Thursday, May 29, 2014

*Thoughtful Thursday*

I can chose.....

NOW you tell me... ☺

I guess it's good for something!  haha

Amen to that!


Happily I've found a few!

And what a walk it is...

Glad He's got this...

But I prefer mine so much more... ☺


Think positive!

That Satan is a bad dude!

Like right now!

Now... where are those meatballs?!


Sometimes it is forced, but always worth it.

But, not always easy!

Yes it is...

You ARE powerful!

How I wish everyone understood this!  Tyson is my favorite topic!

Love this!  One of life's greatest secrets!

Great advice!

It truly is like a wave...  you never know when one will come crashing right at you.

I need me some ocean!

This actually happened - only instead of dancing we were looking down at a baby snake and a lady stopped to ask if we were okay or having a heart attack!   The truth is, snakes do give me a heart attack!.

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