Monday, July 11, 2016

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear 4th of july...Happy Birthday America!  

I got up early and Dave and I headed to Honeyville so I could run the Honeyville Freedom 5K.  I have run this race about five times I believe.  It is a crazy year we hopped over hay bales and another year some of the runners got stopped by a train in the middle of the race.  The course is mostly uneven dirt roads with some really tricky spots.  Some of it is gravel and a tiny bit of pavement at the end.  I am always really concentrating on my stepping because I fear I will twist an ankle.  When we arrived, I got my timing chip and bib number on and looked around for someone I knew.  I saw Bob, Mike, and Colleen.  After warming up a bit we all lined up to start. Bob chatted with me about us being the "Senior winners" at our last race.  Today there were about 150 runners.  Pretty good size race.  

I saw some other people I knew while I was warming up but didn't talk to them.  I suddenly got really sick to my stomach.  It was almost cramping up on me.  But it was time to start and even though I wasn't sure I would make it, I jumped in and started.  As I ran past Dave, I told him I was feeling awful and wasn't sure I would be able to stick it out.  He took my picture and said, "Good luck!".  

In a race situation it is very hard for me to not run fast.  Even though I felt like crap, I still felt like crap running slow and so I thought what the heck, just go for it.  By mile two, I was feeling much better.  Sometimes you just have to run through it to get rid of it.  That has happened to me more than once.  Maybe because running is so painful that your brain can't focus on two different pains.  Ha - who knows?  I just know I was grateful I was felt better!  I was feeling like my time would be okay, though I knew I wouldn't be getting a PR due to my slower than normal start.  I passed a couple younger peeps who seemed to be struggling with leg issues.  That made me feel even more grateful I was feeling better.   I finished with a 25:20.  Not a PR.  But fast enough to place first in my age division and win me some HONEY! 
Almost to the finish line!
I actually placed first in every female age division with the exception of the 15-18 year olds and the 19-24 year olds. I came in 9th overall woman and 36th overall racer.
Winning a jar of Honeyville honey is hard to beat!  
 The honey jar lids have what place you took on them.  One lady there told me she goes home and puts them on a ribbon and hangs them as medals.  I have a few years worth of honey from this race so I guess I could do that too.  They used to give out huge bags of pancake mix and syrup to the winners.  I think I liked that better.  Time to start eating more honey!
Some of the race honey jars I've won. .
They always have great door prizes but all I won this year was last year's shirt - which I already own.  Oh well.  
We headed over for breakfast and they piled on the food.  I wasn't hungry but I did enjoy one of the sausages. They were tasty.   As we were eating, Sky's bud Jason came over.  He is home for a visit.  We got the scoop on Sky and Sarah and the fact that Sky is tending Jason's three big dogs right now.  Jason had nothing but good to say about Sky and told us how nice he is and how he treats Sarah so well.  We talked to him for about an hour.  I've always loved that kid.  He is just a good guy.  
We came home and I showered and got ready for the day.  Dave and the boys did yard work and I worked in the house.  No BBQ's today - sadly.  I ended up getting a killer headache which turned in to a migraine and I had to go lay down for a couple hours.  I really didn't want to miss the fireworks and so I finally decided I would take some Tylenol and it helped a lot.  Dave gets a bit frustrated with me because I hate to take any drugs for anything unless I am really hurting.  They are wonderful when you really need them. I ended up taking a Maxalt because it became migraine status.

We headed to the fireworks and sat by Brian and Becki.  Bryce was up on the mountain by the "I" and Taylor is still in Florida.  We had fun chatting and taking pictures and then Linda and her fam joined us also.  It was too dark to get a group photo but you can see Brian and Becki behind us in our selfies. :) 
The fireworks were amazing as always. However, I could feel the ashes landing on us the entire time because we were so close.  I had to put a blanket over me and my head because it kept getting in my eyes.  Our city's fireworks have always been outstanding and they didn't disappoint this year.
Unreal sunset!!!

dear bike ride, I decided to ride my bike today because I still wasn't feeling that great. My headache never really left completely.  I biked 11.5 miles.  It was a nice day and I enjoyed the ride.  Biking is so much easier for me than running.  Maybe I'm in the wrong sport!  I'm not a strong biker, but it is much less painful!  :-)
 Gotta love this sign ↓ with the construction in the background.

