Sunday, November 28, 2010

~ Start Wearing PURPLE! ~

McKay had a great FOOTBALL SEASON this year! This was his last year for playing Little League Football since he will be a Freshman next year. (Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! That isn't happening! NO! Not my baby!!! A Freshman! --- DEEP ~ DEEEEEEEEEP GROAN!!!) He had awesome coaches and they even went to the playoffs! That hasn't happened in over two years straight! And best of all, they even shut out Mountain Crest our arch rivals!!!

His coach was ALWAYS positive. And when I say ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS! Even when he had reason to be negative and harsh, (and he did many times - trust me!) he never was once. Something that was more than lacking before. He took over this team and from there on out things changed because these boys experienced an attitude change. And that made all the difference. They improved by leaps and bounds. Or I guess I should say by tackles and touchdowns! He always had something good to say to each boy and even when they lost a game. He never dwelt on the loss, and it was amazing how hard they came back the next week to play and win.

As a parent, I truly appreciate it when a coach or mentor realizes that it's not all about the game, or whether you win or lose, but it's about building character in extremely impressionable young men. There is nothing like going to a game and feeling like a success even if you didn't win it. That is what this coach instilled in these boys. And to me, that is more important than teaching them all the secrets and strategies of the game.

~~~So KUDOS to great coaches everywhere!~~~

Here are some photos of the season:

McKay on the tackle. He's the one falling parallel.

The big Mountain Crest game.

It was a great game! We shut them out 27 to ZIP! Oh that felt good after three years of that NOT happening!!! The boys AND coaches were so psyched! And the Gatorade shower was inevitable!!!

McKay, Cooper, and Justin.
They have been football teammates (and buds) for many years.

Unfortunately Cooper is on crutches BECAUSE of football. At the game at Ogden High, he broke two ankle bones and was carried off on a stretcher and ended up having surgery on his ankle just a few hours after he was injured. It was a bad break. He was laying on the field and held up his leg and it looked like his ankle was no longer where it should be. You could hear the crowd gasp. Dave happened to be at the game and was able to help relocate it for him before he was taken to the ER. Poor Coop! He is such a trooper. And I feel even more so for his mom. It is so not fun when your son is injured while playing this crazy game, but even worse when after they get injured they STILL want to play again! Been there...

We made it to the playoffs! This is the playoff game in Clinton.

US MOMS...↓ We take this serious! lol

It was a great playoff game but we got beat out. Still the boys were happy with the season.

McKay and his coach. ↓

Football Banquet

Dave was right in the middle of all the action. He thinks he is still a young whippersnapper and he has been paying for it ever since. Those knees aren't what they used to be! haha (he's the one with the dark glasses)
Click to enlarge


It's not over 'til it's over and it's NOT over...yet. The coach signed them up for the Thanksgiving Tournament played on Thanksgiving Day and the Friday and Saturday after. Oh joy...
Pictures below ↓

~The Brayden Christofferson Memorial Tournament~
aka----> "The FREEZE your buns and toes off Tourney!" Or maybe the "What?!!! I actually paid $20 for my son to play in this INSANE COLD Tourney!" Or possibly the "There is no sanity in the things parents will do for their kids Tourney!" Or the "Toes are way over-rated Tourney!"

Yes it was a flippin' blizzard for the first game! And yes, we went and sat in the flippin' blizzard while the game went on and on and on! Brr...
Luckily they had some propane heaters for the boys. I think the parents deserved them more, but that's just me.

Check out #15's uniform! It was a muddy and wet mess! I had to soak McKay's jersey in Oxyclean for a week to get the stains out!

We took Hot Chocolate and lots of blankets and we were still freezing!

The bros bravely came and supported him too...

The second game a few days later was even colder. We were supposed to play on Thanksgiving Day but it was too cold (sub zero temps!) and so those were cancelled thankfully! BUT we went back out on Saturday and played a team from Pocatello and it was the coldest I have been in at least a year... maybe more! I had to go to the car at half-time and thaw out my toes. Bryce went home to get an extra pair of socks. I felt SOOOOO sorry for those boys out there on that frozen field hitting and tackling each other on that frozen and icy field. I was afraid someone's arm was going to not only break, but actually break off and go flying, it was so cold! ☺

Taylor, me, Kristen, and Bryce. Somehow Dave lucked out and had to conduct a funeral during the game. He was at a funeral but WE were the "stiffs'! Brrr............

McKay knocking out the catch ↑

McKay trying to tackle the QB↓

We lost the last game 33-38...though we were ahead by two touchdowns the whole game and there were some rules that were not followed and if they had been it would have ended in a tie...BUT I must admit I have never been happier in my life to lose a game! Had we won, we would have had to freeze through another one! I actually think the team was thinking the same thing. Okay, maybe not. I admit I now feel bad for having those thoughts, but at the time, when you can no longer even feel your toes or fingers, trust me, you would have too!

NOW it's over! And not a minute too soon! I think I lost a couple toes at that last game! Brr...


Stu Mason said...

Kudos to McKay and his coach. They do make all the difference!

Anonymous said...

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deb said...

You are a true mother to sit through those freezing games! You deserve the medal! Great post and pictures! That McKay is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!


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