Saturday, October 17, 2009

Definitely NOT in Hog Heaven!


Yep it's true...

The dreaded, anticipated, feared, little piggy flu that has sent the country into near hysterics at times, is INSIDE my body as we speak! (er...type)
Oink~ oink!!!!

I do have to say the hype of it all has been entertaining if nothing else. I am not trying to down play the seriousness of it at all, because as we all know, it CAN be deadly. BUT, so can every other flu strain we have ever experienced. The hype has escalated for ONE reason....and that is the media. It is amazing the power the media has on our country and how we deal with things. They have really "hammed" it up with this one though. Having said that, let me say that it is NOT really one of those fun things to "catch" and so do avoid it at all costs. But if you DO get it just try to:

Actually, I didn't sneeze much with it, but the coughing was HORRENDOUS! For those of you interested in the symptoms, it usually starts out with a high fever, and then a headache, body aches, fatigue, sore throat, congestion, and a productive cough. Oh that cough! I thought I was going to cough up a lung several times. My son Taylor also has it but his cough hasn't been as bad as mine, but his sore throat was much worse. He also had bad heartburn in the beginning and I didn't. Nausea and throwing up are typically not seen in most cases, but are in some. Neither of us experienced either of those, thank goodness! It definitely kicks your hiney and keeps you down for a while, though I do have to say I have experienced many other flu's that were much worse. It totally depends on the person how bad the symptoms and the severity of it. Typically it is much harder the younger you are.

My husband decided after four days that me and my son Taylor needed to be tested to see if we were H1N1 positive. He did the rapid test (not a culture) and in order to do that we "GOT" to experience a wonderful nasal swab test. Oh such FUN! I really wasn't too worried because I though he would just do a little swab wipe inside the nose and that was that.


He came home for lunch and showed up with two VERY long Q-tips. One for me, and one for Taylor. They were about 10 inches in length. As he was getting ready to do the swab on me I asked him how far up it had to go. BIG MISTAKE! He was holding it at the very bottom and replied, "To my fingers." That meant nearly the full 10 inches! He explained it had to go inside the nose and all the way down the throat!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Uh-uh! No way Josea! I told him, "Thanks, but NO thanks! Now LEAVE! Bye-bye!!!"

He was very persistent (this is his gift unfortunately!), and after I protested for at least 10 minutes, he talked me into it by way of persuasion that IF it is SWINE I will need to get on meds stat and there is no way to know without the test. DRATS! I tried to tell him that me and Taylor had the same thing and so being the wonderful mother that I am, I told him to just test Taylor! If he has it, then we will know I do too WITHOUT shoving a Q-tip the size of a pole vault down my nose! Okay, okay, in my defense I did offer to have him just test ME too and not Taylor. I was willing to take one for the team. Though not really willingly. He wouldn't go for either.

I was not a good patient during this procedure. He still has (three days later) dig marks in his hand from my nails digging into them. Now wait a minute, don't go feeling all sorry for him. Let's keep in mind he was trying to play Rotor Rooter on my nose! There was even a brief second when I think I could tell by the look in his eye that he was actually enjoying it! If he starts to oink, I am going to offer to be the one to swab his nasal passages!

Mine was actually much worse than this little misleading photo shows
The swab was MUCH MUCH MUCH longer!

The results came back H1N1 positive. We started on Tamiflu that day.

To save yourself from getting the dreaded little piggly wiggly flu, be sure to:

Or this ↓

Or you will end up looking just like me now ↓

The dress and the shoes are da bomb, don't ya think?????

Top 10 (13) Symptoms You Have Swine Flu
1. An uncontrollable urge to build homes out of straw.
2. An unexplained need to whistle, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”.
3. The feeling you just saw a relative being tossed down the field at an NFL game.
4. You now consider pork rinds disgusting and cannibalistic.
5. You find that “Charlotte’s Web”, is not sad, but rather a story of redemption, hope, and salvation.
6. You now consider “spiral cut ham” cruel and unusual punishment.
7. You begin ordering BLTs with just the L and the T.
8. You find yourself at night prostrate on your dining room table with fruit in your mouth.
9. When you hear the term, “pickled pigs feet” you get the sudden urge to go shoe shopping.
10. Hearing Don Ho at a luau gives you hot flashes.
11. Miss Piggy is all you fantasize about.
12. Mud baths become a daily necessity and are no longer considered pampering. and the most terrifying symptom you may have swine flu….
13. You have the urge to run for Congress.


Yes I did! Oink~oink!!!


Dawn said...

It's going around like crazy. I am glad you survived. I think the media has hyped it up a bit too much. They are causing near hysteria in some people, which is never a good thing.

Lucy said...

Oh, I definately want that swine flu t-shirt. And I will wear it EVERYWHERE! If the media can hype up something to death, they will. Some daytime show recently that was doing illegal drug usage brought up the average 6000 deaths per year due to drugs and you never hear the media go crazy over that. But 8 deaths of flu in the US sends them into overdrive.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Wow, so glad you're not oinking full-time yet! :)

I'm new to your blog and wanted to say hi :)

I hope you & your son get well quickly!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh man Jodi. Sounds like you are having fun at your house.

Hope you lose your snout soon!!

The Hoyt's said...

You are so funny Jodi.. you come up with the greatest pictures..

HeatherL said...

Just popped over to your blog. You are hilarious! Love the pictures! We think we might have had that stuff at our house too. Fun. I needed a good laugh after this week--thanks!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Ooooo that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry you have piggy flu!!! We got that a few weeks ago, it's awful!! Get better friend!


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