dear harp lesson, I headed to harp and my lesson was pretty good.  I practiced really hard this week and I felt good about it.  I did some shopping for gifts after.  I was also looking for things for the wedding cake I am doing for my niece.  Didn't have much luck with that.

dear yearly lunch, each year when Shauna comes to visit from Maine, we go out to lunch with our moms.  This year she wanted to go to Maddox.  I was okay with that since it's close.  It's nice to have peeps come this way for a change instead of me always going south.  They went and got my mom on the way so she rode with them.  When I got there I couldn't see them.  I was a little early and so I just sat down and waited.  They never came and never came. I stood up and watched out the window for a while. No sight of them.  I got on my phone to answer some text messages and there was a text from Shauna saying they arrived early and already had a table and were inside the dining room.  She sent it 5 minutes before I got there and so I waited all that time for nothing.  My phone didn't alert me to her text.  Oh well.  We had a great laugh over it.
We had some good laughs.  Our moms are so cute.  They crack me up.  Me and Shauna just giggle sometimes to each other as we listen to them.  Good times!  I am so grateful we both still have our moms.  We are very blessed.  They met when Shauna and I were roommates at Dixie College some 35 years ago.

dear trek, and he is off!  Dave headed for our stake trek early Thursday morning.  The rest of the group left yesterday but he had to release a missionary and so had to go a day later.   I was kind of sad he was going and I wasn't, but not sad enough to beg to go.  I enjoyed my trek experience four years ago, but with none of my boys going this year, I wasn't really too sad I wasn't going.  No FOMO for me this time.

dear corps encore

I met my friends at WSU football stadium to go watch the Corps Encore rehearsal.  It was free and we thought it sounded like a fun thing to do.  We got great seats and it was fun to watch them, but they weren't in uniform (in fact most of them were half naked - one was wearing only a speedo) due to the heat.  And it WAS hot!  It was fun to watch them, but unexpectedly only one corp practiced.

The rehearsal

 Silly girls - selfie
I added both of these pictures because the people sitting behind us are so humorous.  They were trying really hard to not look at the camera knowing full well they would be in our picture.  Cracks me up!

As we sat there, we all thought it would be fun to stay for the show.  I was surprised no one had any issues with having to get home to family or husbands.  I was fine because mine was at trek, but had he not been, I'm not so sure how happy he would have been if I had stayed, but none of the rest seemed too concerned about asking or even letting their hubs know. Of course, Robin wouldn't have to since she is single. Patti couldn't stay because she had plans with her family already, but the rest of us stayedWe went and bought tickets and had to exit the stadium and re-enter about 20 minutes later.  We all got a Snowie and some cinnamon sugar almonds. I also bought a Powerade for $3.50.  In total I spent $16.50 on food and that's all I got!  I could have had a great meal for what I spent on junk!  We were told you couldn't take outside food in but everyone kept coming in with Costa Vida or Wendy's or Arbies. We just drooled and wished we had known it was allowed because then we would have got real food!
We are all Wildcat alumni!
(Sorry about the picture's issues - Blogger is on drugs again.)
We had the best time.  We were laughing so hard our tummies hurt (probably more from lack of nutritious food) and I had tears running down my face more than once, and nearly down my legs.  We had the right mix of personalities or something because we couldn't stop laughing all night.  I'm so glad we stayed because the show was amazing!  SO much talent!
 More silly selfies
When Jody, Robin and I we were at WSU, Jody was on the rifle squad and Robonzo was on the flag squad and I was the majorette but also twirled a rifle on the squad.  We competed in London in an international competition and we won 1st place internationally.  It was a pretty big deal back then.  Subsequently, we started the Corps Encore that year and we got to perform at it the very first year.  Pretty cool.  They had people stand up that had been in a corp before and so me and Bonzo stood.  We yelled to each other that we started this whole blasted thing and then died laughing once again.  The Blue Devils, the Blue Knights and the Vanguard all performed back then and they still do today.  All the groups were amazing.  Things have changed a lot though as far as the props and of the corps brought in a VW bus and had a hippie theme.  It was very entertaining but not what it used to be like at all.  Back in our day everything was very military and precise.  Now it was more novelty.

The rifles were throwing quints.  In our day, a quad was impressive.    I saw a couple guys throw a six!  Amazing!  There are now a TON of guys in the "weapon" squad.  They are no longer called rifles because they also twirl swords.  Things have changed in a big way.  But they are still amazingly talented.  Of course, if you practice 14 hours a day seven days a week, you should be pretty darn good! And they are!  

