Thursday, April 3, 2014

*Thoughtful Thursday*


I’m okay … but I’m not okay … and that’s okay. That is part of being human. - Mitchell's Journey

I follow Mitchell's Journey on Facebook which is a page where a father posts about his feelings and his grief of losing his son.  The above thought was posted yesterday.  It's really quite profound if you think about it.

Now here's one that will make you think... that is a tough one!  My immediate reaction is YES!  Of course!  But the more I think about it, I'm not so sure I would actually want to know ahead of time.  Life is so full of surprises (some we prefer not to have) that I just do not know if I would want to know the final ending right now or not.  Knowing me, I would tell myself no and that I won't read the end, but the longer the book sat there and consumed my mind, I am pretty sure I eventually would have to read it or at the very least, just peek. ☺

How about you???

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Dawn said...

I would read the end right away.....I might be sorry I did but I still would. I do love surprises but if I could find out the end of my life I would. I always liked knowing what kind of baby I was getting too....I was still surprised with plenty when they arrived :)


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