Monday, April 21, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*

dear spring, there is just nothing as sweet smelling or as stunning as you.  I love to see the temple surrounded by tulips and the promise of new life.  It is so symbolic to me that you and the temple both represent the hope and joy that literally springs forth into our lives when we need it most.  I feel so blessed that I can capture this scene below whenever I choose.  This was taken while on a run this week.

dear sister dalton, what a blessing to have you come and speak to our stake on Tuesday.  I had been looking so forward to this evening because I love and admire you so much. But after hearing your inspired words this week, I admire you now more than ever before.  Your words were exactly what I needed to hear.  I felt so lifted up and touched by your testimony and firm conviction of the truth of this gospel.  I loved when you said that we were all good friends before we came down to earth.  Just the thought of me being good friends with you and hanging out with you in the pre-existence made me smile.  It also made me feel very special to think that I would have such a righteous and faithful friend as you. I loved how you said that the light of Christ shines in our eyes and we command attention when we walk into a room because of that and that we were reserved to live now because of our exceeding faith in the pre-existence.  You also said that while we were there we fought in the war in heaven using our strongest weapons that were our words and our testimonies of faith. I got chills when you said that as you were set apart to be the General Young Women's President that you were blessed with the gift to see others as the Savior sees them and how that gift has remained with you even after you were released.  I could feel that in you. I am so grateful that I have been blessed to know you personally through working with you and your amazing daughter Emi through American Mothers. I was so happy that the Bishop's were invited to this inspiring evening because I have always wanted to introduce my husband Dave to you.  I got my chance after your talk, though it took over an hour of waiting for you to greet everyone that wanted to meet you.  I am pretty sure I have never seen a line that long or that many people stay that late after a meeting to meet the speaker.  People are drawn to you.  You make them feel better about themselves and give them hope.  I know you do me.  I was also inspired to hear that you have ran 17 marathons and ran the Boston Marathon twice.  Just knowing that makes me admire you more than you can know because I personally know the challenges running presents and what an amazing accomplishment that is.  But as you always say to yourself, "I can do hard things!".  You have left that phrase emblazoned on the minds of young women all around the world along with your call for a return to virtue.  I enjoyed talking with your sweet husband for a bit tonight as well.  He truly has the light of Christ in his eyes and I could just feel what a strong spirit he has. What a blessing this night was for me.  And it didn't hurt either that the refreshments were the most delicious and luscious cheesecake ever!  It was to die for!    

dear tyson, okay bud you have made your point!  haha  But please keep making it!  Not only did I find a $10 and a $5 on last week's long run, but two days later just as I left to go on my run I found another $5 bill!  This running is starting to become profitable.  It could become my part time job at this rate.  Well, it already is, I just don't usually get paid!  ha  Seriously, finding that kind of cash never happens and so I know that you are the one behind it all!  It is totally something you would do and I can just see you laughing up in heaven at the look on my face when I find it.  You got me good with the book of coins that was opened to the page of pennies, but it just keeps getting better.  So please keep up the good work!  And thanks...

dear training run, I was happy to get in a good run with my friend Marci this week.  We literally ran into each other and she asked me if I minded if she joined me for my run.  Mind? Heck no!  I love to have a running buddy to push me and keep me on pace and if anyone can do that, it's Marci.  First thing I told her was she would have to go my pace because she is a speed demon.  AND 20 years younger than me!  She is amazing.  After running 18 marathons, she finally qualified for Boston this year and then missed getting in by 14 seconds!  Oh man, that would have killed me, but she has such a great attitude and is just going forward to keep qualifying until she gets in.  We ran a quick paced 5 miler and I was super happy I kept up with her.  I'm sure the pace was too slow for her even though she told me it was fast.  But it's just fun to have someone to chat while putting in the miles.  We really should run together more often.  She's also running the Ogden Marathon in May.

dear dearest deer, I love how you are so calm and totally cool when I come out to take your picture.  We could get to be good friends if you were a little more willing.  I'm just glad I get to see you in my yard so frequently.  I do tend to take it for granted a little, but I really do love it when you stop by.

dear day out, it was a lot of fun meeting my mom and her friends LaDene and MaryAnn for lunch.  I had taken Mona shopping and the last time I did we ran into my Mom and her buds as they were leaving Olive Garden and we were coming in.  We said we should meet next time for lunch and so we did!  It was a lot of fun.  I wish I did the lunch thing with my Mom once a week or so.  She is so fun to be around.  After lunch I took Mona to the mall to exchange her shoes.  I had to make a run to Foot Locker to pick up something for Taylor and so while she was paying I ran over there.  When I returned she was no where to be found!  I was baffled because she was on her oxygen and not feeling super strong today.  I asked the shoe guy and he hadn't seen her leave.  I asked the cosmetic sales people and no one had seen her.  I walked around looking and then finally had her paged.  I was beginning to think she had been kidnapped. ☺ After about 20 minutes, I went out and checked outside again and sure enough there she was.  She had been sitting outside the whole time waiting for me.  The problem was I couldn't see her unless I actually walked all the way outside which I didn't do the first time I checked.  Oh well, all's well that end's well. I was just glad she hadn't been kidnapped! ☺ I got her home safe and sound and she ended up getting some cute shoes.