It was a blast!  We decided to make it a yearly tradition.  It was so fun to be with Lisa again.  We used to have the best laughs.  We have so many good memories and we kept reminiscing all night about some of the funny things we used to do.  She is a total crack up and hasn't changed at all. And, of course, Bonzo is hilarious, as is Carla.  We had a great time. 

dear flashback, I had a hard time finding these pictures so I am not collaging them on this post so that way I will have them for future use, but here are some shots of us back in the day.  Pretty sad we don't have any pictures of the whole group or our actual performance in London (the first one is us marching across the River Thames), but I am very grateful I have these.
Marching across the River Thames in London in December 1981.  It was raining I believe.  I am in the middle in the purple sparkly costume twirling baton.  Jody is on the far right twirling her rifle.
With Jody and Robin in London.  Jody is kneeling.

Ready for a rifle/baton performance (you can see my majorette costume underneath my rifle uniform) at Weber State (or we could be in London).
At Royal Albert Hall in London ready to perform.  This guy is some British guy but can't remember much about why we took this photo.
Marching at Weber State University in 1980-81
The full band including the flag twirlers  - rifle squad and me in the front with the drum major.
With Robin at the WSU football stadium before our half time performance.
Performing our London show at the Dee Events Center at WSU
Some random photos with Lisa and/or my rifle:
Doing a skit for LDSSA. Lisa is the dramatic one with the hat.  She is hilarious.  I'm holding the rifle.
I always had that thing with me it seems. Maybe I thought it would protect me.
A selfie with Lisa before "selfies" were invented.  We were ahead of our time.  We need a little practice, but back then you couldn't see yourself in the camera.  It most likely was taken with a camera with a little flashcube on top.  Not bad!  We are at the WSU stadium at a football game.

 I found this gem of me and Lisa.  We were doing our "talent" for being nominated as Sweethearts for a WSU fraternity. 
Back then they nominated several girls and then those girls had to perform a talent. I can't remember what else we had to do, but then the frat voted and the winners were named the Sweethearts.  We decided to do a comedy of making a cake to "Whip It'.  As we read the recipe we would throw in a flower for the flour and the whole egg when it called for eggs, etc.  We were pretty funny if I do say so myself.  Our real talent was the final product which was a tiered cake I had decorated.  Part of it is on top of the green bowl.  They must have liked our silliness because we both were made Sweethearts of the Fraternity.  Good memories!

dear taylor home, I am glad I didn't end up having to pick him up from the airport because then I wouldn't have been able to stay for the Corp Encore real showTravis' mom was able to go get them.  I miraculously beat him home.  He got home about 12:30 pm. 

dear long run, you were non existent this week.  Robin's dad passed away yesterday and so she couldn't goI set out to go 10 but it got way too hot because I got out later than planned and so I only went five and decided to do my long run on Monday.  Good thing it's only a ten miler this week!
Saw this guy while running this week.  He liked me.  I liked him.  We're buds.
I tried so hard to get a good one of these guys crossing the road to get to the other side, but I never could.  I thought they were super cute though.  One of the best parts of running outside every day is seeing wildlife.

dear ami triathlon, I was in charge of the AMI part of the triathlon this year.  Not sure how I got roped into it because I don't even live in the city it is held in, but I said yes.  My job was to find 25 volunteers to come and stay for the whole thing....otherwise we wouldn't get our funding and what we make at this is what funds our organization for the year.  Thankfully Jenniece found some peeps from her city.  But I had a lot of pressure to find enough because if we are even one short, then we don't get a dime. I have the most amazing friends.  I had four of them come all the way from Hooper!  That is over an hour drive and since they had to arrive by 6 a.m., that means they had to get up at the crack of insanity!  Seriously!  That is a true friend!

Dawn and Carla both came and they somehow managed to get their husbands to come as well.  I also got Shannon to come but she was late and so I never got a picture of her.  I had two for sures that baled at the last minute.  I expected that and so we had extra's in case.  Luckily, we ended up with two more than we had to have and so all was well!  
I am seriously in awe of these peeps for sacrificing their Saturday morning to come and help at something they have no interest in or affiliation.  I have been blessed with the most amazing and unselfish friends.  I can never thank them enough.

