Monday, July 3, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I am so behind on this blog.  I am not sure how in the world I have kept this thing up this long.  I really don't.  And I am not sure why I am so compelled to keep it up.  But, as I have said before I was born a historian.  I have always enjoyed recording life happenings as well as reading other people's life happenings.  What's even crazier is that there even some people who actually read this. Why, I have NO idea! It's not like years ago when I actually wrote posts for readers. Now, I really do it as documentation for my history.  Not sure why it would be interesting to anyone but me.  I have often thought of making it private (SO many times), but I feel like I am not supposed to do that.  Not sure why on that either, but maybe (hopefully), something will inspire someone and it will all be worth it.  Even though that is not even close to the reason why I do it.  I do it because I feel compelled to.  Plain and simple.  Maybe I will never know why, and that's okay.  

Anyway, I got out earlier than normal and got in 8 miles. It was SUPER hot!  I have never struggled with the heat as much as this year.  Must be my age or something! Hah  But seriously, I can barely breath sometimes.  In the past I could get out later in the day and be totally fine.  I could even wear capri's and short sleeve shirts while running in 80 degrees!  Not anymore.  Even at 60° wearing a skirt and a tank top makes me feel like I am wrapped in a thick blanket.  It's not fun having hot flashes when you are already heated up from running.  I have been judged for wearing tank tops and shorts while running because those doing the judging are able to walk or exercise in short sleeve shirts and capri's without a problem.   But...they are not in the midst of hormonal changes that come as a lovely "gift" later in life.  Hah Comments like that used to bother me, but I do what I have to do to survive.  Let them run in high temps while having a hot flash and then see what they have to say.
I came home Carson wanted me to play with him.  We went out back and swang on the swing and then he played in the sandbox.  He is so much fun to have around. Somehow I managed to practice the harp.  That has really taken a dive this summer. I really should not even take lessons in the summer.  Summer is just always so busy.   
The rest of the day was busy though I have no idea what we did since I am catching this up a couple of weeks after the fact.  We did have a very cool FHE though.  
We actually had a real FHE instead of just Dave and I just staring at each other. LOL
We gathered in the family room and I asked Carson if he had ever had a Family Night.  He said no and so I told him it was fun.  He sat on the couch and his smile didn't leave his face the rest of the night.  I started it out by asking him if we should tell our story about prayer.  He agreed.  I told the story of how when we were "prayering" (Carson's word) about Mr. Cat to come home, our prayer was immediately answered even before we said Amen.  I then asked if anyone else had a story.  McKay told us one and then I told the story of when I was a little girl (maybe 8 years old) my cat was lost for two weeks but I prayed he would come home and we found him.  A lady answered our lost and found ad and he was 40 miles away in Hooper.  It truly was a miracle as well as a great example of the power of faith of a little child.  Then I asked Sarah if she had one and she said no, but she would like to hear McKay's testimony.  McKay immediately said, "Sure!" and his testimony was wonderful.  I was sitting in awe while listening to him wondering when he grew up.  He has a very strong testimony of the gospel and I am so grateful.  He shared how his testimony didn't come all at once, but gradually over the years as he continued to read the Book of Mormon.  I am so proud of that boy.  So hard to grasp having him gone for two long years.  Then Dave shared his story of the power of prayer.  He grabbed the photo of Tyson and Skyler in Hawaii that we had Sky's testimony printed on that we read at the funeral because Sky was on his mission and was not there.  Dave told Sarah how losing a child is not an easy thing but we are grateful for the plan of salvation because we know we our family will be together again because we have been sealed in the temple.  He continued on and said some pretty amazing things.  I had tears as did Sarah.  It was very tender and touching.  The spirit was very strong and it was so sweet to see Carson react to that feeling.  He was smiling and obviously happy.  It was nice to have Sarah join us.  Dave explained how we are grateful for her influence on our son and she told us they read the scriptures together every day. It was a wonderful and happy night.  We then went on a Pajama Ride.  Wow, it's been so long since we have done that!  When did our boys grow up?!!!  Life changes so quickly.

