Monday, February 3, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*
dear blog, once again I have been neglecting you.  I am so sorry. I have TRIED to catch up, but I'm too busy living life to have time to blog about it right now.  But I am determined to get caught up this time.  I just need some t i m e...
dear zapps voodoo chips, you have what it takes to force me to eat you non stop! 
dear new rug, I ♥ U soooo much!  As much as Mr. Cat.
dear color of the year, you got it right this year!  GO PURPLE! (okay orchid and plum to be exact).
dear pa, happy birthday last Friday.  I feel so blessed I got you as my earthly pa.  I love you tons.
dear winston, come and live with me. I would feed you lots and lots of chocolate and we could have so much fun!
dear treadmill, I still hate you.  I still love you.
dear gigantic un-forecasted snow storm, you were awesome even if you did mess up my long run schedule. 
dear superbowl sunday, I ate too much.  And for that?
dear puppy bowl and kitten bowl, you are too cute for words and you made eating that much worth it!  You will definitely become a tradition with me.   
dear downton abby, I can't believe I have missed you the past two weeks in a row! 
dear january, I can't say I am sad to see you go.
dear february, please be kind and not too cold hearted.
dear spring, what in the heck is taking you so long?!
dear olympics, I can't wait for you to begin!
dear eyes, I fear you are getting worse.  I keep having to get a stronger strength for my granny glasses. 
dear winter marathon training, I am so not in the mood for you.
dear taggarts, thank you for making thee best (giant) cookies on the planet!
dear jen, thanks for bringing me one all the way from Taggarts!  You are so thoughtful! I have the greatest friends!  I tried to make it last for three days and almost succeeded! ☺
dear mr. cat, you have been on cuteness overload lately.
dear colleen, please don't move! I am really going to miss you.  We have had some good times the past 20 years.  Some ups and some downs, but you are a dear friend that is more like family.  I have grown to love you so much.  Who will be my partner in crime now in Relief Society?  No one will need to tell me to "shhhsh" anymore with you gone. Helping you clean your empty house today made it real.  I am so grateful that after everyone left we got to have one more of our long and deep talks complete with tears and lots of hugs. This move is going to be harder for me than I realized.   

dear going away party for colleen, you were a lot of fun!  So glad so many good friends could make it!

dear martha, you would be proud of me.  I got "my martha" on for the party.  These cute little purple hot cocoa's were quite tasty!  They were so fun even if I had to have Dave drive them up to Loraine's house because I couldn't transport them very well myself.

dear herzogs, thank you for having us over for dinner and games.  Your new home is beautiful and I am so mad I didn't take a photo of us all sitting in your huge steam shower with the steam blasting.  That would have been one great photo with us all sitting there fully clothed hidden by the steam.  I want one of those. I am so jealous.  Your 17 foot hot-tub-lap-pool is pretty awesome too. I'll try that out next time!
dear bonnie, thank you for having a birthday when you did so I could use all that left over frosting on your very purple cake.  I'm glad you liked it.  You are a very dear friend and I feel blessed every day for your friendship!   
dear monday, once again you came (and went) way too fast.


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