Monday, September 7, 2015

*Monday Memos*


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dear bike ride, on Monday I wasn't feeling quite yet recovered from my 20 miler on Saturday and so I decided to do a little cross training and ride my bike.  I ended up going 12 miles.  Considering this was the first time I've been on my bike all year, that was a significant amount of miles for me.  But it was surprisingly pretty easy.  But I did take a little break when I went exploring west of town.  The cows were very friendly today.  Cows have always cracked me up.  I think they are so cute.  They moooove me in a way no udder creature can.  ☺

dear back to school, this year was a landmark one for me.  It was the first time in 25 years I haven't sent a child back to school!  Some moms would be jumping and shouting hooray, but this mom went into a little depression today.  I don't really like the fact that my life is in a new stage now.  I should be grateful I now have lots of time to pursue what I want, but what I want is all my boys back home and living here.  Okay, totally unrealistic I know, but this transition is going to be a little rough on me.  So I am going to be patient with myself.  I think it would be a little easier if I had grandbabies to love on.  It's just crazy how fast that part of my life went.  Just WOOSH!  And it was gone!  

I posted this on Facebook:
After seeing all the 'Back to School' pictures today, I had to join the throng...
I guess I could have gone to USU and taken one of Taylor.  But I would've had to hide in the bushes to get one.
This was taken when McKay was a Kindergartner and a junior in high school.
My baby!  Time needs to get a speeding ticket!

Normally on this night I would be doing my Back to School dinner complete with my apron and hairnet.  I wasn't sure what to do with myself.  It was so weird to not do it!  I was VERY tempted to do it anyway and take it up to Taylor and his roomies at USU.  

I was too tired.  

You'd like me to elaborate?

Oh good, because I want to ramble.  
All in all, maybe when things come to an end it's a good thing because I was really just tired that night.  In the past, even if I was tired, I would force myself to do it.  After we lost Tyson, for those first couple of years I never wanted to do any of the traditions I had started because it was hard to keep doing them with him being gone, but also because I was tired.  Grief makes you physically tired.  I learned that I had to force myself to keep doing them for the other boys for those first few years.  It wasn't fair to them if I didn't.  I became really good at forcing myself to do it for their sake.  And eventually the desire came back, though not as powerful as before we lost Tyson.  But now, it's back and I WANT to do it!  Tired or not! Oh life.  It's such a paradox at times.

I told Dave I felt....lost.

I did.  Just lost.  

So we went to Costa Vida for dinner.  Eating a Sweet Pork Salad is always a good GPS.  But, it made me sad to think I should be home making that Back to School dinner like I have for over 20 years instead of me going through a line with a tray... in a restaurant.  
Yeah, I know.....I look lost or disheveled in this photo.  That's how I was feeling, so I might as well document it.  HAH!  But at least I didn't have to cook!  Always gotta find those positives! :)

Here is the reality of it all:
Run Mr. Cat!  RUN!  

dear tuesday run, I was having one of those days today.  I wasn't feeling like my normal self and I wanted to take some time to meditate and think about things that were going on in my life.  I ended up running my normal route, but really wanted to go to my meditation rock and sit there for a bit and think.  On my way, I found two pennies in the most unlikely place ever.  Can you spot them?

This cute horse came up to me at the fence and was so cute and friendly.  It was if he knew I was having a bad day and was trying to cheer me up.  The sunflowers were so cheerful and happy as well, but even that wasn't enough to pull me out of it.  I don't get like this very often so I decided to embrace it. 
I climbed up the mountain to my rock.  It now had a cairn built in front of it.  I guess others like my spot too.  I like to go up high on our mountain when I need to think and to pray.  The scriptures are full of people that would go to "the mountain of the Lord" or go up on a hill to pray.   I understand why.

Look at that view.  You feel like you are closer to heaven when you are above the city.

I could see the temple from my rock.  As I sat there, I decided that I was going to go to a session as soon as I got home and could get ready.  I was hoping for the 12:00 session, but if not, I would do the 2:15.  I called on my way home and got in for the 2:15 because I figured I wouldn't be quite ready by the noon one.  But as I was getting ready, I really felt like I was supposed to go to the noon one and so I just went.  I asked when I arrived if they had any openings and they did.  I cancelled my 2:15 and hurried and got in the chapel in time.  It was a great session.  I have had times when I am doing the work for someone that I feel a connection with them and I most definitely did today.  Our birthdays were on the same day.  That confirmed to me why I was supposed to be in that noon session.  What a great experience.
There is really no where else on the planet where I can feel the peace I do in the temple.  
I sat in the Celestial Room for quite a while and just enjoyed the peace and stillness.  I needed it. I am so blessed to live so close to a holy house that I can just go when I feel the need without a lot of planning ahead.  Such a gift!

