Monday, February 10, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*
dear karen, thank you for the girl's day out complete with shopping, lunch and the caramel bread pudding!  I always have so much fun being with you!  Dang, I am so sad we didn't get a picture!  I will never be able to go into Fred Meyer's Jewelers again without laughing!  "Can you please check out my baguettes to see if they are still firm?!"  lol lol lol!  I haven't had tears stream down my face from laughing that hard for a long time...what a blast!
Picture from our Sept excursion since I forgot to take one this time.
dear driver's license division, I must say I appreciate you using the picture that I took a few months earlier for my temporary license instead of making me take a new one today while having a bad hair day.
dear golden spike burger, how I wanted to eat you, but I am trying to stick to my healthy eating and went for the turkey instead.  At least Dave gave me a bite of his so I could get a taste.  
dear mckay and bryce, you guys are so funny to watch together. I am so happy you get along so well as bros.  It does my heart good.
dear anemia, you are making it harder to run.  I guess I should've had the burger!
dear box elder bugs, it is winter for crying out loud!  How do you survive it when I barely can?  Go away!  I'm tired of finding you everywhere in my house. Go back to your tree.
dear mother nature, thank you for the moisture.  We were in desperate need.
dear heavenly father, thank you for the moisture and your persuasive talk with mother nature. I'm sure the special area fast didn't hurt either.
dear utah homemakers, Iearning everyone's favorite things is always my favorite meeting.  This year my favorite things that I took to share were:
  • Dark chocolate coconut almonds (from Costco) - these things are to DIE for!...Mmmmm!
  • Dawn Platinum pump eraser soap (hard to find but worth the effort - best soap on the planet- google it. 
  • Albolene makeup remover - love this for my dry skin. When Mary Kay quit making their extra emollient cleanser I was devastated until I found this gem. 

  • My favorites that someone else brought was Julie's letter H.  I plan to make a letter W.  The chocolate cherry cake refreshment was also heavenly!
dear quote sign, I simply had to buy you.  You make me smile every time I read you.
dear mckay's church basketball game,  it is so fun to go and watch you play.  Even better this week was seeing Dave in his referee uniform.  It brought back so many memories of when we were first married and dirt poor when he got paid $25 for every game he refereed for the city.  We thought we had hit the jackpot.  I would even go and watch him ref.
dear hair, it feels so good to have you cut and colored!  I feel like a new woman.  I just wish it would last longer.  Why would I say that?  I don't get enough opportunities now to feel like a new woman at my age.  Bring on the hair cuts!
dear olympic opening ceremony, I had big plans to watch all of you.  I am sorry I fell asleep during the most entertaining part - at least for me....the graceful ballet.
dear snowman shuffle, I can't even tell you how bad I didn't want to run you this year.  But I also can't tell you how excited I am that I not only won first in my age division, but that I came in 2nd overall woman!  I was the 2nd oldest woman and beat around 23 other younger women!  I'll be happy with that!  I finished 9th overall racer. 
dear 45° weather, I love you!  Please stick around!  I wish you could stay for the rest of the winter.  Please...
dear sardine canyon, thank you for being so gentle with us on your treacherous roads during the blizzard on our way to the Logan temple.  It was pretty slippery and scary.
dear logan temple, I can hardly believe it's been over 31 years since I was married in your beautiful building.  It was nice to visit you this weekend.  
dear gaucho grill, even though you were our last choice to solicit on Saturday night, you proved to be quite tasty and I got a lot of photos to send to Taylor in Brazil.
dear mont, no I will never, no I will not, not ever, ever,  e v e a chicken heart no matter how delicious you make it sound.  That should make you happy since it just means all the more for you.
dear sleep, I am feeling so much better since I was able to catch up a bit on you finally.
dear cat, I am completely jealous of how much time you get to spend sleeping and relaxing but I am also happy I get to watch you chill since it actually relaxes me.
dear ice skating and ice dancing, the winter olympics would hardly be worth watching if it weren't for you.
dear facebook,  it would be really nice if you could change your profile picture without it having to go out on everyone's newsfeeds.  I for one would be changing it almost weekly, but the way it is now, I hesitate to change it for fear of clogging everyone's newsfeed. I think it's time you changed it back.  It's okay when you have a photo you really like, but sometimes it's fun to put on crazy ones that you only want to be seen when you comment etc. 
dear profile picture, this one I actually like for a change.  Thank goodness, so I won't need change it real soon and alert the entire free world when I do! 
dear bed, here I come!

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Dawn said...

Larry refereed also! For some reason I think that is funny ;)


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