Monday, January 13, 2014

*Monday Memos*

Monday Memos
dear blog, sorry I have been so neglectful of you the past six weeks or so.  I will try to do better. 
dear holidays, you were the cause of my blog neglect. Why do you have to be so insane?
dear mom, happy 75th birthday tomorrow.  You are an amazing woman and I'm so glad I got you for a mommy.
dear valentines day decorations, I love you so much that you are going up this week.
dear winter, you are starting to wear on my nerves.  It's time to be on your way already.
dear mother nature, please take winter far, far away.
dear body, please forgive me for filling you with so much junk the past few weeks.  
dear treadmill, I still have a love hate relationship with you, but I am so grateful I have one of you now.
dear new phone, I promise I will take better care of you than my last one.  Your indestructible case will see to that.
dear caramel bread pudding, I need you now. 
dear new year's resolutions, I am so glad that we have parted and gone our separate ways.  
dear one word, welcome to my world.  I think you will replace my new year's resolutions nicely.
dear cat, don't blame yourself that Dave tripped down the stairs to answer your calls to go out.  He most likely would have even if you hadn't been crying.
dear brazil, thank you for being so good to my son Taylor.  He loves you very much.
dear to do list, why can't I ever get you done?  
dear Downton Abbey, thank you for being so entertaining. I really do like you.
dear homemade spudnuts, you turned out quite well.  Too well in fact.  I could have eaten the entire tray full!
dear bladder infection, thank you for leaving in a timely manner.
dear sleep, I've not been seeing enough of you lately.
dear marathon training, you came way too fast.
dear strength training, I'd like to adopt you again.
dear Monday Memos, I look forward to meeting you each week!

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Audrey said...

How fun! I love this!


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