Monday, February 13, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear long run, I did 17 miles!  Yippee!  And I wasn't even sore!  I did five alone and then met Robin for the next 12.  It was really windy which made it cold and around mile two (with Robin - mile seven for me) it started to sprinkle. Then rain.  Then pour.  It wouldn't have been too bad except for the wind.  But the cold and rain kept us moving faster than normal.  Felt so happy I did it!

We saw this house last week getting the snow shoveled off it's roof.  Today they were re-tiling the roof.  Pretty sure I have never seen anyone doing a roof when there was two feet of snow on it, but I guess there was a reason.

dear zaycon chicken, I picked up my chicken tenders that I ordered (40 lbs worth) and came home and either froze them or put them in the electric pressure cooker.  It was so easy and so perfect. I shredded it and froze it in quart size freezer bags.  It's so nice to have chicken already cooked for a quick meal.

dear fhe, we decided to watch a movie and snuggle in a warm blanket.  We watched Tarzan.  It was pretty good.  
These cute guys like to hang out under our tree.  We gave them some apples and they loved them. 

dear harp, it was pouring rain driving down.  Lesson went great.  Got extra time this week and I needed it.  We worked on technique again and it is really hard. I hope someday it becomes second nature.  I have to think about snapping my thumb and fingers each time I play them, having a round hand, keeping my fingers together, a thumb bump, not collapsing my fingers, a high thumb, the rhythm of the piece, the notes, the tempo, the key, the accents, etc. all at the same time.  Some weeks it's a challenge and this was one of those.  I love my teacher though.  She pushes me and I like that.  There is always so much to learn and I might as well learn it as fast as I can.  I have to practice a lot longer now to just get time on all my pieces.

dear lunch with karen, met at Blue Lemon.  We seem to both be in same phase of life.  Had a great talk and it was fun to catch up.  I thought it was an hour later than it was and so I had an hour to shop.  I ran to Home Goods, Target, and Ross.  
My purple chairs have been replaced with these.

dear electric pressure cooker, did more chicken and it made it so fast to make a casserole.  YUM
I don't have a recipe for this. I just threw in some chicken, rice, peas and carrots, cream of chicken soup, and cheese.  Not fancy but good.  I used Rosemary Chicken spice and Everglade. 

dear rs board meeting, we met at Shauna's house and it was a lot of fun.  We got the whole year planned with super fun ideas.  I got asked to do a 10 minute thing on Barbara B. Smith because we are celebrating the 175th birthday of the RS.  I really hope I can find my notes of the last time I did it. I also have to assign two others to speak on other past RS Presidents. I need to get on it! 

dear run, holy cow it was nice!  42 degrees!  Ran to cemetery.  The snow has melted SO fast!  Almost two feet has melted in two days!
Not sure how I found these, but they were there.  Most likely have been buried under the snow for a while.
Mr. Cat is so happy to be outside where he can touch the cement!

dear lunch stake pres wives, we met at Idle Isle to plan the lunch for the Bishop's wives.  Talked more than planned, but lunch was good!  haha Forgot to take a photo....dang!

dear mom and dad, my parents showed up so my dad could help with an electrical problem we are having.  He is so nice to just drop everything and come over.  He is an electrician and so we were so appreciative.  It was fun to visit with my Mom while they worked.  We had a blast.  We decided to go to Maddox Take Out and get some chicken.  It was YUMMY!  I am so blessed AND grateful to have both my parents still around!  I sure do love them and I hate to ever think of life without them.  My Dad kept saying what a hard worker he is. I hear that all time from everyone.  He truly is an amazing kid.
Things keep breaking around here.  I guess the black cloud decided not to move on.  Lately we have had our hot water heater break, a leak in the basement, our lights shorting out in the basement.  I must say I am so grateful Dave is such a handyman and that Bryce is learning so much as he helps him fix all this stuff.  But hey, we DO have a working fridge and so I am happy!

dear hill repeats, I was only going to do around seven, but once I got going I kept challenging myself to see if I could do 10.  I did and so I challenged myself to 12. I somehow made it!  Hills are not my favorite, but I am beginning to not dread them as much as I used to. I got in 7.5 miles total.
 The difference one week makes.  The above picture was this week and the below picture is last week when the sky was hazy and we were covered in a blanket of snow.
There was grass once again under my feet! 

dear yw basketball, we had another fun night full of laughs and good sports.  It's so fun to watch these girls play.  They are really amazing girls.  One of the members of our SS presidency was there and told me they are thinking of moving me to the 12-13 year old class. He said they are a rough group and a huge challenge but he thinks I would be so good for them.  Um... not sure how I feel about that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the age I teach because I feel that they are adult enough to really relate to them. But I told him I do love a challenge and I will do whatever they think is best.

dear friday run,  I got in five miles in the rain and wind.  I got out at the perfect time because when I got home it just poured.  Not sure where it's all going to go!  Between the snow melting and the rain, there is so much flooding going on!
Love notes from heaven.  They are always out there but you have to look for them.

