Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

This was a great New Year's Eve mainly because we got to spend it with Skyler!  Not sure when the last time that happened was.  Dave's sister Karen had a party in her new home and so we all headed there and enjoyed each others company.  She has the perfect party house and we all had a blast.

This family loves to cook and can they ever cook!  Two of Dave's brothers are really good at cooking and mimicking Utah Noodle.   There was a huge spread of all kinds of meats that Kevin did in his new smoker.  It was all so yummy!  There was even a chocolate fountain!  You can't beat that! 

One of the things I took was Christmas Crack.  It is so yummy, but soooo addicting!  Hard to stop eating it!  But it IS made with Rice Chex and so it can't be totally unhealthy! haha  Besides, who cares about eating healthy on New Year's Eve anyway!  ☺

The cousins all have such a great time together.  Sadly, Sky was the only one of my brood that was able to make it.  McKay and Bryce had other plans.

My nieces have been bugging me forever about watching Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window because I told them it is one of my favorite movies and so we decided to do it during the party.  It was a lot of fun even though it was mostly just us girls watching, but I think they enjoyed it.  Beats watching another football game!  ☺
I could watch this movie over and over.  The Christopher Reeve version is okay, but nothing like the original!

We all gathered in the media room for the annual countdown from Time's Square.  It was odd not having Tanae sitting in front of the TV waiting for her birthday picture to be taken.  Hopefully she was able to do that at the MTC.  Oh wait, there isn't TV at the MTC. 
We attempted to take a photo of our first kiss of 2014, but we got too silly and gave up on the photo.

Uh-huh.... ☺

May you all have a very prosperous 2014!

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Melanie said...

Hi Jodi,
I have been searching the internet for Utah Noodle recipes and your blog post about "2 of Dave's brother's cooking" came up. I wondered if there's any way I could get any of those copycat Utah Noodle recipes?? I want to make them for my mom and her sisters who are visiting from out of state this month, Uncle Leo's was their favorite place!
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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