Monday, January 27, 2014

Ice Skating and Fantasy at the Bay

♪ Tradition...♫

With Skyler and McKay
Each year between Christmas and New Year's a big group from Dave's family go ice skating.  This year was no exception!  I have always loved to ice skate!  However, at last years ice skating party, I broke my tailbone and after was on the injured list, meaning no running for six weeks!  Not good timing since my marathon training started two weeks later!  I kept telling myself that I would NOT race this year (that is how it happened last year) NO. MATTER. WHAT!  The race is also a tradition.  Whoever wants to race, lines up center rink and races to the wall and back to the center.  I am very competitive and last year my nephew Weston was beating me and so I was flying to catch up and I couldn't stop.  Next thing I knew I hit the wall and landed flat on my back!  OUCH!  Oh man, did that hurt!  I knew my tail bone was broken because I have broken it twice before.  It was very painful for a very long time.  So, when the race commenced, I abstained!  I was very proud of myself for abstaining!

The top photos below are the race (sadly only three participants this year).  They lined up ready to roll and as soon as they began Skyler turned and skated backwards and still won!  haha  He played hockey and so he is VERY good on skates! 

This year's gang!
Me and my adorable niece Aubrey!

With my cute nieces Aubrey and Natalie.  With Linda and Michael on bottom right.

Skyler skating with Alexandra!  She is only three months old!  Kevin trusted her with Sky.  Good thing her mama wasn't there!  ha!

Sky with his harem.  His cousins L O V E him!  Can ya tell?

You can see why they love him in these photos.  He is so patient and willing to help them.  He is trying to help Mackenzie.  She got pretty good by the time we left.

More shots of Sky with the nieces and Alexandra!

Oh, oh!  Busted!  ☺

This year after skating, we went out to eat at a Pizza joint near the rink. Me and my boys ordered a Greek pizza.  It was really quite tasty.  I even ate some lamb!  That is a never heard of thing!  And, YES, I actually even liked it!  THAT is a never heard of thing!

Later that night, we all met at Willard Bay at Fantasy at the Bay where Bryce has worked all season.  It was really cold, but we braved the weather and was rewarded with the amazing light display.  Bryce was working that night and so we got to see him for a bit and warm up around the fire.

Gathering around the fire waiting for the horse and wagon to take us through the park.

This is Bryce with his boss Sonny, the guy who gave him the job. 

This is Bryce with his mom (ME!), the woman who gave him his life. ☺

 We loaded the wagon and bundled up in blankets and off we went... over the asphalt and through the woods.

Once again warming up around the fire as we drink our hot cocoa!
It really is a fun place to go with your family, but sadly this may have been the last year it will be open here in town.  We were so happy we got to see it this year and be able to support Bryce too!

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