dear date night, we took Tayor and CJ to Arbies for dinner before they headed to their snowboarding trip to St. George and Cedar City. They are the best kids.  Bryce is heading to Jackson Hole tomorrow for a snowboarding trip with his friends.  Dave and I found a movie to watch on our On Demand.  We have had fun doing that lately.  Tonight we watched Noah.  We never wanted to see it when it came out because it really doesn't follow the true story, but it was still pretty entertaining.  That is until it bounced to the news on KSL and we couldn't get it to go back and finish. I tried it downstairs and go it working but Dave went to bed.  
I wouldn't recommend this movie because it really isn't a true representation of what happened.  If you watch it as total fiction, then it's okay, otherwise read the story in the Bible!

dear saturday, before I got out of bed, I read about eight chapters in Genesis about Noah.  I learned a lot of things I didn't know.  The movie spurred me to seek the truth.  They really got a lot wrong, but a few things right.  I do love history and studying about it though and so it was fun for me to see the imagination of the film writers.

dear long run, Robin had a funeral Saturday morning and since I didn't want to run 13 by myself, I waited for her.  I got my lesson prepared and practiced the harp and cleaned while I waited.  By the time she was home and ready to go, it was 2:00 pm. I hate running that late, but I know it will end up being good training for Boston.  It was chilly, but by mile two I was ready to shed my jacket. I almost called Dave to bring me gloves and take my jacket. I am so glad I didn't because it got really cold and the wind picked up and I was freezing a few times.  I would take my jacket off and then a mile or two later, I would put it back on. The last three or four miles were brutally cold and windy.  The wind was blowing around us in a circle.  SO COLD!  I was so happy to be done with that run!  I got in almost 14 miles.
The road is getting closer!

dear dinner with singletons, me and Robin decided while we were running to go out for VDay that night to El Toro. I was so hungry because I hadn't really eaten all day. I got my fave Enchilada Mole!  Yum! I OD'd on chips though before it came.  We had a lot of fun! 
I love this picture of Dave.
My fave!
Fun friends!

dear sunday, I got up and made treats for my SS class. I made heart shaped brownies.  I then snuck in where Dave was speaking for a ward conference.  I just stayed in the gym so as not to disturb the meeting.  He did a good job.  He talked about the parable of the brownies.  LOL  Basically he said when he went home between meetings I was making brownies for my SS class.  He talked about how I could have bought them from the store, or just made them in a pan, but I made them in a heart shaped pan and added sprinkles and then after they were done, I added a heart in the middle.  He related it to how we do so much as women and should not berate ourselves. Something to that affect.  

Our sacrament meeting speakers were fabulous.  Nancy shared many personal stories and I think those are always the best. My class went well. I really enjoy the age group I have.  I did a few spontaneous things.  I took some objects out of my bag and had them teach teach something about the object they had.  They amazed me at what they came up with.  Then I had them draw a subject and they had to tell us everything they knew about that subject.  That even went pretty well.  Dave came in and visited.  We had our teacher training after and he told them what I did as an example of being spontaneous and how well it worked.  We came home and ate and then I wrote McKay and were supposed to go to my mom's for cake and ice cream for my dad's bday, but Dave wasn't feeling well so we stayed home.  It was nice to be able to stay home after a busy week.
I was being obnoxious when Dave took this.  Sometimes ya just wanna pose in the mood you are in.  Hmmm....

dear boys, Bryce is in Jackson Hole for the weekend and Taylor is in Cedar City/St. George to snowboard.  Only pix I saw:
 Bryce looks like he is living it up!

This is Taylor's bud CJ trying to climb a tree.  Hmm...... Crazy boys!

dear random, I saw this when I opened my email:
"Schedule Changes That Impact Your Upcoming Trip" 
YIKES!  I was nervous to see what changes they were talking about.  Happily, it was only a five minute later flight going over, but coming home, it was a HUGE TENDER MERCY!  Instead of Dave and the boys having to catch their plane at 7:45 coming back, it's now not until 8:26!  That gives them 35 more minutes!  I feel much better even with just 35 more minutes!  It might mean the difference between catching the plane and missing it since they have to catch it right after the marathon!  Whew!  This was a testimony builder to me to know that Heavenly Father truly is in the details of our lives and He wants to bless us and help make our lives better.  This could only have been from Him and I know it is a miracle.  What a blessing! 

This is less than a half mile from my house.  There is usually only one waterfall, but this year there are two.  The snow melted SO fast and it rained so much that I hope all this water has somewhere to go.
I grabbed this ↓ from my friend Nancy's blog. It was from a couple weeks ago.  Snow piled up in the middle of Main Street.  That is a rarity.
I showed this to Dave.  He didn't get it.  ;)
Let's hope!

 How I sometimes feel about running....↓
I think I like it said this way better. A little less verbose.
 “I don’t enjoy writing. I enjoy having written.” 
 “I don’t enjoy running.  I enjoy having run.” 
Yeah, that is mostly true!  
Now there is one cute Valentine!

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Nancy Mc said...

As always...I enjoyed the recap of your rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!
I am so impressed by your commitment to running (no matter the weather) and love reading about your training for Boston. I hope it you do very well. (What an achievement to even qualify!)
It is amazing how much difference just a week or two make with the snow on the ground.


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