I ended up doing the finish line times.  I had to tap their bib number on the screen of an iPad when they finished.  It was so hard!  First, I could barely see the #'s on it and second, sometimes several would cross at the same time and some didn't even have #'s on them!  It was a challenge.  We messed up a couple of times, but in the end we got it all right.  But we had to be on our toes the entire time. It was fun though.  
 This adorable lady I am with is our current Mother of the Year for Utah.  Her name is Renee and she is absolutely the cutest thing.  I just love her.  We worked the finish line together.  She also told me she was at Lake Powell and one of the girls with them knew my son Taylor and she told me she thought he was really nice.  They have dated several times and I found out she is one of the six sisters.  I guess she has even been to my house with him but I wasn't there to meet her.  Renee wants me to help her put together a 5K fund raiser for AMI with donations going to human trafficking.  I told her I would love to help her.  Not sure when, but I will find some time.
I found these on my phone when I got home.  Cracked me up.  The one looks like Batman was at the tri. My phone has a sense of humor.  There were actually even more but I deleted them before I thought it would make a funny collage.

III I am now thinking about doing the tri next year even though I've never done one.  We will see.  WWWWe stayed and cleaned up for about an hour.  Most of the volunteers left and so it was left to just four us to clean it all up plus the race manager.  We were so grateful for the help we had from the volunteers, that we didn't mind at all.   My legs were killing me!  I was surprised how bad they hurt.  I was standing on them from 6 a.m. until after noon.  They hurt all day.  I was so stinkin' tired too.  Getting up at 4:30 a.m. isn't my idea of fun.  
Diane gave me this cute thing to say thanks.  She always has some amazing cute idea like this.

I had to find some things for the wedding cake and so did a little shopping after. 

Dave got home in in the afternoon from trek.  He was SO dirty!  I wish I had taken before pictures of him! in the afternon 

dear mr. cat, once again I caught you laying on the side table.  If I didn't know better I would think you were being a little defiant.  Hmmm....

dear manic manikin, hard to even see this one, but trust me, it was bizarre!

dear deer, found these guys in the front yard.  Isn't that fawn the cutest thing ever?

dear throwback, I found these and decided I better post them on here because these kids now days take SO many photos on their phones but unless they post them on FB they are gone pretty much forever.  Hopefully I can save a few of them via the blog.
A friend posted this one on my FB wall.  It was when we were on TV to try and campaign to win the Sego Lily Blog contest.  It was intense!  SO. MUCH. FUN!  I won and it was an incredible year!
dear random, I wanted to post these because they bring me joy to just look at them!

dear quotes,
Actually if it DOES rain, I am out the door faster than lightning!  LOVE running in the rain unless it's a marathon!
Stole this off Nancy's blog because I LOVE IT!  I love Yoda though!
I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women!
Pretty much!  Other than I still wake up at 5 a.m. even if I'm not planning on running that early!
***Sorry if this post has a bunch of errors.  Blogger was seriously on drugs!  It was deleting things and so I would re-write them and then they would disappear again, so I would start over and they would disappear again then later they would reappear.  It was not letting me put photos where I wanted and they were appearing in the wrong place or in duplicate.  Anyway, hopefully it will publish better, but it was a pain!  


Nancy Mc said...

I laughed when I saw your picture 'Almost to the Finish"on the Honeyville 5K. The green brick house in the background in my MIL's. I seem to be there at least once a week. Congrats on your great finish.
My hubby suggests you come run the PC 5K. All paved roads!
Your sunset pictures are beautiful.
I recognized Lisa McF in the rehearsal pictures. Looks like you have had lots of fun together.
Love the pictures from your long run, and wanting to get a picture of "why did the chicken cross the road?"
What great friends to support you in the AMI run!
I love the quote about circle of woman. Enjoyed this post, as I always to when I read about your busy fulfilling life.

Audrey said...

What a fun post! I loved seeing all of your throwback pictures of your twirling days. Seeing your pictures of the fireworks makes me sad that we didn't go this year. You have such a crazy, busy life! I'm always so impressed with how much you do each week - and most of it is FUN!

Dawn said...

You amaze me that you can run when you don't feel good. I would pass out for sure. I can't even fathom it. haha Fireworks are my favorite and sunsets...I love your picture. Carla has mentioned how much you all laughed...that is the best! Everyone needs lots of laughter! I love your pictures from the past..what fun memories. I can't believe you can find them. IT was fun helping at the Triathlon. ☺ I might have to save that quote about the circle of women...I love the colors and the saying


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