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*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear mckay, oh my BRRRRR......  You look cold!  No, you look frozen! I was so happy to finally get some pictures from you this week!
 Thank goodness for your ushanka (уша́нка)!  Or Shopka as you call it.
 Vlad - ocean, streets, and view from airplane
 You look warm as can be when you're frozen! 
Vlad statue

Frozen ocean in Vlad.  For an ocean to freeze, that has to be pretty cold!  And that's not even in Siberia!
With your new companion Elder De Sandre.  I can't believe you are already a trainer!
Your Christmas tree back in Angarsk!  Nice ornaments!  :)

dear sista christmas party!  I made the guacamole Grinch again!  I think I will keep making him for the rest of my parties I have to take something to this year.  He is so cute and so fun to make and even funner to eat!  Too bad McKay isn't here to enjoy him! 

The party was at Carla's beautiful home.  I wore my Grinch shirt to keep in the Grinchy mood! 

We did a little planking.  Not sure why, we just felt like it.  We easily entertain ourselves! I love how Dawn is barely seen in this shot.  Cracks me up!
 We only had five total show up.  But us five know how to party and to have fun!
 We were having an Elf party and so Dawn provided Elf hats for us!  She always has some kind of fun prop!  She is the life elf of the party! 
 In staying true to Elf form, we made snowflakes and ate cookie dough!  Mmm....
 We set Dawn's camera timer and whenever we do that, the craziness tends to come out! 

 We then did a gift exchange and I got a GIANT REESES! Out of all the gifts, THAT is the one I would have chosen if I had a choice!
 After that, we did some Elf on the shelf poses!
 The bottom right one is of how I am already feeling this season.  Worn out and ready for a long winter's nap!

Carla looks like the REAL Elf on a Shelf! 
Sorry for the duplicates.  I stole some of these from Dawn's blog after I had already made mine, but I saw that she had photos of more people and so due to time, I am not going to re-do mine.  I will just have a few of the same.

We then watched the movie ELF and had some good laughs!  I love partying with these Sista's of mine.  They always give me something to look forward to!  They are a great bunch of friends.  We did miss those that couldn't come though!

dear taylor's first city basketball game, after the party, I did some shopping and then rushed back to get to Taylor's game on time.  It was starting to snow and was really cold.
Dave made it as well.  They played well and won the game.
As we were leaving, I heard my name being called and I looked down and there was Allie!  It was so good to see her.  We chatted for a bit and then Taylor and Dave came over to say hi as well.  She had her knee done again, but looked like she was doing well. It was good to see her.  I hope it wasn't awkward for her and Taylor, but he said it wasn't. I am glad they will always be friends. I still just love that girl!

dear one year ago today!  The day that will live in infamy in more ways than one!  Dave was called to be Stake President one year ago on December 7th.  Hard to believe it has already been one year! 
This is what I posted with this photo on Facebook a year ago.  It came up on my memories on Facebook so I thought I'd re-post it here.
The calm after the storm. :) Taken after the setting apart yesterday. A treasured memory that will remain forever in my heart. After he set Dave apart, a huge feeling of peace overcame me. What an honor to just be in Elder Ballard's presence. That alone may make this all worth it. feeling blessed.

dear winter run, we haven't had a lot of snow yet this winter.  I was really surprised that I found seven coins before I was even to mile two!  That made me so happy!
I also found a fork in the road...  Whenever I see one, it never loses it's humor on me. 

dear lunch with mom and her tap dancing friends, my mom invited me to go to lunch with her and her tap dancing buddies since they were meeting at Maddox. I am so sad I didn't get a photo of us together!  The one on the left is of Brian Mulahy.   As we were leaving, I saw him and I told my mom and so she walked right over and told him how much she enjoyed his work.  He was very gracious and nice, but it was hilarious.  It's something I probably would have done too.
 They all brought little treats to share with everyone.  I felt bad because they all gave me one and I didn't have one for them!  I got some heavenly fudge, socks, lots of candy and even some fruit cake.  haha

dear winter running, I am so grateful the weather has been so mild so far.  It has gotten pretty chilly, but not much snow or rain so far.  It makes it much easier to get out and run!  I ran to the cemetery today and had to catch a brief swing on my way home.

dear decorating the tree, even though we have had the tree for several days, Dave wasn't able to get the lights on it until today and so as soon as he was done with that, I started to get it decorated.  This was the first year I EVER remember decorating the tree by myself.  He was at a meeting and so it was left to me.  When he got home, he helped me finish it.  This empty nest thing is so weird!
 That look on the left is my,  "This is crazy!"  look.  The one on the right is my, "Hmm... there is something wrong with this picture!"  look.

Dave got home just in time to help me with the last few ornaments.

But it turned out beautiful!

Since it's so much work and lasts such a short time, here are a million more shots of it!  haha 
It's almost two feet shorter than last years, but it is still TALL!

