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*Memories Memo*

Below is a post I did on Facebook this week and I absolutely LOVED reading everyone's comments about a memory we share.  It brought so many great memories and laughs for me and so I want to always remember them so I am posting it here.  I am thinking I may do a separate post though but until I have time, I will leave it here. 
If you're reading this, even if we barely talk, comment with a memory you have of us. After you're done post this on your wall. You'd be surprised with what people remember about you.! :)

Audrey Duerden Olsen Blog buddies
Jodi  Still are! Yay!

Terry Dow Cook Wedding and jogging.
Jodi I will always credit you for getting me to that finish line in St. G!
Terry Dow Cook No, you did that totally on your own and willpower. Our bodies are truly amazing.

Dawn Marie Ropelato Hmmmm where to start? The first time I saw you after only knowing of you was when you came and spoke to our Young Women. You spoke on Black and White and everyone wore those colors! Instant friends 😊
Jodi  Oh my gosh, was that the first time we met? Crazy! Seems like we've been pals forever!
Dawn Marie Ropelato thats the first time we talked to each other.....😊

Kellie Nay At Kathy Moore's house, you are darling and loved your personality. Then started reading your blog and I had just lost my mom, it helped me in more ways than I can possibly tell you. You are an amazing lady!
Jodi  You are so kind Kellie! Thank you! I feel the same about you!

Tonya Palmer Jackman Candy corns, paper cups and funerals! Need I say more?!?!?😂😂😂
Jodi  Oh. My. Hilarious! Good times! Laughing as I write this!

Steve Nichols Your family having a rubber band fight
Jodi  Refresh my memory! :)
Steve Nichols Allen Olsen and I were your home teachers, and we came over for our visit to find you guys engaged in a family rubber band. I thought it was hilarious!

Jody Duran Shelley Helping you set up your blog.😉
Jodi  I will forever be grateful!

Teresa Slaughter Reading fortune cookies at Maple Gardens or was it Eastern Winds on Robin Christiansen Combe birthday celebration! HAHAHA
Jodi  That video is still on my FB videos! haha!

Larry Hogan Pennies from heaven!
Jodi  Ahhhhhh

Kimberly Spicker VanSweden Let's see....April Fools comes to mind when you gave me that amazing donut🍩
Jodi He he he!!!!

Jodi  :)

Colleen Connolly Talking on the phone for hours. Going to AM. And doing skits.
Jodi  Good old days! Miss you!
Colleen Connolly I should have said our chats during Relief Society with our babies that are now on missions. Ha ha and those great people who shushed us.

Jody Briggs Snow Sleep overs at your house, going tp'ing! Laughing till we peed our pants. Good times! 😂😂
Jodi VanDenakker Wilding
Jodi  We had some dang good laughs! Glad we still do!

Naomi Martin Johnson We need to make some!! Lol.
Jodi  Let do it!
Naomi Martin Johnson, my life slows down in about a year!! It's a date!

Janice Cumbers VanderToolen Monthly dinners with the Preeces
Jod I remember the live lobster they flew to Maine just to get and I was almost crying when they put him in the boiling pot of water!
Janice Cumbers VanderToolen Me too. But he sure tasted Good! Lol

Carla McKenzie I remember driving around in your mom's brand new car I think it was a 1979
Jodi  Her Cutlass Supreme! Oh, such good memories!

Jenny Walker American Mothers meetings we got to share with you and the Brigham girls
Jodi I'm still laughing thinking of you and Natasha doing that mop and broom dance in the skit! Good laughs!

LaNae Shaw Darcee taking clogging lessons from you!!
Jodi Oh my gosh! I found the photos the professional photographer took the other day in my basement! I will have to scan and post! Good laughs! Darcee was such a good clogger!!!
Jacquie Miller Dead fish in your water bottle (or somewhere along those lines. Girls camp pranks I can't fully remember. I do remember buying those fish though!)😂
Jodi  Let's not forget WHO started it with the anchovies!!! The night crawlers in your water bottle was revenge! LOL
Jacquie Miller Hahaha you have a better memory than I do! Jenny made cupcakes especially for me the next year that had worms in them too!
Jodi  And you ate one knowing full well it had a night crawler baked inside! I remember thinking what a rockstar you were for doing that while I was dry heaving watching you do it! ;)

Jacquie Miller Hahaha if you dish it out, you have to take it.
Jodi I prefer to dish it out! :)
Alli Raso Eating pigs in a blanket for preschool at your home and seeing deer out in your backyard :)
Jodi  Oh! What good times! You guys were all so dang cute!

Nanette Nuzman Wyatt Bobbing for apples on a string with our hands tied behind our backs. First Halloween Party that Roger and I ever went to😀
Jodi  I was so happy I didn't drown myself!!!

Shirley Jacobson Billingsley You and Dave brought treats to us when we moved in our new house on highland! Plus our many fun chats about Skyler and Bryce!!!😍
Jodi  Dang we miss you guys!

