Monday, January 20, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*
dear mr. cat, you make me deliriously happy.  You have become such a lover boy!

dear friends I stood up at lunch today, I am very sorry my brain was taking a leave of absence without informing me first.
dear friends I stood up at lunch today, thank you for hanging around waiting for me (in MY city and not YOURS) while I got back in town!
dear washing repair man, I love you.  If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have cleaned my laundry room and found some old pictures.
dear mckay, it was so fun spending some time shopping with you today.  I know that these days are numbered and so I do not take them for granted.
dear sun, even though I was originally miffed at what you did, thank you for fading the purple frosting on my mom's birthday cake.  The effect was very unique and quite cool.
dear long run, I really did not like you this week.
dear list of things to do, once again I neglected to accomplish all of you this week.  Life just seems to get crazier and crazier.
dear mom, thank you for continuing to let me live and not killing me for throwing you a surprise party.
dear sunday school class (16 year olds), I hope you understood where I was coming from when I told you that cell phones are only to be viewed when looking up scriptures during my class.  I really do think you can live without them for 40 minutes.
dear amish friendship bread, I promise I will finally make a start of you this week.
dear arby's, I have fallen totally in love with your mighty minis beef sandwich with crispy onions! I hope they are not a quick romance and only here for a limited time because I could live on them!
dear aunt dixie, I love your visits because then I have an excuse to go play when you are here.

dear fingernails, I am having mixed emotions about not having you done in acrylic anymore.  This doing you myself is high maintenance!
dear christmas crack, I really need to stop making you because I am completely unable to stop eating you and I don't have THAT much time to run to make up for it!
dear change, I hate you.  Especially when you involve a dear friend that I've known and loved for 20 years that is now moving away.
dear clear blue sky and clean air, how I've missed you!
dear friend that is in Florida, thank you for inviting me to go with you.  I am feeling so very sad I was unable to go.
dear extended family, I really love spending time with you. I wish we could do it more often.

dear fhe, I am glad we finally got you right.  10-15 minute lessons instead of the hour long ones we used to force upon the boys.
dear tomorrow, I am looking forward to you and going out to lunch with friends again and making a cake for another dear friend who is having a birthday. 
dear weber state, how things have changed since I attended you.  At least in the attendance at the basketball games.  There didn't used to be a single empty seat!  But it was still fun to go and cheer on the wildcats in purple!  The half time show of the Golden Girls was inspiring.  It brought back memories of MY performance days on that same floor many, many years ago.  

Talk about a throwback!  ↓
Packed house at every game.  1981
I also twirled the rifle with my majorette costume underneath. I'm in the front (middle) ↓
I got to remove the rifle costume in front of the entire crowd for my baton routine. Oh what a joy that was. 
dear right now, it is getting late so I guess I better hit the sack!       

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Dawn said...

Jodi...your forgetting will always make me laugh out loud! I'm glad you made it back to your town before we had to leave....let's plan another day!


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