We went to 7-11 for Slurpees.  

dear tuesday, once again my run was very hot.  
This summer has been a scorcher! While I was out McKay and Carson facetimed me.  Carson said he was missing me. So cute.  A lady walking a horse was by me and so I showed him that.  When I got home he was sitting on the porch waiting for me wrapped in his Scary Bear blankie. It was so cute.  
He helped me plank. 
 I talked to Betsy for a bit.  It is really sad they are moving.  I don't like change and I will really miss them. They have lived here the whole time we have.  It's like they belong here.  I played with Carson and then we went to the summer kid movie.  It was the new Ice Age one.  Holy cow!  The special effects were amazing!  I have missed out on so many kid movies that I had no idea how much things have changed!  This one had so much purple!  I loved it!  
After the movie I took him to the Dollar Store to get a toy.  Well, "a" toy may be a bit of an understatement. He was so fun to shop with.  He gets excited about everything! We then went to the car wash. That was more fun for me than him I think!  I love the car wash.  hah  Then we went to Kent's.  He rode in this cute car! ↓
I made spaghetti for dinner.  I really like our spaghetti recipe.  It is Dave's moms and so fast and easy but so good.  
McKay caught a carp with a bow and arrow.  Crazy kid!  He then went out with Maddie P. again.  They flew kites and he also caught a snake in Kotter Canyon.  Eeek!  There are so many this year.  

A few of the many faces of Carson. 
To know this kid is to love him.  He has one of those personalities that you can't help but fall in love with him.  Seriously, the sweetest little boy ever.  He's smart, kind, well behaved, fun, loving, obedient and just a delight to be around.  He's the kind of kid that you never get tired of or want a break from.  He's a special little guy.  I think the only time he gets cranky is when he is tired.  He is a bright light in a dark world.
Wearing some random glasses and dabbing. 

dear wednesday, Robin "requested" doing hill repeats with me and so we headed to KC and I pushed her (so she says ☺) through 10 repeats.  We got in about 6.5 miles total.  
We ate hills for breakfast, with a side of  huffing and puffing.
I practiced and then rushed to my lesson.  I told her I am thinking about taking August off because summer is so crazy and we only have two lessons anyway. After I ran to Taipan because it's closing. I didn't find anything much.   When I got home, Carson was playing with the boys.  Then he wanted me to play.   I can't turn that down. 
We had yummy burgers for diner that Sky made.  That kid can cook!  Later, he and Sarah made Apple Fritters dipped in caramel sauce.  
After things settled down, I tried to catch up a bit on this.  I have a hard time sitting too long right now so I didn't make much progress.  Found out today that Britt is moving to California.  That is sad news.  Especially for my Mom.

dear thursday, my run today was hotter than crap.  I am sore as well from too many hills yesterday!   I played with Carson in playroom.  I think he has played with every toy we own now.  Hah  And that is a lot.  I still have most of the boy's toys that I have saved for future g-kids.  Some of them need to go, so this is a good opportunity to get rid of them.  We got a short little rainstorm.  It felt so good! They all went to Ogden, so I got busy catching up on cleaning and even worked on the blog for a bit.  I was so glad I had put dinner (steak and gravy) in the crockpot this morning. 
Carson gets along with everyone.  He loves everyone and everyone loves him.  He has a cute bond with all my boys.  McKay calls him Carsolito. Taylor calls him Bucca.  My mom calls him Willis.  :)