dear taylor, after I got home from the temple, Taylor called me and needed me to bring him some things from home.  What he really wanted was for me to go up and take him grocery shopping because they were starving. haha  He started back to school on Monday.  I was more than happy to go up since my schedule was open and I was dying to see his new place.  I also had to take my ring to get fixed to Fred Meyers so it worked out perfectly.  I am glad he still needs his mama.  hah  Well, at least for food!  I've always wanted to help my boys out with food when I can when they are in college.  I did it with all the others too.  I try and buy them groceries a couple times a month, or at least once.  But every little bit helps.  Taylor has a job now at a car seat cover place, so I was grateful I got to spend some time with him.  We went to Old Grist Mill for a sandwich before I took him back.
His place is awesome!  It's so much bigger and lighter and open and much happier than the little hole he had last year.  It's going to be the party pad for sure.  They even have a ping pong table!  It's above a laundry building for another apartment, but it's perfect for the four of them.  The best part is they are all good friends.  The fox on the table came from Russia. His roommate Brad served there close to where McKay is. Can I just say I really hope McKay doesn't bring home a stuffed fox!

When I got home this was sitting on the counter.  Fresh peach cobbler. A sweet sister in our ward dropped it by and it was still warm.

dear speedwork, today I had to do it ALONE!  Not my idea of fun.  I had to go early so I could get back in time to head to Ogden for lunch with my pals.  It is a lot harder to do alone.  I like having Jen there because we push each other.  My time wasn't as good as when I did it a few weeks ago, but it was still decent.  I had gone around that track many times and had my eye out for a penny, but never saw one.  Then out of the blue as I was cooling down, there was a penny.  That definitely dropped straight down from heaven because it was not there earlier.  This my friends is true.... (enter Twilight Zone music).

dear celebration, Dawn told me that Facebook told her that the two of us had been friends for five years now!  So we decided we needed to celebrate!  I am always up for an excuse to go to lunch with my friends.  I told her to invite Kathy too.  Kathy deals with a lot of migraines and so you never know if she can make it or not, but she did! 

We tried out Zuccas on 25th street.  In fact it is in the same building as the Dragon Noodle parlor. I don't remember the name right now, but I used to go there ALL the time with my grandparents.  I would order a toasted chicken sandwich and I remember my Grandpa Ed always eating the noodles in a beef broth with some thinly sliced meat and with little green onions floating on top. 
The food was delish!  
The company even better! 
I was coveting Dawn's purple top!  And Kathy's zebra pants!
We have so much fun together.  And we LOVE to find photo opps so we can pose away.  We are silly!
Kathy's last name is Moore and so we HAD to take advantage of this one. ↑ They left the dragon sign in front of the restaurant and so I had to take a picture of it too.
So much fun!  I love hanging out with these guys.  I am so grateful for Facebook or we would not be hanging out at all.  It amazes me the blessings technology has brought into my life.  It's not always good for sure, but the good it does bring is beyond measure!  The friendships it has brought me is priceless.  I am very grateful for these wonderful ladies and the influence they have in my life.  I just love spending time with them.  They fill my bucket.

dear mr. cat, oh that belly!  It just screams RUB ME!
So, of course, I did.

dear brunch with bonnie, I was so happy when Bonnie text me and asked if I could squeeze in lunch this week.  I absolutely love this woman and I have missed her.  She is very busy and usually in Colorado with her grands. We did brunch at the Rusty Spoon and both ordered peach waffles.  Oh my, they were fantastic!
It was fun catching up with her.  She is always so positive and so complimentary of me that I leave feeling like I have just had a meeting with an angel.  She is a booster upper.☺ I wish we could spend more time together, but I am grateful for the little time we get.

After I left brunch, I headed to Ogden to return something that I needed to yesterday but forgot my credit card!  So I had to run back and do it today, but it was okay because Taylor was in SLC and needed me to go pick him up after a wedding luncheon so he could get back to the game at USU.  Since I was already in Ogden, I didn't mind.  But, as I was heading in, he sent me a text saying I didn't need to go get him after all.  He was unaware that he was supposed to be part of the wedding line.  His friend had bought him a tie and everything which meant he was to be in pictures and part of the reception.  He was pretty bummed because he didn't want to miss the first football game, but friends are more important and so he did.  Since I was already in Layton when I got his text, I just kept heading to Farmington so I could go to my all time fave store Home Goods.  I needed to return a plate there anyway, so it was worth it.  I had to hurry home though because WE were going to the USU football game with the Davis'.

dear usu football game, we were invited to go to the game with the Davis' and so of course, we said YES!  It is always fun to do things with them.  We went to eat at Juniper Inn like we did last time before the game and the food was yummy.  I had a bag of stuff I needed to drop off at Taylor's apartment so we did that on the way to the stadium since he lives so close.  Dave was happy he got to see his place.  No one was home since they were all either at the wedding or at the we just left it inside. 
It was the first game of the season.  Pres. Davis has great seats and close parking and so it's a lot of fun!  We got rained on for a bit, but then it cleared up. Leslie was telling me about the rodeo and how in the pre-show the kids do Ram Busting. She said they ride the rams.  I knew she meant muttons, but it hit me so hard as I visualized little kids riding rams and I started laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I tried to tell Dave what was so funny, but I couldn't even get it out because I was unable to speak since I was laughing so hard.

