Thursday, May 1, 2014

*Thoughtful Thursday* ~ Running Edition

Since I am running the Ogden Marathon in a couple weeks, I decided to do a running edition of my Thoughtful Thursday to help motivate me.  I may do another one next week as well.  I need all the motivation I can get!  Trust me!  If you are not a runner, hold on, don't leave yet.  A lot of these quotes can be applied to a plethora of other areas of our lives.  I had to use the word plethora because I like to say it.  However, it is much more fun to say than to write.  Plethora...  Try it!  ☺

SO true!

Especially chocolate!  Wait!  What am I saying?  Chocolate has been proven to be healthy!  I meant donuts!  ☺

Unless you get lost, and then it is kind of crowed.

If I can only make myself do this at mile 23...

Oh this is so true!

I have always said running a marathon is like having a baby...

Like having a baby in more ways than one...☺

Always sounds like such a good idea until about mile 21...

The race is always against yourself...

SO true!

An easy 5...

Especially on marathon day...


And don't forget a built in porta potty if needed.  ☺

Unless it's raining.... hehe

I love hills.  Yes, I do.  I love hills.  Repeat after me...I love hills.  Hills are my friend.  They are fun.  Oh my hill! Yes, keep telling yourself that.   
I secretly hate hills so much I can't even say how much!

Maybe that would help!


The stories that come out when running long distances with friends are the best.

One reason why I run...


And a cheap therapist at that...
Unless you count the $120 shoes, the $60 outfit, and the $300 Garmin.

Hide and seek...

Sometimes I actually prefer to wonder...  hehe


This it does!

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