Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dave's Birthday

 Wow!  55 years old!  That kinda freaks me out!  Mainly because I am right on his tail and holy heavens, THAT sounds OLD!!!
 We had our parents over and the Garrett's and had the usual cake and ice cream.  I had made a huge pot of corn chowder (Sky's favorite and his last supper home for a while), but everyone had already eaten and so......we ate dessert first!  That is after all the best way to live life!  Yep, you heard it from me.

 Our cute parents.  And we do have cute parents!

It was so nice to have all three boys here for Dave's birthday. Well, four if you count that Dave is holding up Taylor's stick person.  haha (click to enlarge) Sky stayed an extra day before heading back to Hawaii so he could be here for it.  I'm gonna miss that boy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!  (teehee- JK - mostly) ;)

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