 Okay a million and one!
I decided to sort out our FAMILY ornaments.  I have collected one each year since we have been married that usually represents something about that year.  I feel bad there were three years missing one.  I know I have one for each year, but I must have misplaced those somehow.

After I finished with the tree, I headed over to the cemetery to put a few decors on Tyson's grave.  I am determined to get his headstone done by Memorial Day.  I have said that many times, but this year I am going to do it! I pray!

dear american mothers luncheon, what an amazing gift today was!  
We held our state board meeting at Maddox this month and we had the special privilege of having Sister Dalton speak to us!
 Here is Diane introducing her...
 She has been a part of AMI for many years as has her daughter Emi.  I got to work with Emi when she YM of the Year and after when she was on the state board.  Such amazing women!  Sister Dalton did a fabulous job (of course!) and really helped me get in the spirit of Christmas.  She asked if we are part of the "Inn" crown or the "stable" group.  She said how she loves the nativity and reads the story often during December.  She said how we can qualify for many spiritual gifts if we desire them and ask for them and that we truly live beneath our privileges and we can and should petition the Lord for other spiritual gifts and he will give them to us if we are worthy.  He wants to give them to us.  She also said we can pray for the gift to be happy and to radiate light to others and that everyone has at least one gift and we can find those in our patriarchal blessings.  And that sometimes we have certain gifts for only a time.  She also said if we turn our lives over to the Lord he can do more with it that we can.  She challenged us that as we open our "presents" this year to to think about His "presence".  She bore her testimony that every prayer we ever offer is heard and answered.  Sometimes immediately but not always.  She testified that Christ loves us and that we are His daughters.  He never changes.  She said how the world is never changed by huge armies but by small groups or individuals.  She prayed a blessing on us.  It was amazing and so wonderful to feel her spirit and the Savior's spirit even while the servers where busy serving us lunch!  

One of the server's joked as he walked by her as she was speaking saying, "I can tell I am in group of powerful women!"  He was right!  There were about 40 women in there and after hearing Sister Dalton we felt powerful!  hah  Also, my sweet friend Lesa was there as well.  Her husband was just put in as an apostle of our church.  I was so happy that I got to sit across from her during lunch and had a chance to catch up with her.  She is the sweetest and kindest person and probably the most creative woman I know.  Her life has drastically changed in the past 10 years, that is for sure, but she is up for the job.  I have worked with her in AMI for 20+ years.  We all miss her, but she is doing great things and we are all so proud of her. 
 This is going to become one of my most cherished photos. 

 There really isn't a perfect one of all of us, but I added these because some are better than the others.  I hope I can find one that we are all looking the same direction that someone else took.  What a great day!  

After the lunch, I headed to Ogden to finish up some Christmas shopping.  I want to get done!

When I got home, I found this hamburger in the oven.  
Dave had been doing it but had to run to his dart night before he had time to get it bagged.  So I bagged it all.  We got 20+ one pound bags.  I started doing this over 20 years ago.  I call it hamburger gravel.  I fry up 20 plus pounds with onion and then put it in freezer bags and so I always have cooked ground beef when I need it for recipes without having to thaw it.  It's SO convenient.  One of the smartest things I ever started.  Now we add sausage to the ground beef and it really makes it so much better!

dear christmas shopping, I got up early on Friday and headed out to try and FINISH  my Christmas shopping!  I skipped my run because I wanted to get out early.  I went to Layton and to Farmington and I got quite a bit done.  I am almost there.  Those I am not finished with, I at least know what I am getting them.  We buy for a lot of peeps!  We always have, and it is rather stressful, but it has been falling together this year really nicely.  Last year, it didn't.  The poem fell into place last year and so I hope it will again this year because I haven't even written one line yet!  It's stressing me out big time!  It's a large undertaking that I know I should start in October, but there never seems time to just do it.  It gets done the week before only because it's crunch time!
Not sure if you can see how long this line is I was in at Gordman's, but it was HUGE!  Most stores were busy and I know they are just going to get worse. I really hate fighting the crowds the closer it gets so I am glad I am almost done!

dear 8th ward christmas party, we were invited to attend another ward's party  but I got stuck at Michael's trying to get help with something I am making for Mona, and I was really getting frustrated with the help (or lack of!) there and waiting and waiting and so I just met Dave there.  It was the BEST dinner and they really went all out with the program.  They did a Polar Express theme and it was really cute!

dear long run, I was going to get up and head out by 7:30 this morning but things just kept getting in the way! Tis the season!!! I finally got out and got in 10 miles.  I was dreading it and it was a tough one.  I was beat when I got home and pretty sore.  Winter running is harder than summer running for me.  But I survived!  It wasn't too cold and the sun was up. 

