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Weston's Wonderous Wistful White Windy (non) Warm Whimsical Wedding

My nephew Weston got married on January 2nd.  I'm still a little bit in shock that he is married.  Weston is like my 6th son.  He pretty much lived with us each summer and grew up with my boys.  He IS one of the boys.  He is like our son.  It happened so fast that none of us have still really grasped the fact that he is officially a married man.  He married a darling girl named Mary that he has known since they were 12 while living in Arizona.  She has had a crush on him since then.  He on the other hand was interested in someone else and during high school broke her heart.  But...they started writing while on their missions and as they say the rest is history!  I had always thought Weston would be one of the last of the boys to get married because he didn't date much.  I guess you never know!  Either way, I am so happy for him and Mary.  They are truly madly deeply in love and make the cutest couple.  I know they will be happy and enjoy life together. 

They were married in the Salt Lake Temple.  The sealing was beautiful and very emotional.  I felt like I was marrying off my son and shed a tear or two.  Karen and Barry shed a few more than I did.  Wow.  Just so crazy he is actually married.  Not sure when it will sink in!

After the sealing we waited in the warm waiting room as long as we could before we ventured out into the bitter cold!  It was only 1 degree! Brrrr......  And when the wind blew, oh my!  Just frigid!  We finally went out and basically froze to death while we waited for them to come out. We could see them inside the door area but they were taking their sweet time.  Finally they came out and we cheered! 
(Many collages so you will have to click to enlarge)
It was just plain and simply bitter cold. I am not sure how Mary stood it with short sleeves on.  We got some pictures taken and told all the nieces and nephews that they were no allowed to get married in January (or February! Or December!)  They all enthusiastically agreed! 
This cute little chick (Kylah) is madly in love with Taylor.  She stalks him out and runs to him.  So cute. He has a way with little kids.  The litltes basically all love him.
 All of Weston's family and all of Mary's.  A big freezing group!  We are in there somewhere!
 Just Weston's family.  We are a huge group!
 My fam!  I took advantage of as many photo opps as possible to get lots of family pix today because I know how rarely it happens and what a struggle it is to get these boys to cooperate.  We were missing McKay though. But he was with us in spirit because he was also freezing to death in Siberia. 

 The luncheon was held at The Ivy House in SLC. It was a beautiful place.
 My boys were groomsmen.  McKay would've been standing there too if he were here.
 Some fun pix!

 Missing two of my boys in these ↓ shots but so happy the three of them were here for the wedding.  I wish I would have insisted and got a few more pix of them altogether.  Most of the ones I took ended up blurry.  :(
 Some family shots....
 My fave!
 Pictures of the boys with Weston.  
Weston with my boys. I love this one of them.  I sure wish McKay and Tyson were in this picture, but they are both doing more important things right now.  But I can envision the six of them all grown up now and standing side by side as men.

The luncheon was fabulous!  They even had purple gravy!  I have never seen purple gravy before in my life! Well, with the exception of the stuff I make on Valentine's Day, but I use food color for it.  This was the real thing.  They told me they made it with red wine. 

After the luncheon, I went to work on the cake trying to make it work.  It had been one disaster after another and was cursed from the beginning.  You can read that story here
I was able to make it presentable which is basically a miracle!  My only wish was for Mary to be happy with it.  I ended up changing it from the original plan several times due to disasters beyond my control and so I hope she was okay with the final result.  The flowers her mom gave me to use on it were nothing like I had planned on, and so the final look of the cake was a lot different than the photo of the one we were going for but I think it turned out beautiful in it's own right.  Linda and Tanae helped me wiht the flowers.  We had to "borrow" some from the bouquet that she was going to toss in order to make it look good.  Whew!  Tender mercies! 

I was so relieved once I got that thing on the table and DONE!  I actually felt a tangible weight lift off of my shoulders!  What a test of patience and endurance for me.  What should have been the easiest wedding cake I've ever made, ended up being the hardest.
The reception was in the same place as the luncheon which was nice. Other than some peeps left after the luncheon and never came back for the reception.  They seriously missed out!  The party was just getting started!
I absolutely love these friends of Aubrey!  We have hung out together several times and even did a mud run together once.  I just love them to pieces.  Emily (on the left) is heading to Indiana on a mission in a month.  Taylor has dated Hadley a few times (the tall blonde next to me).  They are a ton of fun.  And they are so nice to let me and Karen crash their parties!
My cute parents came and made us all laugh.
Skyler's harem... hahaha
The cutting of the cake

This is probably the best picture of it because of the reflection in the mirror directly behind it.
A few family pictures...

Then there was dancing!
When Weston danced with Karen I was bawling like a blubbering baby!  Oh man!  That was so sad!  Sad in a good way.  Is that possible?  Well, it must be because that's what I felt.  So unreal that he had already grown up to be a man and to be married.  They danced to Tarzan's "I'll be in your heart".  Ohhh....  And then Mary and her dad danced to "I loved her first".  Oh man!  There were some tender moments!  But then we all danced the night away!  Well, some of us anyway.  Dave wouldn't dance (says he isn't any good) and so my little nephew Jonathan told him if he didn't dance with me then he was going to.  Dave was totally fine with that.  Hmph.....  But dance we did!  Jonathon knew how to waltz!  I asked him how he knew how and he said he saw it on TV.  He called it the square.  haha  It was so. much. fun!  I haven't had so much fun in a long time!  Dave missed out! 
Then the boys and all the other youngsters were doing some kind of dance off.  I was wondering who my boys were!  I had never seen them move like that before!  Sheesh!  Taylor did the splits!  Bryce did some break dancing!  It was crazy! I wish I had it on video dang it!  They both got quite the applause!

Then Mary tossed her bouquet and my niece Natalie caught it.  Weston threw the garter and my nephew Michael caught it.  He is only 11.  Oh well...  better luck next time boys.  hehe
I got this photo as these "sneaks" were coming back from decorating the car.

After some unexpected excitement we lined up and sent the couple off with sparklers and cheers. 
What a great day!  Now they get to do this all over again in a week down in Arizona!  I could handle doing it again in that heat!  We headed to Karen and Barry's and helped them unload all of the wedding paraphernalia and gifts.  Weston and Mary were off on their honeymoon to Florida.  

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Nancy Mc said...

How was the purple gravy? You sure do get LOTS of pictures. Love all the info about the wedding. I hope both of our family members married on this day have a wonderful marriage. Love the cake!


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