Monday, September 13, 2010


MY favorite BACK TO SCHOOL tradition has long been our Back to School night cafeteria style lunch. The reason why I love this so much, is it's the ONLY time I get to serve my family CANNED PEAS. Why do I love this so much? Because canned peas are the ultimate in defining "school lunch". School lunch in my day was NEVER something to look forward to. I used to shove half my food in my milk carton due to the quality of the "stuff". In elementary, they put sauerkraut in our chocolate cake thinking they could disguise it that way. But we were on to them! I remember it only cost 25 cents to eat lunch back then. And trust me it wasn't worth a cent more!

I remember sitting on the stage during many lunch recesses because I refused to eat most of what was served. Our mean lunch lady EVE, started to check out milk cartons to see what we stuffed in them. She was onto us and so I had to sit on the stage during recess. But, that was better than eating chocolate cake with sauerkraut inside!

So, since things have changed significantly as far as the quality of school lunch, I thoroughly enjoy torturing my boys once a year so they get a little "taste" of how things were back in the day. I make the meal as close to school lunch as possible, right down to the trays and milk cartons...not to mention the quality of the food. I haven't gone as far as adding the sauerkraut to the cake, but I have added zucchini. Sadly, I couldn't find the cartons this year, so had to improvise.

It seemed pretty sparse with only two of my boys home now. BUT, the tradition must go on!!!


Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

McKay is in 8th grade now at the "lovely" middle school.

Taylor is a junior at the high school that is still under construction.

Bryce is at UVU in Provo studying aviation.

Roomies - He is with his bud Chris and two others he doesn't know. One plays basketball for UVU.

Skyler is back at the University of Utah studying pre-denistry. I didn't have any photos of him at his apartment, but will soon!

I am still trying to adjust to having Bryce and Skyler gone. It is NOT FUN! I can feel the nest emptying WAY too fast for me!!!


The Hoyt's said...

Ok so how are you getting the cute picture layouts on here with the writing on them?

American Mother's of Utah said...

I do it in Picasa. Just google Picasa and it will take you to the website. That's where I do all of my pix!

Anonymous said...

~~~ Fun! ~~~
I really really NEED to do this bad! Keep us posted on what's happening! :o)

I LOVE visiting you!!! You NEED to write more!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jodi! I LOVE the pictures and ideas you always seem to come up with! YOU are such a doll!

Back to work before I get in to MORE trouble!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What a fun thing to do! But canned peas, ewww what torture! :) You're such a fun mom!

Shauna said...

Great post! Love and hugs to you my sweet friend :)


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