dear friday, I only got in four miles today.  Once again it was HOT.  I sound like a broken record I know, but I have been running in the high 70's and low 80's almost everyday.  Good training for St. George I guess.  I ran into the high school marching band.  Brought back memories of the heat when I was the majorette and we had to practice in this heat everyday.  
I took McKay to a seamstress to get his suit altered.  Carson was with us and when McKay went in the room to change Carson whispered to me, "Tell her (the seamstress) that Tyson died".  It was funny.  I am not sure why he wanted me to tell her that.  Then after she measured the suit and McKay went back in the dressing room, he whispered it to me again.   Makes you wonder what goes through these little ones heads.  :)   In the afternoon I went to the pool with Sky, Sarah and Carson.  It was fun, but hot.  I have never been a super big fan of the pool and I feel I've done my time when the boys were little.  hah  I got in but not for long.  I tried to get some sun.  We shared a really yummy peach parfait.   
Sky is so good with Carson.  I mean SO good.  I am continually amazed at how great a parent he is for not even being a parent.  Carson loves him and respects him. It's so fun to watch. Carson was just beaming the whole time.  He braved the slide too.  So did Sarah.  :)
Sarah just sent me these ↓ pix after I had already added these.  I'm going to include them because I think they are so precious.  Look at that face! This kid has my heart!
Carson was tired after swimming.  I laid by him to try and get him to take a nap.  We watched 101 Dalmatians (again- lol) and he was gone within 10 minutes.  Dave and I went to Costa Vida for dinner, then the car wash, and Walmart.  Try and top that for a date night.  Hah

dear saturday, I did the dreaded long run today with Robin, Sherry, and Sherrie.  Sherrie S. was so cute and fun and positive.  I love running with positive peeps.  She only stayed with us for 7 or 8 miles.  The rest of us went another 7.  We were only supposed to go 13, but got in 14.  It got really hard for me the last few miles. I felt worse than I have in a long time on a long run and I just wanted to be done.  I was so happy when I was.  I was super sore below the waist.  Not sure why. My infection from Boston was even sore. I thought that was healed by now.  Weird. I managed to come home and plank.  
Sky and Sarah took Carson to Mantua wave running.  They called me when Carson had had enough and I picked him up.  I ran into Rob who was up there.  He is so nice. Then I took Carson to the little store and we got ice cream.  They have cones for 25 cents. 
We came home and played and hung out.   Sky made us wings for dinner. I love having Sarah here because he does a lot of yummy cooking.  They were delish!   
I made hamburger gravel.  This may be one of the smartest and best things I have ever started doing.  I have been doing it for pretty much my entire wife life.  It's so convenient to have hamburger already cooked (with onion and seasoning) ready to go when I need it to make tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, soups, enchiladas, stroganoff, the list goes on and on.  I highly recommend it.  I am now doing it with chicken and it's just as wonderful.  

dear sunday, I was up early...ugh!  Hard to sleep in when Dave leaves so blasted early.  Sacrament meeting was very good.  Sky and Sarah and Carson all came.  I took Carson to Primary after and at first he didn't want me to leave but Sister Sparrow is so good with him, he was very happy to stay with her.  I just love her.  I attended my Family History class.  There is so much to learn but I am not sure I am learning what I need to because I have missed so much.  RS was excellent.  Jen is our new Pres and she will be fantastic.  After we ate, I laid down with Carson for a bit. HOT!

dear mr. cat, this has been an exhausting and hot summer for you.  No wonder we only see you at night when you come inside.  

My Ogden Marathon shirt finally arrived so I finally was able to take my obligatory picture with my bib and medal.


Nancy Mc said...

You started off this post wondering why you blog. I too feel that need to blog, and wonder why. (I always enjoy reading your jam packed blog posts!)
I was looking for some info on my blog and found a post about 2014 TOU half-when I first met you in person.
This is what I wrote, 'Jodi is a positive, upbeat person. She has lots of fun, loves purple {as do I}, she somehow is able to take lots of pictures when she is out training and running, and is a Master Blogger. I found her blog after there was an article in the local newspaper about her blog. Jodi has trials too, but seems to be able to meet them head on with her upbeat personality."
I love that you blog. Please keep it up!

Jodi Wilding said...

Thanks Nancy! I am glad you found my blog so I can also read yours! I enjoy reading it so much! I remember our meeting at the TOU as well! That was so fun!

Thanks for your kind words! You seriously made my day and helped me feel like this is worth it all even though at times it really is a pain! haha
I really need to get it transferred to book form but I keep waiting for a better program to do it than what is currently offered. (Blurb and Cutest Blog on the Block are the only two I know of).

Thank again!


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