Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sky... In the Air Again

Oh this first born son of mine...  He is always off onto some adventure or another.  He definitely does know how to live, that is for sure!  I am so happy that he is able to experience so much of life and live it to the fullest.  After all, life IS short and there is so much to see and experience.  He has collected a lifetime of experiences in a few short years.  It was so good to have him home over the holidays this year. Last year, he spent Christmas alone in Texas due to his job.  I think he learned his lesson and realized that is no way to spend the holidays.  

It is always so nice to have him around.  Just his presence does something to me.  It always has.  We have a connection and a bond that is hard to describe, but it's there.  I'm just happier when he is around.  I love talking to him and I could (and sometimes do) for hours on end!  He is such a responsible person and when he is here, he doesn't wait for anyone to do anything for him.  If he is hungry, he makes a meal.  And he is an amazing cook.  If something needs doing, he does it.  He is the furthest thing from lazy that there is.  He is always busy and always doing. While he was here, he de-junked our office for us.  That is probably one of his greatest strengths.  He does not get attached to "things".  It is a piece of cake for him to chuck stuff and not hang onto it......unlike both his parents.  He is very good at organizing things as well.  I hope to think he learned that from me because that is something I have always loved to do.  When I was a little girl, I would go to my Grandma Mae's house and organize her linen closet and other cupboards.  He does the same when he comes here.  He also organized our medicine cabinet while he was here.  I worry that if he is in charge when Dave and I check out of this world, that he won't keep or save anything!  Including all my journals and photos!!!  Hopefully by then he will realize that some things DO have value! haha

He paid a visit to Mike and Britts house (where he lived for a couple years while going to the U of U) and Mya was more than happy to see him.  She calls him her "otha brotha" and always asks about him and why he left. 
I just love these pictures of them both.  So cute!
She had to tell him goodbye again, not knowing when she will see him next.
Kind of like the rest of us....

We never know when we will see him next unfortunately.
We took these photos before we headed out to take him to the airport to go back to Hawaii (the poor kid!).  
After we took them, I asked him to take off his hat for another one.

No problem...
That is until Mom had to fix his messed up hat hair.  But he was a good sport!

Much better....

And he's off....

AGAIN.  :(

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