Mr. Aggie Bull (I am not an Aggie so I don't know his actual name) came right behind us. I wanted Dave to get a picture of me with him, but he didn't.
The game was actually rather boring.  Finally in the last quarter we headed out and just as we were about to exit, USU scored a touchdown!  Finally some excitement! It was fun to get out and have a good time surrounded by all those students.  I felt bad Taylor was missing it. 

dear high school rivalry game, we went to the Bees game this week because they were playing Bear River and it's the rivalry of the state.  I always love to see this game and love it when we win!  We went with Robin and Grant.  Before the game we went to dinner at Call's Drive In, I'm not a real fan and was wishing we had gone to Maddox.
It was a great game.  Robin and I went to the bathroom at half time and a cloud totally burst as we were coming back.  But, I am always up for a little rain!
Our pathetic selfies!

dear saturday long run, we only had to go 12 miles today so we debated back and forth if we should run the canyon or not after last week's close call.  We decided to do it since 12 is a long ways in town.  Grant joined us too and I was hoping he would pace us up Airplane Hill.  It is a killer and for the marathon I have to run Veyo Hill in a 10:20 min pace and it's over a mile long.
It was a pretty good race.  We saw Clark and Sam training too.  They are also running St. George.  It went by pretty smooth and now we only have one more 20 miler before the full.  Getting close!

TOU posted these pictures this week.

I found these of me and Robin. ↑
Here I am at the finish line going as fast as I ever have thanks to Mr. Russian man!

dear salsa making time!  On Saturday we all helped make some salsa.  We had a salsa par-tay!  I don't love canning and so I try to make it at least sound fun!  We usually do it on Labor Day, but the garden said it was ready for us to do it a couple days before.
Bryce did most of it.  At least the hardest part...picking it all and chopping up the vicious jalapenos!  That kid is the hardest worker.  Taylor stopped in for a bit and helped while he was here too. 
It is so yummy!  We will need to do another batch or two because this supply won't last long!
Getting our salsa on!
The family that salsas together... 
...eats salsa together.
We got 27 pints of salsa and 6 quarts of tomatoes.

dear bryce, I took this a few weeks ago when you were heading to Joe's wedding but just found it!  I thought it was so cute of you that I had to post.

This ↓ is NOT so cute of you..... This is your hand trying to heal.  That is NOT infection or pus, but just the under layers of skin.  YUCK! 

dear surprise sunday visitor, this little guy (Mont) and his family stopped by on Sunday night and I got to hold him while he jumped and jumped and jumped.  He is getting so big and just so dang cute!  What a doll!

dear jodi and the giant peach!  Okay, maybe it doesn't sound as good as James and the Giant Peach, but that peach IS GIANT!  It's bigger than a softball! 
Dave brought these home from his coordinating counsel meeting this morning from a Stake Pres in Willard and I was in shock how huge they were. I have never seen a bigger peach in my life!  I guess that's why they call this place Peach City!
I took advantage of those huge suckers and made a couple pies!  That big one could have made a pie all by itself!  But, I added one more just to make sure it was overflowing with sweet peachy-ness! Those peaches are so big, it makes the pie look like it's a mini pie.  I actually made these on Labor Day (Monday) but posting a little early! :)

dear turkeys, down to six.  Sadly, you keep dwindling in numbers.  Dave found a dead one in our yard this week.  We are not sure what happened.  But he wasn't poached, so that's good.  Maybe choked on something.  Who knows?

dear fam picture, I think I have decided to get this one enlarged.

dear quotes, there are some really good ones this week!
I just love this!

And when we release our grasp and let go and let Him be in control.

Amazing, but true

There ya go...



Try to remember

AMEN to both of these!

A lovely thought...



This spoke such truth to me this week.  I am so good at talking myself out of happiness. I can talk myself into as well, but I want to stop talking myself out of  it!

Love this. For all my fellow missionary mamas...
"I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." D&C 84:88


Dawn said...

Change is hard and my heart goes out to you at this season of your life. I'm glad we get to spend time together..that change is good and softens the kids leaving. I really need to come buy peaches...should of Saturday...I love peaches almost as much as chocolate ;) Cheers to 5 Years and the Rest of Our Lives!

(I'm working on my blog book today and so I saw your post right off) ☺

Audrey said...

I just love reading your blog, seeing you deal with struggles and celebrating triumphs. Besides, every time I start feeling sorry for myself because I am too busy, I read all that you pack into a week and I realize I'm not that busy after all! You are the best!


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