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*What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On the Blog*

Here is PROOF what a blog slacker I have become! I started this post in April, the event happened in January, and now it is November!!! But as the cliche goes, "Better Late Than Never!" Well, in this case, that is most definitely true. I simply cannot pass up an opportunity to do a post about Donny Osmond on my blog! That would be bloggy blasphemy...

So here's the scoop...
My amazing parents gave us tickets to The Donny and Marie Show in Las Vegas for our Christmas present last year! They really did! I was in shock....good shock...but shock. There wasn't a better gift that anyone could have given me. Eva... Even Dave was excited...okay, he was probably faking it at first, but after all was said and done, he also LOVED it! The reasons for that are below. They also gave tickets to my brother and his wife for the same night. I was almost more excited that we got to go with them than for the tickets. My bro is a riot to hang out with and so I was looking forward to that as well.

The trip didn't start off so well. Maybe that's why I didn't get around to blogging about this. (uh-hem).

I got our airline tickets for us and a room at the Flamingo which is where they perform. All was good to go. At least until the day before when Dave went to print out the boarding passes. He called at me from the computer room asking WHY there was only ONE ticket on the itinerary. I replied back, that there were two. He called me in the room. I looked at the computer screen. He was right. There was only one. GULP. BIG gulp. Oopsie...

I had made the reservations for the room and airline tickets through Orbit in a package deal, but somehow they didn't ask me before I clicked submit HOW MANY tickets. I realized this of course while I was starring at the big number UNO on the computer screen. It hadn't even crossed my mind until then. You would think they would at least ask you HOW MANY? Um, no.


Okay... EPIC fail.

Not good.

Not good at all. To get Dave a ticket at this point in the game was going to cost $350! Just to Vegas! So we decided to rent a car and just drive down together and eat what we paid for my ticket. That is until the rental car company informed us that the cost of the car would be almost $800 round trip! Unreal! Really. Really unreal!

Sooooooo.... we were in quite a bind. Luckily Dave thought about asking our good friend who is a pilot for South West if he had any suggestions. Great idea. He saved the day! Actually the weekend. Well, the truth is, the marriage! He said we could use a buddy pass and hopefully all would work out well. We were so thankful to have a friend like that! The only problem was we weren't going to be on the same flight. I had to leave quite a bit earlier and wait for him at the airport. But that beats all the other alternatives! Coming home, we weren't so lucky. My flight left on Sunday and there was no room on any flights for him using the buddy pass so he ended up staying an extra night....gulp - again. But it worked out well since he has a sister that lives in Vegas and she put him up for the night. He did end up taking off work, but he wasn't too mad at me. I think he is used it by now... (uh-hem)

We had a wonderful time but I have since been fired as the family travel agent.

Here are the photos of the fun trip ↓

Me in our room at the Flamingo. It had a PURPLE couch!

At the M&M store.

Watching the 3-D movie at the M&M store. Check out the kid behind me! Everyone is so happy. You would think we were at the happiest place on earth instead of sin city.

Ah.... LOVE the green M&M!

LOOK! Captain Jack Sparrow! I swear this guy looked exactly like Johnny Depp and sounded just like him too! And I only thought I would see Elvis.

The night of the show. My parents gave us VIP tickets!!! That means we had the best seats in the house and got to go to the Meet and Greet after! Soooooooo excited!!!

LOOK where we were sitting! I had thee best seat in the house by far!!!

Here we are with my sister in law Allie and my bro.

Um, no I'm not excited. Autographed photos!

Jerry was kinda liking that picture of Marie.

Waiting - waiting!!!

Still waiting for the show to start! See how close I am to the stage!

Oh my gosh I can't wait!

When I say I had the best seat, I mean I had thee BEST seat! I could reach out and grab Donny! Luckily he reached out for ME first! He winked at me a few times and sang a few lines right to ME!!!! Felt like a 12 year old girl! Oh-oh-oh! You can be sure I would have had a photo of that, but taking pictures during the show was prohibited! DANG! Did I mention, we had great seats!!!

♫♪And they called it PUPPY LOVE....♫♪

YES DONNY OSMOND touched me!!! I even got his sweat on me!!! I will never shower again!

However I GOT RIPPED OFF! BIG TIME RIPPED OFF as you can tell by this photo of Dave.

WHO do those RED LIP PRINTS belong to you ask? Well, NOT Donny!

Nope! They belong to Marie! She had the hots for MY husband! First of all she winked at him a million times and then during the show she walked over and said, "Oh wow. You're cute! Do you know I'm single?" She carried on this long conversation with him! Then a bit later, she came over to the fan that was right in front of me, and held her head over it. She was only 12 inches away from me. She motioned for Donny to help her up, he wouldn't so she asked Dave to. He did (of course!) and she slowly planted a KISS right on his forehead. AFTER she told him how cute he was AGAIN! Donny saw the look on my face and so he started to come over to me like he was going to give me equal treatment. Just as he got there he turned to Dave like he was going to give him a kiss. Sooo funny! BUT I GOT GYPED!!!!

These photos are from the program since we weren't allowed to take pictures during the show.

They are AMAZING entertainers! They have so much energy and the level of talent is sickening. They do put on a GREAT show. I did NOT want it to end, but the anticipation of knowing I was going to get to meet them after made me okay with it getting over asap. Especially since I had a little bone to pick with Marie. haha

At the MEET and GREET!

Thanks to my parents we got to do the MEET AND GREET after the concert. Unfortunately Marie didn't make it. Donny told us she was sick the whole concert but didn't want to disappoint everyone so she still performed but didn't want to get everyone sick for the Meet and Greet. Hmm... I wonder if she thought about THAT when she was kissing my husband!
Either way I met Donny Osmond!

I am pointing to Marie's lipstick. Yeah, Dave is enjoying this just a little too much I'd say! As you can see, Donny is not very big.

He wrote: To Jodi...this is NOT a puppy love.
Oh-Oh-Oh!!!!!!! Be still my heart!♥♥♥

Looking at the pictures they take for you at the meet and greet. They cost an arm and a leg...

I told Dave they were worth at least one arm and one leg...

Yeah baby!!!

I found a CHOCOLATE store!!!

At Bass Pro Shop

Practicing shooting a mountain lion in case I ever need too while on a run. We have one wandering our neighborhood, so I thought I better practice.

Oh scary! I better practice more!

Notice the sign...

What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas! Marie eat your heart out sista!!

At the Bellagio fountain show...gorgeous!

Felt like Europe....

Eating at the Bellagio

At the Venetian taking a Gondola ride. Notice the purple seats!

How romantic! Our driver sang to us the whole ride. He had the most beautiful voice!

MORE chocolate!!! Gosh Donny Osmond AND chocolate! What more can a girl ask for?

We went to the Cirque de Solei show Mystere'

ROOM SERVICE! I could get used to this!

Here we are at Dave sister Julie's house.

Julie, Sara, and me chillin' after church.

We had a great time! Even with all the airline hassles. I highly recommend the show to anyone, but I would pay the extra and get the good seats. It made all the difference in the world!

THANKS MOM AND DAD!!! Almost a year late, but it was fun to do this after and relive it all!

The only problem is now I want to go AGAIN!

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deb said...

SO JEALOUS! I would give anything to go see them in Vegas. Thanks for sharing! Loved this post!!


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