Monday, October 17, 2016

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear first run after injury, I was hopeful I would not feel my injury since it didn't appear in the marathon, BUT, no such luck!  Today I tested it out by running and I could only run about half a mile.  I walked about 3 miles and I realized I actually like running more than walking.  I say that because there are so many times while running that I just wish I could walk.  haha   I came home and did some of the stretches to help ease the pain.  Dave says I need to get back on anti-inflammatories and asked me why I am so anti anti-inflammatory?  haha
I am already at #6!  Craziness!

dear blog caught up, I put "getting caught up on my blog" (relative term) as the first thing on my to do list on Monday.  Meaning, I wanted to get the marathon post up and the Monday Memos from the week before. I am still a week behind!  Seems like I always am!  But, I got it done! 

I forgot to add this photo to last week's post, so here it is for this week. 
Linda brought me my birthday present.  This Moose Welcome sign.  I wonder if she knows we are thinking of getting a cabin?   Looks that way!  It's pretty cute!

dear facebook fun, I have to say Facebook got it right this week!
Of all the candy bars out there, I do believe just a plain old Hershey bar is often my first choice.  I love them.  I used to love them even more until they changed their recipe, but I still enjoy them.  Sometimes, I like them with almonds.

This is also my advice!  Truth!
As is this...

dear halloween decors, oh my heck!  I have WAY too many decors for Halloween!  I love Halloween, but this is ridiculous!  I have to get rid of some!  It's going to be painful but I am feeling so overwhelmed with all the crap I have!  Story of my life! I love cute things and I love to shop, and thus I have so much I can't breathe!  Ugh!  But I LOVE them!   
This is one of my favorite Halloween photos:

dear boston trip plan, I spent several hours on Tuesday trying to find lodging for the marathon.  What a pain!  UGH!  Everything is doubled in price that week because so many people are in need of lodging.  It was very frustrating and so expensive!  I finally had to take a break and think it over before I make any final decisions.  I haven't even started on airline tickets!  What a pain! WILL be worth it!  Yes, it will!  I'm just glad I am not a travel agent!  I would not last more than a week on the job! hah

dear more new move-ins, I made some browned butter banana bread for some more new move-ins this week.  Our ward is really changing and fast. Our Primary has doubled this summer!  It's been crazy!  I delivered some by myself and then waited for Dave so he could go with me to the other new family.  We visited with them for a while.  It was fun to talk to them.  They bought the Week's home. 

dear dead fridge, UGH!  Our new fridge has given up the ghost!  Seriously?  It's only four years old!  I am not happy about the quality of things these days!  First our microwave and now our fridge.  Ticks me off they make things so cheap now just so this will happen and you will have to buy a new one. It's never a cheap little fix either, it's always a complete overhaul or a complete loss and you have to buy a new one.  Okay, off my soapbox....for now.  I ended up throwing about 3 or 4 garbage bags full of food away.  We can't get the repairman here until Thursday.  Thank goodness we have a spare fridge or two so we won't lose everything.  We have my parent's old fridge in our garage that is about 30 years old and runs perfectly!  Goes to show ya.  
 These were supposed to be orange rolls, but they thawed out and had to made into an orange blob.  But they were still tasty.

dear harp lesson, I felt like my lesson went really well this week.  She told me I am progressing so fast and she was happy with it.  The recital is in two months.  
Sorry, I know I used this photo last week, but when I first started blogging I was taught to always add a photo if at all possible to keep things interesting.  People get bored with just writing.  I don't have many of my actual lessons!  So here's  a practicing shot! (again!)

dear lunch with karen and mickey, Karen and I were going to go to lunch and shopping but Mickey has been sick and Karen said she promised her she would take her to lunch and so I met them both but we didn't have time to shop after because she had to get her back to school.  I took her birthday gift to her even though it's not until next week.  We went to Kneaders.  Mmm.....  We had a fun (but short) time.  I ran a few errands after (baby gifts etc) and then headed home. 

dear lunch with mona and bonnie, Bonnie and I took Mona to lunch on Thursday.  We went to Hug Hes and as we were walking in Mona's grandaughter was also going in.  She never visits her and so it was kind of sad.  We had a lot of fun at lunch.  Mona is losing a lot of her memory, but she was still a little spitfire.  haha  We took her back and told her we would take her again on her birthday next month.

