree spirit.  Not a single worry in the world.  The turkey  babies (bottom right) are really getting big!  They are cute but not as fun to watch.

dear whaaaaaaaaat!  A friend posted this "beautiful" spider on Facebook and tagged me in it.  I guess if it's purple it can't be that bad right?  Eeeek! 

dear quotes,

Oh, so so true!

Someday we will look back and realize it was all worth it.

This is truth right there....

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