I have cleaned up in the coin department this week.  I was bummed I didn't find anything during the whole 10 miles but when I ran up my driveway, I found a quarter!  Every run this week I have found something!

dear saturday, after my long run, I spent most of the day organizing and wrapping gifts.  I was glad to get that done even though I still have a lot to do!  What a mess!
I am happy to report I got one calendar done and already wrapped.  I will be giving my Mom's to her for her birthday in January.  Just not enough time to get both done this year!  Back in the day before technology, I was scrambling on Christmas Eve to finish them.

dear national hot cocoa day!  I love that there are national days for pretty much everything!  If not, you can just make one up!  
I celebrated by getting out my Hot Chocolate Station! I love it!  
I love this quote from the Polar Express that was hanging at the ward party on Friday.....
Doesn't THAT sound GOOD!!!!!?

 I posted this on Facebook...who can argue with this?
Happy National Hot Cocoa Day!
And it’s conclusive: Hot chocolate is healthy. Drinking two cups of cocoa a day can improve your thinking skills. The folks at Brigham and Women's Hospital did the research – and found that plant compounds in hot cocoa improve blood flow to the brain. So does that mean a packet of Swiss Miss will do the trick? Yes, if it’s made with actual cocoa powder. The study used two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder, about the same amount of cocoa in a packet of instant hot chocolate. And the hot version is best – it triggers the release of more antioxidants than chocolate milk. (John Tesh)  Well, there ya go! It's healthy and makes you smarter! Can't beat that! Go grab some and warm up right now! And don't forget the whipped cream and sprinkles! Mmm.....
I also indulged in some of this in celebration!  Mmmm...
AND...some of these yummies!

dear sunday school class, Sister Olsen taught today and asked our class what leaders they admire most and why.  She had them write their names on the board.  I had to take a photo of it because it made me laugh so hard.
Dave got mentioned three times.  You can see his name up there once.  Well, two people wrote that wrote President and the other his name.  But two others both said, "Papa Love".  That just kills me!  They call McKay Dr. Love and so I became Mama Love and now Dave is Papa Love.  Have I mentioned I love my class?  lol  They keep me laughing.  McKay started it all by giving everyone nicknames.  Somehow he got the nickname of Dr. Love.

Anyway, it was hilarious!  They did say some really nice things about Dave and why they admired him though.  One said that when he speaks, he teaches so powerfully and they can always feel the spirit very strong.  Another said that when he was Bishop, he was able to talk to him about things that were going on in his life and he had never had another Bishop that listened and made him feel understood like Dave did.  Dave is very well liked and respected by many, but when it's the youth that admire you, that says a lot.

dear sunday night, it is so odd to come home from church and just be the two of us!  Dave was so awesome and made dinner for us.  I feel bad I didn't take photos of the whole meal because it was so cute.  It was miniaturized!  He baked meatloaf in this little pan and green bean casserole in another mini one and baked mini squash.  He didn't do it to be mini, it just turned out that way because there are two of us now and we don't eat much!

Our yearly photo by the tree....

dear lost running pix, I found these on my camera app and forgot about them.  They were last week's long run (I think!)....
BUT... then I found THESE with them!  Talk about a difference!  Take me back there!  

dear mr. cat, you are enjoying this cold weather and taking advantage of the sleeping time.  How can an animal sleep so much?!
He's getting fat!
Or bathe so much!  haha
 Here you are with your favorite person.

dear randomness, Taylor posted this on Snapchat.  He is heavy into finals this week! 

Bryce posted this....  It was a cool video of tons of geese. 
And this...

I cut this out for McKay....  the one year he is GONE and can't watch his Panthers, they go undefeated!  I sent him this article.  He is loving it but dying about it at the same time!  LOL

A friend sent me this ↓
Dave's name is in it, but he wasn't there for the photo!  He was a champion bowler!  Who knew?! I knew he had his own bowling ball, but I had no idea he was a champion back in the day!  LOL

This happened this week ↓
A city landmark now gone...

My friend Colleen posted this on Facebook and wrote: "I love this!!! Yeah for Tyson and JOY!!!!! I will ALWAYS think of him when singing Joy to the World!!"

The story is that the Sunday after Tyson passed away (he passed on Friday night) was fast Sunday (I actually bore my testimony- no idea HOW, but I did), but anyway, the opening song was Joy to the World and Colleen was the chorister.  She said she was singing Joy to the World and the irony was she had tears streaming down her face because there we were sitting in church two days after losing our son and she couldn't stop crying while leading the song.  She thinks Tyson was reminding us all that there is JOY in the world and all is well.  That story gets me every time!  She then saw that picture that year and it reminded her of it!

MORE randomness...I'm either baking or Grinching up a mess!  The first photo, I opened a brownie mix and it sprayed all over me (head to toe!). 

This one...I was holding up the Grinch for a photo and he started to slide off the plate!  The top of his hat is by itself!  lol I was clueless.

dear quotes,

Love this MORE!  LOL

Cherish the moments...


Ha! So true!

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