Look at this cute spider! ↓ The activity director made it and she told me how. It's really quite simple if you can find the materials.  I will be on a search for them so I can make one because ya know, after all, I need more Halloween decorations. 

dear stake volleyball, no clown wig today when I walked in!  Whew!  LOL   Tonight the games were very intense and exciting.  The girls were all having so much fun.  This cute Shelby girl from the 8th ward who isn't a member came over and sat by us and asked if she could help with the electronic scoreboard.  We let her.  Then we were trying to decided on someone for the sportsmanship award and I was getting behind in the manual score and so she did BOTH!  And she was texting as well, and was keeping up 10X better than we do with two of us ! hah She is adorable!  I just love her!  Sadly she is moving in a month.   I gave Ayako a sportsmanship award as well! Only she got two large candy bars on hers!  It was a fun night.
Cute Shelby
Sister missionaries were awesome!  And they then talked to the girls about serving a mission after the games. 
With cute Val
Ayako and her XL candy bar medal!  She deserves it!
We make a good team!  I love these ladies!

dear friday, I am not liking this not running thing!  It's hard to maintain my weight when I'm not running and so today I decided to do hill repeats to burn some calories (only walking of course!).  I got in ten repeats.  I met a lady three different times with three different dogs also doing hills.  Kinda bizarre.  It was kind of a bizarre day.  I was so glad to be done!  It was overcast today and I loved it!  
My view of the temple.....   There is a lot of construction at the place I do my hills and the smell of that new wood on the new homes sends me reeling!  I LOVE that scent!

dear taylor, while I was out running errands Taylor called and said he was going to stop by.  He had been in SLC for a work meeting.  We took him out to dinner to the Idle Isle. It was yummy. I forgot to take a picture....dang it.  He hung around for a bit and played Dr. Mario with Dave (they love to do that) and then he had to leave for a date back in Logan with Kendra to a corn maze. 

dear long walk, normally I would write "long run" but since I am still not's a long walk!  Not really sure what is considered a long walk... probably not just five miles.  I headed to the track on Saturday morning because I didn't feel like walking all over the city.  I was so sore from my hill repeats the day before. Who knew just "walking" hill repeats would make me so sore!?  I don't get sore when I run them.  So kinda strange.  But man, ouch!  I got in five miles of walking mostly around the track and then once around the school. That's a lot of walking and it goes by much slower than running! I also did a parking lot loop and found 57 cents againThat's twice I found that exact amount in the past few weeks.  Hmm...  Wonder what the 57 means?   Yes, I'm superstitious!  I was supposed to be in a race tonight called the Monster Mash for my cousin who is raising money, but since I am banned from running I had to call and tell her I wasn't going to be there.  Waaaaaa.....  Halloween dress up runs are my favorite.

dear taylor home, when I got home from my long walk, Taylor was here!  I love it when he comes home!  Two days in a row!  No Bryce this weekend though.  :(  I made Taylor breakfast and we chatted for awhile.  I also made RK Treats for him to take back and  share with his roomies. 
Another one of those photos that you may ask why I would post?  haha  Trying to keep it interesting even if it is just Taylor getting in his car!  I realized as he was leaving I didn't get any photos of him!

dear dinner and a movie, Dave and I went and ate at one of my faves, Costa Vida.  I could live on their sweet pork salad! Mmm.....  We visited with some friends and then headed to go see Sully.  It was a great movie. I highly recommend it.  It was one of those feel good movies.  Go see it if you haven't.  Tom Hanks did a great job.    
Man, nothing like having a blog to prove you are having a bad hair day week!
It's the untold story of the miracle on the Hudson river.  I was totally unaware of what happened.

 dear mr. cat, ahhh...  If only "I" could sleep that well.

dear boys, I found some great shots of Sky on his girlfriend's wall on FB and I stole this one.  Is there anyone that doesn't love the ocean?  I think not!

Bryce's snapchat post:
These are what he has been making and getting ready for his Christmas light show in Idaho Falls.

 A couple of Taylor's snapchat posts.  Always an adventure happening with him. Yes, they went to Bear Lake (got IN Bear Lake) in this COLD weather! 

dear random, check out this itty bitty green bean.  It's sitting on my leg.  I should have put a coin next to it, but any coin would have dwarfed it.  It was so tiny and cute! 

My absolutely gorgeous niece Aubrey's snap post. ↓ Isn't she the best Princess Jasmine? This was supposed to go on last weeks.  Oh well....  Just trying to catch up!  Story of my life!

dear quotes, 
I fear this quote is me.  I tend to overdo.  Always too much of everything.  And not always in a good way. This is so me.  I am not sure if this is good or bad or both.  All I know is when I saw it, I knew it was me.

This makes me feel a little better about the first quote.

  I have had this quote hanging in my laundry room for 20 years.  I have to remind myself of it frequently.
I so want to be this person.

Also, so me....

This made me cry with laughter!  Too funny!

You mean we can do this?
Ain't that the truth?!

                                                            These are me...

Ahh...  And the older I get, the more true this is!


Dawn said...

I love all your Halloween Decorations. I wish I felt like putting mine up :D
It amazes me that you have to watch your weight...I think it's in your dna to just be thin. I love all the quotes...I'm a quote lover too

Nancy Mc said...

I could just make a list of things I loved about this post.
The quotes, that you love your stake sports calling and go above and beyond, your Halloween decorations, that you always seem to find $$ while running/walking, that you make stuff to welcome new ward members, that you document so many things...I could go on...I am totally amazed how much you accomplish every week.


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