Braquel Woodward Brinkerhoff I remember going to stake girl's camp with you and pulling pranks!
Jodi  Pranks? Me???? ;)

Maryann Nicholls Garner You dating my husband. Lol
Jodi  LOL Well to be clear he wasn't your husband when I dated him! hehe This one may be my favorite! :)

Rosana Scisci Você preparou um excelente missionário para servir na querida Missão Brasil Belem😊
Sempre foi muito amorosa comigo e vejo o grande exemplo de uma mulher em voce💕
See TranslationYou has prepared an excellent missionary to serve in the honey mission Brazil Belem 😊It has always been very sweet to me and I see the great example of a woman in you
Jodi VanDenakker Wilding
Jodi  Muito obrigado! Ele amava você e Pres. Scisci muito caro. Agradeço-lhe do fundo do meu coração por cuidar tão bem de meu filho!
Rosana Scisci 
Foi muito fácil cuidar do "nosso filho" 😊
See TranslationIt was very easy to take care of "our son"

Lori Moore Purple and White!
What great fun we had , the group from OHS and the group from BHS:). We made awesome memories together! Remember the spring break trip to St George? How long it took little miss Havertz to get even more beautiful than she already was?! Lol
Jodi Such fun times together! I will always remember the spring break trip to St. G! Sherri was at her own speed! lol I remember getting complaints at the hotel cause we were too loud! Good laughs!
Lori Moore Yes I remember that too! I think the too loud was all the giggles!
Sherri Simmons I have to laugh every time I think about this trip.I remember waiting/part sleeping on the floor, in the entrance of a hotel/casino. We were waiting for the rest of our group. Some of us weren't 21 yet and couldn't enter the casino. Jodi, do you remember a club called the Tiger Tamers?

Kassie Jensen I seem to remember a baton being involved😛
Jodi  Oh yes! You were one of my best students!

Terese Tolley Cache valley tri!!! <3 :)

Alice Batzel You and David were newlyweds, living in the basement apartment of our rented home. You had a clogging school down there and I loved hearing all of the music and seeing all of the dance students come and go. You made our living there so joyful!
Jodi Oh Alice! I apologize if the music was too loud! Well, it was probably the clogging that was too loud coming up from that tiny little dance studio! You were a good sport! You guys were the best neighbors! Sometimes I could hear Joe singing in his incredible opera voice!
Alice Batzel  Yes, we often did have a spontaneous Elvis concert coming from our shower! I loved the clogging music and your students! We really missed you after you and David moved so that he could attend medical school. Good memories!

Jalyn Cobbley being loyal Basketball Mom's then Mussionary Mom's
Jodi  Such a great group of boys!

Julie Wilding Dustin First time I met you (I was a little girl). I ran and grabbed my measuring tape and measured your waist. You are still just as tiny! Baton and clogging classes, girls flings, water - a cup- a quarter at Maddox. 😂
Jodi I will never forget that Julie! LOL I even remember what I was wearing when you measured my waist! I loved teaching you guys baton and clogging! Oh my gosh, I forgot about the water and quarter at Maddox! Dave was ready to disown me! hehe

Doug Goff I have plenty of them . . .

Jodi  :)

Sandy Gailey Butler There are a lot of memories. Slumber parties, laughing together, the memories go back to when we were in third grade.
Brittanie Knezovich The coolest part of this post, for me, is seeing my aunt from one side of the family and my cousin from the other side of the family reminisce!!! Love you both
Jodi Third grade when I wore my knee high socks ABOVE the knee? Remember that? lol

Julie Crimin Davies During an LDSSA devotional, we were both sitting on the stand (in our uniforms) and something (I don't remember what) struck us both as being funny (but it wasn't appropriate to boldly laugh). The more we tried not to giggle, the worse it was. I admired how composed you were able to remain. I don't think I did as well with my composure. But it was fun.
Jodi  Oh Julie, I barely remember that! I am shocked that I was the one composed! That's not the norm! lol It was probably some apostle speaking too! hehe

Robin Christiansen Combe Wow, there are so many to choose from. The 9th ward, all our school years, fun times at Bonneville high, Weber State, our trips, getting married and being in each other's weddings, our kids and our fun now. One that I obviously won't forget is when you were driving us home on New Year's Eve and decided to make the car dance to the song on the radio by swerving back and forth on the icy road. We did donuts and ended up in the ditch and we didn't really even bat an eye. We are lucky we have made it this far with all the crazy things we have done. Here's to many more. Love you JoJo.
Jodi  We've had some good laughs over the years! Haha in my mom's Cutless Supreme! And remember I told you to pretend we were dead after we ended up in the ditch, but I turned off the car and so they knew we were alive! hahahaha Good times! Love you too Bonzo!

Jani McKean Thomas I remember we both showed up wearing the same dress to our 30 year high school reunion..... Lol. But you looked so much cuter than me in it....
Jodi  That was funny! Trust me, I was thinking the same thing about you! Love ya sista!

David Lee Carter Can I make a good one up?

Jewel May OUR BOYS!

Kendall K Gillespie Jr. Prom, Bonneville High School

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