Friday, January 24, 2014

Missionary Moms Lunch

Today I went out to lunch with some of my missionary mom friends.  We choose a little Mexican place in our town and by chance, or coincidence...(no neither of those, it was by "plan")...there were two Elders eating lunch in there as well.  Of course, we HAD to take our picture with them!  And of course, as any missionary mom would do, we HAD to take their photo to send to their Mamas too!  Whenever I get anything from a member or another missionary mom while my boys are out on their missions, it's the best gift in the world!  No one, except a missionary mom, can understand what joy such a simple little thing can bring to a mother's heart who has a son or daughter serving somewhere out in the world!  It's like a little hug from them and it just does a MM's heart good!!!  Interestingly enough, these two are serving in my stake!  I hadn't met them yet but they were both very sweet.  One is from Colorado and the other is from Texas.  
We always have such a good time when we get together to talk about our boys!  Our boys (with the exception of Marilyn's McKay) have been basketball pals since they were in elementary school!  We have watched them all grow up (and grow UP and grow UP - as basketball players do!). Stephen is almost 6'9"!  It's crazy to think they are now all on missions!

  Three of them
These three left the same week to go on their missions.
Taylor to Brazil, Stephen to Columbia,and Josh to California.
Trevor is in New York and McKay is in California.

 We are all so...almost giddy...when we talk about these boys!  I honestly believe there is absolutely NOTHING that compares with a mother's love for her son!  You can tell how proud of these boys we are all as well.  I'm sure anyone that was eavesdropping got a kick out of listening to us all just go on and on about our boys!  

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