dear mandarin restaurant, you weren't really on the schedule but when I found out I needed to run to SLC to get a race packet so I could run the SLC Marathon, we decided to make a pit stop on the way home (even though it was late) since we were so near.  This little stop made it well worth the trip.  We ordered all my favorites: Almond Chicken, Beef with Beans, Imperial Chow Mein, and Cashew Chicken.  So yummy!!!  We have a trip planned to you again soon with some friends if we can get all our schedules to work!  I look forward to seeing you again soon!

dear salt lake half marathon, even though I hadn't planned on running you, I am glad it worked out so I could.  A friend told me he had a nephew that couldn't run it and so if  I wanted to run it with his bib under his name I could for free.  He had me at free!  I like races, but I love FREE races, especially for one that would really just count as a training run for me.  So I jumped at the chance not planning on having to pay almost the full $60 his nephew paid for the half.  I was not happy about that, but that is story for another day. You can read about it here.  I got up at the crack of insanity (3:45 a.m.) to get down to SLC and to park and try and jump on Trax in order to get to the starting line.  The race had over 8000 runners and so I was a little nervous about finding a place to park. But it was a piece of cake.  The ride on Trax to the start was even fun.

The before race photo with traditional backdrop and photo bomber!  This is my favorite! haha

It was a gorgeous part of SLC for the finish.  Library Square is very pretty, but you never want to see a Bomb Squad van near the finish line! 

My medal, shirt, and bib.  Yep, today I was Chris Miller.
All in all, it was a great experience and a great training run. I finished with a 1:57.  In my age division I was 14th out of 106 and 721 out of 3442 overall.  So I was pretty happy with it. Only four weeks until my real marathon!  That one I will run under my own name!   Let's hope I am glad I did.  hah

I did a full post on the race here. (some of it's dupliclate)

dear mckay, you are too handsome and charming for your own good!  You have quite the chick following.  I hear all the time how much you are liked by them and you never have a lack of them around and asking you to dances etc.  I'm still not quite sure how I feel about that!  Here you are at MORP.  It is the girl's choice version of PROM spelled backwards and the opposite dress. Instead of formal, it's very casual. Your date choose the attire.  I think I prefer dresses and a shirt and tie, but that's not for me to say. ☺ You were in a huge group this dance of 17 couples.  I guess all the cheerleaders wanted to stick in the same group, because 34 peeps in one group is a lot.  The paint slip and slide for the day date you did sounded fun but you came home a colored mess.  I would post pictures, but you never take any.  I feel lucky I got this one before you left.  I'm glad you are having so much fun dating because I am still in shock.  I still think of you as my little baby boy that would never be interested in anyone but me! 

dear panoramic sugar eggs, I made a couple more of you to give to some of my friends this week.  I really do think you are the cutest little things ever and I'm glad I had extra to make a couple more.

dear easter, wow this was the strangest Easter that I can remember in a long time.  First of all no one was here to color eggs on Saturday night because Bryce was at a REAL soccer game and McKay was at Morp.  I didn't think it sounded too fun to color them with just Dave and so I didn't even color eggs for the first time in my whole life!  Then for Easter morning, the Easter Bunny didn't leave his traditional sugar fest this year, but added in some healthy choices because McKay no longer eats much sugar.  And then the boys didn't get up and gather up the stuff the bunny threw all over the floor (per tradition) so right before church McKay gathered it up as fast as he could so the few pieces of chocolate the Easter Bunny did leave wouldn't melt while we were gone.
But none of that matters because the real meaning of Easter is what our Savior Jesus Christ did for each of us so we could live again with him and our families someday.  Of this, I am most grateful!  Because of Him I will see my son Tyson again.  
Because of Him...

dear skyler in hawaii, I guess I can see why you want to stay over there so far away from your home and family...and mother!  It would tempt me too.  You sent Dad some pictures of your new place and area.  Dad told me you were now on the Big Island.  Why is the mom always the last to know?  I am kind of bummed you are on the Big Island because that is my least favorite of all the islands over there.  I was really hoping you were going to Kauai or Maui next.  Mainly so I could come and visit you!  But with a view as nice as the one you now have, I doubt you will be leaving too soon.   
Did I mention I need a vacation?  How would it be to have all this as your daily life?  Did I mention I need a vacation?  Or a new daily life!

dear mr. cat, how would it be to have a daily life like yours?  Yours is almost as good as Skyler's.  I must be doing something wrong here. Everyone seems to have these incredible daily vacation like lives but me.  Waa-waa-waa

dear taylor (aka elder wilding), your letter today was not exactly the most comforting letter a mom wants to receive from her missionary. After I read it, I breathed a huge sigh of relief, said a prayer of gratitude, and asked for an extra mound of faith! Here's an excerpt:

"Easter was a little different here, seems like on Friday, when Christ died, these people here were pretty chill, didn't really have parties or drinking going on, but on Sunday, haha these people started having all kinds of parties at the bars and all kinds of stuff, right in front of our house yesterday! When we were returning to our house, we were informed that someone was shot and killed 5 mins before we got there.... Haha maybe it's good we arrived a little late! 5 bullets...these people are crazy! I'm loving it though, don't worry about me, nobody messes with the men in white;) Love you all and thanks for everything!"   Elder Wilding


I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter....alive!

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